Alo Yoga VS Lululemon: Which Is Better For You?

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Looking for your next pair of yoga leggings or activewear? There are lots of brands out there, but we’re here to talk about two: Alo Yoga Vs lululemon!

These days, many are placing comfort over everything else, especially when it comes to everyday wear. This means that tight-fitting jeans are out, and cozy yoga pants are in, no matter what the season is.

And these choices aren’t just limited to pants either – comfortable sports bras, biker shorts, tank tops, and dresses are also quickly becoming part of the rise of athleisure wear.

Athleisure and activewear have become a pretty big deal recently, and more people are interested in trying them out. But not all activewear brands are the same; some are more eco-friendly than others, some have better pricing structures, some offer better sizing options than others… the list goes on!

So if you’re looking to get some new clothing from either Alo Yoga or lululemon, which one should you choose? In this article, we’ll dive into the differences between the two brands, their best-selling pieces, and more before coming to a conclusion about Alo Yoga Vs lululemon.

The History of Alo Yoga

Yoga, for most people, is about as trendy as it gets. It’s a practice that’s been around for centuries, but it’s only in recent decades that it has become something that we hear about regularly and see in the gym.

Alo Yoga was founded by two childhood friends named Harris and Marco DeGeorge who wanted to spread good into the world through yoga. And they did just that when they launched their line of athleisure clothing in 2007.

The company started with a simple idea: create clothes that are great for every day, but also make you feel like you’re on your mat when you wear them.

Now, this streetwear-inspired yoga clothing company is an upscale athleisure brand that offers fashionable and durable workout clothes that can be worn basically anywhere: whether you’re out doing errands at the grocery store, grabbing coffee with friends, or just walking around town.

Supermodel and reality star Kendall Jenner is one of the most prominent Alo followers, and she has been spotted lots of times sporting Alo leggings and more.

Alo Yoga is very well known for its chic workout leggings, bodysuits, sweats, skirts, swimsuits, and even dresses. Apart from athletic wear, Alo Yoga also offers workout gear, as well as wellness products

Lululemon: On Overview

We all know lululemon – after all, their popular workout clothes have taken the world by storm, and the brand is currently considered the most popular yoga and athleisure clothing brand in the world. Lululemon was founded in Vancouver, Canada by Chip Wilson in 1998. Since then, it has become a global brand with more than 500 retail stores.

The company offers a wide range of comfy styles that you can use for your gym or home workouts, such as leggings, hoodies, joggers, swimwear, accessories, and shoes.

The company’s mission is to make people feel good about themselves and their bodies, and it strives to do this by creating products that are both beautiful and functional.

The company makes clothing for all types of activities and for all types of people—from professional athletes to stay-at-home moms who love doing their hot yoga.

Lululemon Allegations

If you’re a lululemon fan, you’ve probably heard of Chip Wilson. He’s the founder and former CEO of the company that makes those super-cute yoga pants we all love so much.

He stepped down as chief executive in 2018 after he made questionable statements regarding the company’s name.

Wilson was accused of using racist language when he said that he created the brand name “Lululemon” because he wanted to hear Japanese people struggle in pronouncing it, mocking the way that they say their “L’s” with “R’s”.

According to an article in HuffPost, Wilson also allegedly made a comment back in 2005 that it costs “too much” to make athletic pants that are larger than size 12 – because it costs 30% more fabric to make larger sizes. 

Why do these allegations matter? If you’re a conscious consumer, then it pays to know the nitty-gritty background of the brands that you are buying from.

Alo Yoga VS Lululemon: Similarities & Differences

1. Price Points

As the two brands offer very similar apparel, there’s almost no difference between their products — both are designed with high-quality and design in mind. But if you’re looking for a cheaper option, Alo Yoga could be the brand for you.

Their prices start as low as $50 to $150, while lululemon is a bit more pricey at $80-$170. Alo Yoga is a way to get in on the fitness action without breaking the bank. Now’s the best time to bust out those credit cards!

2. Size Range

While both brands are size inclusive, with sizes from XXS to XXL, some consumers have spoken out about the fact that they would like to see more options. In particular, there is a movement to add sizes in between the existing options.

While it’s not uncommon for brands to only offer a small range of sizes, it’s also not uncommon for people to want to see their favorite brands expand their offerings as well. But still, it’s actually great to see both brands offering durable clothing sizes up to 18, and even going as far as 20 in some of their products for all body shapes and sizes!

3. Aesthetic

If you’re looking for a more modern and fashion-forward brand, Alo Yoga is the way to go. Their designs are edgier than lululemon’s, with earthy neutral colors that you can wear for everyday life.

Not only can you wear your Alo Yoga pieces during your workouts, they’re also designed to be worn as streetwear which makes them super versatile. You can wear the same leggings or top to work or the gym, or even just to hang out with friends!

The second difference is that lululemon typically has a lot more color options on its website. For example, you’ll typically find 20+ color options of their best-selling leggings, while Alo typically offers 10+, with seasonal color variations.

Alo Yoga’s colors usually make use of muted colors and an earth-tone palette while lululemon offers almost everything. They have pieces in bright colors and patterns, neutral, pastel-toned pieces, and of course black, navy and grey leggings.

So, if having a lot of color options to choose from is important to you, we recommend checking out lululemon’s pieces first. With this said, Alo Yoga’s leggings do come in beautiful trendy shades that are often exactly what you want. For example, at the moment, their High-Waisted Airlift leggings come in seasonal emerald green, sage green, light blue, and of course, taupe, tan, and black.

Finally, both brands have beautiful designs, but we like how Alo Yoga’s designs are modern and classic at the same time; they feature unique details that aren’t over-the-top or too trendy.

4. Sustainability Efforts

Lululemon has committed to including 75% sustainable materials in all of its products by 2025, and reducing its freshwater usage by 50%, among other goals. According to the sustainability page found on their website, they’re also planning to offer resale and repair programs by 2025.

While lululemon has made big commitments, it’s important to remember that when it comes to sustainability, promises don’t mean much until they’ve become a reality. For example, their popular, best selling leggings are still made with classic nylon and lycra, and at the moment, don’t include recycled materials.

Despite all of that, lululemon seems set on its big goals, and they are also a part of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC). The SAC is a network of brands that work together with other stakeholders to improve transparency and sustainability across the apparel industry.

As for Alo Yoga, the company claims that they are “100% sweatshop free and eco-aware”. On the brand’s Sustainability page, they mention that they have a platinum certification from WRAP – the largest watchdog organization for ensuring ethical manufacturing in the world.

Having this platinum certification means that they offer fair pay, stable working hours, as well as safe working conditions. That means fair pay, standard hours and clean, safe working conditions. Alo Yoga has also claimed that they have placed an Alo employee at every factory to “oversee the best ethical practices.”

So, what does it mean to be sweatshop free? It means that no one who works for them is forced to work against their will or in unsafe conditions. It means that everyone who works for them is treated with respect and paid a fair wage for their work. It also means that workers are able to form a union if they want to do so—free of intimidation or retaliation from management.

In addition to this, Alo Yoga has some environmental practices in place, although in our opinion more could be done. At the moment, the brand’s HQ and flagship are solar-powered, they use low-water dyes, and they recycle their waste.

Our Favorite Alo Yoga VS Lululemon Pieces

1. Leggings

Alo Yoga VS Lululemon: Alo Yoga Airbrush High-Waist Flutter Leggings in california sand color
Get these leggings on Alo Yoga
Alo Yoga VS Lululemon: Lululemon Align Scalloped Hem High Rise Crop Leggings
Get these leggings on lululemon

When it comes to a good pair of leggings, there are two main types: the kind that’s made of a soft and stretchy material, and the kind that’s made of a thicker, more durable material. Alo Yoga leggings are the former.

They have an elastic waistband, which makes them extremely comfortable to wear. The fabric doesn’t stretch out quickly like some athletic pants do—they stay in place for a long time.

Alo Yoga offers their leggings in many different colors so you can always find one that matches your style or mood. There are also tons of styles available including high-waisted bottoms with pockets and wide-leg ankle length shorts with slits at the bottom hemline—these options make it easy for anyone looking to mix up their wardrobe without sacrificing comfortability!

So, get ready to take the streets in style with their Airbrush High-Waist Flutter Legging. These leggings have a slightly flared leg for that funky vibe, and a front split so you can show off your new, chunky sneakers. It also adds extra ventilation, which is a must especially when you’re doing high-intensity training sessions in a warm place.

And for those of you who love the feeling of a long, lean body, the Align Scalloped Hem High-Rise Crop 23” from lululemon is for you.

This one comes in three playful colors, one pattern, and four black and grey colors. It is designed with yoga and low-impact forms of exercise in mind, and it feels “buttery soft” with Nulu fabric. It’s also a great choice when you want to get comfortable when running errands.

The high waistband provides structure to your lower half without being constricting. The scalloped hem has a flattering effect on your legs when worn with heels or flats. You don’t have to be a yogi to wear these pants; they look great on everyone who tries them on.

2. Tops

Alo Yoga VS Lululemon: Soft pink Goddess Ribbed Cross Crop Top from Alo Yoga
Get this top on Alo Yoga
Alo Yoga VS Lululemon: White leopard print Lululemon Align t-shirt
Get this top on lululemon

The next thing you need to decide is which top is right for you. Alo Yoga offers a wide range of tops in many different styles, so it can be hard to choose just one. 

You deserve to feel like a goddess, and this is why the Goddess Ribbed Cross Crop Top. from Alo Yoga is the perfect one for you. Sometimes, you need something a little more in your life than the same old tank top or shirt.

This crop top comes with a criss-cross neckline for to lift up your chest, and it’s comfy, with just the right amount of spice enough for a date night right after your yoga session. The top comes in a ribbed fabric that will sculpt your body and enhance your shape.

You can show this top off with practically anything: leggings, biker shorts, or even your favorite high-waisted shorts for a cute street-style look. Designed to flatter any size, this crop top is perfect for any occasion—whether you’re going out for dinner with friends or just hanging around at home by yourself.

The lululemon Align T-Shirt is a slim-fitting, cropped tee that comes in 12 colors and fun patterns. It’s designed for yoga and has the added benefit of being breathable and quick-drying. Plus, it’s soft!

With sizes from 0 to 18, you can be sure that this shirt will fit your curves just right. The slim fit and cropped length make this shirt perfect for those who are looking for a flattering workout top that will keep you cool during hot, sweaty, high-intensity training sessions.

3. Bodysuits

Red Alo X Tropic of C Cosmo One Piece Bodysuit
Get this bodysuit on Alo Yoga
Mauve Lululemon Align Bodysuit
Get this bodysuit on Lululemon

The Alo X Tropic Of C Cosmo One Piece bodysuit is perfect to wear with jeans, cargo pants, mini skirts, or cutoff denim shorts. It comes in a red-hot color and a black one if you’re feeling minimalistic.

This top will have you looking flawless no matter what you wear it with. The elevated construction and just-right medium back coverage ensure that your style can’t be beat. And the black piping contrast gives this top a stunning overall effect that will keep people talking about how amazing you look for weeks!

You know what’s the best thing about the lululemon Align Bodysuit?

It’s not the fact that it comes in sizes 0 to 20, which means that no matter what your body type is, you’ll be able to find a comfortable fit. (And if you’re like me, and are always looking for new ways to get rid of your muffin top while still feeling cute, this is a godsend.)

It’s not even the fact that it feels weightless thanks to its patented Nulu Fabric, which is basically magic material. It makes you feel like you’re wearing a cloud—but without being too hot or too cold. You can wear it with jeans on a cool day, or pair it with leggings during those chilly winter months.

No—the best thing about this bodysuit is that it looks good in every single way imaginable! It’s designed for low-impact workouts like yoga; but don’t worry—you can also wear this with your favorite pair of pants or skirt for an on-trend street style look.


Here’s the final takeaway between lululemon vs Alo Yoga: While we recognize that lululemon is the more popular choice, we think Alo Yoga is the better option for most people when it comes to performance wear and aesthetic streetwear.

You’re hitting three birds with one stone: their clothes are more affordable, you can wear their clothes in and out of the gym, and they’re currently the more ethical option.

That being said, lululemon still has some great pieces that you should look into if you love the brand! As for its sustainability promises, you will have to keep monitoring the progress that the brand takes. Lululemon has promised a lot of change by 2025, and we’re excited to see what is next for them.

We hope you enjoyed our analysis of Alo Yoga vs lululemon! For more similar articles, make sure to check out the posts below.

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