17 Best Stores Like Mango For Trendy Fashion Pieces

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Doing a wardrobe haul for new fashion pieces? If so, here are the 17 best stores like Mango that you should definitely check out.

Whether you’ve got a vacation booked or need to do an overhaul of your current wardrobe before the seasons change, Mango has hundreds of styles that can make you feel fashionable and confident.

What makes Mango a popular clothing retailer for women and men? Well, it carries the latest trends and has at least ten items for every shopper, no matter what their personal style. 

If you love the trend-forward pieces made with quality materials that are sold at Mango, these 17 stores will surely help you rack up your credit card bill. 

The Best Stores Like Mango

1. Pixie Market

The Best Stores Like Mango: Pixie Market
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Black halter maxi dress from Pixie Market
Get this dress on Pixie Market

Pixie Market is an American brand that specializes in ready-to-wear clothing that’s quirky, chic, and affordable. It really checks all of our boxes. The retailer’s collections are always inspired by the latest fashion trends and there’s extra focus on minimalist power pieces that will stand the test of time.

Fashionistas adore the everyday essentials sold by Pixie Market as they are high-quality and of great value. The online store has an abundance of outerwear, tops, bottoms, dresses of all lengths, jewelry, swimwear, and a sale section that’s to die for – just like Mango.

In addition to knit crop tops and form-fitting tube tops, Pixie Market carries tons of tops and bottoms that are appropriate to wear into the office.

When it comes to price point, dresses and pants cost around $100 to $160, and tops retail for around $50 to $100. Mango’s prices are extremely similar to those of Pixie Market. 

The Best Stores Like Mango: & Other Stories
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The Best Stores Like Mango: Floral mini dress with long sleeves from & Other Stories
Get this dress on & Other Stories

This retailer is a sister brand to the much-loved big box store H&M, which means its style is quite similar. & Other Stories is a wonderful place to shop for hyper-trendy and retro pieces, along with feminine blouses and dresses.

So if you love wearing looks that command the attention of everyone in the room, you’ll most definitely enjoy browsing & Other Stories’ collections. The retailer also has an impressive collection of lingerie and beauty items like makeup, bath and body products, fragrances, tools and brushes, and nail polish.

If you’ve seen a rockin’ outfit worn by a fashion influencer on IG, you might be able to find more details in & Other Stories’ section, “As seen on Instagram”. Be prepared to spend more money at & Other Stories in comparison to H&M as its items are more expensive but still very affordable. 

3. Sezane

The Best Stores Like Mango: Sezane
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Blue denim jumper dress from Sezane
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While Mango was born in Spain, Sezane was born in Paris. This gives both brands a unique flair compared to many American-based brands. Clothing and accessories sold by Sezane tend to be very detailed and of great quality, which means you can feel confident with your online orders.

Its style is feminine and vintage-inspired but it also carries tons of essential items and basics that aren’t over-the-top. If you’re a sucker for floral blouses and polka dot tops with flouncy sleeves, Sezane will quickly become one of your favorite boutiques.

Sezane has several locations all over the world, in Madrid, London, Paris, and New York but it also sells online. Its pricing is very similar to the pricing at Mango and Pixie Market. 

4. Dynamite

The Best Stores Like Mango: Dynamite
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Warm taupe grey bodycon midi dress from Dynamite
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Dynamite is known for carrying very similar trends to Mango and Aritzia at a more affordable price.

Ladies, if you love the clothing sold at Aritzia but can’t stomach the price, always check a Dynamite store or its website. There’s a good chance they have the same style at a fraction of the cost.

Dynamite is a global fashion retailer but it is exceedingly popular in Canada. When shopping online or in-store, expect to find tons of sultry party dresses, bodysuits, bralettes, blazers, crop tops, loungewear, denim, high-waisted pants, and skirts.

There’s plenty of clothing suitable for wearing to the office or school, a night out on the town, or lounging around at home on the weekend. It’s more affordable than Mango and there’s even a sales section for those who love a good bargain. 

5. COS

The Best Stores Like Mango: COS
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Denim dress from COS
Get this dress on COS

This Scandinavian fashion brand is known for its minimalist style, sustainable collections, and wardrobe essentials like cotton t-shirts and knit sweaters. COS also carries tons of elevated and sophisticated fashion styles, for men and women, that can be worn to work.

The clothing retailer prioritizes sustainability, committing to using recycled materials and eco-friendly packaging so you can feel good about shopping at COS. If you’re looking for accessories like scarves, hats, leather goods, sunglasses, bags, socks, underwear, and jewelry, COS has a plethora of fashionable options.

Most clothing items sold by COS range in price from $80 to $300. 

6. Massimo Dutti

The Best Stores Like Mango: Massimo Dutti
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Printed maxi dress with belt from Massimo Dutti
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Like Mango, Massimo Dutti is a Spanish fashion company with stores around the world. The retailer specializes in wool and cashmere products like sweaters, cardigans, and vests. It always has the latest trends for men and women, and plenty of footwear, coats, handbags, dresses of all lengths, and more.

At Massimo Dutti, you’ll find lots of minimalist styles that are made from high-quality, solid-colored fabrics. Because there are few pieces in flashy and bold prints, you can expect to wear your Massimo Dutti pieces for years and years.

The fashion retailer also has a beauty collection filled with fragrances, hand care, and body care. When it comes to price point, Massimo Dutti is slightly more expensive than Mango and many of the other retailers on this list. 

7. H&M

Black long sleeve crop top from H&M
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The Best Stores Like Mango: H&M
Get this dress on H&M

Of all the clothing brands noted on this list, H&M is by far the most affordable. Because of its lower price point, it’s a great place to shop for wardrobe essentials that you need to replace frequently as they become worn or for statement pieces that could go out of style quickly.

There are few things worse than spending hundreds of dollars on a funky dress that ends up only being in style for one season. The Swedish clothing retailer also has collections for men, kids, and babies.

It has also implemented several initiatives to reduce its environmental impact, including an eco-conscious clothing collection that’s made from recycled materials.

Recently, H&M also introduced several home goods stores (the items are also available online). 

8. J.Crew

The Best Stores Like Mango: J.Crew
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White puff sleeve midi dress from J.Crew
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J.Crew creates clothing for young professionals and those who love the sophisticated, preppy vibe. In addition to a women’s collection filled with pull-over sweaters, button-up tops, and knee-length skirts, J.Crew has items for men and children.

The American multi-brand retailer is known for its high-quality offerings, cashmere goods, casual footwear, and swimwear collections for the entire family.

You’ll find several look books on J.Crew’s website that can help spark inspiration or point you in the right direction when it comes to shopping.  

9. Oak + Fort

Brown vegan leather shirt from Oak + Fort
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The Best Stores Like Mango: Oak + Fort
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Fashionistas who prefer solid colors and simple designs often have a wardrobe filled with pieces from Oak + Fort. This Canadian store like Mango provides shoppers with a variety of modern essentials like cardigans, sweaters, pants, loungewear, outerwear, tank tops, long sleeves, and more.

It also has clothing for men so that you and your partner can update your closet at the same time. Because Oak + Fort embraces neutral colors, you can expect to get your money’s worth of whatever you purchase as it won’t go out of style quickly.

The brand recently launched OAK Refined, a line of environmentally conscious loungewear. 

10. Express

Bright orange one-shoulder bodysuit top from Express
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The Best Stores Like Mango: Express
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Express is an American retail store that is very similar in style to Mango. However, it sells its clothing items and accessories for less. The retailer caters mainly to young women and men, seeking a wardrobe filled with business casual clothing and fun pieces that they can wear to parties or events.

At Express, you’ll find many of the latest trends in tops, pants, dresses, outerwear, and more. What sets Express apart from other fashion boutiques is its “Sustainable Jeans” collection, which is incredibly important as the production of denim is very hard on our vulnerable environment.

So if you’re an eco-conscious shopper, be sure to check out the jeans at Express. 


The Best Stores Like Mango: ARKET
Get this shirt on ARKET
Leopard print dress with long sleeves from ARKET
Get this dress on ARKET

Unless you spend hours searching online fashion blogs, you may have never heard of ARKET as it’s not an overly mainstream brand.

ARKET is a one-stop-shop clothing destination for women, men, and children. The modern-day market embraces sustainable fashion, Nordic designs, and responsibly crafted home items. Like COS, its clothing has an androgenous flair and is perfect for anyone who loves boxy blazers and isn’t a fan of form-fitting clothing.

On its website, ladies can browse thousands of essentials created from high-quality and neutral fabrics, including yoga wear, loungewear, t-shirts, blazers, dresses, sweaters, cashmere and wool pieces, nightwear, swimwear, and more. 

12. Frank & Oak

The Best Stores Like Mango: Frank & Oak
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Pastel pink plaid wrap dress from Frank & Oak
Get this dress on Frank & Oak

Yes, you’ve guessed it: Frank & Oak is definitely related to Oak + Fort. While Oak + Fort carries plenty of neutral pieces with simple designs, Frank & Oak is a little more creative and adventurous.

Shoppers will find more brightly colored pieces, printed dresses, and more design selection at Frank & Oak. The retailer prioritizes sustainability, using eco-friendly production methods and recycled fabrics whenever possible.

Like Express, Frank & Oak also has a responsible denim lab that pumps out jeans without making a significant negative impact on the environment. Its pricing is similar to Oak + Fork and a shirt costs around $50. 

13. Eloquii

The Best Stores Like Mango: Eloquii
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Blood orange cutout bodycon dress from Eloquii
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Eloquii is an American fashion brand that prides itself on inclusive sizing, because looking good should never be limited to certain body shapes.

The clothing retailer has tons of plus-sized pieces, including casual, formal, and cocktail dresses, jeans, coats, sweaters, blouses, and more. It also carries a selection of fashion-forward footwear that can complete any outfit. Eloquii has sizes 14 to 28.

14. Revolve

Lilac satin one-shoulder top from Revolve
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The Best Stores Like Mango: Revolve
Get this dress on Revolve

Revolve has quickly become one of the most popular fashion retailers among reality television stars, celebrities, and influencers. It’s near impossible to scroll through your Instagram stories without seeing someone do a “Revolve Haul”.

The American retailer has the most-coveted designer apparel that ranges from affordable to decently expensive. For example, dresses range in price from $60 to $4,000.

On Revolve, you’ll find clothing and accessories from designers such as alo, FAITHFULL THE BRAND, Free People, Frankies Bikinis, MINKPINK, Prada, and thousands more. 

15. The Frankie Shop

The Best Stores Like Mango: Frankie Shop
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Navy blue maxi dress from Frankie Shop
Get this dress on The Frankie Shop

The Frankie Shop has become the mecca of trendy wardrobe staples like wool coats, black pants, cotton tank tops, fashion-forward leggings, faux leather jackets, and more.

If you’re big on the idea of creating a capsule wardrobe, The Frankie Shop has everything you could ever imagine. The Frankie Shop does offer great sales but in terms of price, without discounts, it’s definitely considered luxury. (After all, it’s sold on Net A Porter!)

If price points weren’t a concern, The Frankie Shop would definitely be higher up on this list as the store has very similar offerings to both Zara and Mango.

16. Club Monaco

Black halter bodysuit from Club Monaco
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The Best Stores Like Mango: Club Monaco
Get this dress on Club Monaco

Club Monaco is a favorite among men and women who love the effortless chic look. When shopping online and in-store, you’ll find plenty of clothing items in neutral or pastel shades, basic layering pieces, and wool coats that can be thrown on top of your outfit when it’s chilly out.

To make shopping easier for everyone, Club Monaco sorts it’s pieces into collections like “The Cozy Shop” and “The Wear-to-Work Shop.” In comparison to Mango, Club Monaco is more expensive but we promise, the quality is totally worth it. 

17. Everlane

Blue and white striped cropped shirt from Everlane
Get this top on Everlane
The Best Stores Like Mango: Everlane
Get this dress on Everlane

Everlane is a wonderful boutique for ladies who love wearing dresses and other feminine clothing. It also carries a selection of neutral basics and denim for men and women, making it a popular destination for people who like to do all of their shopping in one place.

Everlane does have several sustainability initiatives and is committed to keeping the earth cool by reducing its carbon emissions. It also has a superb selection of footwear, backpacks, bags, and accessories. It’s quite similar to Mango in terms pricing, however in terms of style, it definitely takes less risks and is less fashion-forward.

We hope you loved our roundup of the best stores like Mango! For more similar articles, make sure to check out the posts below.

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