15 Best Creed Perfumes That Are Worth Splurging On

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Creed is known for launching perfumes with price tags so high it can make your eyes water, but their quality, sillage, and ingredients are unmatched. If you are looking for a new fragrance to add to your scent wardrobe, check out our list of the best Creed perfumes for women.

Creed is a high-end French perfume house founded in 1760 by James Henry Creed, which makes it one of the oldest perfume houses in existence. The company has a fascinating history of tending to multiple European royal courts, from King George III and Queen Victoria of England, to emperor and empress Napoleon III and Eugenie of France.

To this day, Creed is the only remaining family-owned dynastic perfume houses that creates its fragrances in-house, by members of the Creed family. The company has been passed down from father to son for generations, and currently, son and father duo Olivier Creed and Erwin Creed are the noses behind new perfume releases.

Olivier Creed has also been credited with the mainstream breakthrough success of this niche French perfume house; Creed is currently stocked at premium retailers across the world and has its own boutiques in Paris, London, New York, Sydney, Dubai, Vienna, Mexico City, Milan and Kuwait.

Best Creed perfumes for her

Creed only uses top-quality ingredients, so you can be sure that their scents will last and smell great on your skin. They also offer some really unique and interesting scents that you won’t find anywhere else.

Despite being one of the oldest fragrance houses in existence, Creed still manages to create some really unique scents that you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re looking for something new or just want to rekindle a love affair with perfume then check out these 15 best Creed fragrances for women.

The Best Creed Perfumes For Women

1. Creed Wind Flowers Eau De Parfum

The Best Creed Perfumes For Her: Creed Wind Flowers Eau De Parfum
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Creed Wind Flowers is the perfect scent for a day in the sun, whether you’re out on the water or just taking a stroll. It’s a light, floral fragrance that’s reminiscent of springtime and summertime alike, ideal for a day out on the water or just taking in some fresh air.

Wind Flowers opens with top notes of jasmine, peach and orange blossom; the middle notes are jasmine sambac, rose and tuberose; and finally, the base notes are musk, praline, orange blossom absolute, iris root absolute, sandalwood oil and oakmoss absolute.

The sillage of this perfume is excellent without being overpowering, and thus it’s great for any occasion, both casual and formal.

A bottle of this best-selling Creed perfume for women can be yours for only $405.

2. Creed Aventus For Her

The Best Creed Perfumes For Her: Creed Aventus For Her
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If you’re looking for a fruity chypre fragrance that can serve as both a unisex and feminine scent, Creed Aventus For Her is an excellent choice on this list. It’s the “for her” version of the iconic, classic Creed Aventus Cologne.

This is a fun, fresh fragrance that combines top notes of green apple, bergamot, pink pepper, patchouli, and violet with middle notes of musk, rose, and sandalwood, as well as base notes of black currant, Peach, amber, and lilac to balance out all of those bright notes.

The result is a unique floral-fruity smell that has an air of sophistication to it — the kind of scent you’d expect from someone who’s more into art than sports.

The bottle itself comes in at around $405 for a 2.5oz bottle.

3. Creed Spring Flower Fragrance

The Best Creed Perfumes For Her: Creed Spring Flower Fragrance
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Spring Flower, originally created in the mid-80s, is one of Creed’s older floral fragrances for women with fresh fruity notes.

The Spring Flower has an intriguing history: it was created as a signature scent for the film legend, fashion icon and renowned humanitarian Audrey Hepburn, who wore the perfume until her passing in 1993. However, it wasn’t publically available until 1996, a few years after her passing.

This fragrance has been described as having an innocent yet sensual aroma that would appeal to anyone who likes sweet scents with fruity undertones. The perfume isn’t too overpowering or heavy on your nose but still manages to linger around long enough so that you’ll remember it later on down the road when you least expect it!

The top notes include apple, melon and peach; followed by heart notes of jasmine and rose; with base notes of musk and ambergris.

This 2.5 oz bottle retails for $390.

4. Creed Love In White

The Best Creed Perfumes For Her: Creed Love In White
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Love in White is a fragrance that offers the perfect balance of elegance, femininity and freshness. It is a sophisticated oriental-floral scent with top notes of orange peel, magnolia, narcissus and rice. The heart notes are composed of jasmine, iris and rose, while the base notes include ambergris, sandalwood and vanilla.

This floral and fruity scent was inspired by Oliver and Erwin Creed’s love for sailing, and it symbolizes the brilliant sensation of freedom with the feeling of marine harmony. It brings together the best ingredients from five continents around the world.

Fun fact: This perfume is former First Lady Michelle Obama’s go-to scent! If you want to smell like one of the most iconic women in recent history, you’re in luck: A 1oz bottle of this Creed perfume can be yours for $240.

5. Creed Royal Oud Fragrance

The Best Creed Perfumes For Her: Creed Royal Oud Fragrance
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Royal Oud is a unisex fragrance that is suitable for women and men alike. As you may have guessed, the Royal Oud takes inspiration from the Middle East, specifically the architecture of Persian royal palaces.

This bold fragrance is made up of top notes of pink pepper, lemon and Sicilian bergamot; middle notes of cedar, angelica and galbanum; base notes of sandalwood, oud and Tonkin musk – perfect for anyone looking to make a statement.

Use this woody perfume to tie your occasionwear look together, or spritz it on during the fall and winter seasons as a daytime perfume.

An 8.4oz bottle of this perfume comes with a whopping price tag of $905.

6. Creed Jasmine Imperatrice Eugenie

The Best Creed Perfumes For Her: Creed Jasmine Imperatrice Eugenie
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Jasmin Imperatrice Eugenie is a floral woody musk fragrance for women with a fascinating history.

This delicate yet strong scent was originally commissioned by Emperor Napoleon III of France for his wife Eugenie, who desired a perfume with an oriental character. Not only did the house of Creed oblige, they permanently relocated from London to Paris to serve Empress Eugenie’s daily needs.

Even though the scent was created in 1862, it wasn’t made public until much later, in 1989, giving the public the opportunity to smell as regal as the former French royals.

This historic scent opens with bergamot, which evolves into Italian jasmine, ambergris, and Bulgarian rose. The base notes are sandalwood and vanille—a combination that gives it depth and warmth.

An 8.4oz bottle of this perfume retails for around $690.

7. Creed Love In Black

The Best Creed Perfumes For Her: Creed Love In Black
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The former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was a woman of grace and poise, but also of substance. She was elegant and refined with an aura of mystery – and we think she would have loved Love In Black; after all, this fragrance was inspired by her!

This powdery violet scent captures the spirit of her life: elegant yet unpretentious, refined yet playful. It is created with ingredients from places that Mrs. Onassis loved and had previously visited, and features top notes of Italian violet and Virginia cedar; middle notes of iris, musk and cloves; base notes are black currant and Bulgarian rose.

This alluring perfume is suitable for winter or fall use either as a daytime or evening fragrance. With a $240 price tag for a 2.5 oz bottle, this fragrance is easily one of the most affordable ones on this list.

8. Creed Pure White Cologne

Creed Pure White Cologne
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Creed Pure White Cologne is a fragrance for women who want to smell like a citrus orchard. This fresh, crisp scent is perfect for spring and summer, or anytime you want to smell fresh and clean. This is also perfectly unisex and would suit someone who doesn’t want to be loud and obnoxious with their scent—a true mark of elegance and class.

It opens with a burst of freshness, with top notes of grapefruit, lemon and Sicilian bergamot, followed by middle notes of pear, neroli and galbanum. Base notes of rice, white musk, powdery notes and ambergris tie the perfume together and give more depth. It’s not overpowering at all—it’s just right.

Perfect as a spring and summer scent, especially for day wear (especially if you’re going to be working out).

This perfume comes with a $955 price tag for an 8.4 oz bottle.

9. Creed Acqua Fiorentina Fragrance

Creed Acqua Fiorentina Fragrance
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In the 15th century, Florence was home to one of the most vibrant periods of art and culture. Inspired by this, Olivier and Edwin Creed created the Aqua Fiorentina fragrance – perfect for the modern woman who is looking for a youthful, fresh scent that is reminiscent of the budding Italian countryside.

Launched in 2009, this floral fruity fragrance is light and airy with soft aquatic notes that are perfect for everyday wear. The top notes are apple and plum; middle notes include bergamot, Sicilian bergamot, lemon, pear and rose; and base notes include white grapefruit, Virginia cedarwood and sandalwood.

This fragrance is perfect for any occasion: work, play or holiday! This scent starts at $240 for a 1 oz bottle.

10. Creed Virgin Island Water Fragrance

Creed Virgin Island Water Fragrance
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If you’ve ever had a Jamaican Coconut Water & White Rum Cocktail, that’s exactly what Virgin Island Water smells like, albeit more sophisticated. It’s an ideal choice for summer, as it has notes of coconut and rum that evoke hot days at the beach.

The complex fragrance also contains ginger, hibiscus, Indian jasmine and ylang-ylang—floral scents that are often associated with tropical destinations.

Virgin Island Water was inspired by a sailing trip near Ginger Island in the Caribbean. The result was this bright, tropical scent that will make you feel like you’re sitting on your own private beach while sipping a cooling cocktail.

11. Creed Royal Princess Oud Fragrance

The Best Creed Perfumes For Her: Creed Royal Princess Oud Fragrance
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Creed Royal Princess Oud is a fragrance for the woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to get it. This fragrance features a bouquet of powdery, woody scents that are perfect for any day of the week—or any time of year! It’s not too light for spring or fall, but it also won’t make you feel overwhelmed in the heat of the summer.

Royal Princess Oud opens with top notes of bergamot and violet; middle notes of patchouli (which gives off a musky aroma), Tuscan iris (which smells like honey), jasmine and vanilla absolute; base notes are agarwood (or oud) sandalwood (smelling like cedar), siam benzoin (which smells like cinnamon) and styrax resinoid.

And if you want to feel (and smell) like a royal princess, it’s very much possible with this unique composition of feminine notes.

12. Creed Les Royales Exclusives Sublime Vanille Fragrance

The Best Creed Perfumes For Her: Creed Les Royales Exclusives Sublime Vanille Fragrance
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Known as one of the world’s most beloved and enduring ingredients, vanilla is the star of Sublime Vanille. This fragrance is a tribute to the beautiful scent that has been enjoyed by humans for centuries.

The top notes are bourbon vanilla and vanilla orchid, which are both scents that evoke images of fresh-baked cookies. The middle notes include tonka bean – a warm and earthy scent that creates a soft foundation for the fragrance. The base note of lemon, bergamot, and musk adds some brightness to this rich scent.

Created in 2009, this amber vanilla fragrance is suitable for any season or occasion. It’s intended to be worn as a daytime scent, and it can be enjoyed all year long without overwhelming those around you with its intensity.

A bottle of this elegant and delicious perfume starts at $560 for a 2.5 oz bottle.

13. Creed Les Royales Exclusives Jardin d’Amalfi Fragrance

Creed Les Royales Exclusives Jardin d’Amalfi Fragrance
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Spring is in the air, perfectly embodied in Les Royales Exclusives Jardin d’Amalfi perfume. This fragrance is designed to smell light and fresh, so you can wear it on hot days or when you’re going out for a casual dinner. But don’t let its simplicity fool you: it’s still got enough depth to make you feel like you’re wearing something luxurious.

The top notes are tangerine, neroli, bergamot and pink pepper; middle notes are Bulgarian rose, apple and Virginia cedar; base notes are white musk, Haitian vetiver and cinnamon. Much like its name would suggest, the perfume smells like a garden along the Amalfi Coast—fresh and clean but also earthy and natural.

With a price tag of $1,025 for a 8.4 oz bottle, this perfume is definitely the priciest one on this list.

14. Creed Fleurissimo

Creed Fleurissimo Perfume
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You may not be able to buy your partner her own private island or a castle, but you can still give her a fragrance that smells like she’s royalty.

Creed Fleurissimo was launched in 1956 and is among the oldest fragrances on this list. Much like other women’s heritage perfumes by Creed, the Fleurissimo has an intriguing backstory; it was originally commissioned specifically for Grace Kelly’s wedding day to Prince Ranier III of Monaco.

This floral scent is reminiscent of a fresh wedding bouquet and features top notes of bergamot, middle notes of tuberose, violet, iris and Bulgarian rose, with base notes of ambergris.

This perfume starts at $390 for a 2.5oz bottle.

15. Creed Tubereuse Indiana Fragrance

Creed Tubereuse Indiana Fragrance
Get this perfume on Nordstrom

The epitome of springtime, Tubereuse Indiana is a rich floral fragrance that will make you feel like you’ve just been kissed by the sun.

A bouquet of Indian tuberose, bergamot, ambergris and vanilla create an enchanting floral scent that is perfect for any season and occasion. It’s also the perfect signature scent for women who are looking for an exotic and warm fragrance, that is equal parts floral.

Whether you want to wear this fragrance at work or play, you can rest assured knowing that no matter where your day takes you, it will always be filled with a little more magic than usual.

An 8.4 ozbottle of this perfume retails for $690.


Creed is a luxury perfume house that has been around since 1760, starting off as a brand that catered to royal courts of Europe, and gradually opening its catalog to the average person more recently.

Creed has created some absolutely incredible long-lasting fragrances over the years, and they’re still going strong today. Both women’s and men’s Creed perfumes are expensive, but the price tag reflects the quality of these remarkable products.

When you buy one of these high-end fragrances you can rest assured that you’ll be getting top-quality ingredients and oils mixed in with your perfume.

So there you have it; whether you’re looking for a classic scent or want something new, we hope this list of the best Creed perfumes for women has given you some ideas on how to find the perfect scent for yourself.

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The best Creed perfumes for women on the market

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