50+ Free Beautiful Winter Wallpapers For iPhone That You’ll Love

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Are you looking for the best beautiful winter wallpapers for iPhone that you can use as your phone backgrounds and lock screen backgrounds? If so, you’ll love this post!

Winter is an incredibly beautiful season, but sometimes it’s better to look at wintery pictures on your phone while cozied up at home, rather than being outside in the cold, right? If you agree, I have tons of amazing winter wallpapers to share with you which feature snow, ice, winter landscapes and other beautiful scenery. There are also lots of images with cute winter animals, such as reindeer and huskies to really set the mood.

Feel free to save as many wallpapers as you like, I know it can be hard to choose just one! Also, make sure to save your favorite images on Pinterest, so that you can find them faster when you need them!


To save the wallpapers To Your Device:

Desktop: Right-click to save, save to your downloads and airdrop to your phone or email them to yourself to save on your phone.

On mobile: Hold down on the picture and save image or screenshot it.


The Best Winter Wallpapers For iPhone


Beautiful Winter Wallpapers with animals (bird)


Little friendly bird


Reindeer iphone wallpaper, winter wallpapers for iphone




Ermitage wallpaper, winter wallpapers for iphone




Reindeer wallpaper for iphone, winter wallpaper




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Christmas iphone wallpaper with Christmas tree


Christmas market in Europe


Winter wallpaper for iphone with snow wallpaper


Winter wonderland by the lake


Snowy pinecone wallpaper


Pinecone in the snow


Winter wallpaper with snow and forest


Bird eye’s view


Winter wallpapers for iPhone with birds, snowy city wallpaper - Ermitage wallpaper


Pidgeon flight


Beautiful pinecone iphone wallpaper


Glitter pinecones


Winter forest iPhone wallpaper


Snow & clear blue skies


Winter wallpaper with snow and cottage


Snow & evergreens


Cozy winter wallpaper with fireplace

Cozy & warm


Winter wallpapers with evergreens


Christmas vibes


Cute reindeer wallpapers, snowy winter wallpapers


Curious bambi


Snowy winter forest wallpaper


Tracks in snow


Snowy winter wallpaper with trees


Peaking through the trees


Winter wallpaper with snowy trees


Grey skies


Winter wallpapers with snowy trees


White branches


Winter wallpaper with snow, snow wallpaper with dog


Doggo in wonderland


Winter wallpaper with trees


Snowy bushes


White winter wallpaper with snow and snowy trees


Undisturbed bench


Green Northern lights wallpaper for iphone


Northern lights

 Cozy winter wallpaper for iphone with fireplace, fireplace wallpaper


Cozy nights


Winter wallpaper for iPhone with snow covered trees and airplane


Quiet travels


Beautiful winter wallpapers for iphone with yellow sky and forest


Golden sky

 Cute husky iphone wallpapers, cute winter wallpapers with dogs


Curious husky


Beautiful mountain wallpapers with lake


Canadian scenery


Pink skies and mountains wallpaper


Pink skies


Cozy iphone wallpaper with coffee and books

Books & tea kind of day


Mt Fuji wallpaper, Japan wallpaper for iphone


Winter in Japan

   Purple skies wallpaper with mountains, lake and cottage


Icy conditions


Fall nature iphone wallpaper with stream


Stream  during fall 


Snow iPhone wallpaper with cottages


Nordic skies


White winter wallpaper with snow and cottage, mountains and snow wallpaper

House on a hilltop

 Icy water iphone wallpaper, cracked ice wallpaper


Cracking ice


Snow wallpaper with mountains and blue sky


Ski trails


Winter iphone wallpaper with snow and water


Snow & water


Winter iphone wallpaper with snow and water


Sparkling stream


Cute winter wallpaper with snow and reindeer, reindeer wallpaper for iphone


Bambi in the wild


Winter iphone wallpaper with snow and water


Nature trails

    Mountain wallpaper with pink sky


Moon skine


Cute winter wallpaper with dog, husky wallpaper for iphone


Happy husky 


White winter wallpapers for iPhone, snow iPhone wallpapers


Snow-covered mountain

 Blue marble wallpaper, cracked ice wallpaper for iphone


Marbled ice


Dark forest wallpaper with evergreens


Snowy evergreens


Snow mountain wallpaper


Rocky mountain


Winter iphone wallpaper with snow and water


Melting snow


Which of these aesthetic winter wallpapers did you like the best? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. In case you are wondering, I’ve found these images from the free Pexels website. If you want to use these photos for your own non-commercial projects, it should be completely fine.


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