12 Best Tragus Earrings You’ll Want: Studs, Hoops & Barbells

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Ready for some more adventurous piercings? We rounded up the best tragus earrings you’ll want to get for your next piercing session.

Unlike its name, the tragus piercing is actually incredibly pretty and dainty. If you already have your tragus pierced, you know how cute it can look with the right piece of jewelry. But if you don’t have your tragus pierced, you’re probably left wondering what the heck a tragus piercing even is.

The tragus is the little knobby bit of cartilage between the hole of your ear and cheek, (aka the front of the ear canal). Since it protrudes outwards, it’s perfect for piercing as the earring is very visible.

While many people get their tragus pierced solely for the option of wearing jewelry, some others have their ear piercings for potential health benefits. It’s speculated that a tragus piercing can help reduce the severity and frequency of headaches as well as reduce anxiety and curb excessive eating.

When shopping for tragus earrings, the best styles are simple studs, straight or circular barbells, and hoop styles. A round ball stud won’t catch on hair or be uncomfortable when sleeping. Barbells have two smooth balls on either end and are extremely easy to keep clean.

Hoops are also a trendy option but it’s recommended that those who’ve recently gotten their piercing to opt for a barbell or stud before switching to a hoop. Because hoops can easily move and slide through the hole, there’s a higher risk of infection or irritation.

But if you’re ready to swap out your current earring for a sleeker, newer model, we’ve rounded up our very favorite cute tragus jewelry for low prices. The main thing to remember when shopping for tragus earrings is to make sure the size of the earrings is 16g or 18g with the length being around 6mm-8mm. 


The Best Tragus Stud Earrings

1. Mini Gem Single Labret Earring


Mini Gem Single Labret Earring

Get this on Monica Vinader

Everyone with a tragus piercing should most definitely have one classic diamond stud in their earring collection as it will never go out of style. This Mini Gem Single Labret Earring is from Monica Vinader and is made with 14-carat solid gold.

It features a colorless rock crystal that’s ethically manufactured and a comfortable flat backing. This single earring costs $135.


2. North Star Flat Back Earring

North Star Threaded Flat Back Earring

Get this on Maison Miru

This tiny little starburst will guide you everywhere that you need to go. It’s anything but a classic, boring stud as it has eight points with a cubic zirconia stone in the very middle.

Each tragus earrings stud is made with implant-grade titanium that’s nickel-free and hypoallergenic, which means it’s safe for people with sensitive skin. It comes in two gauge and length options and can be purchased for $50.


3. Surgical Steel CZ Leaf Studs


Surgical Steel CZ Leaf Stud Earring

Get this on Etsy

Calling all nature enthusiasts and plant lovers! This intricate stud is made with 316L surgical steel and brass with cubic zirconia stones covering the branch’s leaves. The earring comes in three colors: silver/steel, rose gold, and gold so there’s an option for everyone, no matter what metal suits their complexion best.

The earrings come in one thickness but there are two options for lengths. This feminine stud can be yours for around $12 – what a bargain!


4. 18G Climber Cartilage Gold Studs


18G Climber Cartilage Gold Stud Earrings

Get this on Etsy

We absolutely adore this small climber stud as it can be worn on your tragus, cartilage, or earlobe—oh, the versatility! The gold stud features three simulated diamonds and a secure backing. The climber earring will draw all of the attention to your ears, for all of the right reasons, making this one of the best jewelry options.

The earrings can be purchased in a pair or single. It also comes in several different measurements, depending on the thickness of your tragus. If you’re confused as to what size to purchase, refer back to the earring that the piercer used when making the little hole in your tragus. This climber stud retails for around $11.


5. Pandora Moon Power Studs


Pandora ME Moon Power Stud Earring

Get this on Pandora

This tiny moon-shaped earring will provide you with a much-needed pop of color—blue, in particular. So if you’ve been blessed with baby blue eyes, don’t hesitate and purchase one of these crystal studs as soon as possible!

While this extremely unique stud is intended for lobe wear, it can also be worn on your cartilage or tragus. The solo stud is made with deep blue crystals and sterling silver, and it can be yours for around $25.


6. 18K Gold Plated Fun Studs


The best tragus stud earrings

Get these on Etsy

If you’re looking for something simple yet different, look no further than these fun symbol earrings from Etsy. If you’re looking for a beautiful and unique design, these should have you covered!

These earrings are plated with 18K gold with 316 stainless steel, making them hypoallergic and are suitable for wearing on your earlobes, tragus, cartilage, and helix. We love the crescent moon earring the most!


7. 18 G Snake Stud


Get this on Etsy

If you’re looking for a truly unique design, why not go for this tiny 18 G Snake Stud? It looks beautiful both on the earlobe as well as the tragus, and comes in gold, silver and rose gold for added variety.


The Best Tragus Hoop Earrings

1. Dainty Crystal Clicker in Gold

Dainty Crystal Clicker in Gold

Get this on Astrid And Miyu

This tragus and cartilage hoop is perfect for fashionistas who love a little sparkle that can be worn every day without hassle. The Dainty Crystal Clicker comes in gold, rose gold, and silver, and is made from sterling silver and 18k gold plating.

Each hoop is tightly wrapped in white cubic zirconia crystals that will never fail to catch the light. This stunning hoop is $63 and is worth every penny.

If you are feeling posh, Maria Tash also has a similar hoop earring with real diamonds, retailing for $395.


2. Tiny Emerald Hoop Earring


Tiny Emerald Hoop Earring

Get this on Etsy

If you’re having trouble deciding between a diamond stud or hoop, we have the perfect solution for you. This small emerald hoop earring comes in silver and gold, and features a small emerald sitting in the middle, adding some glam to your look.

This charming tragus hoop costs around $14. The shop also sells other variations of the earring, is green isn’t your color: how does turquoise or clear crystal sound?


3. Maria Tash Turquoise & Diamond Clicker

Maria Tash Single Short Spike Turquoise & Diamond Eternity Clicker

Get this on Nordstrom

If you’re looking to make a statement, look no further than this bold eternity clicker with a turquoise spike. The small hoop is covered in real diamonds (color G, clarity VS2) with a rounded, turquoise spike extending from the bottom.

Because the earring is 0.08 carats and is made with 18k gold, it retails for $600 but we promise you’ll get several compliments every time you wear it. The hoop can also be worn on your earlobe, rook, and forward helix piercings.


4. Forever Seamless Hoop in 14k Gold

Forever Seamless Hoop in 14k Gold

Get this at Maison Miru

At Chic Pursuit, we love a good staple earring that’s timeless, sophisticated, and understated. The Forever Seamless Hoop retails for $75 and is the perfect foundation for your glamorous ear stack.

It can be worn 24/7 and can be easily twisted open and close, no clicker closure here. It comes in four different sizes and two gauges so that you can find a hoop that comfortably hugs your tragus. We recommend getting the 18 g and 6mm diameter hoop for the tragus.


The Best Tragus Barbells

1. Piercing Barbell With 14k Gold 


Piercing Barbell 14k Gold for Cartilage

Get this on Etsy

Sometimes less is more when it comes to earrings. This 14k gold, handmade barbell is simple but will still add some bling to your ears. It has a 3-mm ball on either end and it can be easily inserted by sliding it into the hole, then screwing the ball onto one end.

Once it’s in, it won’t move around too much or cause irritation. The yellow gold hoop is extremely high-quality and can be purchased off of Etsy for around $98. Plus, like many other straight barbells, this earring can also be worn in your eyebrow piercing, if you have one.

If you’re more of a silver kind of girl, check out the handmade  Minimalist Korean Smooth Ball Barbell in 925 sterling silver, sold at just $10.


There you have it! An important thing to remember is that the healing time for a tragus piercing might be up to a month or two, as the piercing location is a bit thicker and harder than an ear lobe. So, if you’ve just recently gotten your ear pierced, let it heal before purchasing or trying on any new jewelry.


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