10 Balmain Collaborations That Are Just Incredible

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If you love the French fashion house, Balmain, here are the top 10 Balmain collaborations you really need to know about!

Balmain is a highlight of Paris Fashion Week each season and is well known for its striking designs and glamorous style that is beloved by celebrities all over the world, including Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Kerry Washington, and Chrissy Teigen.

Balmain’s creative director Olivier Rousteing has brought the luxury brand into the cultural zeitgeist with his Balmain army, irresistible ready-to-wear and accessories collections, and ever-popular designer collaborations.

This list brings together the 10 top Balmain collaborations, with a wide range of fashion, and technology brands as well as celebrities – with lots of pieces we know you are going to love!

10 Balmain Collaborations

1. Balmain x Barbie
Pink Balmain x Barbie sweatshirt
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In 2022, Balmain worked with the toy brand Barbie to create an entirely pink unisex clothing collection.

The Balmain x Barbie collection is made up of trousers, cardigans, t-shirts, skirts, dresses, and accessories all with retro and vintage-inspired silhouettes in different shades of pink.

The pink color scheme screams Barbie while the clothing items themselves are quintessentially Balmain, with voluminous sleeved dresses, and structured, tailoring for jackets and sweaters – as you can see with this Knit Cardigan, embellished with gold Balmain buttons.

2. Balmain x Pokemon
Blue, black, red, and yellow Balmain x Pokemon Print Sweatshirt
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The creative director of Balmain, Rousteing has mixed the motifs of the brand with the images and bright colors of the Pokémon game. Olivier Rousteing discusses how he was inspired by the captivating creatures and rosy vision of Pokémon, and how he wanted the collection to be a ‘reminder of those past moments of hope.’

Like the Barbie x Balmain collection, this Pokémon collection also debuted fairly recently at 2022 Paris Fashion Week in September. The collection at includes t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, sneakers, belts, and bags, all of Pokémon’s bright pops of color. The Balmain labyrinth pattern also features heavily through the collaboration, as you can see in this Pikachu-printed sweatshirt.

3. Balmain x Rossignol
Balmain x Rossignol skiwear
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In 2021, Balmain teamed up with French outdoor brand Rossignol to create a stunning collection of limited-edition ski wear. The collection included multiple monogram-print items ranging from sweaters to ski suits, to leggings and practical beanies.

Even though the collection was a limited-edition one, you can still find a few pieces on Net-A-Porter’s website, as well as FarFetch. If you like any that you see, make sure to get them, as they’re not coming back!

4. Balmain x H&M

The French luxury brand, Balmain, decided to mix high quality with high street in their 2014 collaboration with H&M. This Balmain x H&M collection sold out in a record time due to the powerful, bold, and embellished designs that appealed to young consumers.

The capsule collection, which was modeled by Gigi Hadid and Jourdan Dunn, included highlights from Rousteing’s previous collections with a glamourous, luxe look running through the pieces.

5. Balmain x Victoria’s Secret

Balmain x Victoria’s Secret collaboration debuted at Victoria’s Secret fashion show in 2017, where the models were clad in sexy lingerie all with the signature Balmain twist.

The Victoria’s Secret underwear was embellished with crystals, decorated with sparkling studs and chains, and made from sensual black mesh or dark red tartan, all adding a punk element to the designs.

Many of these designs were seen on the runway, such as the embellished bustier you see above, a piece that was modeled by Jasmine Tookes.

6. Balmain x Beyonce

In 2018, Balmain launched a collaboration with Beyonce based on the Balmain pieces the singer wore during her Coachella performance.

The pieces worn by Beyonce, and subsequently the items within the collection, were based on varsity styles of America’s historically Black colleges – as you can see with the silhouettes of the t-shirts and hoodies, as well as the emblems printed on these pieces.

The Balmain x Beyonce t-shirt shown above features a sorority-inspired motif to represent these Black educational institutions.

7. Balmain x Evian
Balmain x Evian Bottled Water
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One of the more recent collaborations has been between Evian water and Balmain. The partnership was first seen on the Spring/Summer 2023 Balmain runway where the high-fashion brand showed a white dress made entirely of recycled Evian bottles.

Although this dress could not be sold, the two brands decided to create a limited edition glass water bottle with an intricate design printed on the label to make this water bottle a super stylish collector’s item to own.

8. Balmain x Puma
Black and gold Balmain x Puma Deva
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The Balmain x Puma collaboration works with the world-famous model, Cara Delevigne to create a 35-piece collection of boxing-inspired, ultra-fashionable athleisure wear.

The collection includes black and gold beanies, embellished gym bags, shimmering bomber jackets, striped hoodies, and sleek matte black sneakers all emblazoned with the Balmain x Puma logo.

These Deva sneakers are just one piece from the limited edition collection, the story behind which you can read on the Balmain website, and represent the mix between high fashion and sportswear that this collaboration embodies.

9. Balmain x L’Oreal Paris

2017 saw the release of a Balmain x L’Oreal Paris capsule collection, which was made up of 12 shades of Colour Riche Lipstick.

The Parisian-based brands worked together to create a line of lipsticks that were intended to give all women that little bit of extra confidence, while the shades were specifically chosen to suit the full spectrum of skin tones since inclusion is such an important part of the Olivier Rousteing’s Balmain.

The packaging received that Balmain touch so that each lipstick is contained in a stunningly luxe tube and cap, printed with a gold Balmain logo.

10. Balmain x Beats

Beats is one of the biggest headphone brands in the world and collaborated with Balmain in 2017 to create a range of gorgeous headphones so that you can not only hear your music perfectly but also look incredible too!

The collaboration included custom designs of two of Beats’ best-selling headphones, the PowerBeats3 wireless and Beats studio wireless headphones.

The designs are sleek and glamourous, in rich gold and bronze tones that ooze luxury, while each pair of headphones come in a padded, Balmain emblazoned case for that perfect finishing touch. Kylie Jenner, a lover of Balmain fashion, was also chosen as the face of this beautiful collaboration.

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