Bottega Veneta’s Latest Price Increase: All The Details To Know

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Bottega Veneta has become a classic cult brand with a range of must-have bags, but there has been a recent Bottega Veneta price increase, so here are all the details you need to know.

Bottega Veneta is an Italian luxury brand that was founded in 1966 and has become best known for its stunning leather goods, many of which feature the intrecciato technique. This is a method of weaving strips of leather to create an intricate and unique textural finish, making the bags and small leather goods from Bottega Veneta completely irresistible.

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If you do have your eye on a particular Bottega bag, then you really need to check out this article, as we have brought together all the information you need to know about the recent Bottega Veneta price increase. We will outline the new and old prices in US Dollars, as well as the percentage increase, so you can get a good idea of the increase in each bag.

We also have brought together some of the best-selling Bottega Veneta bags that we think you should pick up before any more price increases are implemented!

Bottega Veneta Price Increase

Some of the luxury pieces from the Italian brand have seen substantially higher prices, with the highest price increase being 56%, while there are a few items that have only risen by 4%, so it really depends on what item you are looking at as to how much more you will have to pay. Let’s delve right into these price hikes in more detail!

Name of the BagOld PriceDecember ’22 PricePercentage Increase
Mini Jodie Bag$2,500$2,6506%
Mini Jodie on Chain$2,900$3,30014%
Teen Jodie$3,200$3,5009%
Cassette Crossbody Bag$2,900$3,20010%
Padded Cassette Bag$3,900$4,50015%
The Chain Cassette Bag$5,500
Medium Turn Pouch$2,350$2,65013%
Mini Loop Camera Bag$1,600$1,95022%
Small Cassette Camera Bag$2,100$2,50019%
Nappa Smooth Mini Pouch$2,300
Nappa Smooth Pouch$3,600
Small Intrecciato Pouch$2,500
Chain Pouch Bag$4,100
Sardine Bag$4,200
Arco Medium Intrecciato Tote$3,300
Puffy Flap Leather Bag$3,200

Why has there been a price increase?

There are several reasons why Bottega Veneta, much like many other luxury brands, has increased its prices. The main reason is the fact that prices are rising in the production and transportation of these luxury goods, and so the prices of items in the luxury world have increased to reflect this.

In the last few years, the prices of raw materials, the production, and the shipping of Bottega Veneta luxury goods have increased, which is why there have been recent price hikes. There have been many other fashion brands, such as Yves Saint Laurent, Versace, and Dior, have also increased their prices.

With this said, Bottega has done something that no other luxury brand is yet to do: Bottega Veneta now offers a lifetime warranty on all its bags. This means that if you buy a Bottega bag and it breaks, the brand will fix it for you. While we fully support this decision (and think all luxe brands should follow suit), it’s understandable how such a policy change can lead to higher prices in the short term.

Finally, it is also worth noting that when a brand implements a price increase, the price of the leather goods also increases on the resale market. This means if you are looking at a Bottega Veneta bag at a slightly reduced resale price on the secondhand market, you will have to pay a little more after this price increase, so it is always best to pick up a new Bottega Veneta bag sooner rather than later!

Best Selling Bottega Veneta Bags

There are so many gorgeous bags available at Bottega Veneta, so we have brought together some of the best sellers that we think you will love. Several of these bags were made popular by the previous creative director of the Milan-based luxury house, Daniel Lee, while others have been added to the collection by the current creative director, Matthieu Blazy.

1. Mini Bags
Lilac Bottega Veneta Mini Jodie Leather Hobo
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Black Bottega Veneta Cassette Intrecciato Leather Bucket Bag
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Mini bags are super fashionable at the moment and Bottega has some stunning mini bags on offers, such as the Mini Jodie Leather Hobo and the Cassette Intrecciato Leather Bucket Bag.

The Mini Jodie Bag has a striking curved shape that has become iconic, with a knotted accent on the top handle. The bag is crafted from nappa leather woven in the intrecciato technique and is available in a whole range of beautiful summery hues.

The Cassette Intrecciato Leather Bucket Bag is again crafted from woven leather, this time in thicker strips, and then secured at the top with a drawstring closure. The chic bucket bag is fitted with a delicate leather strap that can be worn over the shoulder or across the body to perfectly suit your style.

2. Pouches
Dark blue Bottega Veneta Small The Pouch Leather Clutch
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Black Bottega Veneta Large Intrecciato Leather Pouch
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The Bottega Veneta Pouches are just irresistible and come in different sizes so you can pick the option that best suits your lifestyle.

The Bottega Veneta Small The Pouch Leather Clutch is obviously smaller in size and fitted with a leather strap so the bag can be worn on the shoulder or carried as a clutch. The magnetic, framed closure makes it easy to access the compact interior, which is the perfect size for your night-out essential items. We love that this bag is available in both neutral colors and pastel shades!

If you are looking for something a little more spacious, the larger Intrecciato Leather Pouch is just what you need! The pouch is made from strips of buttery soft nappa leather and gathered at the top with the framed closure. The interior is much bigger and can fit all of your essential items. The retail value of the Intrecciato Leather Pouch is $4,200, while the Small The Pouch Leather Clutch is available for $2,500.

3. Crossbody bags
Light blue Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather Crossbody Bag
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Black Bottega Veneta Cassette Small Padded Intrecciato Crossbody Bag
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Crossbody bags are such versatile handbag that is perfect for everyday use, and both of these crossbody bags from Bottega Veneta are great options.

The Intrecciato Leather Crossbody Bag has a structured shape, crafted from wide woven strips of nappa leather to create a sleek handbag. The crossbody strap is adjustable and detachable, plus, the interior features a zipper pocket to help you keep everything organized.

The Cassette Small Padded Intrecciato Crossbody Bag has a slightly more luxe look, with the shiny, sumptuous padded leather exterior, for a plush finish, embellished with gleaming gold hardware. The compact interior is a great size for your everyday essential items, while the zipper pocket makes it easy to find everything you need.

4. shoulder bags
Blue Bottega Veneta Large Loop Intrecciato Leather Shoulder Bag
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Black Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather Shoulder Bag
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The incredible craftsmanship of Bottega Veneta bags really comes across in this beautiful Large Loop Intrecciato Leather Shoulder Bag. The bag is crafted from smooth nappa leather, available in this vibrant blue shade or black for more of a neutral look, and then finished with gleaming gold hardware and a knotted leather shoulder strap, which is in fact removable so the bag can be carried as a clutch.

For something a little more elegant and sophisticated, this Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather Shoulder Bag is a great option. The bag features the intrecciato weave and has a structured silhouette, then is finished with an adjustable shoulder strap that is just like over the shoulder for a comfy finish. The magnetic closure at the top ensures easy access to the spacious interior. This bag is guaranteed to add a sleek and chic touch to any outfit.

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