15 Best Stores Like H&M For Affordable & Trendy Clothes

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When it comes to cotton basics, business casual pieces, and the latest clothing trends, H&M has it all. If you’re a huge H&M fan, you’re sure to love these 15 brands and stores like H&M too!

H&M is one of the best shopping destinations for those who like to stay on top of the trends without spending all of their money. The store’s loud music, bright lights, and a vast selection of items can be overwhelming, but at least it’s easy to leave H&M with multiple ready-to-wear outfits.

At H&M, you’ll find accessories like jewelry, bags, scarves, sunglasses, along with footwear, swimsuits, and every type of clothing imaginable.

The Swedish multinational company is considered fast-fashion but over the past few years, it’s been working on introducing more eco-friendly collections (H&M Conscious collection) and production methods.

In Canada, it’s also added a section called H&M Rewear where shoppers can purchase previously loved items from any brand, not just H&M. It has also expanded into men’s wear, clothing for children and babies, and even home goods.

However, as great as H&M is, we understand that sometimes, you just need something different. If this is you, these 15 affordable and trendy stores like H&M will keep you, and your credit card, busy for hours on end—treat yourself, babe!

15 Best Stores & Brands Like H&M

1. Mango

Best Stores Like H&M: Mango
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Emerald green ribbed long sleeve turtleneck top
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Mango is a clothing design and manufacturing company from Spain, which was founded by two brothers over three decades ago. Like H&M, Mango carries an extremely wide selection of clothing for men, women and kids.

It also has a fashionable line for plus-sized ladies. Mango’s website is filled with the latest trends in outerwear, essentials, accessories, denim, and footwear. In terms of style, Mango is very similar to Zara, and you’ll find lots of well-made business casual attire along with trendy outfits in the store.

Sustainability is also top-of-mind for Mango. By 2022, the brand hopes that 100 percent of its clothing, accessories, and footwear have sustainable properties.

Your money will go a little further at H&M compared to Mango, but both are relatively affordable.

2. & Other Stories

Best Stores Like H&M: & Other Stories
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Cream blouse with eyelet ruffles
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H&M owns eight different clothing brands, one of which is & Other Stories. The main differences between the two brands are their price points and commitment to sustainability: &Other Stories really blows H&M out of the water in the latter category.

Because the two are owned by the same group, they’re quite similar in terms of style. & Other Stories carries all of the latest trends like bright colors, dainty gold jewelry, oversized knits, cropped pants, and sweater vests.

The clothing brand also has a ton of activewear pieces that are nice enough to be worn to social events, not just to the gym.

& Other Stories has a good balance between smart, classic pieces and funky, statement pieces. There’s something for every fashionista no matter what their style!

3. Express

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All black outfit with leather jacket
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Express has a wonderful collection of sophisticated, business casual pieces as well as party-ready looks. The American fashion retailer has all of the latest trends for women and men, just like H&M.

At Express, you’ll find high-quality denim, faux leather, soft knits, and two-piece sets. It also has a capsule wardrobe collection so that uninspired shoppers can revamp their closet with minimal stress or effort required.

While Express is slightly more expensive than H&M, it does have the Express Outlet where fashionistas can find trendy items for a fraction of its regular price. There are few things better than snagging an unreal deal on something you love.

4. Pixie Market

Best Stores Like H&M: Pixie Market
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Emerald green bustier top
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Pixie Market is a store like H&M that is best known for its chic and affordable ready-to-wear styles that abide by the latest fashion trends. Like H&M, Pixie Market places importance and emphasis on minimalist basics and power pieces that can be dressed up, dressed down, or layered to create the perfect look.

If it’s wild and funky prints that you seek, you likely won’t find that on Pixie Market’s website. Instead, you’ll find neutral knits and cotton pieces, tailored jackets, satin skirts, and classic dresses.

Pixie Market has not yet jumped on the sustainability train but hopefully, it does very soon.

5. Hello Molly

Best Stores Like H&M: Hello Molly
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Floral off-shoulder top
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Hello Molly is an Australian brand that like H&M, sells formal and casual dresses, skirts, denim, activewear, swimwear, footwear, sweaters, t-shirts, and much more. If you’re in need of a dress to wear to a fancier occasion, we suggest visiting Hello Molly instead of H&M.

H&M is great for casual day dresses but is slightly lacking when it comes to formal dresses that can be worn to special college or work events. Hello Molly is everyone’s go-to destination for party looks and feminine fashion finds.

6. River Island

Best Stores Like H&M: River Island
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Dark green gingham maxi dress
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This UK-based clothing store like H&M has fashion for women, men, and kids. River Island is very similar in style to both Topshop and H&M, and is especially known for carrying great-looking bags and wallets.

Both brands carry tons of essentials that give a preppy, timeless vibe, along with statement pieces like snake-print wrap dresses and frilled chiffon blouses. It also has a great selection of footwear, intimates, bags, and accessories, making it a true one-stop shop.

When it comes to prices, River Island is more expensive than H&M but its prices are still seriously affordable. You’ll be able to add several items to your shopping cart without feeling guilty.

7. Storets

Best Stores Like H&M: Storets
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Black babydoll dress from Storets
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Storets is the ultimate online fashion destination for those hungry for a superb deal. Divas on a dime will find an impressive selection of jackets, sweaters, tops, two-piece sets, jumpsuits, dresses, and more.

Like H&M, Storets understands the importance of comfortable and casual loungewear. Next time you’re looking to bulk up your work-from-home wardrobe, check out Storets’ Comfy collection.

You’ll find oversized crew neck sweatshirts, hoodies, corduroy shorts, and cotton joggers. Storets is more expensive than H&M but it often offers sitewide discounts and has a Special Prices collection for sale items.

8. Forever 21

Best Stores Like H&M: Forever 21
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Best Stores Like H&M: Forever 21
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Believe it or not, Forever 21 is even more affordable than H&M. However, the retailer had a pretty rough go last year and had to file for bankruptcy as it couldn’t keep up with store rents and low international business.

In order to stay afloat, Forever 21 had to close hundreds of store locations around the world. Instead of visiting a store to get your Forever 21 fashion fix, you can now shop online.

The retailer is a one-stop-shop for trendy clothing, activewear, accessories, footwear, and beauty items. It has yet to adopt any sustainable initiatives, unlike H&M.


Black leather bodycon dress
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Best Stores Like H&M: ASOS
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ASOS is a very popular British clothing and cosmetics retailer that carries over 850 different brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Topshop, Nike, Monki, New Look, Missguided, and & Other Stories.

It also has specially curated collections for petite, tall, and plus-sized women. Because ASOS has so many other brands, pieces on its website range from affordable to quite expensive.

If you’re looking to do a total wardrobe refresh, ASOS can most definitely help replace dated items with pieces that are straight off the NY Fashion Week runway.

10. Uniqlo

Best Stores Like H&M: Uniqlo
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Best Stores Like H&M: Uniqlo
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Uniqlo is a Japanese clothing manufacturer and retailer that focuses on comfortable essentials for women, men, kids, and babies. The brand believes that people should be able to express their personality through clothing without sacrificing comfort—we completely agree.

Uniqlo carries tons of outerwear, leggings, jeans, joggers, dresses, blouses, flannel, tank tops, and hoodies. Like H&M, Uniqlo has a selection of tights, shapers, socks, underwear, face masks, and loungewear.

Uniqlo is popular for its ultra lightweight, down-filled jackets that will keep you warm in the fall and winter.

11. Urban Outfitters

Best Stores Like H&M: Urban Outfitters
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Green floral midi dress
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If you love streetwear and hip styles, you likely spend all of your money at Urban Outfitters. The American retailer inspires customers through their creativity and cultural understanding.

The lifestyle brand has collections for men and women, along with a super fun home collection filled with art prints, kitchen gadgets, tapestries, bathroom mats, and more.

At Urban Outfitters, you’ll find casual day dresses, party dresses, oversized loungewear, fashionable footwear, and affordable accessories. Like H&M, Urban Outfitters carries swimwear in the summer. Urban Outfitters isn’t a fast-fashion retailer like Missguided, Boohoo, and H&M, which also translated to more expensive prices.

12. Boohoo

Best Stores Like H&M: Boohoo
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Denim jumper dress
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Boohoo is extremely similar to Missguided and H&M. It’s a UK-based fashion retailer that carries clothing for men and women, ages 16 to 30.

Like H&M, Boohoo only carries its own brand with over 36,000 products at all times. On Boohoo’s website, you’ll find comfortable loungewear, business casual blazers and blouses, sexy mini dresses, warm outerwear, trendy footwear, and much, much more.

13. GAP

Best Stores Like H&M: GAP
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Long sleeve patterned blouse
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GAP is an internationally recognized clothing brand that has collections for men, women, teenagers, kids, and babies. The brand has been around for more than 50 years, which is a testament to its quality.

Like H&M, the GAP has a great selection of casual and formal pieces. Over the past decade, GAP has expanded into loungewear, pajamas, and intimates.

14. American Eagle

Gingham long sleeve dress
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Best Stores Like H&M: American Eagle
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American Eagle is, you guessed it, an American clothing retailer that offers casual and trendy options for men and women. Everything at American Eagle is hyper-casual, perfect for wearing to school, out with your friends, or while on vacation.

It’s slightly more expensive than H&M and has a separate label, Aerie, for loungewear and intimates.

15. Missguided

Best Stores Like H&M: Missguided
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Chocolate satin button-down top
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Missguided is a UK-based fast fashion retailer that sells items for extremely affordable prices. Your money will go incredibly far on Missguided’s online boutique, especially as the website always offers sitewide discounts.

The fashion retailer adds hundreds of styles every day, ensuring that it carries all of the latest and greatest trends. Along with high-fashion, lounder pieces, Missguided has plenty of basic t-shirts, soft tank tops, and oversized loungewear that can be worn as you binge-watch episodes of The Bachelorette from your couch.

We hope you found this list of the best stores like H&M helpful! If you’re still looking for more fashion inspo, check the posts down below.

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