Canada Goose Vs Arc’teryx: Are These Brands Worth The Hype?

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It’s never too late or too early to invest in proper winterwear! To help you decide which brand to go for, check out our useful analysis on Canada Goose Vs Arc’teryx.

Our readers who live in places with colder climates most definitely have a few clothing pieces from both of these brands hanging in their closets. If not, adding a parka and quarter-zip from either Canada Goose or Arc’teryx will be nothing short of life-changing for them. 

Both of these cold-weather clothing retailers are from Canada (are we really surprised?), which means that they truly understand how to brave the chilly elements. But while these brands both create clothing and accessories to keep you warm, they are quite different in terms of style and design. 

If you’re unable to decide between spending your money at Canada Goose or Arc’teryx, we’ve collected some information on both brands, including their histories, the differences between the two, and our top picks from both brands, which should provide you with some much-needed clarity. 

The History Of Canada Goose

Canada Goose is best known for its down-filled winter coats that will keep you toasty when walking your dog or during trips to the grocery store. The brand started in Toronto around 60 years ago and has since expanded into a hugely successful company that sells its pieces all over the globe. 

In 1957, a man named Sam Tick founded a brand called Metro Sportswear Ltd., which specialized in making ran coats, wool vests and snowmobile suits that could brave cold Canadian temperatures.The Toronto-based company sold these items for several years until Tick’s son-in-law was invited to join the company.

David Reiss brought new skills and motivation to the brand. He also brought his invention of the down-filling machine that was able to efficiently stuff parkas and other jackets with incredibly warm goose down.

After creating a line of goose-down jackets and vests, they launched a new label called Snow Goose, providing police departments and other government officials with warm clothing. 

By the 1990s, it had become very clear that the company’s offerings were in high demand, which led to another name change. Canada Goose was born and in the early 2000s, and David Reiss’ son became the president and CEO of the company.

He brought along two important decisions: to produce clothing only under the name Canada Goose and to produce clothing only in Canada. 

Today, Canada Goose still remains a very popular Canadian brand when it comes to cold weather parkas with fur-trimmed hoods. They come in several different colors and lengths, and their collections also include vests, gloves, scarves, and beanies.

While Canada Goose jackets aren’t entirely meant for sports and recreation, they are perfect for casual outings in the wintertime. 

The History Of Arc’teryx

Arc’teryx is a very popular brand among climbers, skiers, hikers, snowboarders, and anyone else who does activities in the snow. The clothing company was started in North Vancouver, B.C., by local climbers who wanted to create and develop products for like-minded individuals. 

It was named after the first reptile to develop feathers for flying: the Archaeopteryx Lithographica.

In addition to selling jackets, snow pants, and fleece zip-ups, Arc’teryx also sells outdoor equipment that can be used for climbing or adventuring in the snow. Their designs are based on science and the brand uses an engineering team to create designs and tools that will provide customers with a wonderful and warm outdoor experience.

When it comes to the brand’s style, it embraces minimalism over fashion-forward designs and prefers to focus more on every item’s functionality. After a tool or piece of clothing is designed and created, the team at Arc’teryx goes to great lengths to test the item to ensure it’s of the utmost quality. 

Because the founders of Arc’teryx have a passion for the outdoors, sustainability is also top-of-mind for the brand. The Canadian company is aware of the impending climate crisis and tries to minimize its environmental impact when producing and manufacturing goods.

It also aims to make clothing and tools that will withstand the test of time so they don’t need to be replaced that often as they see this as being wasteful. 

When it comes to Arc’teryx’s style, everything is sporty and simplistic. You don’t often see someone wearing Arc’teryx to make a fashion statement. However, they do create clothing pieces in bright colors, providing those who like to stand out with other options than classic neutral shades. 

Differences Between Canada Goose VS Arc’teryx

1. Style

The main difference between Canada Goose Vs Arc’teryx is style. Canada Goose’s parkas and winter accessories are slightly more fashion-forward than those from Arc’teryx, although we would say that neither brand aims to be particularly stylish in general.

With that being said, Canada Goose’s pieces will still keep you incredibly warm in colder temperatures. Arc’teryx’s designs are centered more around functionality and less around fashion. 

2. Price Point

Both brands are decently expensive and shoppers can expect to spend a fair amount of money on anything sold by Canada Goose and Arc’teryx.

But a higher price point often reflects higher quality, which is why many people can easily justify the splurge. At the end of the day, Canada Goose is definitely more expensive than Arc’teryx but both are of superb quality.

For example, the women’s jackets from Arc’teryx range between $175 and $1,600, while the men’s jackets are available for between $175 and $2,000. At Canada Goose, the women’s jacket retails for between $525 and $1,695 and the men’s jackets range between $525 and $1,850. This shows the price difference between these two luxury brands.

3. Sustainability Concerns

In terms of sustainability, we think that Arc’teryx is doing a better job, which makes the brand a popular choice among individuals who prefer to wear ethical, cruelty-free clothing.

Arc’teryx offers both down filled jackets and parks as well as more synthetic materials, meaning customers have a choice when it comes to the insulation. Whereas Canada Goose uses primarily natural goose down or duck down in their designs which is not suitable for vegan customers.

However, in 2021, Canada Goose did commit to discontinuing the use of real fur in their styles. But if we’re being honest, we expected this change to happen a little earlier than it did. 

Our Top Picks From Canada Goose Vs Arc’teryx

1. Insulated jackets 

Blue Arcteryx Sentinel Insulated Jacket
Get this on Arc’teryx
Grey Canada Goose Cypress Hooded Puffer Jacket
Get this on Neiman Marcus

The Sentinel Insulated Jacket from Arc’teryx is a longer-line jacket that boasts a waterproof and windproof outer shell and is filled with high-quality man-made synthetic insulation so no animals were harmed in the making. The jacket is available in three different colors and features a layer of Gore-Tex, which will keep you dry in the pouring rain, making it the ideal jacket for any winter weather.

It has an insulated hood, secure pockets that can be easily accessed, and a breathable shell and insulation so you don’t become too warm in this cozy jacket. The Sentinel Insulated Jacket retails for $800 and is a great, versatile jacket for everyday wear in the extreme cold, or it can be used as a ski jacket – so handy!

Canada Goose consistently produces some of the best winter jackets, and this Cypress Hooded Puffer Jacket ($850) is just another fantastic option to add to your wish list. This jacket also has a longer hem, to keep more of you lovely and warm, meaning it is ideal if you are spending long periods of time in cold climates.

The shell of this jacket is made from recycled nylon, which is not only a sustainable choice, but will also protect you from the rain. The narrow channel quilting is filled with a combination of duck down and feather fill – something you may want to be aware of if you are vegan.

There are lots of additional features in this down jacket that will come in super handy during the winter months and any outdoor activities, including an adjustable hood, two-way zipper, adjustable belt closure, and removable backpack straps.

2. Vests 

Black Arcteryx Cerium Vest
Get this on Arc’teryx
White Canada Goose Freestyle Water Resistant 625 Fill Power Down Vest
Get this on Nordstrom

The Cerium Vest from Arc’teryx is perfect for those transitional days when it’s cold outside but not too cold outside, as this vest can be worn over warm long-sleeve shirts or over a fleece zip-up. Or you can layer it under an existing puffer coat or parka if you are experiencing any extreme conditions. This vest is filled with real down (vegans beware) and is surprisingly warm for how slim and lightweight it is.

It is filled with Premium 850 fill power, which is incredibly durable and warm, and features other moisture-combatting materials that are unique to Arc’teryx.

For those looking for a vest that’s filled with synthetic down, but with the same insulating power, check out the Atom Vest. The Cerium Vest retails for $275 and is available in black or blue to suit your personal style.

The Freestyle Vest by Canada Goose comes in a couple of different colors, so you can find the perfect option for you, and features luxe quilting on the outside, reflective safety details on the back of the vest, and a down-filled inside to keep you warm.

The Freestyle Vest includes extra space to move, meaning that it’s not too tight as that wouldn’t be comfortable at all. It also has two exterior pockets, and one interior pocket, and is slightly longer at the back to provide extra warmth.

We love the fact that this vest comes with a removable belt and hood so you can really adapt it to suit you and the cold conditions – this vest is the better choice if you are looking for versatility and adaptability. It costs $495 and is also available via Canada Goose.

3. Fleece

Canada Goose VS Arc'teryx: Covert Cardigan in blush
Get this on Arc’teryx
Black Canada Goose Simcoe Fleece Hoodie
Get this on Nordstrom

The Covert Cardigan from Arc’teryx, available for an affordable $180, comes in several neutral hues and is made with durability, functionality, and comfort in mind. The fleece zip-up is made with synthetic fabrics that are breathable so that moisture vapor can leave your body, regulating your temperature to keep you comfortable.

It can be worn during dog walks, to and from the office, or on hikes to make sure you stay warm but look super stylish too. It’s an extremely versatile garment that should be in every woman’s closet.

Canada Goose’s Simcoe Oversized Fleece Hoody is more fashionable and less functional than the one from Arc’teryx but it’s cute and a great choice if you are loving the teddy bear coat trend! The fleece hoody comes in a few different dark colors and is made with high-pile fleece.

The zip-up features the brand’s signature reflective stripe on the back along with rib-knit cuffs, exterior pockets that can be fastened by snaps, the Canada Goose logo on the arm, and is supported by the Cordura fabric to increase durability. This fleece is significantly more expensive, with a price tag of $595, but does have a more trendy look. There are more color options available on Canada Goose.

4. Parkas

Purple Arcteryx Patera Parka
Get this on Arc’teryx
Blue Canada Goose Women's Rossclair Water Resistant 625 Fill Power Down Parka
Get this on Nordstrom

If you are looking for extra warm outdoor gear, a parka is a great option for you and there are lots of different options to choose from, available at both Arcteryx and Canada Goose. We love the sleek and sophisticated look of this Patera Parka that will really stand the test and can be worn for years and years to come.

This practical parka features wind and water protection, courtesy of the GORE-TEX outer shell, as well as warmth from the down insulation within this coat. The Patera Parka is designed for everyday use with breathable materials, handy pockets, and a hood. This parka is also one of our top picks for warm coats because it is available in several colors, and retails for just $700 – a great price for a coat you can wear no matter the weather, all winter long.

Canada Goose’s Rossclair Parka is a mid-length jacket that’s made with the brand’s signature Air Tech fabric, ensuring that those who wear it will be able to brave harsh elements and wet weather. It has a sleek A-line silhouette with a slightly longer back to keep your bottom extra warm.

The Canada Goose parka has several extra features that are intended to help get the best fit for you, while still allowing ease of movement, including the drawcord waist and snap-close gusset at the back. One of the best parts of this parka is the inside shoulder straps so you can carry your parka, hands-free when you are inside. This versatile, super functional parka is available for $1,295.

5. Men’s Insulated Jackets

Get this on Arc’teryx
Get this on Neiman Marcus

If you are looking for menswear options, there is plenty of choice at both of these outdoor clothing brands. For a lighter-weight jacket, Macai Jacket ($999) is ideal, with both cozy insulation and weather protection as well as a great fit that means you can move easily. Arcteryx notes how this jacket is ideal for skiing and snowboarding and city life so you know this insulated jacket is going to come in handy during the cold months.

The jacket is available in four colors each with a waterproof, windproof, and breathable outer shell and down insulation inside. The hood is removable for those dry days, while the PowerGuard at the back of the jacket has been specially designed for ski trips so you can let out heat but still keep the snow out too.

The Canada Goose Men’s Lockeport Arctic Tech Jacket has a stylish look but still with all the great features you would expect from a Canada Goose Jacket. This is the right jacket for you if you are looking for something that can keep you warm and dry in extreme conditions but will also look great with any outfit, whether you are on an outdoor adventure or just a day out in the city.

The hood is adjustable, along with adjustable cuffs for comfort, while the reflective details make sure you can be seen in the dark and the suede chin guard ensures comfort. There are lots of interior and exterior pockets so you can easily access everything you need. Pick up this incredible Canada Goose jacket for just $595!

6. Men’s Parka

Get this on Arc’teryx
Get this on Neiman Marcus

Similar to the women’s parka options, the Arcteryx parkas are some of the warmest coats available, but still with a smart, refined look. The Ralle Parka is a fantastic choice, with a weatherproof GORE-TEX exterior and synthetic insulation, a great option if you are trying to stay away from down-filled coats.

There is a great range of colors available, with neutral and bright shades available to suit any style, each featuring an adjustable hood and side zipper pocket to keep your belongings secure. The ultra-warm parka is ideal for harsh winters and is suited to any weather conditions. This Arcteryx Ralle Parka retails for just $700, making it a must-have for the colder months.

This Canada Goose Langford 625-Fill Power Down Parka will become a staple in your winter wardrobe, with the sleek look and cozy insulation to keep you warm, no matter what the activity. This parka has a clean, minimalist look with just a few subtle pockets on the front, ensuring the Canada Goose coat will suit a wide range of outfits.

The exterior is water resistant, while there is a 625-fill power down layer of insulation to guarantee you stay warm. There are even more super functional features inside the jacket, with the incredibly handy shoulder strap, to make carrying your parka easy, and a couple of interior pockets too. This Langford parka is a little more pricey, at $1,295, but with the sharp design and warm feel, this coat is definitely worth it.


In conclusion, the best brand for you really depends on the activities you plan on doing. If you would consider yourself to be “outdoorsy” and spend your weekends traversing mountains or participating in overnight hiking trips, we definitely suggest shopping at Arc’teryx.

It’s also a safe bet for those who are looking for high-quality pieces that will last for many, many seasons. The styles are slightly less fashionable but they are extremely functional.

On the other hand, Canada Goose is likely the best bet for you if you’re looking for a down-filled jacket that will keep you warm when commuting to work in the cold. Fashionistas will certainly be pleased with their purchases from Canada Goose as its designs are more on the trendier side than Arc’teryx.

But if you’re an eco-conscious consumer like we are, Arc’teryx will be more aligned with your ethics and values – they are more committed to making use of recycled and sustainable materials, as well as offering customers synthetic insulation options if they want to avoid animal products in their outerwear.

We hope you enjoyed our analysis of Canada Goose Vs Arc’teryx! Were there any crucial details that we left out? Tell us about it in the comments!

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