10 Best Designer Bags For Laptops That Are Perfect For The Office

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Are you looking for the best designer bags for laptops that are chic, elegant and practical at the same time? If so, I know your pain!

Sometimes, it seems like all the bags that designers come out with are mico bags fit for influencers only, and practicality is thrown out the window. However, even though designer bags that fit laptops are harder to come by, they do exist. In this post, I’ll share the best ones with you!

The New Year is just around the corner and that always gives us the perfect opportunity to renew ourselves. This New Year is especially important as we are leaving behind the catastrophic year of 2020.

In the New Year, we hopefully get to go back to our offices and I’m here to help you update your office style to a whole new level with a brand new bag.

I’m looking forward to getting to hang out with my coworkers, going to meetings and enjoying after-work drinks. But there is one thing to consider: while we get to return to our normal lives, we have to start carrying all of our work stuff with us again, everywhere we go.

This calls for the perfect office bag. Preferably a designer one of course.

When it comes to choosing a designer bag for your laptop, you have to consider three things: the size of the bag, comfortability when carrying it and how well it matches your personal style.

Here are my picks for the 10 best designer bags for laptops.


10 Best Designer Bags for Laptops:

1. Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Logo Canvas Tote


Best designer bags for laptops: Rive Gauche Bag from YSL

Shop the bag on Nordstrom


The YSL Rive Gauche Logo Canvas Tote is a relaxed option for a laptop-fitting designer bag that also doubles up as a travel and beach tote. Even though it is relaxed, it is still business-appropriate. It’s perfect for everyday wear and fits multiple occasions. It comes in black and beige colors and will easily fit your laptop as well as all your everyday necessities. 


2. Saint Laurent Large Tribeca Quilted Calfskin Leather Tote


Best designer bags for laptops: Black YSL Tribeca Tote

Shop the bag on Nordstrom


Another great office bag option is the understated YSL Tribeca, which has a quilted exterior and comes in the classic combination of black and gold. This roomy bag will look good with just about anything. 

What makes it even more office-appropriate is the small logo at the front. Although big logos are perfectly fine to wear to the office, sometimes an understated logo is the way to go, because it won’t draw in too much attention (and comments) from your coworkers.

You can’t go wrong with a luxury laptop bag like this. Plus, the long shoulder straps make the bag extra comfortable to carry. 


3. Prada Large Galleria Leather Tote


Best designer bags for laptops: Prada Galleria

Get the bag on Bergdorf Goodman (more colors available!)


When I was around 18-years-old and first found my love for designer bags, the Prada Galleria was my ultimate dream bag. It still remains on the top of my list today for practical work bags. It is a true, timeless classic that will look great on any occasion. 

You can fit a laptop in the Prada Large Galleria Leather Tote and it can be worn with the crossbody strap (removable) or carried by hand. 


4. Givenchy Antigona In Medium

Best designer bags for laptops: Givenchy Antigona


Get The Bag On Nordstrom / On Selfridges


Even if you don’t have an office to go to, most of us still carry around either a laptop or a lot of other stuff with us every day. The Givenchy Antigona bag will fit it all: even your gym clothes. It comes in 3 sizes and many colors, but I recommend size medium for laptops. 

One of the greatest things about the Givenchy Antigona bag is the durability of the leather. It’s rather hard, so it withstands weight very well. Even if you are someone who doesn’t take excellent care of your bags, you can rest assured that your bag will stay in great condition for years, no matter how much stuff you put in it.

Another bonus of the bag is that it comes with a strap, so you can wear it two (or three) ways: top handle, on your shoulder, and maybe even cross-body, if you are very petite.


5. Dior Book Tote


Best designer bags for laptops: Dior Book Tote

Shop the bags here: Blue embroidered Dior Book Tote 


All of these designer bag examples that I’ve gathered here are pretty neutral in terms of both color and patterns but this Dior one stands out in the crowd. 

The Dior Book Tote comes in multiple colors and patterns, including classic Toile de Jouy ones. It comes in 3 sizes of which the large one is best for laptops.

As you may know, the Dior Book Tote is very much a trend bag, so if you are looking for a classic bag that will never go out of style, this probably isn’t the one for you (unless you get it in a classic color such as the matte black).

Another downside of this bag is that it’s very heavy by itself. If you don’t do a ton of walking during the day, that’s perfectly fine. However, you may want to visit your local Dior boutique to check out the weight of it before falling in love with it. 



6. Saint Laurent Sac De Jour


Best designer bags for laptops: Saint Laurent Sac De Jour


Shop the bag on YSL (Other colors available too!)


If you love the Hermes Birkin, this bag may be the one for you. Saint Laurent’s Sac De Jour has many elements of the Birkin, including a lock, the straps that wrap around the bag and the same overall design. You can of course purchase this for a fraction of the price of the Birkin.

With a sleek design, lots of space and a semi-affordable price point, it’s no wonder that this bag has become one of the most popular choices among high earning career women.

 The bag comes in multiple colors and 4 sizes, of which large is of course the best for laptops.


7. Chanel Deauville


Designer laptop bags - Denim Chanel Deauville

Get the Deauville bag second hand on Stockx / Vestiaire Collective / Beige Version On Vestiaire Collective / on Tradesy


The Chanel Deauville comes in multiple colors and two sizes – pick the large size for laptops. In the picture here it’s the one with denim material but my favorite is the beige version.

This bag is a bit more relaxed than most of the other options I’ve listed here so you can expand its use outside the office as well. It would look especially good during summer and since it’s pretty big, you could use it even as a luxurious beach bag, travel bag or a shopping bag.  Many people also choose to use this as a diaper bag!



8. Louis Vuitton Neverfull


Best office bags: Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Get It On Farfetch


The Neverfull is a true classic that looks good on everybody. As the name states, you can fit everything you need and more into this one. With the long handles, this bag is easy to carry on your shoulder even when it gets heavy. And let’s face it, it will get heavy since you can easily fit your whole life in it.

The Louis Vuitton Neverfull comes in 3 sizes and 3 classic monogram colors, along with multiple monochrome color options that change seasonally. The sizes GM (large) and MM (medium) are the best for laptops.


 9. The Louis Vuitton On The Go


Best designer bags for laptops: Louis Vuitton On The Go


Get the bag on Louis Vuitton / Second hand on Vestiare Collective


Continuing with Louis Vuitton bags, the On The Go tote is a fresh take on the classic Neverfull. It definitely more flashy than the Neverfull, so if you’re not a big fan of logos, this isn’t for you.

What’s fun about this bag is that the other side of the bag is made with the reverse monogram color – essentially you get two looks for the price of one!

In addition to the top handles, inside the bag, there are two shoulder straps which makes it easy to carry this bag on your shoulder when it gets heavy. It comes in sizes GM (large) and MM (medium) that both fit a laptop.


10. Stella McCartney Falabella


Best designer bags for laptops: Stella McCartney Falabella

Shop the bag on Nordstrom


If you’re big on sustainability, the Falabella bag is definitely worth consideration. Not only is this bag a timeless classic, it’s also cruelty-free since it’s made from faux deer leather.

This bag has a bit more of an edge compared to the other ones I’ve collected here, and it’s great if you prefer understated pieces. It also fits a lot and is rather affordable – the price usually hovers around $1,100. 

This bag is available in multiple colors for both the leather and the chain, and it comes in 3 sizes of which (ironically) the small one is the best for laptops.


Bonus: YSL Shopping Tote


Best office bags: beige YSL shopping tote

Get the bag on NordstromYSL 


Here’s one extra designer bag suitable for laptops for you: the YSL Shopping Tote. I picked this one as it’s an understated bag with almost no logos showing. If you don’t like wearing flashy items to work, this is a great option.

Much like the classic LV Neverfull, this bag will fit your whole life in it. This color in the picture is called Marble Pink and the bag has antiqued gold-toned hardware. Absolutely perfect!

So here are my picks for 10 Best Designer Bags for Laptops. Which one would you choose as your designer laptop bag?


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