Tory Burch Vs Kate Spade: What Fashion Girls Need To Know

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Torn between Tory Burch and Kate Spade for your next purchase? Before you make a decision, read our in-depth guide on Tory Burch vs Kate Spade.

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It’s can be incredibly hard for fashionistas to pick between these two designers as they both offer unique, feminine, and well-made items that are wildly trendy. But since you’ve got rent and phone bills each month, you can’t afford to spend all your money at both Kate Spade and Tory Burch.

It’s for this reason we’ve researched both Tory Burch and Kate Spade so you can confidently decide where to spend your hard-earned money.

While both designers are considered to be “luxury lifestyle brands” we consider them to be more “affordable luxury” like brands such as Rebecca Minkoff or Marc Jacobs, as they certainly aren’t as expensive or fashion-forward as brands like Prada, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton in the fashion world. 

In this article, we’ll go over the similarities and differences between both brands, examine some of their best-selling pieces, and discuss a little bit of the history. Of course, we’ll also give your our opinion about which brand we think you should go for.

With this said, let’s get started!

All About Tory Burch

Tory Burch started her namesake brand back in 2004, opening a small boutique during fashion week in the Nolita district of New York, which was close to her home. Her brand became extremely popular very quickly as her one-of-a-kind bags and accessories enchanted customers at first sight. 

Her brand’s aesthetic is distinct and mimics her own personal style that’s inspired by fancy boutiques, local flea markets, and traveling. After only two short years, Tory took her brand to the international market, arriving in Europe and Asia.

This was when the brand’s iconic accessories really came to life, starting with a bag named after her mother. The Reva Bag became the hot must-have item among fashionistas everywhere. 

Fast-forward to 2015 and Tory Burch launched its Tory Sport collection that was preppy in style and inspired by the grace and strength of athletes. These pieces could be recognized by their retro lines and the composition of hi-tech fabrics. 

Today, in addition to providing the best of fashion and accessories, Tory Burch has her sights set on helping young women entrepreneurs through financial support, mentorship, and providing them with networking opportunities through the brand’s foundation, seminars and other resources.

When it comes to Tory Burch’s design style, the brand is known to carry items that are romantic, modern, bohemian, and covered in attention-grabbing colors. While the designer doesn’t shy away from bright colors, every style of bag also comes in a neutral shade, black, or ivory to ensure that customers have options. 

The History of Kate Spade

Kate Spade is another female-founded brand, which was started in 1993 by Kate Brosnahan Spade, a former accessories editor who loved to play around with colorful designs and sleek silhouettes.

In 2007, Kate Spade & Company entered the fashion and accessories market, quickly dominating with its clothing and jewelry collections that eventually extended into bedding, stationery, footwear, perfumes, gifts, and more. 

When it comes to the brand’s style, Kate Spade is known for its simple yet quirky items that can brighten up any outfit on any occasion.

Kate Spade’s line of handbags and accessories can always be recognized by its quintessential splash of color and bright patterns. This originality allowed Kate Spade to carve out her space in the well-established world of designer lifestyle brands. 

Today, the affordable luxury brand has hundreds of boutiques all over the world and her accessories can be found in retail stores like Nordstrom, Hudson’s Bay, Indigo Books, and more.

Unfortunately, in 2018, Kate Spade herself passed away but her love for funky clothing, bags, and accessories lives on through her team. 

Differences between Tory Burch vs Kate Spade

1. Popularity

Tory Burch and Kate Spade are both popular handbag brands that create both practical and statement bags, but many fashion-forward people tend to gravitate more toward Tory Burch.

This is largely because the brand carries more contemporary and innovative designs in addition to its classic bags, and doesn’t shy away from using a logo or a monogram print that many modern women desire. We would argue that the brand has a very strong, memorable and beautiful logo that sets it apart from its competitors, including Kate Spade.

2. Style & Aesthetic

Many of Tory Burch’s and Kate Spade’s bags are similar in style, with a big focus on classic, practical designs that are fit for the office. However, as we’ve already discussed, Tory Burch’s brand leans more heavily into its use of the double T-logo as well as a double-T monogram print, which gives the designs a more modern and unique feel – something that’s instantly recognizable as Tory Burch.

While many of Kate Spade’s bags are definitely timeless, classic, and practical, many of their designs aren’t unique to the brand and can be found on multiple other brands’ websites with slight variations. This is especially apparent since Kate Spade doesn’t have a strong logo in the same way that Tory Burch does.

Apart from this, Kate Spade doesn’t shy away from bright colors and often features quirky designs, like this fun Pizza bag, or the brand’s collection with the Spade Flower print.

Some fashionistas have also speculated online that the Kate Spade brand has gone downhill in design and quality since the founder passed away in 2018. But if you’re a sucker for a pop of color, you might still prefer the brand over Tory Burch. 

3. Target Audience

Because Kate Spade’s designs and colors are whimsical and often quirky, they are perfect for younger women and teens. If you’re in your 30s, a Tory Burch bag might be more suited to your personal style. Many people associate Kate Spade with a younger demographic and opt for Tory Burch or Coach bags if they are older. 

4. Price Range

Another reason Kate Spade is more popular among a younger demographic is because of its price range. Kate Spade’s bags are significantly less expensive than those from the Tory Burch brand.

For example, Tory Burch’s leather bags typically retail for $400-$750, while Kate Spade’s best-selling leather bags retail between $200-$500, with some discounted items even retailing for less than $150.

Speaking of which, the sale collection at Kate Spade is bonkers, and you can find super cute and functional handbags for a fraction of their original price. Tory Burch’s sale collection is also good but not quite as impressive. 

Our Top Picks From Tory Burch Vs Kate Spade

1. Crossbody Bags

Brown Tory Burch Eleanor bag with gold chain strap
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Simple Kate Spade crossbody bag
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When using a crossbody bag, you can go hands-free, which means you can fill your hands with tasty appetizers or sparkling beverages when attending a party or special events.

If this doesn’t sell you on a crossbody bag, we don’t know what will. But since you don’t need to carry it with your hands, cross-body bags are also fabulous for wearing while you go shopping or run errands. Everyone’s handbag collection should have at least two crossbody bags. 

The convertible Eleanor Bag with a chain strap from Tory Burch ($648) comes in multiple different colors and finishes, such as crocodile-embossed leather, velvet, patent leather, and smooth leather. We love the smooth leather option in tan, cream and classic black the most.

The Eleanor bag has the brand’s signature hardware made from brass and an adjustable strap that allows you to wear the bag across your body or on your shoulder. 

Kate Spade’s Run Around medium crossbody bag ($178) is made with black pebbled leather and has a practical, compact design with a feminine pink interior, which is a nice detail considering the outside is solid black. The bag features two wall pockets on the inside and a convenient exterior slip pocket where you can store slim items such as credit cards.

The crossbody features the brand’s emblem on the front and an adjustable leather strap for convenience.  

2. Tote Bags

Tory Burch’s Perry Triple-Compartment Tote Bag
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Black All Day tote from Kate Spade
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While we love the hands-free promise of crossbody bags, sometimes it’s nice to have a bag that can fit more than just your credit card and lipstick. Tote bags are durable, stylish, and easy to carry as they slip around your shoulder as you go about your errands. If you invest in larger totes, they can also withstand a significant amount of weight.

Tory Burch’s Perry Triple-Compartment Tote Bag ($448) is a timeless and functional piece that has a spacious interior filled with pockets that will keep all of your items organized.

The tote bag, which comes in multiple different colors, is made from Italian pebbled leather and can fit a 13-inch laptop and your favorite water bottle. It has long straps that will slide comfortably over your shoulder, protective feet, and a removable charm for added detail.

The All Day Large Tote from Kate Spade ($248) is the perfect bag to lug all of your items and snacks to school or the office as it has a bridge-clip closure at the top, keeping all of your things safe.

The structured bag is made from rich grosgrain leather and features a roomy interior, a light pink interior, and Kate Spade’s logo on the front. This tote bag can also easily carry a 13-inch laptop. 

3. Wallets

Black Tory Burch Kira wallet
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Beige and black colorblock Kate Spade wallet
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Most people use their wallets on a daily basis, so it’s important to invest in a wallet that won’t break or fall apart easily. Choosing a designer wallet will make you appear incredibly fashionable and will keep your cards and money safe. 

The Kira Chevron Zip Continental Wallet from Tory Burch ($248) comes in black and sand, and is made from good quality soft lambskin leather. The wallet features a chevron-quilting and the brand’s signature double T logo in brushed gold on the front.

It has several pockets on the inside and can fit full-length bills without having to fold them. The wallet also has a zipper that will ensure nothing ever spills out of it. 

Kate Spade’s Morgan Colorblock Wallet is the perfect way to play around with two colors without going over the top. This Saffiano leather wallet is durable and has a zip closure that will keep everything secured inside.

The inside of the wallet features the same beige leather, and you’ll also find handy storage slots for your cards and cash, as well as a coin pocket in the middle. Plus, if you wanted to, you could also fit your phone inside and carry this wallet as a clutch – so versatile!

4. Shoulder Bags

Red Tory Burch’s 151 Mercer Crescent Bag
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Red Kate Spade smile bag
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When shopping for designer handbags, keep comfort top of mind because there’s nothing worse than having skinny, hard straps cut into your boney shoulders.

Also, make sure you aren’t buying a bag that’s too small to hold everything all your essentials like your wallet, phone, makeup, hand sanitizer, and feminine products. 

Tory Burch’s 151 Mercer Crescent Bag ($298) is really one of the most perfect everyday shoulder bags because of its classic style. The bag is made from patent leather and has a serious 90s feel with a design that will sit comfortably under your arm.

It features three different carrying straps that are all detachable, including the silver chain strap that is featured at the front of the bag.

The Smile Small Shoulder Bag from Kate Spade is very fashion-forward and features a unique crescent design made from pebble leather.

On the inside, you’ll find several card slots and a pocket that can hold your iPhone. This petite shoulder bag can be yours for only $198. It comes in duck green, red and deep pink.

Tory Burch Vs Kate Spade: Conclusion

Overall, we recommend splurging on Tory Burch over Kate Spade as the brand’s handbags and accessories have more ofa modern, high-quality feel. While Kate Spade definitely embraces colors and quirky patterns, they might go out of style quicker than the designs from Tory Burch. 

If you’re really torn between the two, we suggest purchasing a crossbody or shoulder bag from Tory Burch in black, brown, or ivory and then buying a funky wallet from Kate Spade. This way, you’ll be getting the best of both worlds without making too much of a risky investment. Wallets provide fashionistas with the perfect opportunity to play around with prints and patterns. 

However, if you’re still in your teens or early 20s, Kate Spade’s love for colors might suit your current wardrobe better than a sophisticated Tory Burch bag. Not to mention, you’ll also be getting them for a much cheaper price!

With that being said, the Tory Burch bag can also stay with you as you age, which is why we think Tory Burch is the better investment. Sorry, Kate!

Our Top Shopping Tips

Before you take the leap of faith and go shopping at either Tory Burch or Kate Spade, be sure to do an inventory of your current wardrobe and handbag collection. This way you’ll end up purchasing pieces that your collection needs, instead of accidentally buying something you’ve already got. 

Since designer brands (even affordable designer brands) are on the expensive side, you also want to opt for handbags or pieces that won’t go out of style quickly.

Make sure they are high-quality bags that will serve you for a long time too. This means looking for neutral or black handbags or clothing that aren’t oozing current trend vibes as those trends might not be as cool next year. 

On the contrary, if you purchase a neutral or black handbag, we’re sure you’ll get your money’s worth out of it as you’ll be able to wear it multiple times per week for several years. That’s why we completely support splurging on designer bags over designer clothing, sunglasses, or evening footwear.

Plus, we rely on our handbags to transport and care for our most important small items like our phone, money, and makeup. So splurging on a well-made, high-quality designer bag means that it’s less likely to fall apart and will keep your things safe.  

If you’re new to the realm of affordable luxury designers, both Tory Burch bags and Kate Spade bags are considered “heavy hitters” in the category for many reasons, including their style, quality, variety, and versatility.  

We hope you learned something new from this Tory Burch vs Kate Spade article! If you’re hungry for more luxury fashion ideas, make sure to check out the related posts below!

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