Is Lululemon A Luxury Brand? What You Need To Know About This Athletic Brand

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Lululemon is a favorite brand for athletic and athleisure wear, but is Lululemon a luxury brand? We’re here to answer that question and give you all the details you need to know.

If you are into running, or yoga, or just love some high-quality athleisure clothes, then you are bound to have heard about Lululemon Athletica. This American brand is best known for its stylish athletic wear, crafted from top-quality fabrics that really stand the test of time.

Lululemon may now be one of the most popular athleisure brands, but is Lululemon a luxury brand? Some consider Lululemon to be luxury because of the incredible fabrics and all the celebrity fans this brand has, while others do not see Lululemon as a luxury brand because of the price tags on their products.

We are here to answer that question by looking at the history of the brand, and the quality of its clothing and accessories, before taking a closer look at some of the best-selling pieces and then coming to a conclusion on the question is Lululemon a luxury brand. Find out everything you need to know here!

Is Lululemon a luxury brand?

The history of Lululemon

Lululemon Athletica was founded by Chip Wilson in 1998 in Vancouver, Canada and the brand’s yoga pants, tops, and low-impact sports bras quickly became a hit. The brand opened its first store in 2000 and soon more workout clothing and accessories began to be added to the collection.

The Canadian brand claims to be the first to make yoga pants, and so their collections focus on clothing and accessories for yoga, including yoga mats.

Lululemon has always been keen to innovate with new fabrics, and in 2005 they trademarked their first original fabric, Luon which has more nylon microfiber, giving the fabric a four-way stretch while still feeling super soft. The brand continues with innovation, hiring around 50 employees in their research Whitespace Lab, including scientists and physiologists.

Soon, men’s workout gear was added to the collection and the brand’s community of male customers grew. In 2014, Lululemon opened its first store in Europe, in Covent Garden, London, expanding outside of North America and bringing the ever-popular Lululemon leggings to the rest of the world. In 2015, Chip Wilson stepped down from the Lululemon board and moved away from the brand.

The brand is known for creating a community-type atmosphere around Lululemon through workout classes via the brand’s app and events in-store, attracting even more customers.

The brand has grown exponentially since its founding in the late 1990s, with over 670 Lululemon stores worldwide and the new Lululemon studio offering expert-led fitness classes for you to stream at home.

The Quality of Lululemon

To work out whether Lululemon is a luxury brand, we need to look at the quality of the clothing and accessories from the brand…

1. Price range

The price range can tell us a lot about the quality and luxury status of a brand. At Lululemon, you can see that leggings are available for between $98 and $168, tops range between $42 and $168, sports bras retail for anywhere between $52 and $108, while hoodies and sweatshirts start at $78 and go all the way up to $198.

There are also coats and jacket available for between $99 and $598, the shoes at Lululemon range from $58 to $158, and the accessories, which includes bags, hats, hair accessories, yoga mats, and water bottle retail for between $8 and $198.

These high prices may seem like a lot compared to many other athletic brands but are actually on the more affordable end when considering luxury brands. The majority of items are available for under $200, except for some of the coats and jackets, and therefore much more affordable than many other luxury brands and established fashion houses.

Lululemon may be in the group of expensive athleisure brands, but they are not quite at the same, high-cost level as most luxury brands.

2. materials

The materials used by Lululemon are a little different from the materials and fibers used by many other brands, since Lululemon produces athleticwear, they need fabrics that stretch and move with the body and are breathable too.

Many customers comment on the luxurious feel of Lululemon fabrics and how well they last, which may be down to the amount of time and research that has gone into each material before it goes on sale to customers. The materials are made by the in-house team of design experts, to create functional and comfortable fabrics that really stand the test of time.

The Whitespace Lab in Vancouver is home to the innovation and design teams, who make use of exercise machines, humidity-controlled chambers, and dunk pools to test the materials before they are made available to the public.

The most common fabrics include Luon, which has a four-way stretch and feels super soft; Swift, which is strong and light, ideal for gym sessions, Luxtreme, which is designed to be sweat-wicking for intense workouts and running; and Nulu which is lightweight and feels like nothing on the skin, ideal for yoga or just day-to-day wear.

These special fabrics are highly researched to make sure they are all of an exceptional quality, just like the materials used by other luxury brands.

3. Craftsmanship

The craftsmanship of a brand’s clothing can also tell us a lot about the quality of the brand. Lululemon prides itself on top-quality craftsmanship to match the luxurious feel and performance of its fabrics. One of the reasons why Lululemon has high price tags is because of the high cost of production and the excellent craftsmanship that goes into each Lululemon piece.

Although the Lululemon founder Chip Wilson, has made controversial comments regarding child labor, the brand is key to highlighting their ethical manufacturing, which ensures all workers are adults, paid a fair wage, and have fantastic working conditions.

All Lululemon athletic clothes are crafted impeccably to make sure each item can keep up with your workouts or active lifestyle and stand the test of time. Lululemon may have manufacturing locations all over the world, unlike many luxury brands that focus their manufacturing in Europe, but the craftsmanship is high quality, putting Lululemon closer to luxury brand status.

Best-selling Lululemon products

There are so many incredible pieces available from Luluemon, including running shorts, yoga pants, tank top, jackets, cycling shorts, bags, sneakers, and sliders so no matter what athletic apparel you are looking for, you are bound to find it at Lululemon. We have brought together some of the best-selling items from the Lululemon brand so you can take a closer look at the quality of some items and perhaps add a few pieces to your shopping cart!

1. Tops
Light green Lululemon Align™ High-Neck Tank Top
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Pink Lululemon Swiftly Tech Short-Sleeve Shirt 2.0
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The Lululemon Align™ High-Neck Tank Top is a must-have in your workout collection because it is so comfortable and exactly what you want to wear for your next yoga class. This tank top has a cropped, waist-length hem and sleeveless arms to help you stay cool, while the high neck gives you extra coverage.

The top is made from the beloved Nulu fabric which feels buttery soft and weightless against the skin, plus the built in shelf bra ensures a little extra support. There are plenty of colors to choose from and this top retails for just $68.

If you are looking for a top suited to more intense workouts, go for this Lululemon Swiftly Tech Short-Sleeve Shirt. This round-neck, short-sleeve top is made from a lightweight fabric that encourages airflow to help you stay cool, plus it is woven with silver threads to reduce odor-causing bacteria before you throw it in the wash.

The top has also been constructed with fewer seems so there is less chafing while you are on a run or at the gym. This top has a flattering, slim fit silhouette and a hip-length hem for a little extra coverage.

2. Pants
Green Lululemon Align™ High-Rise Pant 28"
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Pink Lululemon Hotty Hot High-Rise Lined Short 4"
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The Lululemon Align™ High-Rise Pants are one of the most popular and best-selling items from this athletic brand for a whole range of reasons. The Nulu material is super soft and feels weightless on the skin, the high-rise fit is flattering for the stomach, while the range of leg lengths available means you can find a great option to fit you, no matter how tall you are.

There is also a hidden pocket at the waistband for any items you need on hand. This pair of leggings is designed for yoga, but you will want to be wearing them all the time! These Lululemon leggings retail for $118, but this high price is totally worth it for the luxurious feel.

If you’re a runner, then you need these Lululemon Hotty Hot High-Rise Lined Shorts in your life! These shorts are super comfortable, lightweight, and breezy, making them just irresistible.

These shorts feature lots of important elements to make sure they feel easy to move and keep you cool – including mesh panels to release heat, wide leg openings, an infinity drawcord to help you get the perfect fit, and a side seam pocket to hold your keys. The shorts pictured above are the 4-inch shorts but there is a 2.5-inch shorts as well.

3. Sports bras
Light pink Lululemon Energy Bra Medium Support, B–D Cups
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Black Lululemon Flow Y Bra Nulu Light Support, A–C Cups
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Trying to find the right sports bra can be a challenge, that’s why we love the Lululemon sports bras that make it easy to find the right one to suit your workout. This Lululemon Energy Bra offers medium support for yoga and more relaxed training and is designed to fit cups B, C, and D.

The design of the sports bra is stunning too, with a longer line body, a round neckline, and straps that cross over at the back. The bra is made from the Luxtreme fabric which is breathable and sweat-wicking but also offers a four-way stretch and low friction support.

The Lululemon Flow Y Bra offers light support and is designed for cups A, B, and C. This sports bra is made from the Nulu fabric which feels really soft and comfortable, while also offering a breathable finish and four-way stretch, ensuring the bra moves with you so you don’t feel restricted.

The racerback design is just gorgeous too! There is a wide range of neutral and bright colors to choose from to suit any personal style.

4. Outerwear
Grey-green Lululemon Define Jacket Luon
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Pink Lululemon Wunder Puff Cropped Vest
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The chic look of the Lululemon Define Jacket means you don’t want to just keep it for workouts! This flattering jacket is the perfect addition to your wardrobe that can be worn pre- and post-work out, while you are out on errands, or going for a run in the colder months.

The Luon fabric is exceptional quality and is breathable, sweat-wicking, and supportive, while the back vent encourages airflow, the zipper garage protects you from chaffing and the thumbhole protects you from drafts and chills. Pick up this all-rounder jacket for just $118.

We love this Lululemon Wunder Puff Cropped Vest as it is the perfect piece to throw on after a run, a session at the gym, a yoga class, or just in everyday life! The vest has a comfortable, relaxed fit with a cropped length so you don’t feel restricted, while the SoftMatte fabric is water-repellent so you don’t have to worry if you get caught in the rain.

The quilting is fitted with 600-fill-power goose down to keep you toasty and warm, while the hem can be cinched to keep out the wind. There are both exterior and interior pockets to keep all of your important belongings safe.

5. Accessories
Sage green Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag
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White Lululemon Restfeel Women's Slides
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The endless versatility of this Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag makes it a must-have in your wardrobe. The bag itself is made from a water-repellent fabric and fitted with both interior and exterior pockets so you can keep items safe while having snacks or gels on hand when you need them most.

The wide adjustable strap can be worn around the waist while you’re on the go, or slung across the body when you’re not working out – so practical and versatile! Available for just $38, how can you resist?!

Everyone needs a pair of slides to slip on during warmer weather, after the gym, or even at the beach, and we think these Lululemon Restfeel Women’s Slides are the perfect option.

The simple and sleek slides, available in black, white, tan, blue, and pink, feature a thick footbed, rubber sole for extra grip, and a wide strap to hold your feet in place. The strap features a foam lining for a comfortable feel, while the footbed has dual-density cushioning for a comfy and supported feel.


Lululemon is an excellent athleisure brand, offering a whole plethora of athletic apparel, loungewear, and accessories, but we need to look at the quality of Lululemon products in order to decide whether Lululemon is a luxury brand.

The high-quality, well-researched materials may be of luxury status, but the craftsmanship and premium price point are not on the same level as most other luxury brands, meaning Lululemon cannot be considered a luxury brand. Lululemon is definitely one of the most luxurious brands in the world of athleisure and athletic wear, but it does not have the same luxury status as many top luxury and high-end brands in the fashion industry.

If you lead an active lifestyle and are looking for top-quality workout gear that will really stand the test of time, then Lululemon is the right brand for you – with so many incredible leggings, workout tops, jackets, and accessories to choose from.  

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