Tory Burch Vs Coach: Which Is The Better Brand For You?

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Making a big bag purchase soon? Before you make an investment, check out our guide on Tory Burch Vs Coach to know which brand is better for you.

If you understand the power of a high-quality, show-stopping, timeless bag, you’ve probably got a few bags from Tory Burch and Coach in your collection. Many people really underestimate the importance of a well-made handbag but as fashionable women, we rely on them every day.

Whether you’re stuffing them with snacks as you fly out the door to work or shoving your school books into them on the way to class, they serve a purpose as a fashion statement.

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Coach and Tory Burch are two of the most popular affordable luxury brands in the fashion industry today and they’re known for their variety of excellent quality tote bags, travel bags, wallets, small accessories, and other unique items.

Because both brands produce such top-quality pieces, purchasing a bag from either brand would be a smart decision and a wise investment for you. However, there are several differences between the brands that might sway you in a particular direction. 

Both fashion companies originated in America and strive to empower women by providing them with handbags and accessories that can be used to express themselves. They are what the fashion industry calls “attainable luxury”.

In terms of style, Tory Burch and Coach each have bold, fashion-forward collections along with more subtle, neutral offerings as well. Because both brands have such a wide variety of handbags and accessories, there is really something for everyone, no matter what their personal style. 

If you’re on the fence about where to spend your next paycheque, we’ve explored the backgrounds of both brands, and the differences between them, and have compared some of their most popular items, so keep on reading!

All About Tory Burch

The brand Tory Burch hails from New York City and was founded in 2004 by a wonderful and ever-so-fashionable woman named Tory Burch. The company’s mission was to empower women and female entrepreneurs. 

When it comes to the brand’s style and design, Tory Burch is inspired by the founder’s love of travel, bright colors, and the timeless American style.

Fashionistas looking to spruce up their current handbag collection with some color should most definitely take a trip to the brand’s website or one of the retail stores. Along with carrying brightly colored bags and accessories, Tory Burch handbags also have all of the neutral staples you’ll need as well. 

Like every designer brand, Tory Burch has an intricate, one-of-a-kind logo that’s placed on all products. When Tory first launched her brand, she created an emblem that was intended to be a graphic design element. The double T draws inspiration from Moroccan architecture and bold graphics straight out of the 60s and 70s. 

Once the brand achieved success, Tory launched the Tory Burch Foundation, which empowers female entrepreneurs as Tory experienced many of the struggles businesswomen encounter in her own endeavors.

The foundation provides female entrepreneurs with financial support, education, mentorship, networking opportunities, and more. 

Many people describe the Tory Burch brand’s style to be preppy-bohemian as everything is feminine, effortless, and easy to wear. While many people associate Tory Burch’s fashion label with handbags and small leather goods, the brand also offers a wonderful selection of high-quality clothing.

Get To Know Coach

When wandering around town or the mall, you’ll likely notice tons of women carrying handbags or accessories with a tiny “C” on them, Coach’s signature logo. 

Coach dates back to 1941, making it a much older, more experienced brand than Tory Burch. The company was started by Lillian and Miles Cahn, both of who found inspiration in the intricate design of a leather baseball glove.

From there, the duo went on to create an initial collection of 12 handbags that were made from leather and featured top-quality stitchwork and craftsmanship. 

While Coach isn’t considered to be a luxury brand like Gucci, Prada, or Louis Vuitton, it’s considered “affordable luxury” along with Tory Burch, Dooney & Bourke, Marc Jacobs and others. 

In terms of style, Coach uses real leather and monogrammed fabrics to create its handbags and wallets. The brand most definitely plays around with designs and colors but it also carries classic, sophisticated styles that won’t be uncool by the end of the season. 

If you’re itching to own a Coach bag but don’t feel comfortable spending a lot of money, it also has a sale collection filled with discounted handbags, plus of course the Coach Outlet. We suggest frequenting this section as you can occasionally find a steal!

Differences Between Tory Burch Vs Coach

There are a few significant and main differences between both brands but no matter what designer you opt for, you’ll have a bag that won’t go out of style or fall apart quickly. 

The first difference between Tory Burch Vs Coach is the distinct style of the brands. While Tory Burch’s handbags and accessories are classic, they’re also slightly romantic, whereas Coach’s are more structured and even equestrian.

If you’re conservative with your style and don’t like to wear hyper-feminine dresses, blouses, or skirts, you might be happier with a bag from Coach. Coach’s bags are perfect for young professionals that need a reliable yet trendy bag to take to the office each day. 

The other difference is price. While it’s not an outrageous difference between the two, Tory Burch sells its pieces for a little more than Coach, but still within a reasonable price range. However, like Coach, Tory Burch has a sale collection where you can find its stunning bags for affordable prices.

Both brands have flourishing online boutiques, as well as department stores where you can find the crossbody bag of your dreams for around $300. 

Since Coach has been in business for longer than Tory Burch, shoppers appreciate its timeless and classic style that can be worn for all four seasons. So if you’re looking for a chic leather bag at an affordable price, we suggest choosing a bag from Coach. Its bags are just as high-quality as Tory Burch’s but cost less. 

Our Top Picks From Tory Burch Vs Coach

1. Crossbody Bags

Tan Eleanor Small Bag from Tory Burch
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Hayden Crossbody from Coach
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A crossbody bag is a must-have item for all women, no matter what they do on a daily basis. Even though they are often small, they are sure mighty and can carry your phone, makeup, and cards from point A to point B.

When shopping for a crossbody bag, try to go for the smallest option as it will be more comfortable than the larger, chunkier ones. 

The Eleanor Small Bag ($648) from Tory Burch is the most classic crossbody bag that you’ll ever lay your eyes on. It’s incredibly structured and is made with finely-grained leather, the brand’s signature emblem and a gold twisted rope chain that can be adjusted.

The chain can be doubled up so that the crossbody bag can function as a shoulder bag or it can be worn at its original length, perfect for everyday use.

The Hayden Crossbody from Coach is much more affordable than the Tory Burch crossbody option as it only costs $195.

It’s made from polished pebble leather and features a snap closure with the brand’s signature emblem on the flap. The sophisticated bag also has an adjustable strap so it can be worn as a shoulder bag or crossbody bag.

2. Tote Bags

Canvas cream and tan Ella tote from Tory Burch
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Willow Tote in Colorblock grey leather from Coach
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Even though they may seem like a hassle to carry around, tote bags are incredibly practical. Instead of picking only a few items to take with you for the day, you can throw everything you could ever need inside. When searching for a larger tote, be sure to read up on the straps as padded ones will be much more comfortable. 

Tory Burch’s Ella Canvas Tote ($498) is a chic option that’s perfect for the beach, travel and overall everyday wear, especially during the summer.

The structured canvas tote bag is trimmed with tan leather and features the brand’s double T-logo at the front. The practical bag has a flat bottom, side pockets, and on the inside, a side pocket and a zipper pocket that will help you stay organized. It’s the perfect combination of function and style, and even fits a laptop.

The Willow Tote in Colorblock Leather ($350)from Coach is timeless in style and is made from brown, polished pebble leather that won’t wear easily. It’s not too big and not too small; it’s really the perfect carry-it-all tote for your laptop and essentials.

With this said, please measure your laptop before making a purchase because there’s truly nothing worse than having to cram something into a handbag!

3. Wallets

Black Tory Burch’s Kira Quilted Wallet
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Black Coach Wyn wallet
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We believe all women need at least two wallets that they can rotate depending on the occasion and size of their bag. Plus, if you find the perfect large wallet, it can also double as a clutch for coffee dates, brunch with your best friends, special occasions, or shopping trips at the mall.

It’s a great option for those days when you don’t feel like lugging around a shoulder bag or satchel.

Tory Burch’s Kira Quilted Continental Wallet ($248) comes in black, tan, and sand, and adorns a zip closure with the signature double T graphic on the front. It’s made with good quality luxurious leather and is filled with plenty of slots for all of your credit cards. 

The Wyn Continental Wallet from Coach is a sleek cross grain leather wallet that has lots of space for your cards, cash and coins, and can even fit your phone if need be, doubling up as a clutch. This classic, sophisticated wallet can be yours to use for $175.

4. Backpacks

Black Nylon Backpack from Tory Burch
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Coach’s Charter Backpack
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Backpacks have been making a big comeback in the last few years and we are here for it! They are perfect for wearing to school, work, or when you go traveling as you can stuff them with souvenirs.

Before pressing the “checkout” button, make sure that the backpack has comfortable straps and plenty of room inside. A small backpack that can hardly fit anything is pretty pointless. 

The Flap Nylon Backpack from Tory Burch ($298) looks very similar in style to Prada’s best-selling Re-Nylon backpack, and is an affordable option if you love the look but don’t want to spend $2,000. This stylish backpack has plenty of room for your laptop, snacks, makeup, and wallet.

The ultra-lightweigh backpack is soft and unstructured with pockets on the inside and outside, and has comfortable straps made from webbing so that your shoulders won’t be aching. 

Coach’s Charter Backpack is surprisingly more expensive than the Tory Burch option and costs around $470 because of its popular style. The backpack is made from the brand’s classic polished pebble leather and was designed for every adventure or journey that you have in mind.

It has tons of room on the inside, along with zip pockets and space for a 15-inch laptop. Like the Nylon Zip Backpack from Tory Burch, this backpack also has an old-school, retro silhouette.

Tory Burch Vs Coach: Conclusion

Overall, we’re pretty biased toward Tory Burch, as their designs are feminine, their prices are reasonable and even their logo is beautifully designed. (Not to mention, Tory Burch herself is a true role model to women everywhere!)

However, putting our personal bias aside, we feel that Coach is probably the better choice for most fashionistas who care just about quality and price rather than the modernity of a brand. Tory Burch bags are certainly newer and trendier, but if you are simply looking for a sophisticated, high-quality bag in mature colors, check out the more affordable options at Coach first.

However, if you’re into preppy, feminine designs and colors and don’t mind paying a bit of extra money, Tory Burch is going to have more handbags in its collection that appeal to you.

But before you pull the trigger on purchase from either designer, think long and hard about what type of handbag your current collection is lacking. We suggest stocking up on a few timeless designs in neutral colors before branching out into pink, purple, or blue handbags.

While funky colors are fun, you might not end up getting your money’s worth out of the purchase as it won’t match your entire wardrobe. If you’re looking for a colorful statement bag, check out the sale sections at Tory Burch and Coach. This way you won’t need to feel guilty if you don’t wear the statement bag as much as you intended to. 

We hope you enjoyed our analysis of Tory Burch Vs Coach! If you’re interested in more luxury fashion ideas, check out the related posts below!

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