How To Create The Perfect Spring Capsule Wardrobe

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Spring means warmer days and stylish outfits! It’s time to retire your winter wardrobe and start planning your spring capsule wardrobe.

Spring means longer days ahead, which means there will be more light, more blossoming trees and flowers, and more days where you can walk around and enjoy the sun and the warm weather with your loved ones.

Let’s get you ready for the spring weather with a new capsule wardrobe! Remember, just because it’s a new wardrobe doesn’t mean that you have to get new pieces. You can totally build an entire spring capsule wardrobe with clothes from last year, or even clothes from different seasons that you already have.

After all, the main concept of a capsule wardrobe is to have versatile pieces that you can wear over and over as the years come. 


How To Build A Spring Capsule Wardrobe 


How To Build A Spring Capsule Wardrobe 


There are so many different styles and different looks that you can come up with by just doing a little bit of mix-and-match from your capsule wardrobe.

For your spring style, don’t be afraid to add some dainty floral patterns to your wardrobe! As for the color palette, neutral colors are still ideal, but you can also venture out and add earthy tones like green and blush. These tones will reflect the beauty and the aesthetic of spring.

If this is your first time building a spring capsule wardrobe (or if you want to update your existing one), we gathered the best essential items that you should check out! These are trendy pieces that follow timeless trends, so these are guaranteed to serve you well for a long time. Plus, you can also add these items to other capsule wardrobes that you may come up with! Check out these spring outfit ideas down below.


Essentials For Your Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Basic Tees


Basic striped short sleeve topShort-sleeve top| The weather will just be between the right balance of warm and chilly, so a short sleeve top with jeans is ideal as an everyday outfit. Pair this with a denim jacket and a pair of sneakers, and you’re ready for a full day ahead!



White knotted crew tee

Knotted crew tee | Every capsule wardrobe has to have at least a few simple and neutral color tees, like this white knotted crew tee. This is the perfect undershirt to wear if you’re planning on layering it up with a coat! Or if the weather is warm enough, wear this with a flowy midi skirt and a pair of chic sandals.





Sage green cowl cami tank

Cowlneck Cami Bodysuit | As we said earlier, spring means you can add in a pop of color every now and then, especially earthy tones like this sage green cami bodysuit. This is perfect for a casual date night! Wear this with a pair of light wash denim jeans, and your favorite block heels. 



Cream lace trim cami tank

Lace trim cami | What’s great about this lace trim cami is that it is super chic and versatile. It can be worn with either jeans, pants, or any type of skirt! This makes the cami tank one of the most essential pieces of a spring capsule wardrobe.





Ribbed crewneck sweater

Crewneck sweater | If the weather is a little chilly and you don’t want to wear a jacket, then this gorgeous lightweight sweater is perfect. 




Beige sweater vest

Sweater vest | Sweater vests are a super popular piece in almost any wardrobe there is, so be sure to add in one (or two) in your capsule wardrobe. Sweater vests add a layer of warmth to your outfit without it being super thick or bulky. Wear this one over your favorite dress or tee!





White shirred mini dress

Shirred mini dress | Of course, what’s a spring capsule wardrobe without a couple of dresses! We suggest adding a white dress to your collection, as this can be worn anytime during the year (yes, you can also bring this with you to your summer and fall capsule wardrobe!) The simplicity of the dress makes it easy to accessorize and pair footwear with.


Brown mini dress with collar

Brown mini dress | For an earthy pop of color, this brown mini dress borders in between casual and formal. Meaning, you can either wear this on a casual day or even at a formal event. 






WHite denim mini skirt

Denim mini skirt | We love denim mini skirts, but especially white skirts! They are an essential chic staple to a spring capsule wardrobe, that can be worn with either tanks, tees, or sweaters.




Floral high slit midi skirt

High slit midi skirt | A simple printed midi skirt like this one adds a feminine touch to your spring outfit. 






White high rise straight jeans

High-rise straight jeans | Like the white denim skirt listed above, this pair of white jeans can be worn with literally any top from your spring capsule wardrobe.




High rise ankle straight jeans

High-rise ankle straight jeans | If you want to go for a more casual, relaxed look, these classic blue jeans are a good choice and the perfect staple piece for every body type.






Brown quilted jacketQuilted jacket  | We absolutely love this cozy, quilted jacket which has just the right thickness and color that’s perfect for spring. 




Blue jean jacket

Jean jacket | For an edgy, casual outfit, we recommend bringing a jean jacket with you especially if the weather’s a little chilly. 






Tan suede sandals

Tan suede sandals |  These suede sandals can be worn both on a casual day or at a formal event.




Chic sandals

Travel sandals | These gorgeous sandals are ultra-chic, and can actually be a statement piece if you’re going for a simple and subtle look. They are flirty and fun.




White sneakers

White sneakers | White sneakers are the ultimate footwear for casual style. The best part is that you can bring this over to your summer wardrobe too!




Straw hat

Straw hat | This straw hat is just the right accessory for a warm day out under the sun. It gives off such a nice, cozy, beachy vibe!






Sunglasses | Of course, what’s a spring capsule wardrobe without a pair of classic aviator sunglasses? Make sure to add a pair or two to your wardrobe this season.




Cream chic clutch

Chic clutch | This chic clutch is equal parts cute and stunning. The bag itself is in a minimalistic style with a neutral color but the gold hardware strap gives off an elegant, royal look!




We hope you found this helpful! Are you building your own capsule wardrobe? Tell us all about it in the comments section. If you’re still looking for more fashion ideas, check the posts down below.


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