What To Wear Apple Picking: Tips For A Fun Fall Day Out

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Apple picking is a great outdoor activity in the fall season. If you’re out of outfit ideas, check out our guide on what to wear to apple picking!

If you’re looking to add another yearly tradition to your favorite fall activities, apple picking is a good place to start. September is usually the best time of year to pick apples, but you can sometimes start as early as late July, depending on your local apple orchard.

If you’re going on an apple picking trip sometime soon, you might also be wondering what outfit to wear. After all, you can’t have a trip without taking a couple of pictures for the ‘gram!

Since apple season typically happens during the fall season, you might want to go for a comfy fall outfit. There will be tons of walking, too, so make sure to wear comfortable and sturdy footwear to ensure a great time. And lastly, don’t forget your water bottle and bug spray!

In this article, we will give you some tips on what to wear apple picking. We’ll show you some some of our favorite apple-picking outfits that will make you look great!

What To Wear To Apple Picking

1. Pinafore Dresses

What To Wear To Apple Picking: Pinafore dress with turtleneck
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A pinafore dress is a classic look to wear during apple picking, or any fall activity for that matter! It’s comfortable, cute and stylish, plus you can easily move around in it. Pair it with a warmer long-sleeved shirt or a cozy turtleneck, and complete the look your favorite pair of ankle booties.

2. Knits & Sweaters

What To Wear To Apple Picking: Cream knit sweater
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For a simple and comfortable look, opt for a sweater. Not only will it keep you warm, but it’s also very comfortable to wear. Pair your favorite chunky knit with skinny jeans or leggings and you’re good to begin your apple picking trip!

You can also opt to add a plaid scarf for a pop of visual interest of your outfit. For a pop of color, go for earthy tones like green and burnt orange.

3. Plaid Blazers

What To Wear To Apple Picking: Grey plaid blazer
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If it’s a bit chilly out, then you can always wear a coat. A long plaid coat is a great option because it will keep you warm in fall weather and it also looks very stylish.

Pair it with some denim jeans or leggings for an easy outfit, or wear it with a warm sweater dress for an elegant look – whichever floats your boat!

4. Utility Vests

Green leather utility vest
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One thing we love about utility vests is that they come with lots of pockets, making them perfect for carrying snacks or tools to help make your apple picking experience easier.

Pair your favorite fall vest with a long sleeve shirt or turtleneck, or wear it over your dress for a cute cottagecore or country girl vibe. Be sure to choose a fall color like brown, navy blue or olive green to match the fall foliage if you’re taking pictures – a bright neon vest will stick out like a sore thumb!

If you’re into equestrial style, make sure to complete the look with matching riding boots for the ultimate comfort.

5. Sweater Vests

Sweater vests were trending in a major way in the fall of 2021, and we don’t see that going away anytime soon – the look is here to stay.

Sweater vests are the perfect piece to turn any spring or summer outfit into a fall outfit. For example, you can pair your sweater vest with a dress, a cute top and a tennis skirt, or even a top and a pair of jeans – it’s super versatile and you can create a number of different apple-picking outfit ideas with this one!

It’s stylish and super comfy, perfect for early fall or even on sunny days.

6. Ponchos

Multicolor poncho with fringes
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If you want to go for a really unique look, then why not opt for a poncho? Ponchos can instantly add a couple of style points to your fall outfit, and as an added bonus, they’re super easy to move around in.

A poncho is a type of blanket-like outer garment worn over the head and is usually designed to cover your arms and upper body. It’s made of thick and breathable materials and can be used as an added layer of warmth for the cold season.

There are two poncho styles: cardigan style and cape style. If you’re wondering how to style your look, check out our guide on What To Wear Under A Poncho.

7. Flannel Shirts

What To Wear To Apple Picking: Black and red flannel shirt
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Flannel shirts are another fall staple, and one of our favorite ways to style it is to wrap it around the waist when the weather isn’t too chilly. Of course, you can also wear a flannel shirt thee traditional way and pair it with some jeans or leggings and a pair of combat boots.

8. Turtleneck + Mini Skirt

Beige plaid mini pencil skirt
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If you want to be extra stylish, then you can wear a skirt and warm a pair of knee-high boots, along with a chic turtleneck.

And there you have it! These are just some of the many options to wear apple picking. Be sure to dress in layers so that you can stay comfortable no matter what the weather is like. And most importantly, have fun and enjoy your trip!

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