25 Top Luxury Handbag Brands That Are Worth The Money

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Thinking about making your next designer bag investment? Here are the top luxury handbag brands that you should know about!

It has been said that a modern woman’s rite of passage is to have her first big girl bag purchase – we’re talking about timeless, expensive bags from luxury brands. After all, they are an investment piece.

The best thing about iconic bags from famous brands is that they can withstand the test of time since they are made from the highest possible quality materials. With the right amount of care, you can even resell them for the same price you bought them for, or even higher if it’s an exclusive bag.

A luxury handbag is the perfect accessory to top off any outfit. They can be used for work, school, or an evening out on the town. The top brands in the fashion industry come from a variety of countries and have their own unique styles that they are known for – and they are household names for a reason.

In this article, we will explore the best designer handbag brands so you can choose your next luxury bag!

25 Top Luxury Handbag Brands

1. Hermès

Hermès is the king of leather goods and definitely the most exclusive brand on this list. This top French luxury fashion and handbag brand was founded by Thierry Hermès in 1837 and is currently most famous for its leather goods and colorful scarves.

The brand’s most famous pieces include of course the highly coveted Birkin and Kelly bags, which are very hard to purchase directly from a store, unless you have a previous purchase history with the brand. Even then, you most likely can’t choose the color or size of your bag: you take what’s offered to you.

For this reason, if you do manage to bag either the Kelly or the Birkin directly from the store, you can immediately sell the bag for a profit. For example, both the Kelly and the Birkin retail for around $10k depending on the size, color and leather of the bags, but the resale value is often around $20k!

While these bags are extremely expensive, it’s often said that they are better investments than the stock market. We don’t recommend getting these as your first handbags, but they’re definitely worth considering if you are a friend of luxury fashion and already own a couple of designer handbags.

You may want to try your luck in the store, but if you want to skip the games, go directly to a secondhand marketplace like Fashionphile instead.

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Black Hermes Togo Birkin 30

$17,325 at Fashionphile

2. Chanel

Chanel is another iconic luxury brand that has now become a household name.

Founded by Coco Chanel in 1910, this brand’s haute couture products are known for their elegance and simplicity, and while some brands are known for a specific product, Chanel is equally known for its bags, clothes, perfumes, shoes, and accessories.

Chanel handbags are incredibly chic and are totally worth every penny. In our opinion, the double C logo is the most beautiful logo among luxury fashion brands, but we may be biased.

If you’re looking for a luxury purse that will appreciate in value over time and that isn’t quite as expensive as Hermès, there’s no better bag than the Chanel classic flap.

The price of this bag (and other classic Chanel bags) keeps increasing at a steady pace, so it’s better to get on the Chanel train sooner rather than later.

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Black Chanel Shiny Aged Calfskin Quilted Nano Kelly Shopper

$7,285 at Fashionphile

3. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is arguably one of the most famous top luxury handbag brands out there, so much that it is also the brand that has the most knockoffs and fakes in the market today.

The brand has been around since 1854 – enough to perfect the formula for the best handbags. LV handbags are extremely durable, and relatively well-priced too, especially when compared to Chanel and Hermès.

Still, Louis Vuitton is one of the luxury handbag brands that does extremely well on the secondhand market, and if you hold the bags for long enough, you can even sell them for a profit.

Louis Vuitton’s bestselling handbags are often made with their monogram print, but they also produce many bags in more understated colors without the famous prints.

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Brown and beige Louis Vuitton Monogram Clutch

$2,990 at Fashionphile

4. Christian Dior

The house of Dior was founded in 1946 by French designer and businessman Christian Dior, and they’re well known for their handbags, perfumes, clothes, and accessories.

The now-iconic Lady Dior bag was a favorite of Princess Diana, so much so that Dior baptized the bag in her honor. The bag is now one of the most famous bags in fashion history, and one of Dior’s bestselling bags.

In addition to this, Dior has produced quite a few hit bags in the last few years. First of all, we have to mention the beautiful Christian Dior Book Tote that is perfect for travel and thus often seen at airports on top of other luggage bags.

Then, of course, we have the iconic Saddle bag which made its way back to the shelves of Dior in 2014 after Beyonce wore her vintage Saddle bag from the 90s. The bag was discontinued in 2000, but Beyonce had the power to bring it back and make it even more popular than before.

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Red Christian Dior Mini Lady Dior Bag

$5,500 at Dior

5. Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent, previously known as Yves Saint Laurent or just YSL, has been around since the ’60s and it’s most known for its effortlessly modern, elegant bags that have a bit of edge.

Their classic bags with the beautiful YSL logo are cult favorites, and luckily the bags are among the most affordable ones in the world of luxury brands. You can typically find a beautiful YSL bag for under $3,000 which makes them perfect for new luxury enthusiasts.

Some of Saint Laurent’s bestselling handbags include the Loulou bag, the trendy Rive Gauche tote bag and the sophisticated Sac De Jour bag.

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Black and white Saint Laurent Kate Small YSL Crossbody Bag in Smooth Leather

$2,700 at Neiman Marcus

6. Gucci

Gucci is an Italian fashion house with a rich heritage. It was founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921, and he got his inspiration from combining British aesthetics with Italian craftsmanship. 

Gucci bags these days are head-turners – they are simply gorgeous and they come in a variety of styles that can cater to any aesthetic you’re going for. Like YSL, Gucci bags can be relatively affordable, and you can find lots of options for under $3,500.

While many of the brand’s bags are easy to recognize by its GG logo and monogram print, many of the best Gucci bags now have a more minimalist touch to them, the Jackie (featured above) and Horesbit bag being prime examples of this.

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Black Gucci Jackie Medium Shoulder Bag

$3,350 at Gucci

7. Goyard

Goyard is one of the oldest luxury French brands, dating back to as early as 1792, when the brand first made trunks under the name of Maison Martin, before changing its name and adding other leather goods to the collection.

This bag maker is one of the more mysterious designer brands – Goyard bags are only available new from a Goyard store, and unlike many other luxury brands, Goyard doesn’t spend money on advertising, nor can you browse its bags (or prices!) online. For many, this adds to the allure of the brand. And of course, it goes without saying that Goyard’s high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship keep up the brand’s extraordinary reputation.

Almost all of the brand’s bags are decorated with the incredible Goyardine print, as you can see on our list of the best Goyard bags. These designs are popular among influencers and celebrities alike, so why not add one of these stunning handbags to your own wardrobe?

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Burgundy Goyard Goyardine Saint Louis PM

$2,030 at Fashionphile

8. Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta has been around for quite some time: it was originally founded in 1966 in Italy, and its name literally translates to “Venetian store”. It’s always been a brand that’s well known for its craftsmanship, quality leather goods and understated appearance, so much so that it’s refrained from using any noticeable logos on its bags.

While the brand has always been on the radar of people who want the best quality bags, it failed to become a coveted brand among regular consumers until Daniel Lee assumed the role of creative director in 2018. The rest is history: Lee gave us iconic bags such as the Pouch bag, the Cassette bag and of course, the Jodie.

While these bags are expensive, you can rest assured that they’re built to last and made with only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Bottega bags now even come with a lifetime warranty, so if anything were to go wrong, the brand will repair your purse.

For more, why not check out our article on the 8 best Bottega Veneta bags to invest in?

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Olive green Bottega Veneta Large Hop Shoulder Bag

$4,400 at Neiman Marcus

9. Celine

Celine is a French ready-to-wear and leather luxury goods brand that was founded in 1945 by Céline Vipiana. This luxury brand is known for its stylish accessories like bags, sunglasses, belts, as well as clothes. 

Celine bags have a polished and sophisticated aesthetic that can add a refined touch to any look, and finish with breathtaking, stunning details that can further elevate your outfit. There are plenty of beautiful bags to choose from – we love these 7 the most.

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Tan Celine Shoulder Bag Claude In Natural Calfskin

$3,450 at Celine

10. Loewe

Founded in 1846, Madrid-based Loewe originally gained popularity with the Spanish royalty and has always been famous for its craftsmanship and leather goods.

However, more recently, Loewe has really become the go-to brand for stylish beach and summer bags. You’ve no doubt seen multiple different versions of the brand’s affordable basket bags, some with a minimalist anagram logo, and some with a bold “Loewe” font.

Some of Loewe’s most popular bags include the Puzzle bag, the aforementioned raffia totes, and the Flamenco bag. The brand caters to shoppers at all price points – the summer styles are relatively affordable, with many styles retailing for under $1,000, while the leather bags command a higher price.

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Neutral beige and white Loewe x Paula’s Ibiza Basket Bag in Palm Leaf with Leather Handles

$690 at Neiman Marcus

11. Prada

Prada is another luxury brand that has been around for a long time: it was founded by brothers Martino and Mario Prada in 1913.

Prada bags are famous for their wearability, functionality, and durability. The brand is famous for using durable materials, such as scratch and stain-proof Saffiano leather (which Mario Prada invented and patented himself,) as well as nylon. Most of Prada’s bestselling bags are simple and sleek – perfect for the modern woman.

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Black Prada Cleo patent leather bag

$2,850 at Prada

12. Fendi

Fendi is an Italian fashion house that started as a family-run fur and leather store in 1925. When Karl Lagerfeld arrived in 1965 to lead with his creative mind, Fendi became a global luxury powerhouse thanks to his unique designs.

Fendi bags are both timeless and trendy, and come with an elegant heritage. Their most famous bag – the Baguette bag is a cultural icon. It was designed by Silvia Fendi in the late 1990s, and it rose to prominence when it appeared on Sex and the City. 

In addition to the Baguette bag, Fendi’s bestselling bags include the Peekaboo and the Sunshine tote, which is perfect for vacations by the beach.

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Ivory Fendi Nano Peekaboo bag

$1,350 at 24s

13. Valentino Garavani

If you’re on the bolder, adventurous, playful side, then you won’t be disappointed by Valentino Garavani’s bags as they are full of bold colors, unique designs and often feature the brand’s logo.

The Rockstud and VLOGO collections are the most popular bags from Valentino Garavani – each with a striking and glamorous look that can add extra sparkle and opulence to your outfit. Valentino Garavani bags range from just under $2,000 to well over $4,000 depending on the size of the bag, the materials, and the detail of the embellishments – just stunning!

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Metallic light silver Valentino Garavani Loco Small VLOGO Metallic Shoulder Bag

$3,390 at Neiman Marcus

14. Miu Miu

Miu Miu was founded in 1993 by Miuccia Prada, the executive director of Prada, and has a youthful, fresher aesthetic than the historic Prada brand. Miu Miu offers a stunning womenswear collection and a beautiful range of accessories that mix the Italian elegance of Prada with a playful touch.

The bags available from Miu Miu are super chic and stylish, with a minimalist color palette that really accentuates the textures and embellishments of the bags.

Miu Miu often makes use of a woven leather technique, known as Matelassé, which you can see on the Wander bag featured above, giving the bag a striking textural finish. These adorable bags are unique yet timeless, a must-have in your wardrobe.

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White Miu Miu Arcadie matelassé nappa leather bag

$3,600 at Miu Miu

15. Savette

If you are looking for a sleek and minimalist handbag, then Savette is the perfect brand for you! The brand was only founded in 2020 by Amy Zurek but has quickly become a must-have brand due to its chic, contemporary, and eternally stylish aesthetic.

Each bag is carefully crafted in Italy, with high-quality materials, so these pieces will really stand the test of time and become an heirloom in your wardrobe. Pick up a Savette bag for anywhere between $990 and $3,450 and with Lady Gaga, Emily Ratajkowski, and Camille Charriere already fans of the brand, why wouldn’t you want one of these bags in your collection?

The most popular are Symmetry bags, including the Pochette and the 19, while the Tondo totes are ideal if you need something a little larger.

Black Savette Symmetry Pochette in Black Leather

$1,190 at Savette

16. the Row

The Row is a New York-based brand, founded by Mary Kate and Ashely Olsen in 2006 and has now become a go-to fashion label for Gwyneth Paltrow, Hailey Bieber, Sienna Miller, and Margot Robbie.

The paired-back style, sophisticated aesthetic, and neutral color palette of The Row make it a top luxury brand that will never go out of style.

The clothing and footwear are just gorgeous, but the handbag collection is particularly popular at the moment, with the Half Moon Shoulder Bag, Margaux Bag, and Sofia bag the best-sellers from The Row. Bags from The Row are available for between $1,290 and $6,890 and really deserve a place in your wardrobe.

Dark brown The Row Half Moon textured-leather shoulder bag

$1,390 at Net-a-Porter

17. Jacquemus

Simon Porte Jacquemus began his modern and fresh French luxury brand in 2009 when he was only 19 years old.

His contemporary and minimalist designs, which are often inspired by his life in the south of France, grew in popularity very quickly, and in 2012, Jacquemus was invited to show his collection at Paris Fashion Week. Although Jacquemus may be relatively new to leather goods, the handbags produced by the brand have become an instant hit.

The Le Chiquito bag, Le Bisou bag, and Le Bambino shoulder bag have all become instant hits with their striking colors and strong silhouettes. If you are looking for a chic and eye-catching bag, then Jacquemus definitely is the brand you need to go for.  

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White Jacquemus Le Chiquito Long Top-Handle Bag

$815 at Neiman Marcus

18. Chloé

Chloé is a French luxury fashion house founded in 1952 by Egyptian-born Gaby Again, and this brand has a knack for creating cult handbags that are a favorite by women around the world.

Chloé bags are elegant and hyper-feminine, each with a touch of Parisian chic that can really elevate even the most casual outfit. We love that each of the Chloe bags is available in plenty of different colors so you can pick the one that best suits your personal style.

Many of Chloé’s bestselling bags have a boho feel to them, including the popular Marcie Satchel and the Tess bag. In addition to this, many Chloé bags are relatively affordable, hovering around the $2,000 mark, making them a great piece to add to your growing handbag collection.

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Burgundy Brown Chloe Small Tess Leather Crossbody Bag

$2,450 at Nordstrom

19. Alaia

The Alaia brand was founded by the incredible Turkish couturier Azzedine Alaia in 1964. Alaia had previously worked for Dior, Guy Laroche, and Thierry Mugler where he learned the art of exquisite craftsmanship and tailoring.

Alaia’s designs grew in popularity in the 1980s, when he became known for his curve0accentuating seaming, inventive use of leather and knits, and fitted silhouettes – these techniques and silhouettes were highlighted by the neutral color palettes of earth tones and monochrome hues.

Now, Alaia is best known for producing many must-have pieces among luxury fashion enthusiasts, such as the elongated Le Teckel bag featured above, the heart-shaped Le Coeur bag, and various ballet flats that have become incredibly popular.

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White Alaia Le Teckel Small Bag In Goatskin

$2,450 at Alaia

20. Jimmy Choo

The Malaysian fashion designer, Jimmy Choo founded his namesake brand in the United Kingdom after studying at London College of Fashion and opened his first store in 1996. Choo first began with footwear, with Diana Princess of Wales quickly becoming a fan of Jimmy Choo heels, but as the brand has grown, handbags and accessories have been added to the collection.

Many of the handbags are striking and glamorous, embellished with crystals, sequins, and fringing, but there are also leather shoulder bags and bucket bags that are ideal for everyday use.

Jimmy Choo bags are a little more affordable, with most available for under $2,000 – including the popular Cinch bag ($1,895), the cute Beach Tote ($650) and the glam Mini Bon Bon bag ($1,150).

Shop The Brand
White Jimmy Choo The Cinch Leather Shoulder Bag

$1,895 at Neiman Marcus

Top Accessible Luxury Bag Brands

21. Polène

Polène has quickly become one of the top handbag brands, best known for striking silhouettes, luxurious materials, and timeless designs.

This French affordable luxury brand was founded in 2016 and keeps a focus on sustainability, high-quality leather sourced from Spain and Italy, and expert craftsmanship made by highly skilled Italian artisans.

We love the unique and striking silhouettes of the Polène bags, particularly the Numero Huit, the Beri, and the Numero Un bags, as well as the affordable price tags, with the bags available for between $400 and $700!

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White Polene Numero Neuf

$610 at Polene

22. DeMellier

DeMellier is a UK-based brand, founded by Spanish designer Mireia Llusia-Lindh, who began the brand with the aim to create chic handbags that were high-quality and made sustainably and ethically.

DeMellier has embraced a contemporary, minimalist, and sleek aesthetic, with a wide range of bags that will add a sophisticated touch to any outfit and really stand the test of time. All the bags are available for under $1000, making this brand a great affordable option that still looks luxurious and is ethical with their production – just perfect!

There are so many gorgeous bags to choose from, in a wide range of colors, but our favorites include The Montreal, The Vancouver, The New York, and The Tokyo.

Shop The Brand
Black DeMellier The New York

$650 at DeMellier

23. Toteme

Toteme celebrates minimalist Swedish design with classic silhouettes, expert tailoring, luxurious leather, and a sophisticated aesthetic across their clothing, handbags, and footwear.

The brand was founded in Stockholm in 2014 by Elin Kling and Karl Lindman, and has now grown into an international fashion house, with a gorgeous handbag collection that has proved particularly popular.

The handbags are available for between $520 and $1,480, each crafted from high-quality leather and crafted by expert artisans. Our favorite bags from Toteme include the T-Lock Clutch and Top Handle bag, the T-Flap Crossbody bag, and the Scoop Zip Shoulder bag.

Shop The Brand
Tan Toteme T-Lock Top Handle Bag in Pebble Grain Leather

$1,390 at Neiman Marcus

24. Tory Burch

Tory Burch began her namesake fashion label in 2004 and since it has become one of the best-known American luxury brands, with an incredible collection of clothing, handbags, footwear, swimwear, and accessories.

The brand received an endorsement from Oprah Winfrey, making Tory Burch a household name and now there are 300 Tory Burch stores worldwide, as well as in department stores too.

There are loads of different bags to choose from including logo-emblazoned handbags, glamorous evening bags, practical totes, and stylish shoulder bags, so there is something to suit any personal style – all available for between $158 and $1,298. The best-sellers from Tory Burch include the Lee Radziwill Double Bag, Ella Tote Bag, and Fleming Shoulder Bag.

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Navy and blue Tory Burch T-Monogram Jacquard Crescent Shoulder Bag

$398 at Nordstrom

25. Mulberry

Mulberry is a classically British luxury brand, best known for its luxury leather goods, but also offers a full range of leather goods, accessories, shoes, and travel items. If you are looking for timeless design, sophisticated aesthetics, and top-quality materials, Mulberry is a great brand for you.

Mulberry has been creating beautiful bags since the early 1970s and there is now a wide range of styles, available in lots of different colors, perfect to suit any personal style. The Alexa bags are one of the most popular styles, crafted from high-quality pebbled leather and available in plenty of colors.

The Amberley is a recent addition to the collection and its minimalist style and chic look make it the ideal everyday handbag you really need in your life.

Shop The Brand
Black Mulberry Small Zipped Bayswater Leather Satchel

$1,650 at Nordstrom

Luxury handbags are elite fashion accessories. Whether you’re looking for the perfect bag to go with your new outfit, or you want something that will make an excellent gift for someone special in your life, it’s important to know that handbags come in a variety of styles.

“Handbag” is the umbrella term for most bag styles, but here are the most popular sub-styles:

  • Shoulder bags have a long strap that’s designed to be worn over the shoulder. You can sometimes shorten the chain and wear these bags directly under your armpit as well.
  • Tote bags or shopping bags have no straps and instead rely on top handles to carry them around without being slung over.
  • Crossbody bags come with a very long strap that’s designed to be worn across the body.
  • Top-handle bags encompass multiple bag styles in one, but they have one common factor: a top handle. These bags can come with no straps, a shoulder strap or crossbody strap, and can be worn over your body, or simply hanging from your hand.
  • A baguette bag is a small, compact, purse-like type of bag that can be worn under your armit, or simply hanging from your hand.

In conclusion, the world of luxury handbags is a fascinating one, filled with rich history, exquisite craftsmanship, and an endless array of styles and designs to choose from. Whether you’re a fan of classic and timeless designs, or prefer to make a bold statement with a daring and unique piece, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to top luxury handbag brands.

From iconic names like Chanel, Hermès, and Louis Vuitton, to the newer players on the scene such as Bottega Veneta and Saint Laurent, each brand offers its own unique take on luxury and elegance, with an unwavering commitment to quality and attention to detail.

For those who are willing to make the investment, a luxury handbag can be a truly transformative accessory, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to any outfit and elevating your overall style to new heights.

So whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting out on your luxury handbag journey, there’s no better time to explore the world of top luxury handbag brands and discover the perfect piece to add to your collection.

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