Aura Nails Are The Prettiest Summer Trend – Here Are 25 Designs To Try

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Aura nails continue to be one of the most popular nail trends, seen on countless celebrities and influencers, so here are 25 aura nails to recreate when you next have your nails done!

Aura nails first became a trend, often spotted on TikTok, in 2023 and has remained as one of the top nail designs ever since! This trend starts with one color in the center of the nail, which then fades out towards the edges of the nail, or can even fade into another color – you can play around with the colors to really make this design your own and pair it with other nail art designs for a totally unique look.

Celebrities such as Dua Lipa, Vanessa Hudgens, and Lizzo have already been spotted sporting this manicure, so why not join them? Screenshot your favorites to show to your manicurist next time you go to get your nails done.

25 Pretty Aura Nail Designs

1. Sunset shades

We love the sunset shades within these gorgeous aura nails – perfect for the summer months! Blend together pink, pale orange, and white shades together, creating subtly different designs for each nail for a striking look.

2. Silver stars

Add a simple silver star over the top of your aura nails for a glamorous finish. Each of these aura nails has a different color in the center, then they fade into a sheer, white shade. The silver stars bring more sparkle to the design.

3. Tonal pink

These tonal pink nails are almost a reverse aura design which is so unique! The nails start with a pale pink shade in the center, then transition to a darker pink shade at the outer edges – just incredible!

4. Aura + French tips

The combination of aura nails and French tips is just stunning, while the added rhinestone brings more bling to these irresistible nails! The nails have a pale pink aura design, finished with a lime green French tip and a couple of dainty rhinestones.

5. Daisy designs

This daisy nail design is perfect for the spring months! Start with a pale green aura nail base then add white daisies, with little yellow centers, in a different place on each nail for spring, floral touch.

6. Lilac + Orange

Orange and lilac is an unexpected color combination that actually looks amazing and is a great way to bring a pop of color to summer looks. The nails each have an orange center which fades into lilac at the outer edge of the nail to create an eye-catching look.

7. Aura Florals

How can you resist recreating this incredible manicure?! The design pairs aura nails with floral and French tips for a unique look. With a buttery yellow and pink color palette, there are a couple of aura nails, aura-inspired French tips, and a bold floral design on the middle finger.

8. Adorable hearts

Save this cute heart design for Valentine’s Day! The nails have a pink aura base, with a darker pink in the center and a pale pink at the edges, but it is the heart in the middle of each nail that really makes this manicure.

9. Rainbow nails

Go bold with these rainbow nails and play around with different nail art designs! Not only does this manicure include bright, rainbow colors, but there are also French tips, rhinestones, aura nails, and water droplets!

10. Sage + silver

We love the dainty and delicate look of these sage green and silver nails. The base of each nail is a sage green aura design, then the nails are finished with sparkling silver flying birds and stars for a striking and individual look.

11. Glittering purple

These glittering purple nails are perfect if you have a special occasion or evening event coming up to add even more glamour to your look. These glitter nails have a dark purple center, which fades into a light purple-grey shade at the edges.

12. Spring florals

This is another beautiful design that is just perfect for the spring months, and the neutral color palette ensures it will suit any outfit. The nails have a peachy pink aura base and are decorated with delicate pink florals with a little pearl in the center.

13. Barbie pink

Barbie pink nails are always a good idea – perfect for bringing a pop of color to your outfit or that vacation vibe in the summer! These glossy nails have a bright, Barbie pink center, which fades out into pale pink, then a rhinestone brings extra sparkle to the design.

14. Pink + Orange

Pink and orange is one of our favorite color combinations for the spring and summer months, and we love how each nail is a little different in this pink and orange manicure. Mix up your aura nails with reverse aura designs for a unique look.

15. Hearts + Rhinestones

Go super girly and feminine with this hearts and rhinestones design. The base of each nail is a shimmering pink and white aura design, then the nails are decorated with white hearts, stars, and a rhinestone for a glam finish.

16. Pale blue

This pale blue manicure is perfect for any time of year so make sure to screenshot it and show it to your manicurist next time you have your nails done. The center of the nail is a cornflower blue shade which fades into a pale blue – so beautiful!

17. Summer shades

These cute aura nails feature stunning pastel summer shades to bring a little color to your summer look. The nails have a different pastel shade in the center, which fades out to a sheer nude shade, and then each nail is finished with a little white flower in the center.

18. Cute cherries

These cute cherry nails just scream summer! The nails have a pale green aura nail base, with a glossy top coat, while the ring finger and index finger are decorated with two cherries for a fruity finish.

19. Gleaming gold

Go for something a little more attention-grabbing and glam with the gleaming gold manicure. The nails alternate between a dark green French tip and a sage green aura design, then all the nails are embellished with intricate gold designs for a striking look.  

20. Pink + Blue

Keep it classic with these irresistible pink and blue aura nails that are ideal for any time of year. This nail design will never go out of fashion, with a pink center and pale blue outside edge – just gorgeous!

21. Mix + match

We love a mix-and-match manicure, but the key is keeping to a tight color palette – such as these pink and beige shades. This nail design includes aura nails, flowers, French tips, and leopard print patterns all in shades of pink or beige tones for the leopard design.

22. Glitter finish

These glittery nails are ideal for any bride-to-be at an engagement party, bridal shower, or bachelorette party! Two of the nails are painted glossy white, one is glittery pink, while the other two are white and pink aura nails with a glittery top coat to add more sparkle.

23. Bright shades

These bright aura nails are so cute and ideal for the spring and summer months when you want to add a little more color to your look. The nails each have either a pink, green, or orange center that fades to white by the outer edge of the nail – but you can choose any colors that suit your style.

24. Orange stars

This orange star manicure is just gorgeous! Start with orange aura nails that fade into a glossy nude shade at the outer edges then decorate each nail with stars and rhinestones to bring extra glamour to your look.

25. Pretty in pink

Go for a feminine look with this pretty in pink manicure. This design is timeless and pairs perfectly with any outfit at any time of year – start with a bright pink in the center of the nail then fade this out to a pale pink shade by the outer edges.

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