10 Best Stores Like Verge Girl For Edgy, Flirty Summertime Outfits

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Summer is soon upon us, which means it’s time to stock up on cute summer outfits! Here are the best stores like Verge Girl to get you started.

It’s no secret that Australians have some of the best online fashion boutiques on the international market – and Verge Girl is slowly taking the world by storm.

More popularly known as VRG GRL, this online shop claims that they are “Australia’s coolest online fashion destination.” Their target consumers are teens and young women who love to dress up like their favorite influencers on Instagram, Tiktok, and Pinterest.

One look into VRG GRL’s online catalogue and you’ll see that they are loaded up with the latest fashion trends and styles, as well as quirky patterns and designs if you’re looking to make a statement. They have clothes ranging from party dresses, formal outfits, work sets, and casual tops.

Whether you’re going for edgy or flirty, VRG GRL has an outfit just for you. However, their sizing is not really that inclusive – most of their clothes only come in four sizes: XS to L.

If you’re looking for other clothing brands or stores similar to VRG GRL’s aesthetic, you’ve come to the right place! Below, we compiled a list of the best stores like Verge Girl that you should totally check out.

10 Best Stores Like Verge Girl

1. Glassons

10 Best Stores Like Verge Girl: Flora mini dress from Glassons
Get this dress on Glassons

Like Verge Girl, Glassons is a fashion retailer based in New Zealand and Australia. With hundreds of new styles added weekly, you’ll always find the latest and hottest trends at just the click of a button.

Glassons has an incredible selection of dresses for every occasion and corset tops that are perfect for summer as well. Their dresses and tops are quite similar to that of VRG GRL.

If you’re into sustainable fashion, then you’re in luck! The brand’s sustainable initiatives set it apart from many other fast-fashion labels, which is perfect if you’re also conscious about the environment and you want to make an ethical purchase.

2. Beginning Boutique

10 Best Stores Like Verge Girl: Newspaper graphic bodycon dress from Beginning Boutique
Get this dress at Beginning Boutique

Beginning Boutique is another of Australia’s trendiest fashion boutiques, and they carry literally everything: from day looks to festival-friendly pieces. They also specialize in cute party wear in various styles, swimwear, chic denim shorts, and more. We are especially in love with their casual summer dresses!

While their clothes have reasonable prices, they also offer 10% student discount codes, which is perfect if you’re looking to create a whole new look for your next college party.

3. Princess Polly

10 Best Stores Like Verge Girl: Purple wide-leg pants from Princess Polly
Get these jeans on Princess Polly

We are obsessed with Princess Polly – not only is this Australian online shop loaded with trendy pieces, but they’re also very size-inclusive, which gives ladies of all shapes and sizes the opportunity to dress up like their favorite fashion influencers.

It’s a similar site to VRG GRL – they offer everything ranging from chic contemporary looks, skimpy party outfits, retro-style clothing sets, street style outfits, and even modest fashion.

This online women’s store also offers free shipping for orders over $50, as well as student discounts so you can purchase cute clothes at affordable prices.

4. Pretty Little Thing

10 Best Stores Like Verge Girl: Sexy mesh bodycon dress from Pretty Little Thing
Get this outfit on Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing is an incredibly popular UK-based online fashion boutique that boasts a wide variety of dresses, tops, skirts, shoes, and accessories. They add hundreds of new styles to their website on a daily basis, and they specialize in clubwear and festival wear, as well as other feminine clothes.

The online fashion brand also has a specially curated collection for plus-sized women, petite women, and other shapes and sizes. They’re super-inclusive, making them one of the best trendy fashion brands to check out this summer.

The website is often running 40 to 60% off of on certain collections, which means you’ll be able to get enough affordable pieces to make an entirely new wardrobe!

5. Missguided

10 Best Stores Like Verge Girl: Porcelain blue waistcoat top from Missguided
Get this outfit on Missguided

Like PLT, Missguided is another UK-based fast-fashion online store that carries affordable versions of the latest trends in clothing, swimwear, footwear, and accessories. If you like following your favorite influencers’ styles, you might want to check out Missguided since it often does collaborations with them.

Its price points are fairly affordable, and Missguided is often running huge sitewide discounts. Right now, they’re offering a huge 70% off everything sale, so if you’re looking for the perfect dress to wear this summer, better head over to their website right now!

6. Sabo Skirt

10 Best Stores Like Verge Girl: Beige tank and pants outfit set from Sabo Skirt
Get this set on Sabo Skirt

There’s a special place in our hearts for Sabo Skirt. This label is one of the best Australian online boutiques to find dainty tops, beachy blouses, and flowy dresses with a romantic Mediterranean flair.

Sabo Skirt is also committed to sustainability, with over 70% of its designs being made with natural fiber blends, and over 50% of its designs are made with 100% natural fibers, which means the quality of the clothes is top tier.

Not only do they carry carefully-curated clothing, but they also have a wide array of chic playsuits that you can wear from beach to bar.

7. Stelly

10 Best Stores Like Verge Girl: Sage green floral puff-sleeve crop top from Stelly
Get this top on Stelly

Like many other stores in this list, Stelly is another Australian-born online fashion boutique and is a popular shopping destination for those who are in search of a chic dress or a cute top that oozes femininity.

Stelly also has a pretty affordable price point. Be sure to check out their sale section, as they’re often running 60% off discounts on cute clothes and dresses that you can totally wear this summer.

8. Urban Outfitters

10 Best Stores Like Verge Girl: Black leather halter top from Urban Outfitters
Get this leather halter top on Urban Outfitters

If you love edgy streetwear and hip styles, then you’re likely already familiar with Urban Outfitters. The American retailer has storefronts all over the country and the world too, so this is a fashion movement that’s well-loved by many.

The lifestyle brand has collections for men and women, along with a super fun home collection filled with art prints, kitchen gadgets, tapestries, bathroom mats, and more, which makes this a one-stop-shop for everything you need.

Urban Outfitters is not considered fast-fashion like the other stores here, which means some of their pieces may be quite expensive.

9. Garage Clothing

10 Best Stores Like Verge Girl: Green cropped tank top and olive green denim mini skirt from Garage Clothing
Get this tank on Garage Clothing

Street style is all the rage for summer, and if you’re planning to join the trend, then Garage Clothing is a great place to start. This fashion store, like Verge Girl, sells cute tank tops, retro-inspired pieces, lots and lots of denim, cargo pants, and many choices of accessories that will help elevate your outfit.

Garage Clothing offers free shipping to orders over $50!

10. Bershka (On ASOS)

10 Best Stores Like Verge Girl: Green cargo pants from Bershka
Get these cargo pants on ASOS

Bershka is a Spanish fashion brand that is incredibly trendy and a hit among young adults. Bershka offers feminine clothing, high-quality denim, cute party wear, colorful printed pieces as well as minimalistic outfits, and a whole lot more.

Bershka offers clothing for both men and women. They have lots of storefronts all over the world, so better check out the store nearest you.

(Bonus) ASTR The Label

Tropical printed graphic button-down shirt from ASTR The Label
Get this shirt on ASTR The Label

We love ASTR The Label too much not to include it on this list – this online store is well known for its contemporary clothing with lots of modern styles, as well as beautiful floral pieces that you can wear to the beach or out shopping – perfect for a sunny day out!

And there you have it! The best stores like Verge Girl that are totally worth checking out. We hope you found this list helpful! If you’re still looking for more fashion inspiration, check the posts down below.

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