10 Best Designer Espadrilles Worth Investing In 2022

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Are you looking for a chic and comfortable pair of designer espadrilles to wear this summer? If so, here are the 10 best options to invest in.

There are many reasons why we love espadrilles: they are lightweight and can be worn for extended periods of time, they come in flat and heeled options, they offer support, and they allow your feet to breathe. For those who feel the same, we’ve rounded up ten of the best designer espadrilles that can be easily purchased during your next online shopping spree.

Not only are they practical but they are also exceedingly fashionable, and hold the ability to take any outfit from a 5/10 to a sizzling hot 10/10.

When looking for the best designer espadrilles online, be sure to pay attention to each website’s size guide and the fabrics used to construct the shoe. Fabrics like cotton, wool, and leather are all materials that will feel comfortable on your skin.


The Best Designer Espadrilles

1. YSL Monogram Espadrilles

YSL Monogram Espadrilles in black for best designer espadrilles

If you’re in dire need of a flat shoe that can be comfortably, yet fashionably worn around the office all day or while running errands, the YSL Monogram Espadrilles are the perfect shoe for you. These espadrilles feature an embossed YSL logo on the top of the toe and a midsole made of jute rope.

In terms of color options, this style comes in cream or black. Pair these espadrilles with some high-waisted, distressed denim and a white linen button-up shirt. This look is effortlessly chic and can be worn virtually anywhere. These can be all yours for around $595.


2. Chanel Espadrilles


Chanel Espadrilles in beige and black


These fashion-forward shoes are not for the faint of heart as their dainty details are sure to grab everyone’s attention. The Chanel Espadrilles come in five different fabric and color variations, including blue denim, pink tweed, black tweed, black leather, and beige leather with a black toe.

All are constructed from soft and durable lambskin and feature a jute rope midsole. For a timeless and rather trendy look, wear the beige leather Chanel Espadrilles (with the black toe detail) with a structured black mini or midi dress. These espadrilles retail for around $895 brand new, however, you can get them second-hand on FashionPhile for about $450.

Sidenote: If you love the two-toned look of these espadrilles but not the price, Tory Burch’s Color Block Espadrilles are a great alternative for just  $139.


3. Gucci Leather Espadrilles


Gucci Leather Espadrilles in quilted black for best designer espadrilles


If you stay up to date on fashion trends, you know that all-Gucci-everything is a serious vibe, which is exactly why you need the Gucci Leather Espadrilles. These even have a bit of a platform, giving you a little helping hand in the height department.

The Gucci Leather Espadrilles feature a chevron print and the double G emblem on the top of the flat shoe. The materials used to create the shoe come from Italy and they are carefully constructed in Spain—they are a very well-travelled shoe.

Since these espadrilles are made of black leather and rope, they flawlessly match any outfit. These shoes retail for around $690.

Pst – these are also available in beige here


4. Gucci Platform Leather Espadrilles


Gucci Platform Leather Espadrilles for best designer espadrilles


If you prefer to wear shoes with a bit of a heel or wedge, these Gucci Platform Leather Espadrilles will give you a boost of height and style.

The black leather sandals have an antique gold double G logo on the top and a wedge heel covered in cord. The black ankle strap ensures that they stay put on your feet. These platform espadrilles retail for around $725.

Pst – these are also available in beige here!


5. Prada Canvas Logo Espadrilles


Prada Canvas Logo Espadrilles in beige for best designer espadrilles


We’ve already got our credit card ready to go when it comes to the Prada Canvas Logo Espadrilles. These lightweight flats come in two colors that will surely never go out of style: black and beige. Each shoe has an embroidered Prada triangle logo on the top and features a braided jute rope sole.

The tops of each espadrille are made from cotton, which means that they will be breathable and comfortable for you to wear all day and night, no matter the occasion. The Prada Canvas Logo Espadrilles can be yours to love for around $650.


6. Tory Burch Ines Espadrilles


Tory Burch Ines Espadrilles in tan


The Tory Burch Ines Espadrilles have a slightly lower price point than the other shoes previously mentioned, though they absolutely do not lack in quality. These are a great starting point for women who are just getting comfortable with the concept of wearing designer shoes and first-time espadrille owners.

The Ines Espadrilles are made of leather and come in tan with gold trim, cream with gold trim, and black with silver trim. Since they are so lightweight, they are perfect for wearing in the summer and on beachy vacations. Fashionistas can purchase these espadrilles for $228.


7.  Chloé Woody Leather & Canvas Espadrilles


Chloé Woody Leather & Canvas Espadrilles in beige


Just like the Gucci Espadrilles, these adorable and versatile shoes by Chloé are also made in Spain. These nude espadrilles are created from high-quality leather and feature a woven logo on the top for added detail.

The Chloé Woody Leather & Canvas Espadrilles have a rubber sole that is covered in jute rope, which makes them very durable and resistant to dreaded wear and tear. These can be purchased for around $475.


8. Gucci Aitana Espadrille Wedge Sandals


Black Gucci Aitana Espadrille Wedge Sandals for best designer espadrilles


If you’re really ready to kick it up a notch, we present to you the Gucci Aitana Espadrille Wedge Sandals. These sandals are can take any outfit to a completely new level, especially a simple bodycon midi dress or jeans and a cute top in the summer.

These espadrilles feature a 3.5 inch heel, open toe, and adjustable strap. These stunning beauties in black or white can become your new favorite sandal for around $650.

Pst – these are also available in white here!


9. Castaner Carina Canvas Espadrille Wedges


Castaner Carina Canvas Platform Wedges in white


These espadrille wedges are slightly more casual than the Gucci Wedge Sandals as they are made from canvas and have lace-up ankle straps. The Castaner Carina Canvas Espadrille Wedges have a cotton toe and braided yute (otherwise known as jute) heel.

These pair perfectly with white sundresses, mom jeans, denim skirts worn with flouncy blouses, and white pants. They can be purchased for around $135 to$180, depending on the heel height.


10. Prada Flat Quilted Leather Espadrilles


Prada Flat Quilted Leather Espadrilles in beige for best designer espadrilles


For those who love a good black shoe that will never go out of style, these Prada Leather Espadrilles should most definitely be your next online purchase. These slip-on shoes are covered in quilted black leather and have a rubber sole covered in jute rope.

The inside of these shoes are also lined with soft leather, making them extremely comfortable— so comfortable that it may even be difficult to take them off upon returning home. The Prada Flat Quilted Leather Espadrilles retail for around $850.

Have you found your next pair of shoes in this post? We hope you did! If you’re still looking for more fashion ideas, check the posts down below.


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