The 12 Best Cherry Perfumes That Smell Delicious

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Cherry perfumes can make a fun and fresh addition to anyone’s fragrance wardrobe. If you’re looking to add a cherry scent to your life, but aren’t sure which one to choose, we’re here to help. Read on for our list of the 12 best cherry perfumes.

Cherry perfumes can be slightly polarizing. A sweet and fruity scent can lean a little immature, and many fragrance lovers judge cherry notes before they get to know them. But there is a whole host of fabulous perfumes out there with delicious notes of cherry.

In fact, a lot of hugely popular and best-selling fragrances incorporate cherry notes to varying degrees. While you can find perfumes that are true cherry scents, notes of cherry can also be incorporated in a much more subtle and sophisticated way, too.

The inclusion of sweet fruit notes in a perfume can make it feel more accessible and nostalgic. But by mixing cherry with floral notes or deeper accords like bitter almond, you may surprise yourself by finding your best cherry-scented perfume.

The inclusion of sweet fruit notes in a perfume can make it feel more accessible and nostalgic. But by mixing cherry with floral notes or deeper accords like bitter almond, you may surprise yourself by finding your best cherry-scented perfume.

Tom Ford Lost Cherry perfume
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Obviously, many of the greatest cherry-scented fragrances have prominent sweet fruit notes. But for those who are apprehensive about wearing fruity notes, don’t fear. Many of the best cherry fragrances aren’t obviously sweet and gourmand scents.

For those who are interested in exploring the world of sweet cherry scents, you can find a way in by looking for more grounding base notes. Combining notes of cherry with accords like bitter almond, Turkish rose, or white musk can help you find your perfect choice.

If you’re looking to expand your fragrance collection, a cherry perfume can be a great addition. But for those who are a little bit skeptical of sweet cherry, we’re here to help. Our list of the 12 best cherry fragrances includes a perfume to suit every taste! So whether you’re a cherry perfume aficionado, or you just want to dip your toe into the cherry world, our round-up is here to help.

12 Best Cherry Perfumes

1. Tom Ford Lost Cherry
Tom Ford Lost Cherry perfume
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Tom Ford’s fragrances are some of the most beloved by perfume fans. So when Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry was launched in 2018, it encouraged some fragrance lovers to dabble in the world of cherry for the first time.

As you’d expect from a Tom Ford fragrance, Lost Cherry is a deep and decadent take on a cherry scent. The scent opens with a heady mix of top notes, including bitter almond and cherry liqueur, alongside a fruity burst of wild cherry.

Once the fragrance warms up to the skin, the scent’s heart notes of Turkish rose and jasmine sambac come to the fore – balanced, once more, with yummy notes of sour cherry and juicy plum. As the perfume progresses, the deeper base notes also come into play.

You’ll notice woody base notes of Peru balsam, benzoin, and sandalwood, plus some green herbaceousness from patchouli and vetiver. Lost Cherry does maintain a gourmand scent throughout, though, with sweet base notes of vanilla, tonka bean, and even spicy cinnamon.

2. Kayali Lovefest Burning Cherry
Kayali Lovefest Burning Cherry perfume
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Kayali Lovefest Burning Cherry is perhaps the most vibrantly cherry-based scent on our list. But it balances these juicy black cherry notes with a warming smokiness, meaning the sweet fragrance is delicious, but never sickly.

The stunning deep red bottle opens with those classic juicy notes of plump fruit. Burning Cherry spritzes on with a burst of cherry and raspberry with a refreshing citrusy tang, courtesy of bergamot.

But these fruity head notes are perfectly balanced by the floral heart notes of Bulgarian rose and jasmine. You may also notice some gourmand sweetness in the form of praline. Heady heliotrope also adds an interesting element to this gorgeous fragrance.

At the base of Burning Cherry is an accord of sweetness and deep woody-musky notes. The dark-vanilla-like sweetness of tonka beans blends delightfully with guaiac wood and palo santo for a firey, smokey finish. The balance between mouthwatering cherry and enchanting notes of woodsmoke makes this one of the greatest cherry-scented fragrance options.

3. Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire
Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire perfume
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Guerlain’s La Petite Robe Noire is a surprisingly great deal from a designer brand. The cute antique-inspired pink and black bottle combined with the fragrance’s fun name makes this a great versatile cherry option for everyday wear.

On first impression, La Petite Robe Noire is a bouquet of tasty red berries and bergamot. The opening note of nutty almonds rounds out the sweetness and adds rich depth. And, of course, there’s a prominent sour cherry note, too.

The middle notes of this fragrance are where things get a little more exciting. The inclusion of herbaceous licorice and tea notes makes this a rather different fragrance than the initial cherries and pink berries may suggest. There’s also a sensual rose note to enjoy.

At the heart of the scent are notes of sweet vanilla, balanced with green florals like patchouli and iris. You may also catch a whiff of spice thanks to notes of anise and tonka bean for a more comforting finish.

4. BDK Rouge Smoking
BDK Rouge Smoking perfume
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BDK Rouge Smoking is an amber fragrance that uses notes of cherry to add some vibrancy and excitement. It’s a slightly more sweet and powdery take on the cherry fragrance trend, with vanilla as the scent’s main star. This note combination makes Rouge Smoking the ideal aroma for a cherry-based autumn perfume.

Rouge Smoking opens with a tasty burst of cherry, in combination with the refreshing brightness of bergamot and pink pepper. As the hours of wear progress, the scent warms up on the skin, and heart notes of black vanilla, orange blossom, and heliotrope come to the fore.

The base notes of Rouge Smoking add some rich depths to the scent. Woody undertones of cashmere blend with beautiful floral accords of violet and labdanum. There’s some cozy warmth courtesy of white musk and ambroxan. But the perfume also maintains some gourmand sweetness with final notes of tonka beans.

5. Mancera Tonka Cola
Mancera Tonka Cola perfume
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Mancera Paris Tonka Cola is a truly delicious fragrance. It’s a little warmer and spicier than other cherry scents on our list. While the cherry note is prominent here, as the name suggests, the perfume is primarily an accord of tonka bean and the unexpected delight of coca cola.

Tonka Cola opens with the sweet scent of cherry, alongside fresh notes of Sicilian lemon and warm spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. But what really makes this fragrance stand out is its heart notes. There’s patchouli and orange blossom, plus, of course, the candy-like sweetness of cola.

The fragrance continues to dry down, and the deeper, warmer base notes of vanilla, benzoin, and tonka bean come out to play. But that truly unique cola and cherry aroma continues to bloom and offers a fun, playful element to this sensual fragrance. After all, who doesn’t love an ice-cold cherry Coke on a warm day?

6. Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl Glam
Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl Glam perfume
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Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl Glam is the cherry offering from the gorgeous Very Good Girl range by Carolina Herrera. It really stands out on any fragrance lover’s dressing table thanks to the iconic stiletto heel bottle. The fragrance is fairly minimal in terms of notes, yet offers surprising depth and complexity during its wear time.

The perfume is an intoxicating blend of fruity cherry and delicate rose, making it the perfect mix of floral and fruity. It opens with head notes of sour cherry and bitter almond. The slightly sour, bitter elements add complexity to an otherwise rather candy-like gleam.

Very Good Girl Glam progresses through its wear time into a more floral accord. It has rose, lily of the valley, and delicate freesia at its heart. Delicious bourbon vanilla and a touch of vetiver round out the base notes of the fragrance to add depth. It’s a relatively simple combination of notes but offers a surprisingly complex yet wearable scent.

7. Tom Ford Cherry Smoke
Tom Ford Cherry Smoke perfume
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Following the success of Lost Cherry, Tom Ford’s Cherry Smoke was a much-anticipated follow-up, launched in 2022. It was designed to build on the prominent cherry theme while adding a fun, smoky element. The added depth the woody smoke accord offers makes this fragrance a perfect cherry perfume for evening wear.

Cherry Smoke combines the opening hit of sour cherry with saffron, which adds a feeling of decadence and luxury to the perfume right from the jump. After this initial sweet and fruity burst, though, the fragrance has an unexpectedly masculine combination of heart notes.

The scent develops into an accord of leather, Chinese osmanthus, and olive, which gives it complexity and sophistication. Apricot is also added to the mix to maintain a hint of that gourmand sweetness. As the perfume continues to develop, you’ll notice the smoky edge becoming more prominent.

Base notes of woodiness and cypriol oil combine with this smokiness to give a real impression of sitting around a campfire. But never fear – that mouthwatering sour cherry note is never too far away, either.

8. Jimmy Choo I Want Choo Forever
Jimmy Choo I Want Choo Forever perfume
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Jimmy Choo I Want Choo Forever is the perfect cherry perfume for any gourmand lover. Aside from the cherry notes you’d expect, the scent offers a hefty hit of vanilla notes for a fragrance that feels good enough to eat.

Unlike some of the other offerings on our list, I Want Choo Forever doesn’t open in a cloud of cherries. Instead, the main note you’ll decipher upon the first whiff is rose and almond. It’s sweet and enticing, but not quite fruity ,,, yet.

After the scent’s initial spritz, the cherry note comes to the fore. The prominent heart note of the fragrance is this cherry bouquet, with welcome backing performers of vetiver and jasmine. There’s also a notable whiff of amber that grows more powerful over the course of the perfume’s wear time and offers something rather unique.

At the fragrance’s base are the classic combination of vanilla and tonka bean. But just in case you were concerned about the scent becoming basic, it offers another unexpected twist in the form of herbaceous oak moss. Don’t be fooled by the sweetness – this perfume has a lot going on just beneath the surface.

9. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Intense
Victoria's Secret Bombshell intense perfume
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A distinct departure from many of our other cherry options is Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Intense. This is a Chypre scent, meaning it centers on citrus, labdanum, and oakmoss notes. But this surprisingly fresh and masculine structure also manages to include a sweet and sensual hit of both vanilla and, of course, cherry.

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Intense opens with that distinctive cherry hit we’ve come to know and love. It’s sweet, juicy, and fresh, like a delicious cocktail on a sunny day. This cherry note plays beautifully with the red peony at the perfume’s heart. This adds an almost tropical vibe to the fragrance.

At the base of the fragrance is a rich and creamy vanilla. Let’s face it, cherry and vanilla are a classic combination for a reason – and this perfume proves it. The vanilla warms up the wearing experience and adds a sexy vibe to the scent which develops over time. It’s a really fun take on the cherry perfume concept and is pretty much impossible to dislike.

10. Kilian Back To Black Aphrodisiac
Kilian Back To Black perfume
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Kilian fragrances are renowned for combining complexity and artistry with a healthy dose of good fun. And By Kilian Back To Black Aphrodisiac is a perfect example of the perfume house’s modus operandi. It’s luxurious and sensual, but the inclusion of more light-hearted notes like cherry keeps things from feeling too heavy and serious.

Back To Black Aphrodisiac opens with an intense burst of sweetness. White honey does a lot of the heavy lifting here, but fruity notes of raspberry, mandarin orange, and, of course, cherry offer some brightness and vibrancy. The gourmand theme continues with notes of gingerbread, almond, and vanilla bringing some almost powdery sweetness.

The syrupy texture of honey continues through the perfume’s dry down, but it’s grounded by some warm, woody, and spicy notes. Dry tobacco, nutmeg, and benzoin settle the fragrance and add an extra element of interest.

As you continue to wear this truly magical scent, you may even be able to pick up on other unexpected notes. The soft floral of chamomile is evident on the dry down, as is the green spiciness of coriander. But Back To Black Aphrodisiac manages to also stay true to its sweet, cherry roots, too.

11. Guerlain Cherry Oud

Guerlain’s Cherry Oud offers a slightly more woody and leathery take on cherry perfume. As the name suggests, it combines the fruity brightness of cherry with Guelain’s signature Oud for woody depth. This fragrance offers the best of both worlds for those who enjoy both fruity and wood-based scents.

Cherry Oud opens with a heady burst of fruit. Cherry is the standout performer, but there’s a backing band of other yummy fruity accords. This fruity beginning develops as wear time goes on into a comforting yet bright rosy heart. There’s a complex combination of both Turkish and Bulgarian rose notes which keeps things interesting.

At the base of Cherry Oud is, as you may expect, a dominant Oud note. This adds a more spicy and sensual feel to an otherwise rather cozy and sweet fragrance experience. Leather also helps give the perfume some extra edge, balancing out the girliness of the cherry and rose notes.

12. Tom Ford Electric Cherry
Tom Ford Electric Cherry perfume
Get this perfume at Neiman Marcus

Tom Ford Electric Cherry is the latest addition to the brand’s beloved cherry line. It was launched earlier this year and promises to be a brighter, more vibrant take on the cherry notes of the brand’s previous offerings.

The perfume initially delivers notes of our old friend, cherry, combined with a fun, spicy twist of ginger. As the scent develops, white florals like jasmine begin to blossom on the skin.

Surprisingly, the most prominent notes of Tom Ford’s Electric Cherry come from its base. As your wear time of this fragrance continues, you’ll notice an ambrettolide accord coming to the fore. This musky layer contrasts some funk with the sweet florals of the perfume’s head and heart.

Electric Cherry also uses pink pepper (typically employed as a fragrance opener) as a base note. This adds spice and a little savoriness that balances the cherry scent perfectly. For those who want to try a cherry fragrance that isn’t too sweet or gourmand, this perfume might be the ideal way to go.

We hope you enjoyed our round-up of the 12 best cherry perfumes. Whether you’re looking for a sweet, smoky, woody, or floral scent, there’s a cherry-based option for you. The cherry fragrance family is far more expansive than many give it credit for. There’s a cherry scent to suit everyone!

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