25 Brands Like Lululemon For Stylish Activewear

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If you love chilling in your workout clothes in and out of the gym, here are 25 athleisure brands like lululemon to help you build your dream activewear wardrobe.

Canadian athleisure brand, lululemon, is best known for its chic yet functional athletic apparel, and athleisure wear. There aren’t many fitness brands that can create products as cute as lulu, versatile enough to wear both to brunch with friends and your sweatiest gym session. Their best-selling clothes, like the Align leggings, have been seen on everyone from A-list celebrities and professional athletes to the everyday Jane on their coffee run.

In addition to the brand’s chic designs, lululemon stands out from the competition with its fabrics. They promise 360-degree stretching and great moisture-wicking properties on many of their clothing pieces, making them comfortable to move in no matter what sport you’re into. Plus, lululemon’s use of high-quality fabrics also ensures the clothing is long-lasting.

However, being the #1 brand in athletic wear comes with a higher price tag. Purchasing a complete outfit from lululemon can cost anywhere from $150 to $200 (before taxes), and that’s without winter staples like jackets. So, if you’re looking to save some of your hard-earned money, you’ll love this list of the best lululemon alternatives.

We’ve also featured a couple of high-end brands like lululemon for anyone looking fit similarly priced items with a slightly different edge.

25 Athleisure Brands Like Lululemon

1. Alo Yoga
Cute brands like Lululemon: Alo Yoga
Get these leggings on Alo Yoga

Best known for its minimalistic yoga aesthetic, Alo Yoga is one of lululemon’s biggest rivals and a crowd favorite. The brand is not just a clothing store, but a whole wellness concept with its own exercise app Alo Moves, workout equipment, and accessories, and even its own beauty and wellness products.

Aloyoga has its own signature fabrics designed by activity, and when online shopping, you can also filter the products by activity. Yoga is their main category, but they also create products for running, and the greatest activity of them all – lounging.

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2. Girlfriend Collective
Retro green workout set with a sports bra and leggings
Get these leggings on Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective markets itself as the home of sustainable, ethically made activewear in sizes XXS to 6XL. This is a real advantage over lululemon, which is not known for its size inclusivity.

Girlfriend Collective has its own recycling program which ensures that products you no longer want can go towards creating new clothes. By sending your old pieces to be recycled you even get $15 towards your next purchase.

3. Sweaty Betty
Patterned workout leggings with light blue top and sneakers by Sweaty Betty
Get these leggings on Sweaty Betty

Expect nothing but fun and fashionable pieces from Sweaty Betty‘s line of activewear. Much like lululemon, you find both loud and colorful patterns, as well as more subdued, muted looks to create your yogi outfit.

Their selection includes everything from winter jackets to swimwear, loungewear, sleepwear, and even workout equipment. Sweaty Betty puts their own twist on everything they do, so you’ll undoubtedly find a personal look from their selection.

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4. Athleta
Burnt orange workout leggings by Athleta that is a brand like Lululemon
Get these leggings on Athleta

While lululemon caters primarily to yogis and high-performance athletes, Athleta has a broader target audience that includes women of all ages and fitness levels. This includes plus-size women, and they have even dedicated a section on their website for women between sizes 1X to 3X, which you can browse by category.

As an athleisure brand, you can find a few items at Athleta that don’t exist on the lululemon website, such as dresses and rompers. Price-wise, Athleta is also slightly cheaper, with a pair of leggings typically retailing for $89-$109, whereas comparable options from lululemon would be $98-$128.

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5. Nike
Red work out set with a top and leggings both from Nike that is a brand like Lululemon
Get these leggings on Nike

Nike needs no introduction. Known for its extensive product lines, from footwear to clothing for a variety of activities, Nike is often the go-to for activewear, no matter what sport you plan on doing.

With this said, Nike also offers a lot of athleisure options which you should overlook. Plus, while both lululemon and Nike offer value for the money, Nike is generally more accessible to consumers due to its wider range of prices.

6. Vuori
Light blue Vuori leggings with drawstring
Get these leggings at Vuori

Vuori draws inspiration from the coastal California lifestyle and emphasizes the importance of ethics and community in everything they do.

While they market themselves as a premium brand built for the toughest workouts imaginable, their prices are lower than lululemon – for example, the drawstring leggings featured above are just $89.

They also offer high-quality loungewear if that is more your vibe. We’re especially fond of their DreamKnit™ collection, which is made from 89% recycled materials.

7. Zella
Dark gray long sleeve workout top by Zella
Get this top at Nordstrom

Zella is a Nordstrom Made activewear brand that offers a range of athletic clothing for women, including leggings, sports bras, tops, and jackets. The brand is known for its stylish and functional designs, and its use of high-quality performance fabrics that are comfortable, breathable, and quick-drying.

There are multiple collections to choose from, and they vary from lounging to luxurious styles, fit for hiking mountains to a cozy night in on your couch. Zella is also one of the less expensive lululemon alternatives on this list, with a pair of leggings setting you back by just $59.

Long sleeved workout tp with a cutout on the front
Get this top at Tala

TALA is a sustainable activewear brand founded by British fitness influencer turned serial entrepreneur, Grace Beverley. Like lululemon, TALA offers stylish and trendy athleisure and activewear but has a more significant focus on using recycled fabrics, reducing waste, fair wages and keeping its price range as budget-friendly as possible.

While we wouldn’t describe TALA as fully earth-friendly as it uses a lot of polyester and similar man-made fabrics, all of its products contain a significant percentage of recycled fabrics, if not 100% recycled materials.

You can often catch a behind-the-scenes look at how production at TALA works either on Grace’s own Instagram (@gracebeverley), or TALA’s own page (@wearetala), which offers a cool insight into this fast-growing brand.

As for style, TALA’s aesthetic is quite Gen Z-focused, and it offers many pieces that wouldn’t feel out of place outside of the gym – just take a look at this multiway puffer jacket that can be turned into a vest and a cropped jacket!

9. Gymshark
Lavender athleisure workout set from Gymshark that is a brand like Lululemon
Get these leggings on Gymshark

Gymshark is another British label that is one of the most-loved fitness brands worldwide. It is much more affordable than lululemon, with the leggings featured above setting you back by just $54.

Despite this, the two brands are aesthetically very similar, even though Gymshark’s target customers are slightly different – Gymshark’s biggest target demographic is gym-loving men and women, especially those who lift weights.

Gymshark’s products come in a nice mixture of pastels, muted colors and bright, bold colors – take a look at their Vital collection and see for yourself.

Interested in reading an in-depth comparison between the two brands? Head over to our deep dive into lululemon vs Gymshark.

10. Fabletics
White decorative athleisure set by Fabletics that is a brand like Lululemon
Get these leggings on Fabletics | via @helenowen

Fabletics is an American athleisure and activewear brand that was founded in 2013 by Kate Hudson, along with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. The company specializes in women’s fitness clothing and accessories, including leggings, sports bras, tops, and jackets.

It’s more affordable than lululemon and their designs tend to be a bit more playful and daring. Plus, Fabletics creates its products in inclusive sizing from XXS to 4X.

Fabletics operates on two different models: 1) retail and 2) a subscription-based model, where customers can sign up for a VIP membership and receive exclusive discounts of 20-50% off, free shipping on orders over $49 , and free access to Fabletic’s FIT app ($14.90/month value).

If you’re interested in reading an in-depth comparison between the two brands, head over to our deep dive into lululemon vs Fabletics.

11. Beach Riot
Beige and white leggings from Beach Rior
Get these leggings at Revolve

If there is one brand on this list that promises quirky, outstanding, and unique designs and prints, it’s Beach Riot. Where else can you find a hot pink glittery workout set or a Valentine’s Day-themed set with hearts?

You’ll be the most fashion-forward person during your workouts, no doubt!

12. Uniqlo
Green Uniqlo leggings and tank top
Get these leggings at Uniqlo

Japanese brand Uniqlo is world-famous for its minimalistic yet functional selection of clothing at an affordable price point.

If you are looking for stylish, minimalist leggings or tank tops, head to the brand’s sports section, to find options from $39.90 and up for a pair of leggings – that’s seriously impressive for the quality that you get!

13. Outdoor Voices
Gray fluffy fleece jacket
Get this fleece on Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices creates products that are made for sweating, but they are just as good for lounging, running errands, and hanging out with your friends. You’ll find the clothes stylish and comfortable enough to wear around the clock.

Outdoor Voices sells clothes for both men and women and many of their pieces are unisex. It’s the perfect place to shop for a gift for your boyfriend, especially if you’re looking to borrow that gift on a later day.

14. Alala
Shiny brown workout set by Alala
Get these leggings on Alala

If you’re looking for a luxury athleisure brand similar to lululemon, check out Alala . The brand actually has a higher price point than lulu’s, but that often translates to more unique designs, fine fabrics, and of course, high-quality products.

Like lululemon, Alala has multiple product categories, ranging from basic yoga essentials to chic outerwear. If you’ve not shopped with them before, make sure to sign up to their newsletter to receive 20% off on your first purchase!

15. MPG Sport
Gray long leggings by MPG Sport
Get these leggings on MPG Sport

MPG Sport creates ethical basics for any and every type of activity that you love to do. No matter if you’re working out, stretching, running, or relaxing, MPG Sport has the clothes for it and they do it sustainably.

If you’re struggling to find a great pair of workout leggings for a reasonable price, check out MPG Sport’s selection – they have multiple options starting from $35, and if you’re lucky, you may be able to find a chic pair for as little as $20 from their sale selection.

16. Under Armour 
White sports bra by Under Armour
Get this bra on Under Armour

As a brand founded in 1996, Under Armour has stood the test of time and claimed its place as one of the best-known affordable sports brands worldwide.

Most of Under Armour’s products are essential, basic fitness pieces, that feature the brand’s prominent logo either in writing or an image.

17. Adidas
Long green hoodie by Adidas
Get this hoodie at Adidas

The legendary three stripes of Adidas guarantee quality activewear, and you shouldn’t overlook their products when considering your next purchase. While there are many newer, trendy brands, Adidas has managed to stay relevant throughout the decades and you can never go wrong with its timeless pieces.

18. Splits59
Burnt orange workout set with a white wrap cardigan on top. Cute athleisure combo by Splits59
Get this cardigan on Splits59

Splits59 has a touch of edge and retro aesthetics in its looks, which differentiates this LA brand from others on this list. If you love flared yoga pants in particular, run, don’t walk to see their collection of flares.

19. Beyond Yoga
Oat beige color workout set with a tank top by Beyond Yoga.
Get this tank top at Nordstrom

Beyond Yoga is the perfect brand to shop if you’re looking for buttery soft leggings and tops to lounge in or to work out. Their collections are responsibly made, locally manufactured in Los Angeles, and inclusively sized for bodies ranging from XXS to 4X, so everyone can feel good in their products.

Plus, the brand is led by a team consisting of 89% women, doesn’t retouch its imagery, and uses some technology and some fabrics with eco-conscious manufacturing processes. For example, the brand’s Repreve yarn is made from plastic bottles, which breathes new life into 14 plastic bottles per legging.

Even with ethical and sustainable practices at the forefront of the brand’s ethos, its products are relatively affordable, with its best-selling leggings retailing for $82.

Beyond Yoga is available on Nordstrom as well as their own website – sign up to their newsletter to receive 20% off your first order.

20. EleVen by Venus Williams
Coral tennis dress by Eleven
Get this tennis dress at EleVen

EleVen is a lifestyle brand founded by the tennis star Venus Williams. Their products stand out from the rest with stylish and trendy designs that catch your eye, often featuring really innovative and fun workout wear that is great for not just tennis, but any activity you can think of.

We especially love their collections of workout-ready dresses, skirts, and skorts, which are categories that are often overlooked in activewear. In addition to this, the brand also offers a line of accessories, and beauty and wellness products, which include SPF lotions.

Most of the brand’s products are created for peak performance and are thus slightly higher priced.

21. Aerie
Black flared leggings by Aerie that is an athleisure brand like Lululemon.
Get these high-waisted yoga pants on Aerie

Aerie is best known for its lingerie, but this sub-label under American Eagle also has a big activewear line that includes everything from cute leggings to sporty dresses and jumpsuits.

Aerie’s workout gear tends to focus on a neutral color scheme, but they do feature bright colors and fun patterns occasionally. Aerie is aimed at a younger demographic, and its reasonable prices reflect that – you can find leggings for around $45-$65.

22. Well Being + Being Well
Bright orange flared yoga pants by the brand Well Being + Being Well. worn with a long sleeved top in a muted pink color.
Get these leggings at Revolve

Well Being + Being Well is a relatively new lifestyle brand sold at Revolve. Its contemporary designs focus on trendy colors and minimalistic yet unique designs, which make it a great alternative to lululemon.

23. Varley
White pullover with a half-way zip by Varley, an athleisure brand like Lululemon.
Get this pullover on Varley

Like lululemon, Varley is a lifestyle brand for the active. All of their clothing is stylish yet functional and meant to be lived and moved in.

Varley is especially great for those who are not into sweaty workouts but lead an active lifestyle. Make sure to check out their accessories selection as well.

24. Everlane
Black workout set worn with a pair of black sneakers
Get these leggings with pockets on Everlane

Everlane takes environmental matters seriously and, along with TALA, offers more information on its environmental initiatives than any other brand on this list.

It feels extra good to work out in clothing you know is good for both your body and the planet.

25. Bandier 
Snow leopard print gym set
Via Bandier

Bandier aims to combine fashion and activewear in one place, and it’s no doubt one of the brands with the most stylish workout clothing options on this list. Unfortunately, their pricing is somewhat high-end, with a sports bra setting you back by about $80 and leggings typically by about $130.

In addition to their own designs, they also sell clothing, accessories, and shoes from other brands.

And there you have it! We hope you found this article about brands like lululemon helpful and found a few new affordable alternatives to get your yoga outfits from. If you’re still looking for more fashion inspiration, check the posts down below.

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