The 20 Best Chanel Bags Worth The Splurge

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This historic French luxury fashion house is known for creating some of the most desirable bags in the world – so we’ve brought together all the best Chanel bags with the best resale value.

Coco Chanel founded her revolutionary brand in 1910 and began by creating fashionable clothing for women that allowed freedom and movement.

Since then, Chanel has grown into one of the biggest fashion brands in the world, producing some of the most incredible and iconic handbags out there. So, we have compiled a list of the best Chanel bags that would make incredible investments.

20 Best Chanel Bags To Buy

1. Classic Double Flap Bag (In Small/Medium)
Black Chanel Caviar Quilted Small Double Flap Bag

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The Chanel Double Flap is a classic, timeless piece that you really need in your collection.

This bag comes in both buttery smooth lambskin leather as well as sturdy caviar leather, and while both are great investments, we’ve typically seen the caviar versions fetch a higher price on the resale market. Plus, the caviar leather wears better, making it an ideal bag for everyday wear.

On this particular bag featured above, the textured caviar leather is quilted in the quintessentially Chanel diamond pattern, while the leather threaded chain strap can be worn on the shoulder or across the body.

The iconic CC lock opens to reveal a matching leather lining fitted with patch pockets. The black shade of this bag means it will suit a whole range of outfits and would make the perfect investment piece.

2. Chanel 19 Flap Bag
Beige Chanel Lambskin Quilted Large Chanel 19 Flap bag
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The famous Chanel flap bag has been refreshed in this Chanel 19 Flap bag with its chain detailing and more relaxed silhouette.

Available in lambskin and goatskin finishing, this Chanel bag has a mixed metal chain strap made up of gold, ruthenium, and dark silver, which complements the mini-chain link CC logo on the front of the bag.

The Chanel 19 bags are a great classic investment bag from Chanel because they are so effortlessly stylish and hold their original value well so can be resold easily.

3. Top Handle Rectangular flap Bag
Silver Chanel Quilted Caviar Classic Single Flap Top Handle Bag
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The Chanel Classic Single Flap Top Handle Bag is a timeless bag that always looks super stylish, so why not make it your next designer bag purchase?

The bag is made from durable quilted caviar leather in a gorgeous silvery tone, while the interior is also lined with metallic grey leather to guarantee a luxurious finish.

Inside, you will find a slip pocket and zipper pocket, while outside, there is a structured top handle and silver chain link for shoulder or crossbody wear.

4. Trendy CC Dual Handle Flap Bag (In Small)
Black Chanel Lambskin Quilted Small Trendy CC Dual Handle Flap Bag
Browse Chanel Trendy CC Bags on Fashionphile

The Chanel Trendy bag is one of the best Chanel bags that is a little more under the radar – it is not one of the most famous Chanel bags, but it’s still hard to get your hands on it in the stores. That’s also what makes it a good investment!

Made from supple lambskin leather, the structured silhouette of this bag is perfectly finished off with a leather top handle sitting on a gold bar, a gold CC logo lock, and a leather threaded chain strap, adding a touch of glamour to this sophisticated handbag!

5. Deauville Tote
Beige and white Chanel Mixed Fibers Small Deauville Tote
Browse Chanel Deauville Totes on Fashionphile

A tote bag is essential in any wardrobe, and the Chanel Mixed Fibers Deauville Tote bag is a classic style that will be eternally stylish.

This Chanel bag is made from a tightly woven fabric for a durable finish in a pale beige shade, then finished with a white Chanel advertisement logo for a chic and polished neutral finish that will suit a wide range of outfits.

There are leather top handles as well as a polished silver chain strap to ensure endless versatility. We love that this super practical tote also comes with a super useful removable pouch to keep smaller items easy to find. This bag will never go out of style and would make the perfect investment piece.

6. Coco Handle Flap bag
Green Chanel Caviar Quilted Mini Coco Handle Flap Bag
Browse Chanel Coco Handle Flap Bags on Fashionphile

We love the elegance of the Chanel Mini Coco Handle Flap Bag, with its quilted exterior and spacious interior.

This classic bag is made from grained caviar calfskin leather and features a rolled leather top handle and a glittering gold CC turn lock.

As well as the top handle, there is also a gold shoulder strap with a leather shoulder pad to ensure ultimate comfort. The interior of the bag is partitioned and fitted with zipper and patch pockets.

7. Wallet on Chain
Red Chanel Caviar Quilted Wallet On Chain WOC
Browse Chanel Wallet on Chain on Fashionphile

While some do not see wallets on chains (WOCs) as real bags, we think they deserve a spot on the list. Chanel’s WOCs typically retail for a lower price than any of their bags, and for that reason, many turn to them as their first Chanel purchase. There will always be demand for a Chanel WOC on the secondhand market!

This compact wallet on chain is made from red grained caviar leather and then finished with a delicate CC Chanel logo and polished light gold chain link strap.

The interior is the perfect size for your phone, wallet, and keys, so this bag would be ideal for quick trips out or as an elegant addition to any formal evening look.

8. Mini Vanity Case With Chain
Black Chanel Lambskin Quilted Top Handle Mini Vanity Case With Chain
Browse Chanel Top Handle Mini Vanity Cases on Fashionphile

Made from supple lambskin leather, this Top Handle Mini Vanity Case is so luxurious.

In recent years, vanity case style bags have become very popular to wear on the shoulder, so why not add this Chanel vanity case to your designer bag collection? The black leather is complemented by gold hardware for the chain-link strap, ¾ zipper, and CC logo.

The black fabric-lined interior is also pretty spacious – perfect for carrying around all your everyday essentials.

9. Business Affinity Flap bag
Beige Chanel Caviar Quilted Medium Business Affinity Flap Bag
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This Chanel Business Affinity Flap Bag is a great choice if you are looking for a stylish and sophisticated work bag to carry your essentials.

Crafted from beige caviar calfskin leather, this bag features top handles as well as a gold chain-link strap with a shoulder pad to ensure comfort.

The back of the bag is fitted with a slip pocket, while the interior has zipper and patch pockets to help keep everything perfectly organized. The sleek handbag design makes this bag an instant classic.

10. Boy Flap Bag
Black Chanel Caviar Quilted Medium Boy Flap Bag
Browse Chanel Boy Flap Bags on Fashionphile

The Chanel Boy Bag is a cult classic handbag, and over the years has become one of Chanel’s most recognizable pieces and has a unique look to it. However, we’d like to point out that there has been talk about the bag wearing quite poorly – for example, the corners allegedly cave in quite often.

If you love the look and plan on wearing it for years, this is a great bag to go for, but you will really have to care for it properly to keep it looking its best.

As for design, this stunning bag is available in a range of different colors and sizes to ensure you can find the perfect version that suits your personal style. The attention-grabbing front flap features diamond quilting with a linear quilted border finished off with a gold CC plaque lock.

The chunky gold chain strap features a leather shoulder pad to give this bag an edgy finish.

11. Diana Bag (Vintage)
Black Chanel Vintage Quilted Lambskin Diana Flap Bag
Browse Chanel Diana Bags on Rebag

We love the minimalist aesthetic of this vintage Diana Flap Bag – perfect for bringing a little retro glam into your life.

This classic handbag is made from black lambskin leather and then finished off with gold hardware and a red leather interior.

The sliding chain-link strap means this bag can be worn as a shoulder bag or a crossbody bag – so versatile! As you may know, vintage Chanel bags have the added bonus of having real 24k gold plating on the hardware, so you know this bag will stay looking perfect for a very long time.

12. Chanel 22 Bag
Black Chanel Shiny Calfskin Quilted Small Chanel 22 Bag
Browse Chanel 22 Bags on Fashionphile

The Chanel 22 is one of the more recent addition and has a gorgeous, relaxed look – perfect for everyday wear!

This Quilted Small Chanel 22 bag has a bucket bag-like silhouette, crafted from shiny black calfskin leather and has been embellished with the Chanel brand name in glittering gold, then finished with a leather threaded chain shoulder strap, featuring a Chanel logo charm.

The magnetic clasp allows easy access to the spacious interior, which is fitted with a zipper pocket and comes with a removable pouch so you don’t lose anything at the bottom of your bag.

13. 2.55 Reissue Flap bag
Black Chanel Aged Calfskin Chevron Quilted 2.55 Reissue Mini Flap Bag
Browse Chanel 2.55 Reissue bags on Fashionphile

The Reissue bag has quickly become a very popular Chanel handbag because of its sleek and sophisticated style, which is shown perfectly in this all-black edition of the bag.

This handbag is crafted from black-aged calfskin leather, quilted in a chevron pattern for a plush sumptuous finish.

The black hardware, including the metal chain strap, finishes the bag off seamlessly. Inside you will find a zipper and patch pocket to help you remain organized.

14. Perfume Bag
Clear and gold Chanel Plexiglass No. 5 Perfume Bottle Bag
Browse Chanel Perfume Bags on 1st Dibs

If you are looking for a totally unique and attention-grabbing Chanel bag, then this Chanel Plexiglass No. 5 Perfume Bottle Bag is just what your need!

This evening bag will add an extra special touch to your outfit, with the clear plexiglass forming the iconic shape of a Chanel No 5 Perfume bottle, then finished with a gleaming gold engraved logo and delicate gold chain shoulder strap, threaded with white leather.

This bag is rare and can be difficult to get hold of, making it a great investment piece that would have a fantastic resale price in the future!

15. Caviar Quilted Grand Shopping Tote
Black Chanel Caviar Quilted Grand Shopping Tote GST
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If you are looking for a larger bag that can fit a laptop, then the Chanel Grand Shopping Tote is perfect.

The sleek exterior, made from quilted caviar leather and finished with gold chain-link shoulder straps, gives way to a partitioned interior.

The satin lining is fitted with central zip compartments, zipper, and patch pockets, so you can always easily find everything you need!

16. Small Hobo Bag
Green Chanel Small Hobo bag
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The classic Chanel motifs of diamond quilted leather and a leather-threaded chain strap are perfectly blended with a fresh and contemporary silhouette and embellishments in this irresistible Chanel Small Hobo Bag.

Available in green, red, white, or black, this hobo bag is made from luxe lambskin leather and decorated with shiny light gold hardware. The base of the bag features the quintessentially Chanel chains, while the top corners of the bag can be joined to form a chic crescent shape.

The top zipper opens to a compact interior, lined with matching fabric, and the ideal size for your phone, keys, and wallet.

17. CC Vanity Case
Black Chanel Caviar Quilted Medium CC Filigree Vanity Case
Browse Chanel CC Filigree Vanity Cases on Fashionphile

If you are looking for a shoulder bag that is a little more unique, then the Chanel CC Filigree Vanity Case is perfect for you. This bag is available in two colorways: full black and nude/black – we absolutely love the sleek look of the former.

Made from quilted caviar leather, the black leather is quilted in a diamond pattern and then decorated with a black leather CC logo, highlighted by gold hardware.

The duel zip opens to reveal a spacious interior with plenty of room to fit your everyday essential items, plus perhaps even a perfume bottle of your favorite Chanel fragrance.

18. CC In Love Heart Waist Belt Bag
Black Chanel Lambskin Quilted CC In Love Heart Waist Belt Bag With Chain
Browse Chanel In Love Heart Bags on Fashionphile

This Chanel CC In Love Heart Belt Bag is not just cute, it’s unbelievably popular on social media at the moment! While we think this bag is most definitely a trend piece, it’s said to be impossible to get your hands on, so it definitely has amazing resale potential.

We predict that this bag will be a limited-time piece that will continue to sell for a high price for years if Chanel decides to stop producing the bag anytime soon.

The black leather is complemented by shiny light gold hardware and a black fabric-lined interior. The chain strap can be worn around the waist or on the shoulder, or remove the bag entirely and carry it as a clutch.

19. Pearl-encrusted Flap Bag

Browse Chanel Pearl Bags on Fashionphile

This pearl bag is one of Chanel’s limited-edition seasonal bags from the Spring Summer 2019 collection, that has quickly become one of the most sought-after Chanel bags. You’ll have to keep checking with resale sites to get your hands on this bag because most of the time, it’s unavailable for purchase – although you may be able to find variations of the pearl bag, like this Velvet Pearl Mini Flap Bag.

While it’s very hard to get your hands on, if you do manage to find it and you love the design, we highly recommend purchasing it – you can’t go wrong with this beautiful collector’s piece, and you can rest assured that it will sell on for a nice amount on the resale market, too.

20. Gabrielle Hobo bag
Black Chanel Aged Calfskin Quilted Small Gabrielle Hobo
Browse Chanel Gabrielle Hobo Bags on Fashionphile

Named after the founder of Chanel, Gabrielle Chanel, the Gabrielle bag has taken different forms and different sizes, but this small Gabrielle hobo bag is a timeless classic.

The aged calfskin leather accentuates the diamond quilting and contrasts the smooth glossy finish on the base of the bag.

The leather threaded gold and ruthenium chain link strap has a shoulder pad for comfort, while the bag opens with an aged gold CC zipper pull to allow easy access to the roomy, red-lined interior, fitted with zipper and patch pockets.

This chic bag was sadly discontinued in spring/summer 2022, but it’s still available on secondhand websites like Fashionphile.

We hope you loved this list of the 20 best Chanel bags (to invest in)! For more luxury fashion content, check out the links below.

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The best Chanel bags on the market

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