15 Sleep-Safe Earrings To Add To Your Everyday Wardrobe

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If you’ve got your ears pierced, you definitely understand that sleeping in earrings can be painful and uncomfortable. While you can take your earrings out before hitting the hay, it’s easy to forget or feel too lazy, especially if you wear several earrings on each ear. 

There’s just something so incredibly convenient about finding a pair of earrings that are comfortable to sleep in. By sourcing out sleep-friendly earrings, you’ll save time and effort, which you can instead use on your six-step skincare routine right before going to bed. 

And not only that, sleeping with the wrong kind of earrings can actually result in your earrings getting caught in bedding or hair, which can cause you to accidentally yank your earring in your sleeping, causing a torn earlobe – ouch! For this reason, we recommend only sleeping with studs or small huggies.

As a general rule of thumb, avoid heavy earrings, dangly earrings, and large earrings. For extra comfort, you may want to consider getting earrings with a round or flat back, especially if you have sensitive ears.

To help you get a deeper slumber that goes undisrupted, we’ve found 15 of the best sleeper earrings. After spending one night in a pair of these rest-ready studs or hoops, we promise that you’ll never look back.

The Best Earrings to Sleep In

1. Maria Tash Invisible Set Diamond Threaded Stud Earring
The Best Earrings to Sleep In: Maria Tash Invisible Set Diamond Threaded Stud Earring
Get these flat back earrings on Nordstrom

Studs that have a flat or silicone back are extra comfortable for sleeping, especially if you’re a side sleeper. These diamond studs from Maria Tash at Nordstrom feature a flat, flower-shaped 14 k back that will stay pressed against the back of your earlobe, instead of digging into your head.

These 18k gold earrings are sold separately as they also make great helix or cartilage earrings. But if you’re wanting these to jazz-up your earlobes, you’ll have to purchase two of them!

Each stud has a carat weight of 0.015, and the diamonds are G in color, VS2 in clarity. Maria Tash specially designed these diamond studs to appear as if they are floating upon your earlobe.

They come in yellow gold and white gold, and retail between $245 and $425, depending on the size that you choose. 

2. Gucci GG Marmont Logo Earrings
Silver Gucci GG Marmont logo earrings
Get these on Neiman Marcus

If you’re looking for comfortable small earrings that make a big impact, logo studs are one of the best types of earrings to have in your everyday wardrobe.

Gucci has many different designs available in both gold and silver, but we love the look of these aged silver studs the most. Many of designer logo earrings also come with pearls, or crystals, if you’re looking for earrings with a little more bling.

3. Tory Burch Miller Pave Stud Earrings
Gold Tory Burch Kira logo earrings
Get this pair on Neiman Marcus

If Gucci is slightly out of your price range, another great designer brand to turn to is Tory Burch. Decorated with the beautiful and instantly recognizable double T logo, the Miller Pave stud earrings come in gold, rose gold and silver colors to match your personal style.

These lightweight brass earrings are rather affordable ($98), and just the right size to make an everyday impact.

4. Jett 14k Yellow Gold Earrings in Black Diamond from Kendra Scott
Kendra Scott mini hoop earrings
Get these at Kendra Scott

If you love diamonds, but you’re looking for something a little different, why not add these black diamond hoops to your collection?

The elegant and timeless finish makes them perfect for ladies looking for effortless, hard-wearing jewelry that will last for years to come. As these earrings are made with 14k gold, you can rest assured that your earrings will not be just sleep-proof, but they’ll also be waterproof – perfect for lazy girls who don’t want to bother taking off their jewelry before showering.

5. David Yurman Crossover Sterling Silver & 18k Gold Stud Earrings
David Yurman Crossover Sterling Silver & 18k Gold Stud Earrings
Get these at Neiman Marcus

Davi Yurman’s signature cable design can be perfectly seen in these Crossover Sterling Silver & 18k Gold Stud Earrings, which are the perfect everyday earrings, and safe to sleep in too.

If you can’t choose between your hardware colors, these earrings are perfect as they mix gold and silver in perfect harmony.

6. Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconia Small Hoop Earrings
Sterling Silver And Cubic Zirconia Small Hoop Earrings From Etsy
Get these on Etsy

You really can’t go wrong with a shimmery mini hoop that’s completely covered in dainty cubic zirconia stones. These sterling silver mini hoops are handmade and come in silver or 18k gold filled, depending on your personal jewelry preferences.

Depending on your skin tone, hair color, and fashion sense, you may prefer one metal color over the other. For example, many people believe that gold jewelry goes best with blonde hair and silver with darker hair colors.

These tiny hoops are sold in single and pair options and are made with 925 sterling silver, which means they are hypoallergenic and safe for those with sensitive skin. Each hoop earring is incredibly lightweight and is also free of nickel.

These huggies come in 6 different sizes, which is great as you can choose how closely they want the hoop to hug their earlobe. However, the tighter the hoop is to your ear, the better it is for sleeping, as it is less likely to get caught on anything.

The Best Earrings to Sleep In: Gold Madewell baby huggies
Get these small hoops at Madewell

These are the perfect glamorous sleep-friendly mini hoops to wear at any time of the day. The Baby Huggies from Madewell are 18k gold-plated and feature a snap-post closure.

Underneath the 18k gold is sterling silver, making these huggie hoops ideal for those with sensitive earlobes. They can be stacked with tons of other earrings along your ears or worn on their own—the options are endless!

A pair of these budget-approved gold sleeper earrings retail for $48, making them great starter earrings.

8. Monica Vinader Mini Gem Drop Huggie Hoops
The Best Earrings to Sleep In: Monica Vinader Mini Gem Drop Huggie Hoops
Get this on Nordstrom

If you’re a fan of gold hoop earrings but love a little extra touch of shimmer, these Gem Drop Huggie Hoops from Monica Vinader will bring you happiness.

These hoops have a small bezel-set white topaz dangling at the bottom of the earring, which add the perfect amount of sparkle. They can be easily taken on and off by a snap-post closure and the hoop is made with sterling silver and is covered in 18k gold.

Every pair of these huggie hoops are handcrafted and retail for $95.

9. Nordstrom 1ct tw Cubic Zirconia Earrings
Cubic Zirconia earrings
Get this on Etsy

If you’re looking for a classic pair of cubic zirconia earrings that are safe for sleeping, you can’t go wrong with these Nordstrom-brand 1ct tw Cubic Zirconia Earrings.

They are small enough not to get in your way when sleeping but big enough to make a statement. These are a great budget-friendly option for anyone looking for earrings that can be worn day in, day out.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a slightly bigger size, the same design comes in a 2 ct version, 3 ct version and 4 ct version, although we wouldn’t recommend the bigger sizes for sleeping.

10. Mejuri Marquise Topaz Earrings
Mejuri Marquise Topaz Earrings
Get these at Mejuri

Instead of dainty diamonds, these gold vermeil studs feature flower-shaped topaz gemstones. They’re a great choice if you want the brilliance of regular studs, but you’re looking for a more attention-grabbing design.

These earrings have a thick 18 ct gold coating, but are still affordable as they are from Mejuri. A pair will set you back by just $98.

11. Kendra Scott Emilie Gold Stud Earrings in Iridescent Drusy
Kendra Scott Emilie Gold Stud Earrings in Iridescent Drusy
Get these small studs on Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott is perhaps best known for her drusy jewelry, just like the Emilie gold stud earrings, available in white iridescent, platinum, sand drusy and pink opal.

The Emilie earrings are the perfect size for daytime wear, no matter where your life takes you. As they are relatively small, you don’t need to worry about taking them off for bed or for exercise either.

12. Mejuri Pavé Diamond U Hoops
Mejuri Pavé Diamond U Hoops
Get these sleeper hoop earrings at Mejuri

Calling all gold-lovers—we’ve got sleep-friendly hoops that are to die for. These gold hoops feature 18 single cut pavé diamonds running down the front, a snap-post closure, and are made with 14k gold.

The Mejuri Pavé Diamond U Hoops will add must-have shine to any outfit, even high-waisted jeans and a white t-shirt.

13. Silver Star Stud Sleeper Earrings from Etsy
The Best Earrings to Sleep In: Silver Star Stud Sleeper Earrings from Etsy
Get this pair on Etsy

These star-shaped cubic zirconia studs have a round screw back, which makes sleeping in them even more comfortable. The sleeper earrings come in rose gold, silver, and yellow gold, and are made with hypoallergenic metals like titanium, which is perfect for everyday wear.

Because they have a comfortable back, they can be worn on your earlobe, cartilage, conch, tragus, helix, and daith.

The Star Stud Sleeper Earrings are hypoallergenic earrings (perfect for those with skin irritations), waterproof, and retail for around $35. 

14. Maria Tash Diamond Baguette Threaded Stud Earring
The Best Earrings to Sleep In: Maria Tash Diamond Baguette Threaded Stud Earring
Get this on Nordstrom

Maria Tash definitely understands the importance of comfortable earrings. The Diamond Baguette Threaded Stud Earring has a flat, flower-shaped, threaded back that will lay flat against the back of your earlobe.

These 18k gold studs, sold as singles, come in yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. The baguette-shaped diamond has a total carat weight of 0.06 and is G in color, VS2 in clarity.

The threaded screw-back is so comfortable that you’ll never take these off.

15. DaviD Yurman Pearl Earrings With Diamond & Silver
David Yurman Cable Collectibles Pearl Earrings with Diamonds and Silver, 7mm
Get these at Neiman Marcus

David Yurman is well-known for their beautiful cable collection that famously includes bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings. While pearls are not always present in the cable collection designs, they work incredibly well, as seen in these Pearl Earrings with Diamonds and Silver.

If you love the classic style of pearl earrings, but you’re looking for a modern touch, these beautiful earrings will go with anything and everything that you wear.

We hope you enjoyed our top picks for earrings to sleep in! For more similar ideas, make sure to check out the articles below.

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