25 Best Stores Like Aritzia For Chic Elevated Basics

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We absolutely love basics for everyday wear! If you’re looking to add chic essentials to your wardrobe, check out these 25 amazing stores and brands like Aritzia. We’re sure you’ll love them!

The reasons why fashionistas everywhere love Aritzia are absolutely endless—everything is high-quality, the brand stays on top of current trends, and has endless outfits that are appropriate for every occasion.

Aritzia was founded in 1984, in Vancouver, Canada, and has since taken the world by storm. While the brand was originally only located in Canadian cities, the website catered to a global audience.

As of recently, the brand has been opening up huge stores all over the United States. Upon being founded around four decades ago, the brand’s goal was to sell a variety of upscale lifestyle attire.

Aritzia has proven time and time again that it adapts to the current fashion trends, creating pieces that can make a statement or give off more of a timeless vibe. 

When it comes to price, Aritzia can be slightly on the higher side but it’s their great quality that shoppers are paying for. You can rest assured knowing that your new purchases won’t become tattered or worn out after just a few wears. 

In order to support you on your exciting shopping endeavors, we’ve found the best 25 stores and brands like Aritzia that will give your credit card some exercise. 

The Best Stores Like Aritzia

1. Pixie Market

Best Stores Like Aritzia: Pixie Market
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Best Stores Like Aritzia: Pixie Market
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Pixie Market is similar to Aritzia as its website is filled with ready-to-wear fashion trends and elevated minimalistic styles. When it comes to pricing, Pixie Market is similar to Aritzia but you’ll definitely be getting what you pay for.

Pixie Market carries oversized blazers, chic knits, wide-leg trousers, and linen dresses—just like Aritzia. Also similar to Aritzia, Pixie Market carries pieces from other brands along with its own brand. It also offers a selection of jewelry and swimwear, which Aritzia is yet to add to its lineup. 

2. Modern Citizen

Best Stores Like Aritzia: Modern Citizen
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Best Stores Like Aritzia: Black belted dress
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Modern Citizen is a great place to shop for those who like to create capsule wardrobes, which makes getting dressed each morning a whole lot easier.

The brand carries modern essentials at a fair price. Modern Citizen is a store like Aritzia that embraces neutral colors, simple fabrics, and eye-catching knits. 

3. The Frankie Shop

Best Stores Like Aritzia: Frankie Shop
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Black midi dress with trench coat
Get this at Net-A-Porter

The Frankie Shop has a carefully curated fashion collection filled with faux leather items, quilted jackets, oversized blazers and cotton button-up shirts, and hoodies with matching sweatpants.

When you’re scrolling through the items on the Frankie Shop, its similarities to Aritzia become very obvious. Both brands lean on neutrals, trendy textures, and classic pieces that will last for several fashion seasons.

The Frankie Shop’s prices are slightly higher than Aritzia’s, which means you know you’ll be getting high-quality, comfortable, and well-fitting items. 

4. COS

Best Stores Like Aritzia: COS
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Navy blue pullover dress
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COS boasts a collection of innovative wardrobe essentials and sustainable collections that the entire family can enjoy. There are collections for women, men, and children.

COS has tons of functional designs that can be worn on several different occasions. For women, there’s an impressive selection of knits, dresses, tops, structured and effortless pants, footwear, jackets, and more.

Similar to Frank & Oak and Aritzia, COS keeps the environment top-of-mind and in 2020, 76 percent of the materials used in it’s collection were sustainably sourced. 

5. Petite Studio

Best Stores Like Aritzia: Petite Studio
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Black and cream sweater
Get this on Petite Studio

Petite Studio sells clothing for women who are considered “petite”, which is exceedingly convenient as it can be difficult to find trendy styles in smaller sizes.

The brand carries fashion-forward pieces, like Aritzia, and has a very similar price point. Shoppers can choose from a wide selection of knitwear, bodysuits, dresses, pants, and outerwear. 

Best Stores Like Aritzia: & Other Stories
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Terracotta dress
Get this on & Other Stories

This brand encourages people to create their own fashion story by treating themselves to the trendy items found in its collections.

Like Aritzia, & Other Stories carries plenty of denim, with high-waisted and low-rise options. It also offers tons of knitwear, dresses, blouses, casual attire, and pieces suitable for wearing to the office. 

7. Reformation

Best Stores Like Aritzia: Reformation
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Black strappy dress
Get this on Reformation

When it comes to quality, Reformation and Aritzia are very much on the same page. Reformation stays on top of the latest trends, resulting in pieces that are carefully curated and sure to make you the centre of attention when at a party or work function.

The store also carries tons of dresses that are perfect to wear to weddings and other fancier events. It also keeps sustainability in-mind when creating it’s high-quality collections. In fact, Reformation has been carbon neutral since 2015, and aims to be climate positive by 2025.

8. Mango

Best Stores Like Aritzia: Mango
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Black long sleeve with gingham dress
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Like Aritzia, Mango carries the latest trends, which means that you don’t need to do your research and follow them yourself. You just know that upon visiting a Mango store or their website, that everything displayed is currently in style.

Mango has collections for women, men, teenagers, and kids, which makes it a one-stop shop when everyone’s wardrobe is looking a little tired. Mango’s pieces range from comfortable sweatsuits to fancy party dresses—there’s something for everyone.


Best Stores Like Aritzia: STAUD
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Navy blue collared maxi dress
Get this on STAUD

STAUD is best known for its collection of streetwear pieces and funky footwear. The brand stays on top of trends and carries all of the must-have items for women.

Vegan leather, pops of color, and oversized items have been dominating the fashion scene lately, which is exactly what shoppers will find when visiting Staud’s website. 

10. Totême

Best Stores Like Aritzia: Toteme
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White tank top from Toteme
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Totême is another special designer collection found on Net-a-Porter, filled with pieces fitting into the minimal aesthetic like denim, cashmere knits, and ribbed dresses.

It also has an exciting selection of footwear that pair flawlessly with any of its modern pieces. Totême has a significantly higher price point than Aritzia, though the items are totally worth it. 

11. Theory

Best Stores Like Aritzia: Theory
Get this on Theory
Best Stores Like Aritzia: Theory
Get this on Theory

UK-based brand Theory prides itself on its selection of contemporary, trendy pieces that are well-fitting, eco conscious, and comfortable.

Similar to Aritzia, Theory carries plenty of modern items that can be worn on first dates or to a high stakes board meeting. It has everything from structured blazers, leather jackets, and flouncy blouses to side-zip pants and tee shirts. 

12. Eileen Fisher

Best Stores Like Aritzia: Eileen Fisher
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Emerald green turteneck halter top
Get this on Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher is another brand like Aritzia that carries designer clothing for women, especially pieces that are made from neutral fabrics.

The brand focuses on simple shapes made with sustainability in-mind. While the prices are higher than those of Aritzia, the pieces are so timeless that they will likely never go out of style.

Like Aritzia, Eileen Fisher offers a wonderful selection of knit sweaters, outerwear, dresses, and tee shirts. 

13. Uniqlo

Best Stores Like Aritzia: Uniqlo
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Basic cream dress
Get this on Uniqlo

When someone is in need of basic tanks, tee shirts, or sweaters, Uniqlo is usually at the top of their list of stores to visit. Uniqlo is a Japanese casual wear designer and retailer, specializing in comfortable pieces made from easy-care, simple fabrics.

It also has collections for men, children, and babies. Items found at Uniqlo tend to be less expensive than those from Aritzia, despite being almost equally trendy.

14. Few Moda

Best Stores Like Aritzia: Few Moda
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Black strappy crop top
Get this on Few Moda

Few Moda is a gamechanger in the fashion realm as it gives fashionistas direct access to beautifully created pieces by designers without the expensive retail markup.

When browsing Few Moda’s website, you’ll see two prices under each piece. One price shows the retail cost and the other shows Few Moda’s member price.

There are two different memberships that can give you access to these low costs on designer items, starting at $10 per month.

Few Moda is a store that stays on top of the hottest trends so that you can always look good. 

15. Cuyana

Best Stores Like Aritzia: Cuyana
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baby pink strappy top
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Cuyana creates collections out of premium materials for the modern woman. The brand’s pieces are simplistic, minimalistic, sustainable, timeless and rather smart.

For those who like to look trendy without all of the patterns, prints, and crazy textures, Cuyana’s website will become your new best friend. It proves that you don’t need to wear loud items in order to steal everyone’s attention. 

16. Storets

Best Stores Like Aritzia: Storets
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Sage green jumpsuit from Storets
Get this at Storets

Storets is extremely popular with fashion bloggers and social media influencers. Like Aritzia, Storets knows what it’s doing when it comes to carrying the hottest new items, including cropped blazers, faux vegan leather, matching printed skirts and jackets, and comfortable sweatpants and hoodies.

If you’re looking for something in particular, use the “special edit” tab on the Storets website to browse the latest trends. 

17. KOTN

Best Stores Like Aritzia: KOTN
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Brown pullover sweater
Get this at KOTN

Similar to Aritzia, KOTN is a Canadian retailer that has both online and in-person stores, which carry ethically made essentials. In a KOTN store, you’ll find high-quality pieces for men and women.

For those who love a good lazy day outfit, check out KOTN’s Women’s Lounge collection that’s filled with cotton sweatpants and ribbed cotton items that can be mixed and matched for the perfect laidback look. 

18. J.ING

Best Stores Like Aritzia: J.ING
Get this at J.ING
Best Stores Like Aritzia: J.ING
Get this at J.ING

J.ING is a womenswear retailer that carries simple, bold, and unique items that can be built into a cohesive and exceedingly trendy outfit.

Like Aritzia, the fashion brand has tons of knitwear, trousers, blouses, outerwear, dresses, and skirts. Also similar to Aritzia, J.ING has an Activewear collection filled with leggings, tanks, and shorts. 

19. Dynamite Clothing

Best Stores Like Aritzia: Dynamite Clothing
Get this at Dynamite Clothing
Best Stores Like Aritzia: Dynamite clothing
Get this at Dynamite Clothing

Dynamite Clothing stores can be found all over Canada, the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan. The store caters to fashionistas between the ages of 20 and 40, with pieces that are perfect for special occasions, sexy date nights, and for work events.

Because Dynamite Clothing stays on top of the trends, you can often find eerily similar items at Dynamite Clothing and Aritzia. Dynamite Clothing’s price point is slightly lower than Aritzia’s so this is helpful for those trying to create a look for less. 

20. Club Monaco

Best Stores Like Aritzia: Club Monaco
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White top with mesh details
Get this at Club Monaco

Club Monaco is another Canadian store like Aritzia that carries each season’s latest styles for men and women. Club Monaco uses elevated fabrics to create flattering, timeless silhouettes.

If you’re in need of an oversized three-button coat or some cashmere sweaters, Club Monaco is the place to look

21. Re Ona

Best Stores Like Aritzia: Re Ona
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Brown halter bodycon dress
Get this on Re Ona

Re Ona is a designer that can be found on Revolve’s and Selfridge‘s websites. The label loves curve-hugging styles created from simple, neutral fabrics.

Like Aritzia, Re Ona offers bodysuits, two-piece sets, square neck crop tops, and button-up cardigans. 

22. Everlane

Best Stores Like Aritzia: Everlane
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Black jumpsuit
Get this on Everlane

Everlane is an American retailer that sells all of the essentials without ridiculous price markups. It has fashionable, trendy collections for both men and women.

Like Aritzia, Everlane has a ton to offer when it comes to work appropriate pieces and denim. It also has plenty of transitional pieces that can be worn to work and then dressed up for a night out with your friends on Friday night. Its latest focus is soft, Alpaca sweaters and vegan leather. 

23. Abercrombie & Fitch 

Best Stores Like Aritzia: Abercrombie & Fitch
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Burnt orange ribbed turtleneck sweater
Get this on Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch has been an incredibly popular fashion brand for the last several decades. Remember that song “Summer Girls” by LFO that was released way back in 1999?

Abercrombie & Fitch carries all of the latest and greatest items like bodysuits, wedding guest and party dresses, cozy staples, and matching sets. The American retailer also has collections for men and children. 

24. Oak + Fort

Oak + Fort is a store like Aritzia that carries tons of basic items in neutral colors, making it easy for shoppers to find exactly what they’re looking for. Oak + Fort’s styles are classic yet modern, and won’t go out of style after one season, which means that the pieces are a great investment.

Oak + Fort carries an impressive selection of pants that are suitable for work, sweaters, blouses, skirts, and more. As of lately, the brand has been carrying comfortable sweatpants, sweatshorts, and hoodies. The prices at Oak + Fort are modest, allowing everyone to attain its fashion-forward pieces. 

25. Frank & Oak

Best Stores Like Aritzia: Frank & Oak
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Casual beige top
Get this on Frank & Oak

Frank & Oak is another store like Aritzia that originated in Canada, with world-wide shipping available. Canadians sure seem to know a thing or two about producing stylish fashion at affordable prices!

Frank & Oak is mindful of the environment and is actively involved in supporting the community and sustainable initiatives. When shopping at Frank & Oak, customers will be dazzled by its wide selection of neutral staples and dresses covered in funky prints.

The brand is also a huge fan of layering so shoppers will find tons of pieces that can be worn on top of each other in the colder elements.

We hope you found this list of stores and brands like Aritzia helpful! If you’re looking for more fashion inspo, check the posts down below.

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