Prada Price Increase In 2023: All The Information You Need

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Many luxury brands are getting more and more expensive, including Prada – so we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the Prada price increase in 2023.

The Italian fashion house, Prada, has a long history of creating striking ready-to-wear collections for both men and women, gorgeous handbags, and stunning accessories, all with a paired back, a chic aesthetic that is now so popular all over the world.

Prada was first founded in 1913 by brothers Mario and Martino Prada, first creating leather goods before Mario’s daughter Luisa joined the brand, then her daughter Miuccia Prada took over the luxury brand in 1978.

Small beige Prada Galleria tote bag
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It was under Miuccia Prada that the brand expanded, launching its first clothing line in 1988 and helping Prada to become one of the biggest and most influential fashion houses of the 1990s, which has only continued into the 21st century.

Prada’s range of womenswear and accessories is beloved all over the world, and their handbags are a particular hit – their versatility and sleek designs make them a must-have item in your wardrobe.

If you do have your eye on any Prada bags, it is worth noting that the brand has recently undergone a price hike, much like many other luxury brands. This article is going to outline everything you need to know about this Prada price increase in 2023 and discuss some best-selling Prada pieces that you need to get your hands on as soon as possible.

Prada price increase 2023

The top luxury brands will often increase their prices each year, but since the pandemic, these price increases have been more significant as luxury goods become more and more expensive.

Popular brands such as Chanel, Saint Laurent, Hermès, Dior and Louis Vuitton have all increased their prices this year, so if you are looking to buy a designer bag, it is better to do it sooner rather than later.

This year in 2023, most products have seen a 3-8% price increase (this may change slightly depending on whether you are working in US Dollars, British Pounds or Euros).

Here are the new retail prices for some of the popular styles from Prada that you need to know about before going to buy your next Prada bag.

Prada Bag Prices In USD

Bag StyleAug 2022 PriceJan 2023 Price% Increase
Re-Edition 2000 Re-Nylon bag (thicker strap, without pouch)$1,250$1,3508%
Re-Edition 2005 Re-Nylon bag (thinner strap, without pouch)$1,290$1,3908%
Re-Edition 2005 Re-Nylon bag (with pouch)$1,920$,19502%
Re-Edition 2005 Saffiano Leather bag (with pouch)$2,500$2,5502%
Re-Edition mini crystal bag$2,500$2,7008%
Re-edition 2005 crystal bag (with pouch)$3,500$3,6003%
Small Galleria bag$3,600$3,7003%
Medium Galleria bag$3,700$4,10011%
Large Galleria bag$4,100$4,50010%
Cleo brushed-leather shoulder bag$2,900$2,900
Cleo crystal bag$3,700
Triangle leather shoulder bag$2,500$2,500
Re-Nylon small backpack$1,850$1,850
Re-Nylon medium backpack$2,050$2,050

Prada Bag Prices In GBP

Bag StyleAug 2022 PriceJan 2023 Price% Increase
Re-Edition 2000 Re-Nylon bag (thicker strap, without pouch)£890£9203%
Re-edition 2005 Re-Nylon bag (thinner strap, without pouch)£920£9503%
Re-Edition 2005 Re-Nylon bag (with pouch)£1,400£1,4504%
Re-Edition 2005 Saffiano Leather bag (with pouch)£1,850£1,9003%
Re-Edition mini crystal bag£1,800£1,9508%
Re-edition 2005 crystal bag (with pouch)£2,600
Small Galleria bag£2,600£2,8008%
Medium Galleria bag£2,900£3,1007%
Large Galleria bag£3,200£3,4006%
Cleo brushed-leather shoulder bag £2,100£2,30010%
Cleo crystal bag£3,100
Triangle leather shoulder bag£1,800£1,9006%
Re-Nylon small backpack£1,400£,14806%
Re-Nylon medium backpack£1,500£1,5805%

Prada Bag Prices In EUR

The prices of many designer items are often cheaper in Europe, not just because of their actual price, but thanks to the VAT refund scheme that you can take advantage of if you live outside of the European Union – this is often between 10-15% off the retail price.

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Bag StyleAug 2022 PriceJan 2023 Price% Increase
Re-Edition 2000 Re-Nylon bag (thicker strap, without pouch)€890€9203%
Re-edition 2005 Re-Nylon bag (thinner strap, without pouch)€920€9503%
Re-Edition 2005 Re-Nylon bag (with pouch)€1,400€1,4504%
Re-Edition 2005 Saffiano Leather bag (with pouch)€1,850€1,9003%
Ed-Edition mini crystal bag€1,800€1,9508%
Ed-edition 2005 crystal bag (with pouch)€2,600
Small Galleria bag€2,600€2,8008%
Medium Galleria bag€2,900€3,1007%
Large Galleria bag€3,200€3,4006%
Cleo brushed-leather shoulder bag €2,100€2,30010%
Cleo crystal bag€3,100
Triangle leather shoulder bag€1,800€1,9006%
Re-Nylon small backpack€1,400€1,4806%
Re-Nylon medium backpack€1,500€1,5805%

Why is there a price increase?

There are several reasons for this price increase. Firstly, as we have already touched on, the production costs and transportation costs are increasing and so average prices for luxury items have to be increased to reflect this price rise. Prada, like Chanel, is also focused on the top materials and top craftsmanship and so is seeking out new suppliers to help produce their designer bags to the highest standard.

Many luxury giants are working toward getting back to their pre-pandemic levels of income and revenue – they are achieving this by implementing price rises and reducing the number of price markdowns so you are less likely to see sales or discounts on Prada products.

It is also worth bearing in mind that European luxury brands are a little more expensive in the United States and China, this is because many pieces on the luxury market are made in Europe and so the shipping costs increase the final retail price of the item. So if you are going on a European holiday any time soon, this would be a great time to pick up any luxury products.

Best-selling Prada pieces

There are so many incredible Prada items that are just gorgeous, but we have narrowed down the selection to a few best-selling pieces that you need to know about. It’s best you get your hands on them sooner rather than later because there will inevitably be another price increase in 2023.

If you are looking for a more affordable way to own a Prada bag, the second-hand market and resale sites are a great option. They have loads of Prada brands in excellent condition at a discounted price so you can pick up a beautiful Prada bag without worrying about the higher prices. Plus, this is a great way of getting your hands on any discontinued Prada bags – so unique!

1. Shoulder bag
Crystal Prada satin shoulder bag
Get this at Prada

We love the versatility of this Prada Satin Mini-Bag With Crystals. While it may strike you as just a party bag, the casual, carefree nature of the nylon fabric makes it the perfect bag for any outing, day or night.

The bag comes in 7 different colors, so you can pick the option that best suits your look – we love the classic black and silver combination the most.

2. Hobo bag
Black Prada Cleo Brushed Leather Hobo Bag
Get this at Prada

Prada’s leather goods are just exquisite, and this Cleo Brushed Leather Hobo Bag is the perfect example. This sculptural bag is made from scarlet brushed calf leather, which has a luxurious shine, then features a flat top handle to slide over your shoulder.

The silhouette of the bag is striking, with the sumptuous curves and offset flat base. The front of the bag is simply decorated with the iconic Prada logo for a minimalist finish.

The open top has a snap closure which allows easy access to the roomy interior, fitted with a handy little slip pocket. This gorgeous hobo bag is available in multiple colors, including red, aqua, white, and beige, and would make the ideal sleek work bag.

3. tote bag
Large Prada Symbole embroidered fabric handbag
Get this at Prada

Tote bags are an essential element of any wardrobe and this Prada Symbole Tote is such a fun option if you are looking for something a little different.

Perfect as a travel tote, this geometric jacquard bag plays with the triangle – a symbol that has become somewhat synonymous with Prada. Inside, you will find a spacious interior that fits all of your essentials, including a laptop.

4. Loafers
Black Prada Monolith Leather Logo Platform Loafers
Get these at Nordstrom

We had to include a pair of Prada loafers in this list of best-selling Prada items you need in your life! Although the shoe collection from Prada may change slightly with each season, you are always guaranteed to find a few pairs of stunning loafers included in the collection – just like these Monolith Leather Logo Platform Loafers.

These platform loafers really make a statement and are the perfect way to elevate any look. The upper part of the loafer is crafted from supple black leather and embellished with a Prada logo, while the platform sole is the really eye-catching element.

The rubber ‘monolith’ platform sole sits at 2.3 inches high to add a little extra height and a super striking look.

Resale sites
Pink Prada Saffiano Cuir Small Double Bag
Get this on Fashionphile
Grey Prada Cahier bag
Get this on Fashionphile

If you are looking for a classic, timeless bag, then this Prada Saffiano Cuir Small Double Bag is perfect for you!

This sleek bag is crafted from blush pink saffiano cross-grain leather for a durable finish and then simply embellished with a black Prada logo.

The bag features rolled leather top handles as well as an optional longer shoulder strap so this bag can be styled across the body. The open top allows easy access to the black leather-lined interior, which is fitted with a central pocket to divide the bag into two compartments and help you keep everything organized.

The Prada Cahier Bag is a discontinued Prada bag that is difficult to get hold of but can sometimes be found on resale sites. This compact bag is perfect for formal events or dinners out as it has an elegant and sophisticated look.

The bag is made from glossy black leather and is decorated with glittering brass hardware, which frames the front flap and forms the front lock on the bag.

This chic bag comes with a detachable black leather wrist strap and a brass chain link shoulder strap so there are endless ways to style this bag. The compact interior is lined with black leather for a luxe finishing touch.

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