How To Create The Perfect Minimalist French Capsule Wardrobe

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If putting together an outfit is a daily struggle for you, then it’s time to create your own French minimalist capsule wardrobe.

Parisian fashion is chic, classic, and minimalist, which is why a lot of women base their capsule wardrobes on the timeless French style. If you’re traveling for a long period of time and you don’t want to bring 2-3 suitcases of outfits that you’ll only wear once, then capsule wardrobes are perfect for you.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

Capsule wardrobes are trending right now and for a good reason. A capsule wardrobe is made up of 20-30 (and sometimes even 50+) pieces of clothing and accessories that you can wear all year long without them going out of style. You can mix and match your wardrobe however you want.

Very much like the time capsule, a capsule wardrobe is designed to last long for many more years to come. It’s trendy, sustainable, and economical all at the same time, so you won’t have to keep buying new clothes in order to keep up with the latest trends. Remember, less is more.

How To Build Your French Capsule Wardrobe

The goal here is to craft a timeless wardrobe, so it’s important to stick to the basics – colors, silhouettes, and styles. Neutral and muted colors such as brown, grey, black, and cream are preferred here over bright ones like pink, red, blue, purple, etc.

Basic clothes tend to stay in style longer than patterned ones, like a simple black crewneck tee or a white tank top. Striped tees are an exception since these still fall under the “minimalist” category. Be sure to include a few basic tops in different neutral colors, so you can match these with any pair of jeans and skirts!

Dresses should be basic but timeless as well, too. You don’t want to include a Bardot dress into your capsule wardrobe, since it’s not a dress that can be paired with layers, and it’s a very distinct style that can be easily recognized.

When it comes to accessories, it’s better to stick with simple and dainty pieces. It’s best to steer clear from things such as obnoxious-looking sunglasses with bright prints around the edges.

If you want to add a pop of color to your outfit every now and then, a patterned satin scarf can be utilized by tying it around your ponytail or tied around your handbag as an accessory.

French and Parisian style minimalist capsule wardrobe.

Essentials For Your French Capsule Wardrobe
Black strappy top for the minimalist French capsule wardrobe

Black strappy top | Every capsule wardrobe needs at least one simple black top. This black strappy top can be paired with jeans, or paired with a skirt. To make it look formal, it can also be paired with tailored pants and finished off with black heels.

The sky’s the limit here when it comes to pairing this basic top with different outfits and accessories.

Black faux leather jacket for minimalist french capsule wardrobeFaux leather jacket | It’s not a complete minimalist French capsule wardrobe without a black faux leather jacket!

A leather jacket brings an edge to your whole look and can break up any monotonous outfit. Plus, it keeps you warm and stylish at the same time – what a win-win sitch.

Basic white tee for minimalist french capsule wardrobeWhite tee | A white tee is a classic staple in any wardrobe. White tees can be paired with anything, really – whether it’s a pair of jeans, a maxi skirt, a pair of shorts, or any other minimalist bottoms that you like.

Beige trench coat for minimalist french capsule wardrobe

Trench coat | Of course, Parisian fashion should always include a trench coat or two. Trench coats are great if you want to add something more on top of your simple outfit, and to keep you warm.

Plus, walking around in a trench coat makes you feel 100x more sophisticated, don’t you think?

Tory Burch white crossbody bag for minimalist french capsule wardrobe

White crossbody bag | This gorgeous Tory Burch bag in white just makes you look classier than ever. It’s simple, functional, and hands-free so you can go about your day without holding onto a big handbag. Plus, white can be paired with everything in your capsule wardrobe!

Brown camel mules for minimalist french capsule wardrobeCamel mules | Mules are perhaps one of the most timeless footwear styles. Simple and minimalist, they’re classy and comfortable enough to last you the whole day of walking around.

Basic black dress for minimalist french capsule wardrobe

Little black dress | Every minimalistic French capsule wardrobe needs a little black dress. Like basic tees, LBDs are also classic staples for a date night, a picnic out by the park, or brunch with the ladies.

Light wash denim jeans for minimalist french capsule wardrobe

Denim jeans | It’s always good to include a pair of jeans or two in your French inspired capsule wardrobe, as long as they are not ripped jeans, distressed jeans, or jeans that have prints on them. They’re great to pair with basic tanks, bodysuits, and cropped tops.

Black sweater midi skirt for the minimalist French capsule wardrobeBlack midi skirt   | Make sure to include a simple midi skirt in your minimalist French capsule wardrobe, since this skirt is versatile and can be paired with different types of tops and outerwear.

For a chill day out, pair this skirt with a basic top and a pair of white sneakers.

Black tailored trousers for minimalist french capsule wardrobe

Black trousers | Make sure to include a pair of tailored trousers in your French capsule wardrobe for semi-formal work events. These trousers can be worn with either strappy heels, mules, and even classic white sneakers.

Classic white sneakers for minimalist french capsule wardrobe

Veja white sneakers | White sneakers are versatile, and can be paired with any outfit and everything else on this list. If you want a more laid-back, casual look, then white sneakers are your best friend. Just make sure you don’t wear them on a rainy day to preserve their look!

Tory Burch big black leather tote

Black leather tote | There’s nothing like a minimalist leather designer tote to keep all of your things in one place.

Black strappy heels

Black heels | Of course, you’ll need a pair of black strappy to wrap up your minimalist French capsule wardrobe. These heels are timeless, and can be paired with any outfit there is!

Do you already have a few ideas in mind about how to style these pieces into beautiful outfits? Let us know in the comments section! If you’re still looking for more fashion inspiration, check the posts down below.

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