Hermès Garden Party Prices: Here’s What This Tote Bag Costs

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The Hermès Garden Party is one of the best tote bags out there, but how much do these classic bags cost? This article about Hermès Garden Party prices has all the answers!

There are lots of stunning shoulder and crossbody bags available from Hermès, including the Kelly bag, Birkin bag, the Constance, and the Evelyne, but what about tote bags?! That’s where the Hermès Garden Party bag comes in!

This super practical and super stylish tote is a must-have in your handbag collection, with minimalist design which means you will be reaching for this bag for years and years to come. Just like many other Hermes bags, this brand does not advertise the price of the Hermès Garden Party tote, which is why we have created this handy Hermès Garden Party prices to give you all the important information you need.

We will explore the history of the bag, and the different sizes, materials, and colors available before going through the prices for this irresistible handbag – plus we have included some of our favorite Garden Party bags that we think you should add to your cart right away.

So check out this article before you pick up an Hermès Garden Party bag to find out all the key details you need to know!

The Different Types of Hermès Garden Party Bags

There are a few Hermès Garden Party Totes available, with a couple of different sizes, materials, and lots of different colors on offer – so we are going to take a look at these different varieties to help you choose the right one for you!

1. Size

Firstly, size – unlike many other Hermès bags, the Garden Party is only available in a couple of sizes. The smallest is the 30, which measures 30cm x 21cm x 13cm, the middle size is the 36, which is 36cm x 26cm x 17cm, while the largest Garden Party is the 49 voyage bag, which has a width of 49cm, a height of 36cm and is 25cm in depth.

The 30 and 36 are ideal for day-to-day use, whether you’re out running errands, off to work, or heading for a busy weekend day out. The 49 is significantly larger and designed for weekends away or traveling.

There have been a few more sizes of this bag over the years, including the 39 and the 50, but these have been discontinued, although you may be able to find vintage editions of the Garden Party in these sizes.  

2. Materials

There are two different styles of Garden Party available – the full leather version or the canvas with leather trim. For the leather Garden Party tote, you will most commonly see the bag crafted from Negonda leather, which has large grains and a matte finish – perfect for the practical Garden Party because it is durable and water-resistant.

There are also Epsom leather and country leather editions of the Garden Party available too, again both of these leathers are hardwearing which makes them ideal for this Hermes tote bag.

For the canvas bags, there are three types of toile canvas available: officer, military, and twill canvas – each of these are tough and then trimmed with the durable Negonda or country leather for a super practical finish.

3. Color

We love that Hermès offers its handbags in such a variety of colors, so there really is something to suit any personal style. The leather Garden Party bags come in one solid color – this can be a neutral black or tan shade, or something a little bright.

The canvas bags, on the other hand, often have contrasting canvas and leather for a striking and eye-catching look. We love the light beige canvas bags, trimmed with a fun green, blue, or pink colored leather, or you can go for an even more color with a vibrant colored canvas and contrasting, bright colored leather – so stunning!

Although, there are also one color canvas and leather Garden Party bags available too if you want something a little more paired back. For the full range of colors available, check out our guide on Hermès Colors.

Hermès garden party Bag prices

Type of BagMaterialPrice in USD ($)Price in Euros (€)
Garden Party 30Canvas$2,200€1,530
Garden Party 30Negonda Leather$3,700€2,650
Garden Party 36Canvas$2,450
Garden Party 36Negonda Leather$3,800€2,800
Garden Party 49Canvas$4,375€3,200

The History of the Hermès Garden Party

The Garden Party tote was added to the Hermès handbag collection in 1964 and its functional, minimalist design has made sure it has stood the test of time. The Garden Party tote has a relaxed silhouette, with a leather base, rolled leather top handles, and side snap closures that mean you can expand the bag if necessary.

The canvas edition was intended to keep this spacious bag lightweight, so it wouldn’t be too heavy after you filled it with all of your essentials. The Hermès Garden Party tote only features the leather trim and Clou de Selle hardware on the exterior for a sleek and simple look, with no obvious logo for that classic, quiet luxury aesthetic.

Over the 50-plus years, this bag has been with the handbag collection at the Hermès fashion house, it has become known as a practical closet staple that any handbag fan needs in their life.

Best-selling Hermès Garden Party Bags

Here are a few different variations of the stunning Hermès Garden Party tote, including two of the sizes available, different materials, and a few different colors so there is something to suit any personal style.

The Hermès Garden Party tote does not have a long waiting list like a Birkin or Kelly bag does, but you may have to wait to find the color and size you want – or you can check out resale sites such as Fashionphile or The RealReal to find plenty of Garden Party bags in great condition, that you can purchase and add to your collection right now!

1. Garden Party 30
Red and orange Hermès Toile Militaire Vache Country Garden Party 30
Browse Hermès Garden Party 30 Bags on Fashionphile
Stone beige and black Hermès Buffle Skipper Toile Garden Party 30
Browse Hermès Garden Party 30 Bags on Fashionphile

We love the bold color and striking look of this Hermès Toile Militaire Vache Country Garden Party, in the smaller 30 size, which is the ideal size for all your everyday essentials, including a book, water bottle, and any touch-up makeup.

This tote is crafted from toile dark red canvas and then trimmed with orange Vache Country leather for an eye-catching, contrasting look. The bag is finished with palladium hardware to secure the top of this tote. This Hermes bag will add a stylish pop of color to your look, but is incredibly practical too!

If you are looking for something a little more neutral, then this Hermès Buffle Skipper Toile Garden Party 30 is exactly what you need! This edition of the Garden Party bag is made from stone-colored canvas toile, which is durable and hardwearing and finished with black leather top handles, base, and trim around the top of the bag.

The Clou de Selle snap closure ensures easy access to the spacious canvas interior of this tote bag. This Garden Party bag comes with an additional detachable, canvas shoulder strap so this bag can be worn across the body or over the shoulder – so versatile!

2. Garden Party 36
Neutral beige and green Hermès Toile Garden Party 36
Browse Hermès Garden Party 36 Bags on The RealReal
Pale yellow and white Hermès Toile Militaire & Negonda Garden Party Pockets
Browse Hermès Garden Party 36 Bags on The RealReal

The 36 size of the Hermès Garden Party tote is a little larger and perfect for work or the weekend, to fit in extra items you may need, like your laptop and any office paperwork. Just like the Garden Party 30, The 36 is available in a range of colors and materials to suit any style.

This Hermès Garden Party 36 is crafted from Colvert and natural toile chevron canvas, in a neutral pale beige tone, while the teal-colored Negonda leather trim and rolled leather handles added a touch of color. There are also snap buttons on each side of the bag so you can expand it a little if you have lots to take with you on a day out.

The Hermès Garden Party 36 also comes in a pockets version, which includes exterior pockets – perfect for keeping all the items you need within easy reach and quick to find! This Garden Party bag is crafted from craie toile militaire canvas in a pale yellow tone and trimmed with white Negonda leather for a neutral look that is guaranteed to suit a wide range of outfits.

The outside of the bag features six pockets to help you stay organized, while the roomy interior is great for any larger items. Pick up this gorgeous and super functional tote bag for just $2,800.

3. Full Leather Garden Party Bags
Tan Hermès Negonda Garden Party 30 TPM
Browse Hermès Garden Party 30 Bags on Fashionphile
Pink Hermès Country Garden Party 36
Browse Hermès Garden Party 36 Bags on The RealReal

There are also full leather versions of the Garden Party bag available, which have a slightly smarter and more sophisticated look. The leather Garden Party bags again come in 30 and 36 sizes to suit any busy lifestyle! This Hermès Negonda Garden Party 30 has a classic style and timeless look, making it essential in your handbag collection.

Crafted from grained Negonda leather in a rich tan shade, this bag is decorated with palladium hardware and top-stitched with white thread for a detailed, luxurious look. Inside the bag, you will find a herringbone fabric interior and a handy zipper pocket to help you stay organized.

This pink Hermès Country Garden Party 36 bag is guaranteed to add a striking touch to your look, while the roomy interior is ideal for anything you need in your day-to-day life. This gorgeous tote bag is made from country leather, which has a large-grained finish that makes the leather a little more durable and resistant to scratches and scuffs.

The Garden Party bag is finished with pink rolled leather top handles, a canvas interior, and a zipper pocket inside the bag for your phone and wallet, so it’s always easy to find. This chic tote is available in very good condition for just $3,000.

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