How To Wear Sweaters With Dresses This Season: 15 Outfit Ideas

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Staying chic and warm this winter is very much possible! Here’s a style guide on how to wear sweaters with dresses for the cold season.

The cold season is here, which means sweaters are back in style! Sweaters are a great way to stay warm during the cold season. They can be worn with pants or skirts, but sweaters also look chic when paired with dresses. In this article, we will discuss how to wear sweaters with dresses in different ways.

The sweater + dress trend is a classic fashion combination that never seems to die. It’s the perfect way to stay warm during the winter months and still look chic.

So, grab your favorite dresses and let’s get started.

How To Wear A Sweater Over A Dress

1. Tuck It In (using a belt)

Okay, this one is an ingenious trick that’s been around the internet thanks to Tiktok.

Basically, you get a sweater of your choice (but preferably an oversized sweater), wear it over your dress as normal, and then wrap a thin belt around your waist. Pull the sweater over the belt, but not all the way through… and adjust it to your liking.

This trick also works with a sports bra or a regular bra – you’ll just need to wear them on TOP of your dress and tuck the sweater in neatly.

Tucking in the sweaters will give you an hourglass figure and make you look more put together. It’s also a great way to add some extra warmth to your outfit.

2. Crop It

Red beaded sweater with white dress
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One way to wear a sweater over a dress is by getting a cropped sweater. This type of sweater can be found almost anywhere, so it shouldn’t be hard to get one. Cropped sweaters will show off your waist and make you look taller. This is a great look for women of all sizes!

Pair this outfit with some knee-high boots and opaque tights to keep you warm, and you’re all set.

3. Wear It Over Your Dress

Beige bodycon dress with light sweater
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Another way to wear sweaters with dresses is by layering a thin sweater over your dress. This look will help keep you warm during the cold season and add some extra layers of warmth! You can also try layering different colors or fun patterns together for an even more fun outfit!

If you have a long sweater and you want to give it the “cropped look”, simply gather the bottom half of your sweater to your abdomen and tie a hair tie around it.

4. Wear It Under Your Dress

If you have a thin sweater and a strappy dress, you can most certainly switch things up – by wearing the sweater under your dress! This workd for both midi-length dresses or your favorite maxi dress.

This can also work with thick cable-knit sweaters, but we suggest going for lightweight fabrics so you won’t look chunky.

5. Make It Super Comfy

Oversized ribbed off-white sweater with black dress
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Oversized sweaters are the perfect way to make any outfit super comfortable. If you’re a fan of cozy clothing, then oversized sweaters are definitely for you! Just throw on an oversized sweater with the dress of your choice and you’ll be good to go.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel comfortable while still looking fashionable. Oversized sweaters can help with that by giving you a relaxed and chic look at the same time.

Get your favorite little black dress, a pair of tights, an oversized sweater, and your favorite pair of knee boots. There’s your outfit!

10 More Outfit Ideas


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Maxi dress with black cable knit sweater

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Red and peach striped sweater

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Plum sweater with floral midi dress

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Red midi dress with red sweater

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Dress with oversized cable knit sweater

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If you want to skip the overall sweater and dress combo, you can also go with cute sweater dresses! It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

We hope you found inspiration from this post! If you’re still looking for more fashion ideas, check the posts down below.

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