25 Best Stores Like Lulus For Cute, Feminine Clothing

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if you’ve already purchased every item that brings you joy from Lulus, we’ve found 25 stores and brands like Lulus for cute, feminine clothing so that the shopping fun doesn’t have to end.

There are few things better than being able to do all of your shopping on one fashion website. From sneakers, flats, and heels to dresses, sweaters, denim, and loungewear, Lulus has everything you could ever dream of.

Lulus is an extremely popular retailer that’s based solely online—sadly, you won’t find a Lulus storefront at the nearby shopping mall. It was founded back in 1996 and for more than two decades, has been keeping young, professional women outfitted in chic clothing from head to toe.

Along with its own brand, Lulus also carries items from other brands like BB Dakota, ASTR the Label, MINKPINK, Retro Brand, and more. No matter what your personal style is, Lulus has something that is for you.

However, if you’re all shopped out at Lulus and want to find other brands with a similar aesthetic and vibe, we’ve got just the post for you. Below, you’ll find the best brands and stores like Lulus for cute and feminine styles.

The Best Stores & Brands Like Lulus

1. Hello Molly

Chic pastel yellow dress
Get this on Hello Molly
Long sunset ombre dress
Get this on Hello Molly

Hello Molly is a women’s clothing store that like Lulus, only sells its clothing online. It’s the go-to destination for all of the hottest fashion, footwear, and jewelry trends.

Whether you’re searching for comfortable tops and leggings that you can wear to class or a fancy mini dress to wear to a birthday party, you’ll find plenty of options on Hello Molly’s website.

It also has tons of formal prom dress options for those in need of a dress for a rather special occasion. Along with sweaters, crop tops, dresses, and denim, Hello Molly has activewear and swim collections.

In terms of pricing, Lulus and Hello Molly are eerily similar, which means you can stock your closet without hurting your credit card balance.

2. Pink Lily Boutique

The best affordable brands like Lulus: Pink Lily Boutique
Get this on Pink Lily
The best affordable brands like Lulus: Pink Lily Boutique
Get this on Pink Lily

Pink Lily Boutique is an online store with a very similar aesthetic to Lulus. This Southern brand focuses on all things feminine, comfortable and stylish.

On their website, you’ll see lots of cute basics styled with fedoras in a typical blogger-like manner. So, it’s no surprise that they also work with many famous bloggers like Caitlin Covington, who’ve often created their own clothing lines and edits inside the Pink Lily brand.

What’s quite unique about Pink Lily is that they have kind of created their own QVC shopping channel on their website.

What we mean by this is that when you click on a product, not only can you see it styled in images, you’ll also always get a video showing you how it fits, all the details about it and any special things that you should know before purchasing. That’s genius if you ask us!

In terms of pricing, Pink Lily is very similar to Lulus.

3. Reformation

Best Stores Like Lulus: Reformation
Get this on Reformation
Black strappy top from Reformation
Get this on Reformation

What sets Reformation apart from Lulus is its unwavering commitment to sustainability and creating its pieces through eco-friendly processes. The American fashion retailer carries tons of feminine dresses, blouses, and sweaters, plus pants that are covered in one-of-a-kind designs and decals.

Reformation’s cocktail dress collection is simply to die for. If you’re looking for pieces covered in dainty florals or chic knits, Reformation has exactly what you need.

When it comes to pricing, Reformation certainly is not cheap, but we can promise that everything is of great quality.

4. Red Dress Boutique

Long burgundy maxi dress
Get this at Red Dress Boutique
Best Stores Like Lulus: Red Dress Boutique
Get this at Red Dress Boutique

This Georgia-based fashion brand like Lulus is best known for its—you guessed it—dresses. Red Dress Boutique boasts an impressive collection of stylish dresses, making it incredibly easy to find a dress for any occasion that you might have coming up.

In addition to chic, fashion-forward dresses, Red Dress Boutique also carries shoes, tops, accessories, swimwear, denim, designer items, gifts, and much more. Like Lulus, the pieces found at Red Dress Boutique are modestly priced so you can fill your shopping cart without feeling guilty.

5. Express

White wool military style long coat
Get this at Express
Cute cream sweater with rhinestone detail
Get this at Express

Express is an American fashion retailer that caters to young men and women. Unlike Lulus, Express has several storefronts that can be found all over the world so fashionistas have the option of shopping in person.

Express carries all of the latest trends in clothing, like high-waisted denim, monochrome loungewear, knit cami and sweater sets, and long sweater dresses. Everything found at Express is both fairly priced and in style.

The fashion retailer also has an Express Outlet collection where fashionistas can find items that are discounted.

6. Petal + Pup

Best Stores Like Lulus: Petal + Pup
Get this on Petal + Pup
Black backless satin dress with pearl detail
Get this on Petal + Pup

Petal + Pup is the ultimate online store like Lulus for trendy and affordable clothing like playsuits, dresses, jeans, skirts, sweaters, blouses, and more. When it comes to style, Petal + Pup is flirty and feminine—hundreds of items are covered in gorgeous floral prints.

Petal + Pup also carries tons of pieces that are modest and appropriate to wear into the office, like maxi skirts and dresses that can be effortlessly paired with white sneakers and a leather jacket.

It’s also tapped into the cottagecore aesthetic, so you’ll find lots of dresses that are perfect for an English afternoon in the countryside.

While it’s not quite as expensive as Reformation, Petal + Pup’s clothing and accessories are still on the pricier side. But its fashionable pieces are totally worth it.

7. Forever 21

Best Stores Like Lulus: Forever 21
Get this on Forever21
Cropped emerald green blazer with skirt
Get this on Forever21

Of all the brands and retailers in this list, Forever 21 is among the most affordable as pieces range from $10 to $60. The American fashion retailer has the latest clothing styles for women at low prices that cannot be beaten.

Forever 21 carries hundreds of sweaters, crop tops, bodysuits, button-up shirts, jackets, dresses, denim, and pants. Like Lulus, it also has wonderful footwear and jewelry collections.

8. ASTR the Label

Best Stores Like Lulus: ASTR The Label
Get this on ASTR The Label
Chocolate brown knit dress
Get this on ASTR The Label

If you’re trend-hungry and want your wardrobe to be filled with the latest fashion items at all times, you should have ASTR the Label’s website bookmarked on your laptop. This women’s clothing brand like Lulus is best known for its contemporary-style dresses.

While people are able to shop directly through ASTR the Label’s website, its brand is also carried through other retailers like Nordstrom.

It also has a wonderful Wedding collection for brides and soon-to-be wedding guests. In terms of price point, ASTR the Label is slightly more expensive than Lulus.


Cute silver Christmas pasty dress
Get this on ASOS
Black party dress with voluminous sleeves
Get this on ASOS

Like Lulus, ASOS is an online store that carries hundreds of popular brands like Monki, Missguided, COLLUSION, & Other Stories, Nike, Top Shop, Tommy Hilfiger, and more.

This means that no matter what your personal clothing style, you’ll still be able to find pieces on ASOS’ online boutique. But those who prefer feminine, chic styles will have tons of success as it carries hundreds of floral-printed dresses, ruffled blouses, and preppy pink sweaters.

Like Express, ASOS has an Outlet collection so that fashionistas can enjoy its gorgeous pieces at a lower price.

10. Revolve

Best Stores Like Lulus: REVOLVE
Get this on Revolve
Best Stores Like Lulus: REVOLVE
Get this on Revolve

Revolve sells clothing, shoes, and accessories from middle to high-end designers, which means that some pieces are reasonably priced whereas others are quite pricey. The website is a popular shopping destination for fashion influencers, reality television stars, and celebrities.

This Los Angeles based clothing company carries brands like For Love & Lemons, Lovers and Friends, Free People, FAITHFULL THE BRAND, Golden Goose, Levi’s, and more.

On its website, you’ll find colorful cocktail dresses, hyper-feminine knits, detailed denim pieces, and chic bodysuits that are perfect for a night out on the town.

11. Show me Your Mumu

Pretty sequin party dress for NYE and Christmas
Get this at Show Me Your Mumu
Khaki green Nashville outfit
Get this at Show Me Your Mumu

Show Me Your Mumu is a brand that’s all about the Southern boho-loving girl. With clothing that’s bohemian-inspired, this company wants to show you what it means to be a true Southern belle.

This online store is known for its colorful prints and patterns, which are inspired by nature and travel. The brand uses organic fabrics like linen and silk, as well as recycled materials such as vintage fabrics from thrift stores. Their versatile clothes are designed and manufactured in the US, and you can dress them up or down depending on your mood!

They have a large selection of clothing and accessories for every style and budget: from formal pants to casual dresses to trendy tops that you can wear anywhere.

12. Mint Julep Boutique

Best Stores Like Lulus: Mint Julep Boutique
Get this on Mint Julep Boutique
Black leopard print babydoll dress
Get this on Mint Julep Boutique

Mint Julep Boutique sells great quality clothing at reasonable prices, just like Lulus. The one-stop-shop online fashion boutique is filled with slouchy sweaters, graphic tees, knit dresses perfect for fall and winter, floral maxi dresses, and casual joggers.

The retailer also carries an impressive selection of jewelry, belts, hair accessories, face masks, scarves, hats, and handbags. It certainly understands the importance of accessorizing.

Dresses at Mint Julep Boutique range in price from $40 to $110, depending on the length and style.

Purple sweater and trousers set
Get this on & Other Stories
Black and white polka dot dress
Get this on & Other Stories

This fashion brand is owned by mega-retailer H&M and is sold by other online shops like ASOS. & Other Stories encourages young women to create their own fashion stories by being creative with their outfits.

The brand carries hundreds of feminine dresses, blouses, casual tops, denim, swimwear, lingerie, accessories, and more. Like Reformation, & Other Stories keeps the environment in mind, exploring new sustainable possibilities every day.

The brand has committed to only using sustainable and recycled materials when constructing clothing and footwear by 2030.

14. PromGirl

Short emerald green sequin dress
Get this dress on PromGirl
Best red formal dresses like Lulus
Get this dress on PromGirl

Unless you’re in your teens or early 20s, most people don’t know about this online fashion store that offers beautiful formal dresses like Lulus.

Like the name would suggest, PromGirl specializes in classical, long prom dresses and short, flirty prom dresses, home coming dresses and other occasionwear. No matter what length you’re looking for, PromGirl has hundreds of options that will make you feel beautiful on the big day, whether that’s a prom or any other formal occasion.

Along with fancy occasionwear, PromGirl also carries casual dresses and dresses that are perfect to wear to weddings or other formal events.

PromGirl’s prices are very similar to Lulus, which means you can purchase a few dresses without crying about it afterward.

15. Fortunate One

Pretty white summer dress
Get this on Fortunate One
Short pale yellow summer dress
Get this on Fortunate One

When the sun is out, why not live it up?

Fortunate One is a romantic bohemian fashion brand that’s inspired by “midnight ramblers and sun chasers.” Their line features lots of floral pieces and ruffled silhouettes that are perfect for your next warm-weather Mediterranean getaway, but you can also wear them in your everyday life.

16. Windsor Store

Best brands like Lulus: Windsor for formal dresses
Get this at Windsor
Best brands like Lulus: Windsor for formal dresses
Get this at Windsor

Windsor Store is a one-stop-shop online retailer for those who like to create fashionable party looks for less.

Windsor Store has a dress for virtually every occasion, including birthdays, New Year’s Eve, work events, homecoming, prom, and even weddings. They’re very well known for their formal dresses, just like Lulus.

On Windsor Store’s website, you’ll find items covered in shimmering fabric, sequins, animal prints, and faux leather. Fashionistas will be impressed with Windsor Store’s modest prices.

The perfect first-date mini dress can be yours for only $60. Windsor Store sells online and in-person at over 200 locations.

17. Lane201

The best stores like Lulus: Storets
Get this top at Lane201
Get this jacket at Lane201

Lane 201 is your go-to for all things Southern fashion.

Lane 201 is a clothing store that sells chic Southern-inspired pieces that are great for both casual days and rooftop drinks. The store has a relaxed vibe, and you’ll find many feminine and girly items here. The clothes are all affordable, with discounted pieces starting at just $10!

18. Magnolia Boutique

Magnolia Boutique is a modern fashion brand that brings a unique Southern twist to its designs. Their collections are full of florals and paisley prints, and their silhouettes are always flowing — perfect for easy wear.

The brand’s aesthetic is classic yet modern, with a focus on feminine cuts cute tops, cozy sweaters (including some with unique necklines), colorful dresses and denim shorts that are just the right length. The store also carries accessories like shoes, hats, scarves, and jewelry — the perfect finishing touches for any outfit.

19. Mango

Cute minimalist and aesthetic black dress
Get this on Mango
Best Stores Like Lulus: Mango
Get this on Mango

Mango is a Spanish clothing retailer that carries the latest trends like streetwear-inspired items, feminine knits, button-up shirts, and brightly colored dresses. Like Lulus, Mango carries tons of different styles so that everyone can find a few pieces that make them feel comfortable and confident.

But if you’re into flirty, chic, and feminine styles, Mango most definitely has that too. We adore Mango’s outerwear and jacket collection as its funky styles can breathe life into any outfit.

20. Pretty Little Thing

Best Stores Like Lulus: Pretty Little Thing
Get this on Pretty Little Thing
Best Stores Like Lulus: Pretty Little Thing
Get this on Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing, also known as PLT, is quite similar to Fashion Nova in terms of styles carried and price point. The fast-fashion retailer has clothing, footwear, and accessories for every occasion.

While it slays when it comes to chic, fashionable pieces, the retailer also carries edgy and boyish styles—there’s something for everyone. Like Missguided, PLT often runs sitewide discounts that can cut your shopping cart’s total in half.

It also offers a wide selection of makeup and beauty items so you can do all of your shopping in one place.

21. Impressions

Hot pink sweater
Get this sweater at Impressions
Casual outfit with jeans and white knee-high boots
Get this look at Impressions

Impressions is an online boutique specializing in affordable, chic clothing. The brand carries a wide variety of styles for women of all ages and body types, from curve-hugging dresses to flowy skirts to cozy sweaters.

The designs are inspired by the natural beauty of the world around us: vibrant colors, flowing fabrics, and intricate patterns that make you feel like you’re walking through a field of flowers when you wear them.

Whether you want a casual look for hanging out with friends or a dressy outfit for going out on the town, Impressions has something for everyone.

22. Nasty Gal

Best Stores Like Lulus: Nasty Gal
Get this on Nasty Gal
Short party dress with sequins
Get this on Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal shifted from a vintage store to an online boutique filled with retro-inspired and feminine styles. The American retailer specializes in accessories and fashion for young women who like to have fun with their wardrobes.

What we love about Nasty Gal is that it often offers sitewide discounts of 40 to 60 percent off of everything. So instead of purchasing 1 item, you can purchase a few and not feel it in your wallet.

The fashion retailer also carries elevated outwear, basic layers, and cozy sweaters in addition to bold statement dresses and funky tops!

23. Hazel & Olive

Gorgeous hot pink tiered tulle mini dress
Get this dress at Hazel & Olive
Cute and casual outfit with mom jeans
Get these jeans at Hazel & Olive

Hazel and Olive is a cute boutique with lots of elevated casualwear and party dresses based out of Texas. They have everything you need to be the most fashionable person you know, including colorful dresses, shoes, tops, and all other clothes and fashion necessities.

It’s a one-stop shop for everything you need to make any outfit look like it came straight from a runway but without the high price tag.

24. Pixie Market

Best Stores Like Lulus: Pixie Market
Get this on Pixie Market
Orange floral midi dress from Pixie Market
Get this on Pixie Market

Pixie Market offers affordable, ready-to-wear styles that are inspired by the hottest new fashion trends. Pixie Market has a focus on elevated designs and creating minimalist pieces that are timeless. Meaning: it’s great for basics!

Choosing simple styles is always a smart move as they can be easily dressed up or dressed down, depending on the occasion.

This fashion retailer carries oversized blazers, choker knit tops, feminine floral dresses, wide-leg chinos, jumpsuits, and more. It’s a one-stop shop for classic tops, jackets, and pants for your neutral capsule collection.

25. Showpo

Best Stores Like Lulus: Showpo
Get this on Showpo
Casual black faux leather pants outfit
Get this on Showpo

Showpo is an Australian fashion store that like Lulus, is online only. They create styles primarily for young women who like to follow the latest trends, with a big focus on pretty, feminine styles.

On Showpo, you’ll find tons of party dresses, flirty blouses, and two-piece sets that are perfect for summer or beach vacations.

It also carries formal dresses that can be worn to school events like homecoming. In terms of style, Showpo heavily leans toward feminine and chic styles.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best 21 stores and brands like Lulus. Do you think we missed something? Let us know in the comments!

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