Hermès Lindy Prices: What You Need To Know

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The exclusive Hermès brand often keeps the price of their bags under wraps, which is why we have created this helpful article to let you know the Hermès Lindy Prices!

The luxury brand, Hermès, has a stunning range of high-quality handbags on offer, with the Birkin and Kelly bags being the best-known styles from the collection. But you cannot over look the gorgeous, and super practical, Hermès Lindy bag.

This beautiful handbag was first launched in 2007, while the French designer Jean Paul Gaultier was the creative director of the fashion house. A fellow designer at the brand, Frédéric Vidal, noticed how the standard parallel top handles on a bag can be uncomfortable and awkward to wear, and so set about designing a new, more functional option – this is how the Lindy bag was born.

Ever since its launch, the Hermès Lindy has proved popular on the runway and with customers. If you love the look of a Lindy bag, but want to know a little more before you take the plunge, you are in the right place! We have all the information you need to know about the design of the bag, different sizes, types of leather, and most importantly, the Hermès Lindy Prices!

Just keep reading to find out everything you need to know before adding one of these unique bags to your own collection.

Hermès Lindy prices

Here are the retail prices for the Lindy bag from the Hermès boutique:

Style and SizePrice in USD ($)
Mini Lindy 20 Bag (Taurillon Clemence)$6,650
Lindy 26 Bag (Taurillon Clemence)$7,000
Lindy 30 Bag (Taurillon Clemence)$7,800
Lindy 34 Bag (Taurillon Clemence)$8,700

The Types of Hermès Lindy Bag

There are lots of variations in the Lindy bag, with several different sizes available, as well as different leatehrs and colours on offer – let’s delve a little deeper into what is available…

Bag sizes

There Hermès Lindy bag was originally available in four different sizes – the smallest being the Lindy 26, which was 26 cm wide, the Lindy 30 and Lindy 34, which were 30cm and 34cm in width respectively, and finally the largest, the Lindy 45 sitting at 45cm wide.

The 30 and 34 quickly proved the most popular, while the Lindy 45 was used mainly as a weekend bag because of its more spacious interior.

At the Fall Winter 2019, a new size was released, the Hermès Lindy 20. This was also known as the Lindy mini because of its adorable small size and perfectly fitted with the trendy for small and mini handbags. This Lindy 20 proved an instant hit with customers, and were quickly reselling for more than the original retail price.

It really depends on what you are planning to use the bag for as to which size is best for you. If you want the Hermès Lindy handbag for special occasions or events, then the Hermès Mini Lindy bag would work well for you, but if you are planning to use this bag as your everyday handbag, the Lindy 30 and 34 may be better for you as there is much more room inside the bag.  

Types of leather

This Hermès bag is available in a wide range of high-quality leathers so you can pick the option that best suits you. The regular leather a Lindy bag is made from is Taurillon Clemence, although there are also plenty of Swift leather Lindy bags too. The Taurillon Clemence leather is a little more hardwearing, while Swift leather is more delicate but has a silky smooth feel.

There are also Evercolour and suede Hermès bags, as well as exotic skins like alligator and ostrich on offer too. For more information about each type of Hermès leather, check out our article on the different types available.  

Best Selling Hermès Lindy Bags

Here are just a few examples of the Hermès Lindy bag in a range of sizes and leathers so you and pick the option that suits you best.

Hermès bags are notoriously hard to get hold of and you may have to join a waiting list in order to purchase the perfect Lindy bag for you, if you want to get your hands on one of these bags much faster, resale sits are a great option. There are lots of beautiful Lindy bags available in a range of sizes, leathers, and colours, in excellent condition so you don’t have to wait around!

1. Lindy 30
Orange Hermès Taurillon Clemence Lindy 30
Browse Hermès Lindy 30 Bags on Fashionphile
Tan Hermès Swift Grizzly Lindy 30
Browse Hermès Lindy 30 Bags on Fashionphile

This striking orange Hermès Lindy 30 is crafted from durable Taurillon Clemence leather and finished with silver palladium hardware. This bag features the rolled leather top handles, plus there is a shoulder strap attached to these handles so you can carry this bag in your hand or over your shoulder – so much versatility! A twist lock and zipper secures the top of the bag, which opens to a roomy interior, lined with matching matte orange leather.

This Hermès Swift Grizzly Lindy 30 is fitted with the same sophisticated and practical features, but this time the bag is made from plush suede leather for the body of the bag and smooth swift leather for the handles and front flap. This combination of materials gives the bag a gorgeous textural finish, while the gold shade of the materials is complemented by the permabrass hardware.

2. Mini Lindy 20
Light blue Hermès Swift Mini Lindy 20
Browse Hermès Lindy 20 Bags on Fashionphile
Black Hermès Swift Matte Alligator Mini Touch Lindy 20
Browse Hermès Lindy 20 Bags on Fashionphile

The Mini Lindy 20 is just so cute, and just the right size for a couple of everyday or evening out essentials. Just like the Lindy 30, this Hermès Lindy features two exterior side slip pockets and interior patch pockets too. This edition of the Lindy 20 is crafted from pale blue swift leather, which is a little more delicate but has an irresistible buttery smooth finish.

This Hermès Swift Matte Alligator Mini Touch Lindy 20 bag is again made from luxurious swift leather, but this time trimmed with alligator leather for the top handle and belt that secures the front flap in place. The minimalist black leather bag is finished with gold hardware for a glamorous touch.

3. Lindy 26
Purple Hermès Evercolor Lindy 26
Browse Hermès Lindy 26 Bags on Fashionphile
Grey Hermès Taurillon Clemence Lindy 26
Browse Hermès Lindy 26 Bags on Fashionphile

The Lindy 26 may be one of the smaller options, but there is still plenty of room for your daily essentials, especially with both exterior and interior pockets. If you are looking for a little pop of colour then this Hermès Evercolor Lindy 26 is just what you need. The textured purple Evercolor leather is finished with palladium hardware for that high-quality Hermès finish.

This Hermès Taurillon Clemence Lindy 26 is the ideal everyday handbag – it is crafted from the durable Taurillon Clemence leather, in a versatile grey shade, while the 26 cm size will fit all your must-have items. The gold-plated hardware really glitters on the bag, while the pockets, top handles and shoulder strap add an element of practicality of this beautiful Hermès bag.

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