How I Made $4,284 Blogging In October

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This month I earned the most I ever have with my blog – woohoo!  I finally broke the $4000 mark which feels pretty great. If I had taken a job in my industry after graduating last year (in chemistry), I would be making only about $2500 at best per month here in the UK, which is crazy to think about. So, how did I make money online this month?

I’ll go more into the details further down the post, but it all boils down to display advertising, affiliate income, sponsorships and my own products. I was quite lucky this month, because I made over $1000 in sponsored posts, but like I’ve said before, I would really want to stop doing sponsored posts in the next few months.


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It’s just too darn hard to refuse collaborations at the time – it’s easy money and you get great products in the process. However, like I’ve mentioned before, if you want to be making six figures within a year’s time, sponsorships are not the way to go forward.

So, I’ve put a ban on myself to not do any sponsorships next month and increase my income from other revenues by $500 in the process, so that my over all income wouldn’t suffer too much. It’ll probably help that next month I’ll be travelling to NYC for 2 weeks – it’s quite a bit harder to do sponsored work travelling. You can check back next month if I managed to accomplish this goal or not, ha!


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What’s Up In October?


In the beginning of October I set a goal for myself to earn $650 more than I did in September (Read: How I Made $3434 in September 2018) and even to my own surprise, I managed to secure that figure pretty much the first week of October. I received a sponsorship offer for $700 for an Instagram post, so I was feeling pretty good about myself for the rest of the month.

I wanted to bring up my advertising revenue and affiliate income instead of focusing on sponsored content, but sadly those figures remained pretty consitent at around $3000 for both months. Well, I did manage to bring up my ad income to almost $1000 (up $200), but my affiliate income went down by the same amount, so they cancelled each other out.

I also launched my first product, Millenial Presets, which are the presets that I use to edit my own Instagram photos. So far, I’ve only made $100, but I haven’t created any sales centered content for the product so I’m the only one to blame.

I also started creating my second product, which focuses on my Tailwind Tribes Strategy and how I managed to get over 80,000 pageviews using Tailwind Tribes. It will be out in the next few weeks! 

(Note: These figures are based on my own results. Have a look at the typical results across all Tailwind members here!)


Life Updates


Other than blogging, I went to Dubai with my boyfriend’s family and Ian bought me a surprise skydiving session! It was an amazing experience but suuuper terrifying at the same time – I thought I was going to die the entire time that I wasn’t in control of the parachute. I’m going to upload a video of the experience on my Youtube channel soon, so subscribe if you don’t want to miss it!

We also celebrated our one year anniversary and Ian’s birthday by going to see Les Miserables musical and indulging in a spa experience. It was such a fun month, but I do feel like I need to tighten my purse a bit this month going forward – I feel like I spent too much!

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to control myself though, because we are headed to NYC for two weeks AND it will be Black Friday when we’re there! Yikes…


Previous Income Reports

June – $3,269

July – $2,901

August – $3,323

September – $3,434

All Income Reports


Proof Of Income


Some screenshots: MediaVine and Amazon Affiliates – my top earners.


Note: I won’t be giving all screenshots because a) It violates the TOS of some platforms like RewardStyle and b) There’s not much point in me showing you every single one of my screenshots if they are a relatively small source of income.


Affiliate Marketing

Amazon US – $975 | Amazon has been consistently among my Top 3 revenue sources in blogging. Many of you have asked for me to share my secrets, and I’ve finally listened.

I’m sharing all of my strategies that I use to make up to $2,000/ month with Amazon in my new ebook, How To Make A Living With Amazon Affiliates. It’s going to be released on March 1st, but if you preorder it, you’ll get it for 30% off!

Amazon UK – $138

Amazon CA – $60

Other Amazon Accounts – $21

RewardStyle – $701*

ShopStyle – $24

Hosting – $154 (Check out my post on how to start a blog)


Total Affiliate Income: $2,073 (48% of total income) 


*I’ve realised that RewardStyle figures keep changing as some returns are made.The figures that I report here are the figures that were available in the beginning of each month, however these are likely to change during the course of the next 3 months as some retailers have a 3 month returns policy. On average, at least 10% of online orders are returned, so I would typically lose about 10% (or more) of my reported RewardStyle income before it’s finalised.


Own Products

Millenial Presets For Lightroom – $90 (2% of total income)



Instagram – $1140 (Read: How To Make Money On Instagram)  – 27% of total income



MediaVine (Blog)– $925

Adsense (Youtube) – $56


Total Ad Income: $981  (23 % of total income)


Total Income: $4,284 (Net Income: $4,136)



Tailwind – $10 (Annual Subscription)

(Tailwind is my favourite blogging tool and one of the main reasons I’ve been able to grow my blog so fast. You can try Tailwind completely free for 1 month by clicking here!)

Tailwind Tribes Powerup – $30 (Tribes are free to use to a certain capacity even if you’re not on Tailwind – give them a try here!)

Hosting – $10

TubeBuddy: $5

Adobe Lightroom – $13

Instagram Ads – $15

Upwork – $ 60 (Hired a freelancer to speed up my site – total fail and it didn’t end up helping my site at all.)

E-mail – $5

Total Expenses: $148


(Taxes haven’t been deduced yet!) And where did I spend all this money you might be wondering? On student loans of course! What better way to spend all your hard earned money am I right? Ha. I still have about $55k worth of student loans, but hopefully I’ll be able to clear my debt in the next 2-3 years.


Product Focus: Bluehost


Bluehost is a hosting site which is very affordable and a must have if you’re thinking of starting a blog or you already have a blog and need to be self hosted. It’s only $2.95 / mo through my special link to have your own blog up and running and self hosted.

Bluehost the #1 recommended web hosting by, and it is the most beginner friendly hosting platform out there. It powers over 2 million websites worldwide, and every account features 1-click WordPress installation.

So, if you’re not technical, that isn’t a problem! In addition to that, Bluehost has staff available 24/7 to help you out with any problems that you have with your website.

This means that it’s much easier to set up your blog using Bluehost than other hosting providers! These guys are the go-to if you’re a new blogger and I can’t recommend them enough if you’re thinking about starting a blog.

You can easily monetise your blog when you’re with Bluehost as they offer cheap web hosting for all blogging niches.


Millenial Presets


Millenial Presets are my own presets that I created to take my Instagram images to the next level. With my presets, I’ve been able to increase my engagement and create a more cohesive Instagram feed. Millenial Presets are perfect for you if you’re looking to start focusing more on your Instagram image, attract brand deals and start growing your profile quicker.



My Engagement Before & After




I noticed an increase in engagement when I switched to editing my images with Millenial Presets and although I’ve heard similar stories from other people, I can’t guarantee that this will always be the case. All of my images on my Instagram page are edited with these presets, so if you are curious to see more, either click over to my Instagram page or read more about the presets here.


October Blog Stats

Blog Posts: 6
Pageviews: 78,838 (±0%)
Pinterest Followers: 4555 (+1136 from September)
Pinterest Reach: 5 million ( +1.8 million from September)
As you can see my traffic has stayed pretty consistent even after my semi-viral post last month. I’m hoping that it will stay this way, because ad revenue during this time of year is going to be insane.
However, 12% of  my views came from a Halloween themed post, and now that Halloween is over that post is going to be irrelevant.
If you’re thinking about what content to add to your editorial calendar, consider adding a few seasonal pieces – I’ve noticed that these have done particularly well on my site, and I will probably continue with other festive posts going forward!
Crafts, recipes, DIY and decorations are especially popular on Pinterest right now, so any content focusing on those should perform pretty well.


What Worked In October?



My average RPM now is $12 for 1000 pageviews, which means that I earned $172 more than last month for the same amount of traffic. According to marketers, next month should be even better for ads as people are expected to go into a buying frenzy.

So, if you don’t have ads on your website yet, make sure to turn them on, or apply to a premium ad network.



(Note: These figures are based on my own results. Have a look at the typical results across all Tailwind members here!)

Pinterest is still working well for me. I’ve fully implemented the all the steps in Pinterest Traffic Avalanche and I’m still using Tribes to drive over 50% of traffic to my website. This month, I received 5 million Pinterest pageviews, which seems to be growing steadily. I

‘m releasing a new e-book called Explosive Traffic Tribes in the following few weeks, where I reveal all the secrets that got me to 80,000 monthly pageviews with the help of Tailwind Tribes. Like I mentioned, I get over 40,000 pageviews directly from Tribes and it’s my biggest source of traffic.

My e-book is completely different from other Pinterest courses, because I don’t focus on Pinterest in my book. I focus solely on crafting the perfect strategy to use in Tailwind Tribes, that’s guaranteed to skyrocket your traffic even quicker than with Pinterest.

If you want to explode your blog traffic in a matter of a few months, this book is for you. Keep your eyes peeled on my website for any new updates!


What Didn’t Work 


Working From Home

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty bad at working from home. I always seem to feel lethargic, uninspired and demotivated and it’s hard for me to get anything done. I seem to procrastinate even with the most simple tasks.

Because of this, I often nip to my local cafe and work from there. It has worked so far, but I definitely don’t spend a 9-5 there. I got to talking with a few friends and they all recommend a co-working space like WeWork. The prices for WeWork range a little bit, but for $600 you should be able to get a hot desk from most offices.

For about $700 you would get a dedicated desk. I would still like to earn a little bit more money before hiring an office, but these prices don’t actually seem too bad.

I’m sure that by hiring out office space would have a positive effect on my productivity, and it would be amazing to feel like you have a couple of colleagues too. I would love to try out the arrangement for a little while – perhaps this would be something for the new year!


Start A Successful Blog Today


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