How To Tell If A Gucci Bag Is Real: 6 Easy Steps

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Gucci handbags are stunning, but you want to make sure you have a real Gucci bag – here are some helpful ways to tell if a Gucci bag is real or not.

Gucci Dionusys bag
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Gucci is one of the fashion industry’s top luxury designer brands at the moment – with handbags being one of the biggest sellers for the brand. The increased popularity of Gucci bags means, unfortunately, there are more counterfeit bags out there.

Luckily, there are several defining features of Gucci bags to help you differentiate between the real bags and the fake ones – to guarantee you get your hands on an authentic Gucci bag.

This article will take a quick look at the history of Gucci, how to spot a real Gucci bag, and finally some of our most favorite Gucci bags – let’s get started!

History of Gucci

The luxury brand, Gucci, was founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci. Guccio was inspired by his time in London as a bellhop to create his own brand of luggage – during this time, he learned the best materials and the preferences of wealthy clients. All this information prompted him to move back to Florence and start the Gucci brand!

Guccio’s son Aldo soon took over the brand and helped it to become a worldwide name, whilst creating some of the best-loved Gucci handbags and most iconic features. The Jackie bag was first launched in 1961, while the double GG logo that is now often seen on Gucci bags was introduced in 1964.

During this period, the brand’s global tagline was ‘Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten’ – emphasizing the high-quality materials and craftsmanship behind Gucci products.

In 2015, Alessandro Michele was announced as the brand’s newest creative director and brought a sophisticated and androgynous feel to the fashion and accessories collections.

Creative director, Alessandro Michele also revived some archival Gucci items, including the Jackie bag, and created new bags, such as the Gucci Dionysus bag. The menswear-inspired, ‘geek-chic’ aesthetic that Michele produced has since made the brand incredibly popular.

Now, the Gucci brand includes not only ready-to-wear collections but also handbags, footwear, makeup, and accessories, displaying just how much the luxury brand has grown since the 1920s.

How to tell if a Gucci bag is real

There are a number of different ways to tell if a Gucci bag is real or fake in the construction of the bag, labels, and packaging.

While we have given you all the information as best as we can in writing, we understand that when assessing a real luxury item vs a fake, videos can be invaluable. This is why we’ve also embedded the following helpful comparison from Divine Style.

YouTube video
1. Serial Number

Firstly, the serial number. This is one of the best ways to tell if you have a fake Gucci bag in your hands. The serial number tag can be found on the leather tag that is sewn at the top on the inside of the bag.

The tag should be square or a vertical rectangle with ‘Gucci’ written in capital letters on the front, pressed into the leather with a heat stamp. Below Gucci, the label should read ‘Made in Italy’ – this will be in all lower case letters. On the back of this tag will be the serial number, or supplier code, as it is sometimes known.

2. Packaging

If you buy a new Gucci bag, it will come with specific packaging that helps you distinguish whether it is real.

New bags will never be in a plastic bag – that is a definite guarantee that the bag is a counterfeit. Gucci bags are always wrapped in a branded dust bag.

The colors of these have changed over the years, so new Gucci bags may come with different types of dust bags than vintage Gucci bags – these bags can be dark brown, light brown, or black.

3. Controllato Card

For a sure-fire Gucci authenticity check, all Gucci handbags should come with a Controllato card. This information card will be a grey color and feature the Gucci logo, ‘controllato’ in lowercase letters, and 10 numbers.

Although, these cards can be replicated with a fake Gucci handbag, always check the size, color, and font on this Controllato card to see if it is genuine.

4. Stitching

Authentic Gucci bags are made to a very high stand so the stitching will also be top quality. There should be no unevenness in the stitches and no breaks or gap on a real bag.

Fake Gucci handbags often have fraying or loose threads – displaying how it is of lower quality.

5. Quality of Materials and Craftsmanship

Genuine Gucci bags are made from high-quality materials and are one easy way to tell if you have a real or fake bag.

For leather bags, most are made from calfskin leather – this makes it soft and luxurious to the touch. The feel of the leather should help you to work out if the bag is a real Gucci handbag.

Some bags have canvas elements in their construction – for this material, it is always worth checking the feel of the fabric and the print. The fabric should feel rough to the touch, although it will soften over time, and the print on the canvas should be easy to read and clear.

6. Hardware

Authentic Gucci handbags often feature gold-tone hardware – these should be smooth, have a shine, and feel solid.

Often, fake Gucci bags will have lower-quality hardware that may be peeling, flaking, or have a lightweight feel to it. So be sure to check the hardware such as logos, chains and zips on your Gucci bag to see if it is the real deal.

Gucci is known for top-quality craftsmanship, meaning red flags that hint the Gucci bag is fake include any unfastened elements, loose threads, or variations in color.

Top Gucci Bags you should know about

When buying real Gucci bags, it’s important to think about where you are buying the bag from. Ordering online from the Gucci website or Gucci stockists, including Net-a-Porter, will ensure you are getting a real Gucci bag. Or, of course, you can go into a Gucci store to pick out your new bag.

If you are thinking about getting a second-hand Gucci bag, head towards websites such as Fashionphile or Vestaire Collective, as these sites will verify whether the product is authentic. That being said, let’s get started and have a look at some of the best and most iconic Gucci bags!

1. Gucci Jackie 1961 leather shoulder bag
Gucci Jackie bag in black and whitemonogram print
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The Gucci Jackie 1961 ($2,950) bag is a design bought back by Alessandro Michele, and rightfully so – it is a stunning bag.

The body of the bag is made from understated white leather, while the base and shoulder strap is in classic black leather for a classic 60s-inspired look. The warmth of the gold piston that sits on the front of the bag will add an element of shine to your outfit.

2. Gucci GG Marmont shoulder bag
Pale green Gucci Marmont bag
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The classic GG Marmont bag is a handbag everyone needs in their collection as it is timeless and suits a whole range of outfits.

Available in a range of different colors, the bag is distinguishable because of its matelassé leather and monogram hardware. The leather quilting is also distinctive due to its geometric design on the flap and stripes on the main body of the bag.

The sliding strap also means the bag can be worn as a shoulder bag, carried with the top handles, or worn across the body – so much versatility!

3. Gucci Diana mini tote bag
White mini Gucci Diana tote bag
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If you are looking for a unique Gucci bag to add to your collection, then the Diana Mini Tote bag ($3,300) is the one you need.

This mini tote is available in 11 different colors to suit any style, all featuring eye-catching bamboo handles. Around the bamboo handles sit removable neon bags that are printed, in uppercase letter, with ‘Gucci’ – this shows that this is an authentic bag whilst also helping to maintain the shape of the handles.

The double G Gucci hardware decorates the front of the bag in gleaming gold-tone metal. The tote also comes with a longer shoulder strap to guarantee practicality.

4. Gucci Calfskin 1955 Horsebit Shoulder Bag
Black Gucci Horsebit bag
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The Gucci Horsebit shoulder bag ($3,250) is a favorite in the Gucci beloved collection.

The trademark symbol of the horsebit, in solid metal, features on the flap of this bag as the only decoration to create a minimalist, classic design. The adjustable leather shoulder strap makes this a versatile bag while the partitioned interior is totally practical.

This bag is available on Fashionphile, which guarantees this is a 100% original Gucci bag or your money back, to give you peace of mind that you won’t be stuck with a fake product.


Gucci is a brand with a long, illustrious history that makes some completely beautiful handbags and so you wanted to be sure you get a real, genuine one.

As previously explored, you need to pay close attention to the bag and look closely at the detail to check if you have a real Gucci handbag. Take a closer inspection of the leather patch that holds the serial number and brand name, the stitching, materials, and packaging – if all of these seem legit, then you can be sure you have a real Gucci bag!

There are many fake products out there so make sure to also buy your new bag from a reputable store for complete confidence.

There are lots of amazing Gucci bags so make sure you have fun while picking a new bag to add to your collection!

We hope you found this article on how to tell if a Gucci bag is real helpful! For more related posts, check out the links below.

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