The Best Shoes To Wear With Sweater Dresses In Fall & Winter

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Are you expanding your winter wardrobe? Then sweater dresses are a must. This helpful guide will show you what shoes to wear with sweater dresses for the most stylish outfits.

Fall is finally here, and winter is not too far either! What does that mean? It means that it’s time to break out your sweater dresses and your favorite pair of boots. This dress + footwear combo not only is a fashion statement, but it is also a very comfy outfit designed to keep you warm and snug for the cold days and the chilly months ahead.

Best shoes to wear with sweater dresses for cute fall outfits: over the knee boots

When we think of a cozy sweater dress + boots combo, we automatically think of Ariana Grande. The petite yet vocally powerful pop singer’s signature style (among many other iconic ones) is an oversized sweater dress paired with thigh-high boots.

Despite only being five foot tall, Ariana wearing a pair of thigh-high boots actually makes her look taller than she actually is. Thanks to her, there are so many outfit ideas that can be played around with.

Which brings us here: So you got your oversized sweaters and your skintight dresses ready, but what kind of shoes should you pair them with? Thigh-high boots are one of them, yes, but there are also other variations of footwear that you can wear your sweater dresses with, which we will be discussing below.

Let’s get started on perfecting your sweater dress game!

The Best Shoes To Wear With Sweater Dresses

1. Knee-High Boots

Snake print knee high boots to wear with dresses in winter
Sleek black knee high boots to wear with dresses in winter
Runched white knee high boots to wear with sweater dresses in winter

Knee-high boots are probably the most popular shoes to wear with dresses in the winter because of their versatility. Not only do they provide warmth during the cold season, but they are also perfect for work outfits, night-outs, dates, and whatnot.

Plus, knee-high boots have been around and in style since the 1950s. Rest assured, knee-high boots will ALWAYS be a good choice of footwear.

For a chic winter look, wear a short dress of your choice and layer it with a black leather jacket, and a pair of snake print thigh-high boots to complete the look.

2. Thigh-High Boots

Black leather thigh high boots to wear with sweater dresses in winter
Black leather thigh high boots to wear with sweater dresses in winter
Brown snake print thigh high boots to wear with sweater dresses in winter

Thigh-high boots work best when wearing a super short dress or skirt (or shorts). They are sometimes called as over the knee boots or simply OTK boots.

If you have a shorter sweater dress on you, it’s best to pair it with thigh-high boots so you can still be warm and snug. Top off your entire outfit with a trench coat, and you are all set for a cozy look!

For another style, wear a black sweater dress with the Simmi London Minar brown snake boots.

3. Ankle Boots

Cream ankle boots with gold details to wear with sweater in winter
Black leather ankle boots with red soles
Green croc print ankle boots with block heels to wear with dresses in winter

Ankle boots are another popular choice to wear during fall and winter, and they are not too constricting on the legs compared to knee-high and thigh-high boots.

Plus, you can definitely wear these with leggings or jeans if that’s the look you want to go for. You can pair ankle boots with a longer sweater dress (or just a normal midi/maxi dress).

Ankle boots, like the ones mentioned above, call also be worn all year round. For a fall fashion idea, get a midi dress (a warm midi length sweater dress is best) and pair it with ankle boots.

For a grungy and edgy look, wear the Eternity High Heeled ankle booties in green with a leather skirt, fishnet tights, statement earrings, and a badass leather jacket.

4. Combat Boots

Black combat boots to wear with dresses in winter
Cream combat boots to wear with sweater dresses in winter
Badass black combat boots with strap details

Ready to kick some ass? Combat boots (or chunky boots) are some of the trendiest shoes to wear with dresses this winter, and they’re especially great if you’re going for an adventurous, bad-ass look. If you have a little extra to spend, consider investing in designers like Chloé and Prada that have some of the most recognizable it-shoes of the moment. (We love the Betty boots from Chloé!)

Their soles are designed to grip on rough surfaces, which is perfect if you’re someone who moves around a lot. In addition to this, combat boots look amazing when worn with sweater dresses, making them a perfect choice for a complete casual ensemble.

Pair a grey sweater dress and sheer black tights with the Lockheart Combat Boots.

5. Chunky Sneakers / Platform Sneakers

Beige and cream leather chunky sneakers
Chunky sneakers
Burberry chunky sneakers

If boots are not your thing, we got you. Chunky sneakers (also called platform sneakers) provide that snug and warm feeling on your feet, and they are also a good choice to pair with sweater dresses, making it a cute outfit. You can never really go wrong with a pair of sneakers, paired with your favorite sweater dress.

For a monochrome look, pair the Stassi Chunky Sneaker with a white sweater dress and a light cream croc-print crossbody bag.

6. Block Heels / Heeled Sandals

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Beige block heels
Cream block heels
Gold metallic slingback block heels

Now, if coldness is not an issue with you at all, then block heels are surprisingly a great choice of footwear to pair with knit sweater dresses. Block heels are totally stylish and can be worn with any type of out there is.

However, we would say that if you’re going for open-toe sandals, make sure your sweater dress isn’t too chunky – opt for a light knit dress instead, like this Ottoman Knit Dress from BB Dakota.

For a perfect match, pair longer sweater dresses with block heels like the Public Desire Block Heeled Sandals.

We hope you found a couple of new ideas on how to wear shoes with sweater dresses in the winter! If you’re still on the lookout for fashionable footwear, check the posts down below.

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