How I Made $7,015.77 This Month: November Income Report

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Hey there blogger friend! It’s time for another income report and whoah, I was completely blown away by how much I made last month when I was adding up the figures. The total came to $7,015.77 which honestly shocked me!

Of course, it’s not all profit, and it’s still shy of my goal of $8,333/month, but I was pretty stoked when I realised I hit another income milestone so soon after hitting my first $5k month!


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If you’re on my email list, I’ve told you before that November and December are typically the months when bloggers earn the most, and it seems like I’m no exception! Although I didn’t make the bulk of my income during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, those days definitely helped me boost my income to the next level!

I’ll tell you all about what worked for me in November and what I’m planning to do in December in detail, but first, let’s jump into the numbers!


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Proof Of Income


Here’s a few screenshots from my accounts. There’s too many to include them all!


Affiliate Marketing


Amazon US & UK – $1,121.06 | Amazon has been consistently among my Top 3 revenue sources in blogging. Many of you have asked for me to share my secrets, and I’ve finally listened.

I’m sharing all of my strategies that I use to make up to $2,000/ month with Amazon in my new ebook, How To Make A Living With Amazon Affiliates.

Amazon Ca & Europe – $49.12

Hosting – $1,920

RewardStyle*  – $511.33

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing – $200

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche – $59.10

Other affiliate commissions – $35.31

Affiliate Income on my blog on investing – $200


Total Affiliate Income: $4,095.92


*RewardStyle commissions aren’t accurate and tend to change before they are paid out. Often, returns are made and these are not yet accounted for. This doesn’t affect the grand total a huge amount, but it does change.


Display Advertising


Mediavine – $2,232.07

(See How To Use Display Ads To Make Money)

Youtube – $222

Total Ad Income: $2,454.07


Own Products


Millenial Presets, Explosive Traffic With Tribes & #Sponsored– $438.81

My Shopify Store – $27


Total Income: $7,015.77 ($5,481.49 After Expenses)


Total Expenses: $1,534.28*


My expenses include things like office rent, hostingTailwindConvertKit and paid advertising.

*Taxes and PayPal/Stripe fees are not yet included in this figure.


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What Worked In November


Display Advertising

If you’ve been reading my income reports for a while, you’ll know that usually Amazon Affiliates are my highest earning income source. However, this month they’re not only not the highest earner for me, they’re actually only the third highest earner!

This isn’t due to me making less money with them compared to what I usually earn, but more because I managed to increase my earnings with two other programs that I’m part of: Mediavine and Bluehost.

Mediavine is the display ad network that I’m using and that I recommend to all bloggers, and if you take a look at my screenshot from their portal (it’s the first screenshot given in this post), you’ll be able to see that I’ve steadily increased my earnings from $965 in September to $1,229 in October, to now $2,232 in November.

I’ve managed to increase my earnings due to two things. First and foremost, I published 20 blog posts in November alone, which is a lot more than what I usually do! I was able to drive 10,000 more pageviews to my blog when compared to October, and 25,000+ more pageviews compared to September. I’m expecting this trend to continue in December!

Secondly, I also increased the frequency of my ads. Instead of placing a limit of ads that are displayed on my articles, there are now as many ads as Mediavine deems “optimal”. Doing this, combined with the already high RPMs that we’re seeing in Q4 allowed me to monetize my traffic much more effectively than before!


Promoting Bluehost

My earnings from Bluehost were exceptionally high this month because they were running a month long promotion for their affiliates, where they paid much higher commissions than usual. Of course I wanted to take full advantage of it!

I got the idea of promoting Bluehost from the Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing course, and so far it has worked out well for me. If you haven’t take the course already, I really recommend it!


Black Friday 

Of course I can’t talk about November without mentioning Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

I didn’t calculate exactly how much I earned during the Cyber weekend, but I would estimate it to be somewhere around $500 – however, Cyber Monday was in December, so in November the amount would probably be around $250. I also managed to snag some great blogging deals during the sales, which was awesome!

I firmly believe that the amount that bloggers make during special occasions like Black Friday is directly tied to the size of their email list. I’m pretty new when it comes to e-mail marketing, and my list is currently just under 2,000. However, it’s amazing to see that it’s possible to earn a few hundred dollars just from sending emails every month even with a small list like mine!

Email marketing is definitely something that I’m planning to get better at, and growing it is going to be one of my top priorities in January. (If you’re wondering what I use/recommend, it’s ConvertKit!)


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What Didn’t Work In November


Issues With Divi/Hosting

I think it’s safe to say that I’ve overgrown my hosting limits, which I’m guessing is the reason why I’m experiencing so many issues with the Divi theme at the moment. At least I sincerely hope it’s an issue with hosting, otherwise I have no idea what could be causing it.

Essentially what has happened with my website is that for some reason, the Divi builder isn’t working for me, unless I use a plugin called Healthcheck and access my dashboard in Troubleshooting mode. If I don’t do this, I’m literally unable to publish new blog posts or do any changes on my website. Also, my website is running probably 3x slower than regular and I’m having trouble with e-mail signups.

It’s annoying and I’m well aware of the issue, but at the same time, I don’t want to try fixing anything at the moment and jeopardizing the Q4 profits (especially from ad income). I already tried changing my host back in October because of the problems, but that brought with it it’s own issues. For example, my Mediavine revenue dropped by about 20%.

That’s why I’m leaving the issue un-fixed until January, when the juicy Q4 revenue is inevitably gone anyway. So, if you are seeing any glitches with my website or if it’s super slow, I do apologise, but…… we’ll both have to deal with it for now. Sorry!

Now, Let’s Talk About Traffic!


Pageviews: 123,579

Sessions: 93,069

Users: 84,005

Email Subscribers: 1637 (+168, thanks to ConvertKit!)


Like I mentioned, I’ve been on a mission to increase my pageviews during Q4 and it’s been working pretty well! In November I published 20 blog posts, in October around 10, and in December I’ll be publishing at least 17. I’ve been on a mission to take advantage of the holiday season revenue as much as I can, and it seems to be working!

Most of my traffic comes from Pinterest, and if you’re looking to boost your own blog traffic, I recommend focusing on Pinterest first instead of Google.

There’s two resources that I recommend for getting pro at Pinterest: the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course by Create and Go and my own ebook, Explosive Traffic With Tribes. If you’re looking for a free course that covers all the basics, sign up to my Free Explosive Traffic With Pinterest eCourse below!


What I’m Focusing On In December


Much like November, my main focus in December is going to be getting as many pageviews as possible. I’ve already written 17 posts for December and made all the Pinterest pins associated with those posts.

It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it! The posts that I’m making are seasonal in nature, so I’ll be able to use the same posts and pins next year when Christmas rolls around again. It’s the same way with passive income in any niche – there’s a lot of hard work in the beginning, but it gets a lot easier with time.

I’ve also somehow managed to get myself into a complete “blogger mode” – I’ve been researching and writing up blog posts for January,  February and even March!  I plan to get a few months ahead with blog posts now in December when I still have the drive.

In January, I’m going to be focusing more on course creation, YouTube videos and potentially just chilling under the Bali palm trees. I want to get as much done now as possible, so that I can focus on the other stuff when it’s time for that!


That’s all from me this month – I’m wishing you lots of success in this busy Q4! Let me know what you’re biggest goal for this month is in the comments!


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