40 Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas That’ll Steal Your Heart

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Looking for a unique Christmas aesthetic this year? We gotcha! Here are the best rustic farmhouse Christmas decor ideas that will instantly steal your heart. 

There’s something so soothing and comforting about the rustic farmhouse aesthetic, and even the holidays are not an exemption to this. If you’re looking for something unique and chic this year, we suggest going for rustic farmhouse decor!

Farmhouse decor (or aesthetic) mainly consists of wooden elements, plaid and buffalo patterns, a mostly understated color palette with an occasional splash of red and black, pinecones, burlap, and any other element that is associated with “farmhouse living.” The farmhouse aesthetic is a fresh take on simple, country-living style, combined with sleek contemporary notes. All of these are important elements that give it a warm and comforting vibe. 

If you’re looking to decorate your home with a rustic aesthetic this year, look no further. We found the coziest, most stunning farmhouse Christmas decor that will have you checking out the cart in no time!

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The Best Farmhouse Christmas Decor

1. Joy To The World Tree Signs


Joy To The World Tree Signs


Get this on Etsy


2. Let The Bells Ring


Farmhouse Christmas mantel decor with bells


Get all these decorations on Pottery Barn


3. Lighted Burlap Christmas Sack


Lighted Burlap Christmas Sack


Get this on Etsy


4. Rustic Snowman Decor



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5. Red Truck wreath


Farmhouse Red Truck Christmas Wreath With Buffalo Plaid


Get this on Etsy


6. Nuthouse Christmas Sign


Nuthouse Christmas Sign


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7. Wooden Christmas Gift Blocks


Wooden Christmas Gift Blocks


Get this set on Etsy (Multiple color options available!)


8. Mrs Claus Bakeshop 



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9. Galvanized Bells


Farmhouse Galvanized Christmas Bells


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10. Reclaimed Wood Tree Box


Farmhouse Reclaimed Wood Christmas Tree Box


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11. Personalized Rustic Wooden Name Tags


Personalized Rustic Wooden Name Tags


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12. Tiered Farmhouse Tray Decor


Tiered Farmhouse Tray Decor


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13. Snowman Family With Light


Farmhouse Snowman Family With Light


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14. Wooden Paw Print Ornament


Wooden Paw Print Ornament


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15. Farmhouse Mantel Decor


White farmhouse Christmas mantel decor


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16. Wood Stack Snowman


Farmhous Wood Stack Snowman


Get this on Etsy


17. Little Red Truck


Farmhouse Little Red Truck Christmas Centerpiece


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18. Buffalo Plaid Boot Ornament


Buffalo Plaid Boot Ornament


Get this on Birch Lane


19. Wooden Book Bundle


White Farmhouse Wooden Book Bundle


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20. Wooden Farmhouse Sign


Rustic farmhouse Christmas mantel decor


Get this on Etsy


21. Classic Plaid Table Runner


Classic Red Plaid Farmhouse Table Runner


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22. Rustic Garland Tree Decoration


Rustic Boho and Farmhouse Garland Christmas Tree Decoration


Get this garland on Etsy


23. Modern farmhouse


Modern Farmhouse Christmas Decor


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24. Farmhouse Nativity Decor


Farmhouse Nativity Decor


Get this on Neiman Marcus | Another similar one also on Neiman Marcus


25. Antique Snowflake Ornaments


Antique Snowflake Christmas Ornaments


Get this set on Balsam Hill


26. Christmas Tree Farm Sign


Christmas Tree Farm Sign


Get this on Etsy


27. Christmas village Wreath


Modern hoop Christmas village wreath with red ribbon and greenery


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28. Rustic Christmas Tree


Farmhouse style Christmas tree


Get this Christmas tree skirt on Wayfair


29. Flocked Greenery Wreath with Bells


Farmhouse Flocked Greenery Christmas Wreath with Hanging Bells


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30. Rustic Table Runner


Farmhouse Rustic Burlap Christmas Table Runner


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31. Wooden Pine Trees


Wooden Pine Tree Christmas Decorations


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32. Plyler Sapin De Noel Stocking


Plyler Sapin De Noel Stocking


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33. North Pole Bed & Breakfast


Farmhouse Christmas decor with sign


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34. A Rustic Christmas


A Rustic Christmas


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35. Woodcut Ornaments


Woodcut Ornaments


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36. Rustic Barn Wood Christmas Trees


Rustic Barn Wood Christmas Trees


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37. Wooden Christmas Tree Sign


Farmhouse wooden Christmas tree sign


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38. Farmhouse Truck Sign


Farmhouse Truck Sign


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39. Red & White Mason Jars


Red & White Mason Jars


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40. Joy Wooden Porch Sign


Joy Wooden Christmas Porch Sign


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We hope you found your next Christmas decor inspo from this post! If you’re still looking for more Christmas ideas, check the posts down below.


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