What To Wear With Brown Boots: 12 Cute Outfit Ideas

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Are you looking for easy outfits to wear with brown boots? If so, check out our guide to see what pairs best with this classic wardrobe piece!

If you’re looking for a versatile shoe that can be dressed up or down, look no further than brown boots. These richly colored shoes go well with many different casual outfits, including blue jeans and more formal wear like suits and dresses. They’re also a great investment: you’ll get lots of use out of them over time.

If you don’t already have a pair of brown boots and you’re wondring which shade to buy, think about the clothes that you already own, and how well a pair of brown boots will fit into the color palette that you already use. If your wardrobe is full of neutrals, a classic brown boot will fit right in.

However, it is worth noting that there are many different shades of brown from which to choose. Camel brown leather is classic, durable, and easy to clean. Brown suede boots are softer but more easily stained and scuffed.

On the other hand, dark brown is the most formal color; and it can also be seen as the most versatile. Medium brown is less formal but still versatile; it may show dirt more easily than darker shades. Tan boots have a rustic quality that makes them more casual, and they go well with denim and light neutrals like cream.

Below, we put together a style guide on what to wear with brown boots, as well as some brown boot outfit ideas you can recreate. If you’re ready to switch your black boots for a pair of brown shoes, let’s get started with building your next look!

What To Wear With Brown Boots

The reason that brown boots go well with nearly everything is that they’re so versatile. They’re not flashy like red shoes, but they’re still eye-catching enough that people will remember what color your shoes were when you walk away from them – here are a few of our favorite looks.

1. Brown Coats & Blazers

While you can definitely wear your brown boots with multiple coat colors, we are partial to brown, as it creates a uniform, sleek look. This versatile coat works well with just about everything, and it’s really just a classic; you can choose to wear simple jeans under your ensemble, or opt for a casual sweater dress for an easy fall look.

To create a stylish outfit that’s well-coordinated, make sure that you choose a matching handbag. If your boots are a classic brown, a bag like Loewe’s Puzzle bag in tan is perfect. Otherwise, if your boots are on the darker maroon side, you can also pair a dark red bag with your outfit.

2. Neutral Sweaters

A neutral sweater is an easy way to dress up your brown boots. You can wear it with a pencil skirt or breezy midi skirt, pair it with some jeans, throw on some shorts for an easy casual outfit, and even match them with a pair of black pants or leggings! You can also try out chinos or trousers if you’re looking for a business casual outfit for the office.

This is a great outfit because it’s so versatile—you can wear this casual look anywhere from work to play. Again, we would recommend matching your bag to your boots – it can be a true match or be in another neutral shade that is a closer fit to your sweater.

3. Floral Dresses

What To Wear With Brown Boots: Brown floral dress with brown boots
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A flirty and feminine dress is a fun way to add personality to any outfit during the fall months, and it can be layered under jackets or cardigans for additional warmth during the winter months.

Floral dresses are also popular with many fashion bloggers, so if you’re looking for inspiration on how to style your new dress, look no further than your Instagram feed.

4. Jeans

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. Jeans are one of the easiest ways you can style any boots, and brown boots are no different.

Straight-leg jeans go best with a pair of brown ankle boots, while skinny jeans work well with brown knee-high boots for a chic look. Additionally, you don’t always have to go for blue denim jeans – you can also go for black jeans and white denim for different types of looks!

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For example, a cute yet simple outfit would be a pair of black skinny jeans, brown leather boots, a cute cream-colored sweater and a classic white coat to top it all off.

5. Sultry Red

Red is a great color for the fall and winter. It’s sultry, it’s flattering, and it goes with so many different colors and looks. Red can be worn during any occasion, whether you’re going out with friends on Saturday night or headed to work on Monday morning.

No matter your body type or hair color, chances are there’s a red outfit in your closet that will look good on you. So, next time that you’re looking to pair your brown boots with a eye-catching color, why not bring out that red blouse you have laying around, and pair it with a black skirt and your brown boots?

6. Midi Skirts

Black polka dot midi skirt with high slit
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If you want to add a feminine touch to your outfit, a midi skirt is the way to go. When choosing what boot styles to wear, in our opinion you have two choices; if you want a more sleek look, opt for ankle booties that leave some separation between the hem of the skirt and where the boots begin – this created a nice cut off that is flattering, and shows off your booties in a nice way.

However, you can also opt for knee-high boots, especially if the weather is colder. This combiation will look a little bulkier, but it can also look very stylish. The trick here is to choose a midi skirt that is airy and flowy to contrast the heavier boots.

Finally, pair the midi skirt and boots with a nice, neutral sweater for the easiest, most stylish option. If you’re dressing for work, you can also throw on a smart-looking blouse.

7. Beige Blazers & Trench Coats

What To Wear With Brown Boots: Beige blazer
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A beige blazer or a trench coat is the perfect option for those with darker brown boots – these two colors are from the same color family, and they’ll compliments eachother while also adding a little depth to your look.

You can wear your beige blazer with a classic pair of straight-leg jeans or black leggings, or alternatively, a matching beige dress or a black dress if you want to look more put-together, like in the image above.

8. Sweater Dresses

Sweater dresses are a classic fall staple, and they pair amazingly well with knee-high boots of all styles and colors, brown boots included!

While we love neutral sweater dresses in whites, creams and browns paired with brown boots, you can go bolder with your color choices. Good colors to pair with brown include burgundy, emerald green, navy blue, olive green, burnt orange, and more!

9. Plaid

Plaid mini skirt
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Plaid is a classic pattern that can be worn with almost any color. A plaid shirt or sweater can add a pop of color to an otherwise all-brown outfit, and the pattern is versatile enough to wear with jeans, trousers, or skirts. Plaid looks great paired with brown boots as well as black ones!

If you’re going for a plaid skirt, or a plaid blazer (maybe even a plaid dress), it would look so good paired with brown boots. Keep in mind to go for plaid patterns with brown tones so that it would match well with your shoes!

10. Dark Jewel Tones

Dark jewel tones are a great choice for the colder months, and they’re a good option for people who like to coordinate their clothes for a unique look. These bold and elegant hues go well with brown boots, and they’re also appropriate for casual business outfits.

Dark jewel tones include navy blue, emerald green, burgundy—and even black!

Alternatively, if you’re wearing dark brown boots and want to go with something other than green or blue (which can look off in photos), try navy blue or forest green – jewel tones tend to pair really well with brown!

11. All Brown Outfits

Dark brown turtleneck sweater
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Of course, all brown monochrome outfits look amazing. A monochrome look is when you pair your boots to matching pieces, including a dress, pants, sweater/top, and your bag, and it’s an incredibly trendy look these days.

You can also break up your monochrome look with either a plain tee, or a daring accessory like a green bag to refine it even more! Alternatively, you don’t need to co-ordinate your entire outfit to match exactly each shade – simply opt for varying shades of brown to add some interest.

12. Leather Jackets

What To Wear With Brown Boots: Black leather jacket
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You can wear a leather jacket with almost anything, and brown boots are no exception. You canpair your black or brown leather jacket with jeans, or you can wear it with trousers and a dress. It’s an item that works well in both casual and formal settings, so if you want to make a statement but aren’t sure where to start—this is the way to go!

Of course, this overall look isn’t complete without your favorite pair of boots. While we love a classic pair of brown ankle boots, you can also opt for brown Chelsea boots or a pair of knee-high boots, if you’re wearing skinny jeans or a dress.


Brown is a neutral color that can be worn year-round and will look great with any outfit. Like we mentioned earlier, you can wear brown boots with jeans, skirts and dresses or even tights and a dress shirt or suit jacket.

Brown is a versatile color which makes it an excellent choice for fall, winter and spring. It looks especially nice when paired with neutrals like black or cream, but also goes well with prints such as floral patterns that have earthy tones as well as bright colors like reds and purples during the spring season.

Avoid mixing too many textures together when layering your outfit; try wearing smooth materials like silk over cottons instead! Silk feels soft against the skin plus it doesn’t wrinkle easily – perfect for traveling!

We hope you’ve found this guide helpful and you found at least a few brown boots outfit ideas to add to your repertoire! If you’re ready to add a pair of brown boots to your wardrobe, we encourage you to take our final advice: choose something classic and versatile that you can wear for years to come!

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