15 Best Alternatives To Victoria’s Secret For Stunning Intimates

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If you’ve stopped being a fan of over-priced intimates and are looking for better alternatives to Victoria’s Secret, we have just the post for you. Consider purchasing your next set of bras and underwear from one of these brands and stores like Victoria’s Secret instead! 

When it comes to shopping for skivvies, many ladies rely on Victoria’s Secret as the American retailer specializes in dainty panties, well-structured bras, feminine lingerie, and comfortable loungewear. However, the brand has faced some backlash over the last couple of years, causing it to decline in popularity.

The iconic clothing and lingerie company was founded in 1977 and is recognized for its annual fashion shows, which starred supermodels donning expensive, lavish angel wings. But after 24 years, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was officially canceled indefinitely. This was a result of some seriously negative press that the company’s marketing chief garnered.

During an interview, the then-marketing chief stated that he believed transgendered models had no place within the fashion show or the company’s marketing campaigns. As we move toward a progressive and more inclusive society, the general public was angered by these remarks and many boycotted the brand. 

Furthering the bad press, the CEO of Victoria’s Secret’s longtime friendship with the infamous Jeffrey Epstein was also brought to light. 

Since these events have occurred, the brand has tried desperately to rebrand and leave its negative reputation behind. This means straying away from fostering unrealistic beauty standards and creating products suitable for people of all shapes and sizes. 

If this has scared you away from supporting Victoria’s Secret, check out these 15 undergarment stores that carry similar pieces. 

The Best Alternatives To Victoria’s Secret

1. Savage x Fenty

Best alternatives to Victoria's Secret: Savage x Fenty
Get this at Savage x Fenty
The best alternatives to Victoria's Secret: Savage x Fenty with this floral mesh bodysuit
Get this at Savage x Fenty

Savage x Fenty is a lingerie brand by one of our very favorite ladies (and role models) on this planet: Rihanna. Through her brand, Rihanna emphasizes inclusivity and confidence. Within the lingerie collection, there are pieces for people of all genders, ages, backgrounds, and body types.

Savage x Fenty marketing campaigns feature models with real bodies. This alternative to Victoria’s Secret carries bras, bralettes, sleepwear, loungewear, and panties in all sorts of styles like cheeky, thong, and Brazilian. It also has a collection for men, which includes boxer briefs, jockstraps, briefs, and sleepwear. 

2. ThirdLove

Best Stores Like Victoria's Secret: ThirdLove
Get this as ThirdLove
Classic T-shirt bra by Third Love, one of the best alternatives to Victoria's Secret
Get their #1 best-selling bra at ThirdLove

ThirdLove boasts a collection of underwear and bras for everybody. If you’re on the bustier side, Third Love is a great place to look for bras that’ll make you feel comfortable and sexy.

This alternative to Victoria’s Secret carries 78 different bra sizes, ranging from AA to I, and band sizes from 30 to 48. When it comes to bra sizes, its options far exceed those of Victoria’s Secret.

Third Love also has an active and loungewear collection. Shoppers will also find special “kits” on its website, which are curated packages of several underwear and bras that can be purchased together for a lower price.

Along with underwire bras, Third Love also has t-shirt bras, bralettes, unlined bras, racerback bras, and more. 

3. Frederick’s Of Hollywood

White lingerie with tutu for Halloween costume from Frederick's Of Hollywood, a great brand like Victoria's Secret
Get this at Frederick’s of Hollywood

We love a company with a fancy name like Frederick’s of Hollywood. This American lingerie brand once had stores within shopping malls but shifted to an online-only store after encountering some money troubles in 2015.

Frederick’s of Hollywood carries a selection of innovative and irresistible lingerie styles like bodystockings, babydolls, chemises, teddys, and corsets.

When it comes to sizing, Frederick’s of Hollywood has an impressive selection that includes plus sizes. You can also snag tons of chic bras and cute panties from its website. 

4. Bluebella

Black lingerie from alternative to Victoria's Secret: Bluebella
Get this at Nordstrom
Pink lingerie from alternative to Victoria's Secret: Bluebella
Get this at ASOS

Bluebella is a British company that’s been around for almost two decades, which can be attributed to its wonderful selection of modern lingerie, bras, and undies. This brand like Victoria’s Secret carries all of the hottest lingerie trends like bright colors, strappy black styles, delicate lace, and applique.

If you’re looking for a lingerie set that will make you feel insanely confident, Bluebella has oodles of options for you. Compared to Victoria’s Secret, Bluebella doesn’t carry quite as many comfortable essentials and basics: they are more famous for their racy designs.

Everything found on Bluebella’s website is intricately constructed out of high-quality materials. You wouldn’t want to wear any of its fancy undies to the gym under your workout leggings, that’s for sure. 

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In addition to having their own website, their designs are also widely sold on Nordstrom, ASOS and Revolve.

5. Aerie

Best Stores Like Victoria's Secret: Aerie
Get this at Aerie
Emerald green criss cross leggings
Get this at Aerie

Aerie is American Eagle’s sister brand that focuses on creating comfortable bras, panties, and loungewear pieces for real bodies. When it comes to style, Aerie is quite similar to PINK by Victoria’s Secret.

Both brands are perfect for teenagers and young women who are looking for more basic styles. Aerie is also known for its now-famous leggings with the criss-cross waistband that recently went viral on TikTok.

In terms of pricing, the undies and bras sold by Aerie are much more affordable than those sold by Victoria’s
Secret, which means your money will most definitely go further. 

6. Intimissimi

Cute black balconette bra from brands like Victoria's Secret: Intimissimi
Get this at Intimissimi
Dusty pink satin sleepwear
Get this at Intimissimi

You can probably guess from its name but Intimissimi is an Italian alternative to Victoria’s Secret that specializes in lingerie, knickers, bras, briefs, and PJs for men and women. Its webshop is filled with lace babydolls, silk slips and robes, lace bodysuits, and shapewear.

The brand uses high-quality cotton, lace, and microfibre to create stunning pieces that aren’t over-the-top. Intimissimi’s style tends to lean toward neutral colors so if it’s bright-colored lingerie you seek, Victoria’s Secret is likely the better option. 

7. Adore Me

Cute black lingerie from brands like Victoria's Secret: Adore Me
Get this at Adore Me
Cute black lingerie from brands like Victoria's Secret: Adore Me
Get this at Adore Me

Adore Me is a women’s underwear brand like Victoria’s Secret, based in New York City. In addition to bras and panties, Adore Me also offers activewear, sleepwear, loungewear, and bathing suits.

The online retailer carries several collections by popular brands like Period panties by Joyja, Shaping underwear by Nueskin, Maternity by Belabumbum, Cooling Basics by Coolibrium, Beauty by Prestige, Sweatshirts by ReApparel, and Teens by Earth Republic.

Unlike Victoria’s Secret, Adore Me is a subscription-based lingerie boutique. 

8. Pretty Little Thing

Black lingerie teddy from Victoria's Secret alternative brand: Pretty Little Thing
Get this at Pretty Little Thing
Cute black lingerie from Victoria's Secret alternative brand: Pretty Little Thing
Get this at Pretty Little Thing

While many fashionistas know Pretty Little Thing as a popular clothing retailer, but it also has an impressive selection of bras, panties, lingerie, and sleepwear.

Pieces carried by Pretty Little Thing are incredibly affordable and your money will go much further at PLT than at Victoria’s Secret. The fast-fashion retailer has tons of shapewear, thongs, g-strings, bodysuits, nipple covers, and lingerie sets.

It also carries bras from size A all the way to DD Plus. After you’ve stocked your shopping carts with intimates, do yourself a huge favor and add in one of the brand’s iconic sweatsuits. 

9. Bare Necessities

Best Stores Like Victoria's Secret: Bare Necessities
Get this at Bare Necessities
Deep purple bra and panties from the best alternatives to Victoria's Secret: Bare Necessities
Get this at Bare Necessities

Bare Necessities is an American loungewear, swim, and lingerie retailer. Unlike Victoria’s Secret, Bare Necessities is online-only and claims to be its largest competitor. Its website is a one-stop shop for bras, panties, and sexy lingerie styles.

Bare Necessities’ signature Bra Finder ensures that ladies can find a size and style that fits them perfectly. The lingerie retailer also has an amazing selection of bras and undies for plus-sized women. 

10. Fleur Du Mal

Best Stores Like Victoria's Secret: Fleur De Mal
Get this at Fleur du Mal
Cute pink floral lingerie set from alternatives to Victoria's Secret: Fleur Du Mal
Get this at Fleur du Mal

Fleur du Mal, founded in 2012, is a lingerie brand similar to Victoria’s Secret that sells at well-known retailers such as Shopbop and Net-a-porter.

Instead of creating uncomfortable lingerie that is almost too fancy, Fleur Du Mal focuses on making pieces that can be worn every day. In addition to selling silky slips and satin lingerie sets, Fleur Du Mal also carries loungewear and bathing suits.

For those tying the knot soon, check out Fleur Du Mal’s Bridal collection. The lingerie brand is slightly more expensive than Victoria’s Secret but we promise that it’s amazing quality. 

11. Tezenis

The best alternatives to Victoria's Secret: Tezenis with casual everyday underwear
Get this at Tezenis
Cute black basic undies from brands like Victoria's Secret
Get this at Tezenis

Unlike Victoria’s Secret, Tezenis has collections for men as well as women. The innovative underwear and clothing brand carries tons of practical bras and undies that can be comfortably worn to the office or the gym.

Tezenis also carries a wide selection of cotton basics covered in playful prints. The brand currently has a Disney collaboration so if you’re seeking a thong covered in the Cheshire cat, look no further than Tezenis. 

12. Hunkemoller

Best Stores Like Victoria's Secret: Hunkemoller
Get this at Hunkemoller
Pink lace robe from brands like Victoria's Secret: Hunkemoller
Get this at Hunkemoller

Hunkemoller is a Dutch brand with a similar vibe to Victoria’s Secret, with products mainly available in Europe. This means you’ll need to plan a sophisticated European vacation to go shopping at this retailer. Who doesn’t love a good excuse for a holiday?

Hunkemoller specializes in lingerie and undergarments created from bright-colored fabrics, lace, faux leather, and satin. In terms of style, Hunkemoller is extremely similar to Victoria’s Secret. Plus, the trendy lingerie retailer often has sitewide sales and discounts, just like Victoria’s Secret. 


Best Stores Like Victoria's Secret: LIVELY
Get this at LIVELY
Striped undergarments from LIVELY
Get this at LIVELY

LIVELY is greatly focused on making women feel confident and ready to take on the world. Whether that’s juggling full-time work and being a mom or tackling difficult college courses while having a flourishing social life.

The brand’s bras and undies blur the aesthetic lines of lingerie, swim, and active. Each piece is fashionable, comfortable, and will make you feel sexy as hell. Like Victoria’s Secret, LIVELY often has bundle offers so you can shop and save at the same time. 

14. Chantelle

Best Stores Like Victoria's Secret: Chantelle
Get this at Chantelle
Cute beige bra from Chantelle, a brand lie Victoria's Secret
Get this at Chantelle

Chantelle is a French lingerie company that was once a pioneer in manufacturing elastic knits. It carries high-quality bras and bralettes, sophisticated bra and undie sets, and essentials. Chantelle prides itself by offering bras from cup sizes A to I.

For those who love romantic lace and hyper-feminine pieces, Chantelle has exactly what you need. In terms of price point, Chantelle’s styles are leaning more toward the expensive side compared to brands like Adore Me, Pretty Little Thing, and Aerie.

But that’s okay, you deserve it!

15. Thistle & Spire

The best alternatives to Victoria's Secret: Thistle & Spire
Get this at Thistle & Spire
The best alternatives to Victoria's Secret" Thistle & Spire
Get this at Thistle & Spire

Thistle & Spire is a very inclusive lingerie brand that carries French-inspired bras and panties for every body type.

In addition to its sassy undergarments, Thistle & Spire also sells bodysuits, sleepwear, and sexy lingerie sets. Each piece on its website is like a tiny piece of artwork, which justifies its price point that is slightly higher than Victoria’s Secrets.

We hope you found this list of the best alternatives to Victoria’s Secret helpful! If you’re looking for more fashion inspiration, check the posts down below.

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