How To Tell If A Gucci Belt Is Real: All The Information You Need

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Gucci has created some of the most iconic belts that add a bit of glam outfit to any outfit – but how do you tell if a Gucci belt is real?

The historic Italian fashion house, Gucci, was founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921 first beginning with luxury luggage and bags, before expanding into ready-to-wear fashion, accessories, and shoes. Gucci has become one of the biggest and most popular brands under the guidance of creative director Alessandro Michele.

Michele has brought back some of the favorite Gucci materials, logos, and luxury items from the Gucci archives and given them a modern twist to create the vintage geek-chic Gucci aesthetic we all know and love. Alessandro Michele has also included mega-famous celebrities in his fashion and handbag campaigns that have since gone wild on social media and created even more hype around the brand.

Handbags, loafers, and belts are some of the most popular and quintessentially Gucci items that you need in your wardrobe – but you want to be 100% sure you’ve got the real deal. We’re here to help you work out a real Gucci belt from a fake belt so you’ve got confidence in your new luxury purchase.

How to tell if a Gucci belt is real

Gucci belts are always so glamourous and will add an eye-catching element to your favorite outfit. Gucci belts are made to a very high standard, with many quality controls that all Gucci products go through to make sure they are absolutely perfect and ready to be sent to customers.

Fake Gucci belts do not have this level of craftsmanship and so there will be visible imperfections on the belts. The best way to tell if your Gucci belt is real or fake is to closely check your belt and follow this list of things to look out for.

As a bonus, we’ve embedded a helpful video from the fashion channel A Closer Look that examines a real vs a fake belt on camera, as we know that seeing the differences on video can be invaluable in helping you determine the authenticity of your belt.

YouTube video

1. Packaging

Original Gucci belts will come in certain packaging, namely their own factory bag and then a dust bag. The factory Gucci bag will be dark brown in color and will be printed with the Gucci name in gold in clear, sharp, and straight letters. If this logo on the bag is at all blurred, wonky or smudged, it may be a fake Gucci belt.

The double G logo will be visible along the whole bag, and then will be secured with a fine brown string to cinch the bag at the top. Inside this bag will be a small label that reads ‘Gucci’ and ‘Made in Italy’ – make sure to check for this label to make sure you have an authentic belt.

The dust bag will sit inside this outer bag and will look similar; brown in color, a string on the top right, and Gucci printed clearly in gold on the front.

2. stitches

When you buy your new Gucci belt, the first thing you should do is take a closer look at the stitching. On genuine Gucci belts, the stitching is perfectly aligned and parallel, all the stitches are even in length and blend seamlessly with the leather. On counterfeit belts, you may find that the stitches are uneven, misaligned, or fraying – so you should be able to see with the naked eye if the belt is fake.

3. the Gucci stamp

All Gucci belts will be heat-stamped on the inside of the belt with the Gucci logo and ‘Made in Italy’ as well as a reference number.

Make sure to look at the location of this heat stamp, a few years ago this stamp was in the middle of the belt if you look at it lengthways, but now on newer versions of the belt it will be closer to the belt buckle.

Also, pay close attention to the clarity of the stamp itself – on first inspection, it may seem that all the correct information is there and you have a real belt.But you need to look at the font and spacing on the stamping of Gucci, make sure all letters are evenly spaced apart (there isn’t too much space between the GU and the CCI) and all letters are perfectly straight.

You must also look at the ‘Made in Italy’ lettering, this should be clear and easy to read – if it is a little difficult to decipher and the stamping isn’t crisp, the belt will be fake.

4. serial number

On any designer item from any luxury brand, it’s always a good idea to do a serial number check, this is one of the easiest ways to tell if you have a real or a fake Gucci belt.

For a Gucci belt, the serial code will be made up of 21 numbers and no letters – most authentic Gucci belts will have a serial number that starts with 223 or 114. On a fake belt, if it is made in China, it may have a serial number beginning with 1212 or there be a missing serial number stamp and it won’t be there at all.

5. belt buckle

All Gucci belt buckles are very high quality and so the finish will reflect this – the buckle will be perfectly shiny and smooth with no scratches, damage, or flaking. Buckles are also always welded or soldered onto the real leather of the belt, if the belt buckle attaches with a hook or anchor, this is a sign the belt is a fake.

When it comes to the details of the buckles themselves, you’ll need to check the specifics of each model to make sure the buckle has the right details. For example, the GG buckles, which Gucci is most famous for, will have screws on the back of the buckle – this will tell you that this is the real thing.

6. the screw

On all Gucci belts, there will be a little screw or button on the inside of the belt holding together a leather strap near the belt buckle.

If the buckle of your Gucci belt is gold, then this screw should be gold, if the buckle is silver then this screw will be silver. This is a very easy way to tell if the belt is fake as counterfeit belts will often have different colored screws and buckles.

Our favorite Gucci belts

Here are a few of our top Gucci belt picks, no matter your style. Remember, when buying your Gucci belt, always head to a reputable store, such as the Gucci, Nordstrom or Net-a-Porter websites to guarantee you get your hands on the real thing.

1. GG Marmont leather belt
Black leather Gucci GG Marmont leather belt
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You can’t get any more iconic than the GG Marmont leather belt. The gold GG logo sits gleaming on the front of this smooth black leather belt.

This minimalist design is the perfect everyday belt that will suit countless outfits and is one of the new belts that Gucci added to the collection in pre-Fall 2020 shows.

2. Jumbo GG Marmont wide belt
GG monogram and brown leather Gucci Jumbo Marmont belt
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For something a little more eye-catching, the jumbo Marmont Gucci belt is the perfect combination of leather and monogrammed canvas.

This wide belt makes a little more of a statement with its oversized GG monogram that decorates the belt, while the front portion is made from supple brown leather. Of course, this luxury belt is finished with the sumptuous double G logo.

3. web belt with bamboo buckle
Red and green Gucci web belt with bamboo buckle
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Combining some of the favorite Gucci elements from the archive, the Web Belt with a Bamboo Buckle would add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

The red and green stripes of the web elastic pay homage to the beginnings of the Gucci brand, while the bamboo buckle is reminiscent of the Diana bags – a best seller for Gucci. This belt is available for just $850.

(An extra note; it is always worth checking the price of the belt to make sure it matches the craftsmanship associated with the Gucci brand name).

4. gg marmont thin belt
Pale pink Gucci GG Marmont thin belt
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If you love the GG Marmont belt but want something a little more delicate, then the thin GG Marmont is perfect for you!

Available in 16 different colors, there is bound to be a color that suits every style. This versatile belt features buttery-soft leather and a double GG buckle in the same shade as the leather. This monochrome belt would suit a whole plethora of outfits and is available for just $395.

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