The 12 Best Swimsuits For A Rectangle Body Shape

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Finding the best swimsuits for a rectangle body shape can be challenging, but it shouldn’t be. We’ve put together our favorite pieces for all the beautiful shapes and sizes our bodies come in.

If you’ve no idea what a rectangle body shape is, firstly, it’s a pretty common one. It’s essentially an overall fairly slim shape with narrow hips and a small bust. So, when it comes to finding the right swimsuit for a rectangle body shape, we’re usually trying to add in some curves and still maintain balance. If you’re looking for advice on styling other shapes, we also have swimwear guides for pear-shaped bodies and an apple body shape.

​Swimwear can be a minefield. What may flatter one body type may even detriment the beautiful natural shape of another body type. When it comes to swimwear, going for high-quality pieces is always worth the price tag. It can be easy to think that it’ll only be worn a few times a year, so spending money on swimwear doesn’t make sense. However, good pieces can last years and years, and classic pieces can really stand the test of time.

How To Choose The Perfect Swimsuit For a Rectangle Body Shape

  1. High leg cut bottoms. This is the best way to elongate the leg and draw attention and create the illusion of wider hips, drawing them out to create an hourglass figure.
  2. Frilly or string bikinis. Again, these will emphasis your bottom half, creating more shape in the overall outfit and the illusion of curves in your body.
  3. Belted one-piece swimsuits. A belt is a good idea as it creates the illusion of a smaller waist, and where one pieces can sometimes skim over your curves, this ensures this doesn’t happen.
  4. Cut out details. Again, sheer or cut out panels help create definition and add some visual interest. These are also great if you don’t want to commit to a two-piece swimsuit but still want to bare some skin.
  1. Square necklines and higher necklines will emphasise the boxy silhouette as opposed to creating the illusion of a fuller upper body.
  2. Bandeau bikini tops will similarly flatten your top half as opposed to adding shape in the bust area.
  3. Ill-fitting swimwear. No one wants a bikini bottom that looks like a soggy diaper, first make sure you’re getting your swimwear in the correct shape.
  4. Boring swimwear. Okay, this might seem like an unreasonable point, but, swimwear without an interesting aspect, either in the design or prints or colors, is likely to have nothing to draw the eye to.

When it comes to swimwear, it’s certainly daunting, especially if you aren’t 100% comfortable with your body type to begin with. The best advice before it comes to any swimwear is to love the skin you’re in and understand that all bodies are beautiful – no matter the shape or size. Change also can’t happen overnight, if this is your first foray into swimwear, you can dip your toe with a one-piece or a high-waisted bikini which provides a bit more coverage.

If you’re still confused or don’t have the patience to do your own swimsuit shopping, we’ve done the work for you! We’ve put together 12 of our favorite swimsuits for a rectangle body shape, to have you feeling like a million dollars!

The 12 Best Swimsuits for a Rectangle Body Shape

Beach Riot Joyce One Piece Swimsuit
1. Beach Riot Joyce One Piece Swimsuit

This swimsuit is a great option as it features diagonal lines, which are flattering and elongate the body. The cut out detail is perfect for a pear shape as it draws attention to the exposed skin and creates an interesting aspect. Bold patterns like this also have the same affect of drawing the eye to the print as opposed to your shape.

$168 at Revolve

Devon Windsor Cassidy One Piece
2. Devon Windsor Cassidy One Piece

This swimsuit is a great way to create an hourglass body shape. Halter tops are instrumental in creating the look of a full bust. If you don’t like loud prints, ruching detail like this is also a great way to draw the eye to another aspect of the swimsuit.

$165 at Revolve

Zimmermann Devi Crochet Bikini
3. Zimmermann Devi Crochet Bikini

String bikinis like this are your best friend when it comes to styling a rectangle body shape. The ruffles and plunging neckline are a really good option if you have a smaller chest, as it helps create more volume in the area whilst drawing attention there too, because embracing your body is the best way to style it!

$280 at Revolve

Norma Kamali Snake Mesh Mio
4. Norma Kamali Snake Mesh Mio

If you aren’t into bikinis, this is the best bathing suit for creating an hourglass shape out of a rectangular body shape. The sheer panels trick the eye into thinking there are curves where there aren’t, and black is always a very flattering color.

$225 at Revolve

Beach Riot Carlie One Piece
5. Beach Riot Carlie One Piece

This one piece is fun and sparkly, and so great for a pool party or beach club. The subtle color-blocking and side tie cut-out detail draw the attention to the waist, giving the illusion of a curvy figure. This paired with the high cut leg elongates the body.

$158 at Revolve

Zimmermann Devi Floral Print Ruffle One-Piece Swimsuit
6. Zimmermann Devi Floral Print Ruffle One-Piece Swimsuit

Unlike styling other body shapes, with styling a rectangle body, the busier it is, the better it’ll look. Not many people can pull off a ruffled one piece like this, but paired with the backless and one-shoulder design details, it’s the perfect fun summer moment.

$430 at Nordstrom

ViX Swimwear Cutout One-Piece Swimsuit
7. ViX Swimwear Cutout One-Piece Swimsuit

The halter neck on this one piece, paired with the ruching around the bust adds volume to that area, while the cut out under the bust keeps the area looking snatched. The high leg swimsuit also ensures the waist is defined and legs are elongated.

$218 at Nordstrom

Norma Kamali Ty Front Bikin
8. Norma Kamali Ty Front Bikin

Styling a rectangle body shape doesn’t mean staying away from color. This stunning lilac two piece from Norma Kamali is great as the thick straps and adjustable top ensure the front won’t look too loose, which can often happen to those with a small chest area. The high-waisted bottoms are also great for creating the illusion of a cinched waist.

$100 at Neiman Marcus

Melissa Obadash St. Tropez Belted One-Piece Swimsuit
9. Melissa Obadash St. Tropez Belted One-Piece Swimsuit

For an easy-to-wear, comfy option, a belted one piece still gives the body some shape, but means you don’t need to deal with ruffles or cut out details, if that’s not your thing. The plunging neckline and low back also means no annoying tanlines!

$269 at Nordstrom

Magda Butrym Ruched halterneck bandeau bikini
10. Magda Butrym Ruched Halterneck Bandeau Bikini

This multiway Magda Butrym string bikini is great for a tanning day as the straps can be tied to be out of the way, but can also be styled to create an interesting neck detail, which will also draw attention away from the chest area. The top can also be tied to accentuate a smaller chest, while the bottoms can be tied to be in a high cut position to elongate the legs.

$400 at Net-A-Porter

Pucci Printed triangle bikini
11. Pucci Printed Triangle Bikini 

Similarly, This Pucci bikini is classic European summer. Again, this is an adjustable bikini which is great if you fluctuate in sizes or if you like minimal tan lines. Bold prints like these also add in a fun, eye-catching aspect to the swimsuit which draws the eye away from any areas you’d rather not highlight. Pair with the matching bottoms for a perfect sunbathing or beach club outfit.

$240 at Net-A-Porter

Good American Sparkle Tiny Ties metallic triangle bikini
12. Good American Sparkle Tiny Ties Metallic Triangle Bikini 

For those who need extended sizes, Good American are experts at providing cute swimwear for all sizes. This bikini ties in a halter, and also ties in the front so will lift and accentuate the chest area, perfect if you have a smaller chest. While the cheeky string bikini bottoms will create a beautiful curvy shape, whilst always being adjustable for the perfect fit.

$59 at Net-A-Porter

We hope this guide to styling swimsuits for a rectangle body shape has helped you find a few options for your next vacation, or If you’re planning ahead for next summer! Remember, good swimwear lasts the test of time so it’s with investing in a few classic pieces rather than a wardrobe of cheap ones. For more swimsuit guides, make sure to check out our other articles below.

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