10 Best Designer Combat Boots You’ll Want This Season

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Gearing up for winter doesn’t mean you should settle for boring footwear. Here are the best designer combat boots you should check out ASAP!

Let’s start this off by saying that designer combat boots are not only smoking hot but they are also incredibly comfortable, functional, and versatile.

The best designer combat boots to invest in this season

By this point in the season, everyone should have a pair of trendy combat boots in their shoe closet but if that’s not you, don’t fret. If you’re looking to cross “designer combat boots” off of your shopping list, we’ve rounded up our ten favorites—but proceed with caution as it can be difficult to stop at just one pair!

If you’re ready to invest in your first pair of designer combat boots (we promise you won’t regret it), check out these ten styles:

The Best Designer Combat Boots

1. Prada Monolith

For those who have already fallen in love with Prada’s Re-edition Nylon bag, these combat boots are perfect for you as they have a very similar design look to the shoulder bag. These combat boots are made with brushed rois leather and nylon, and feature a removable strap with a pouch with the brand’s emblem on the front.

This little pouch can store emergency cash for a slice of pizza when you’re heading home after drinks with your friends or coworkers. The Prada Monolith combat boots are absolutely cutting-edge in terms of style and have a 2.25-inch block heel, giving you a little extra height without having to wear high heels.

These boots come in white, beige and black and retail for $1,450.

2. Gucci Trip Lug Sole Boots

Gucci Trip Lug Sole Boots
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Gucci’s take on combat boots is great for fashionistas who like wearing a bit of color on their feet. These boots have gold hardware and a striped grosgrain band, which adds a pop of color around each ankle.

We suggest this pair if you’re worried about typical combat boots being a little too edgy for your wardrobe or personal style as these are more chic than grungy.

Like most combat boots, the Gucci Trip Lug Sole Boots are done up by laces and have a platform, providing you with a 3-inch boost in the height department. These combat boots, which are made in Italy, can be yours for $1,100.

3. Tory Burch Miller Boots

Tory Burch Miller Boots
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Because we are total Tory Burch stans, we had to include their combat boots in our list. These boots are different from the previous two as they feature a 3.7-inch heel, making them perfect for dressier occasions where you’ll be walking around a little less.

They are made from tumbled leather and suede, and come in Perfect Black, Dark Tan, and Toasted Caramel. Each pair features the brand’s signature double T logo embossed on the side of the boot.

This pair, in particular, goes very well with dresses and skirts as they are more feminine in style. The Tory Burch Miller Boots cost $458.

4. Fendi Rockoko Knit Leather Combat Boots

These combat boots are a wonderful option for fashionistas who want to ease themselves into the trend as they are a little less streetwear and edgy than some of the other styles.

The Fendi Rockoko Knit Leather Combat Boots feature a knit sock detail, the Fendi logo around the upper cuff of the boot, an almond-shaped toe, and a lace-up closure.

But if it’s a platform sole that you seek, these boots might not be the best option for you as they only have a one-inch heel. However, that means they can be worn comfortably on a daily basis. These super chic combat boots were made in Italy and cost $995.

P.S. For those who love logomania, these boots also come entirely covered in Fendi’s monogram print too!

5. Gucci Ankle Boot with Belt 

Gucci Ankle Boot with Belt
Get these on Gucci

Ladies who love bling, look no further than these combat-style booties that are a very unexpected (but appreciated) play on the classic Chelsea boot.

These boots feature a 2.4-inch heel with a slight platform, detachable ankle belt encrusted with crystals, and a gold double G emblem on the front.

They are carefully crafted in Italy and can be your new favorite pair of boots for $1,190. 

6. Chanel Shiny Lace Up Combat Boots

Chanel Shiny Lace Up Combat Boots
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These combat boots cost a pretty penny but we know that they will look even prettier with your high-waisted jeans and floral sundresses.

These trendy lace-up combat boots are made from calfskin leather in a quilted pattern and feature gold chain lace details and the Chanel emblem at the top and on the toe. They have a 1.5-inch heel and can be purchased in-store for around $1,800, or on Fashionphile for $2,750.

As these are some of Chanel’s bestselling items this season, they can be very hard to get your hands on in-store, thus consider looking into buying them second-hand if you really want them.

7. Prada Removable Pouch Tall Combat Boot

Prada Removable Pouch Tall Combat Boot
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These boots are very similar to the first Prada pair we listed but are taller, reaching toward your knee with an additional removable pouch on each boot. 

Yes, that means you’ll have four pouches to fill with tiny items when wearing these combat boots. These military-inspired boots feature a 2.5-inch heel with a 1.75-inch platform, adjustable buckle straps, and are made from leather. A pair of Prada Tall Combat Boots retail for $1,990. 

8. See by Chloe Mallory Boot

See by Chloe Mallory Boot
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The Mallory Boots are made from leather and have beautiful gold lace-up detailing and buckle closures at the top.

These combat-style boots have a 2-inch heel, which will elongate the appearance of your legs when you wear them with a plaid mini skirt or dress. Because these boots look quite fancy, they would also pair perfectly with faux leather leggings if you were going out on the town at night.

The Mallory Boots cost $545, making ithem one of the most affordable pairs on the list.

9. Gucci Double G Ankle Boots

Gucci Double G Ankle Boots
Get this on Gucci

If you’re looking for a pair of combat-style booties that aren’t black, these beige and ebony double G canvas covered ankle boots are exactly what you need.

These ankle boots feature tonal matelasse trim, a 1.6-inch heel, a gold double G emblem on the side of the boot, and are made in Italy. We can imagine these boots looking incredibly fashionable with high-waisted denim and a sweater.

The Gucci Double G Ankle Boots retail for $1,250, and also come in black leather if you’re not into loud patterns.

10. Gucci Trip Combat Boots

Black Gucci Trip Combat Boots
Get these on Nordstrom
Beige Gucci Trip Combat Boots
Get these on Nordstrom

Can you tell that we have a thing for Gucci? These boots are totally biker chic as they have an impressive 3.5-inch heel and 1.5-inch platform so if you love a substantial heel, look no further than the Gucci Trip Combat Boots.

They have a diamond-quilted cuff, black laces, and a chunky rubber sole. For only $980, you can add these punk rocker boots to your footwear collection. These beautiful boots come in subtle black, monogram beige x white, as well as garnet red.

How To Style Your Combat Boots

Combat boots are definitely a fall and winter staple but if styled correctly, they can be worn with dresses and skirts in the spring and summer.

When it comes to finding an outfit that matches your designer combat boots, consider pairing them with high-waisted or oversized jeans and a cropped sweater or bodysuit.

They also look great with beige or white cargo-style pants that are slightly cropped at the ankle or leggings and a baggy sweater on days where you want to feel comfortable without sacrificing fashion. 

For those who are really edgy and daring when it comes to getting dressed in the morning, wearing faux leather leggings with your combat boots will give off some serious biker babe vibes. Complete this look with a neutral-colored sweater, black puffer jacket, and black beanie. You’ll be ready to tackle the chillier weather with confidence. 

But if you live somewhere with a relatively hot climate, you can still get some solid use out of your designer combat boots. You can wear your boots with faux leather mini skirts, flowy tunic dresses, and feminine wrap dresses. 

When it comes to socks, we suggest wearing a pair that’s long enough to cover your ankles. Sockettes and ankle socks won’t be very comfortable as the hard shell of the combat boot can create some friction when you wear them for a long period of time.

But with higher socks that hit right below the top of the boot, you’ll be able to wear your boots for hours on end with no complaints!

We hope you liked our selection of the 10 best designer combat boots! Did we miss any? For more luxury fashion ideas, check out the related posts below!

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