15 Fun Watermelon Nails Perfect For The Summer

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Looking for a fun and summery nail design? Look no further than watermelon nails! This trend has been gaining popularity in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. Watermelon nails are bright, colorful, and perfect for summer.

These delicious fruits are perfect for snacking on in the sun, and they also make a great addition to your nails. In this article, we will show you some of the best watermelon nail designs for summer. Whether you want a simple design or something more elaborate, we have got you covered.

And what’s more, the nails that we’ve featured are from our favorite nail artists on Etsy, which means that you can purchase each and every one of the designs with a few clicks – talk about hassle-free! Alternatively, you can browse the list for inspiration and take your favorite design to your trusted local nail tech.

Without further ado, Let’s get started!


15 Cute Watermelon Nails



Hot pink nails with watermelon nail art

Get these nails on Etsy

Hot pink is one of the most popular nail colors to wear in the summer, and combining it with baby pink really creates a fun, playful look, The small watermelon slices are just the icing on the cake!




Pale pink and neon green watermelon nails

Get these nails on Etsy

One of the simplest watermelon nail designs is a basic pink and green watermelon slice. While you can get purchase this design on Etsy, it’s also relatively simple to do at home!




Short light pink watermelon nails

Get these nail wraps on Etsy

These short watermelon nails are also a great option for summer. This design is simple but looks really cute and festive.

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These nails are actually perhaps the easiest to recreate at home because they come as nail wraps, i.e. stickers! Just peel them off, attach them to your nails and file off the remaining part of the sticker – how easy is that?




Long nude and pink watermelon nails with glitter

Get these nails on Etsy

This ombre watermelon nail design is really eye-catching and will definitely get you noticed. We love the glitter for added sparkles!




Neon red watermelon nails

Get these nails on Etsy

These neon watermelon nails are perfect for summer and for anyone who loves matte nails!




Cute watermelon dip nail powder

Get this dip powder for nails on Etsy

Dip powders can seem a bit intimidating if you’ve never used them, but they’re relatively straightforward and produce beautiful results. If you do you own gel nails at home, try these to create a unique manicure that’s easier to do than it looks! 




Cute short watermelon nails

Get these nail wraps on Etsy

Aren’t these short nails the cutest? If you’re looking to get as many different watermelon designs on your nails as humanely possible, this is for you!




Pretty red and green watermelon nails for summer

Get these nails on Etsy

Ah, the classic combination of red and green. If you love matte nails, this set is one to bookmark for later.




Fun coral summer nails with watermelon nail art

Get these nails on Etsy

These nails could equally well be honeydew as they could be watermelon. We love the coral tones of this set, because it makes the nails stand out from the rest of the designs feature in this post!




Neon pink watermelon nails

Get these nails on Etsy

Looking to add a touch of neon to your fingertips? You got it!




Cute hot pink watermelon nails

Get these nails on Etsy

This striking design is perfect for festivals or a vacation, as it’s sure to get you plenty of compliments.




Long matte hot pink nails with neon green

Get these nails on Etsy

If you love the color scheme of watermelon nails but don’t want to go all out with recreating the nail art, try this subtle set with bright pink and lime green instead.




Short light pink nails with watermelon nail art

Get these nails on Etsy

This short set is perfect if you’re looking to wear watermelon nails in the springtime. The pastel colors loo beautiful with typical floral spring dresses and will remind you of the approaching summer.




Long hot pink watermelon nails

Get these nails on Etsy

These cute nails are made with holographic pieces that glisten beautifully in the sun. They remind us of juicy popsicles, perfect for the hot weather!




Cute long pink and green watermelon press on nails

Get these nails on Etsy

This is another classic take on watermelon nails, The classic hot pink and green complement each other well, and we especially love the slight ombre effect on the ring finger nails.

We hope you loved these designs as much as we did! Let us know which of these designs you’re going to be wearing on your fingertips next!


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