Is Versace A Luxury Brand? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

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We all know and love the incredible Italian brand Versace with their striking ready-to-wear collections and accessories, but is Versace a luxury brand? Find out here!

The Versace brand is one of the top Italian fashion houses in the fashion industry, that first rose to fame in the 1980s and has remained a celebrity red carpet favorite in the decades since. Versace is known for their bold designs, baroque inspirations, and bright color combinations.

The brand has grown a lot since its founding by Gianni Versace to now include not only ready-to-wear collections, but also bags, accessories, home décor, and a children’s line.

This may be a popular brand, but is Versace a luxury brand? Some may see Versace as luxury due to their super fashionable designs and high-quality materials, while others do on consider Versace to be luxury due to the price range of some clothing available and their multiple diffusion lines.

This article will delve into the history of the brand, the quality of Versace, and some of the best-selling pieces from this Italian brand, before answering the question, is Versace a luxury brand? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know.

Is Versace a Luxury brand?

The History of Versace

Fashion designer, Gianni Versace founded his own fashion brand in 1978 in Italy and quickly become one of the key designers of the 1980s and 90s. The clean lines of the Versace silhouettes and bold print proved popular in the late 1970s in Italy and the first Versace boutique opened in Milan in 1978.

The brand quickly grew because of its unique designs and so leather goods, jewelry, and home furnishings were added to the Versace collection. Gianni’s sister Donatella Versace began the Young Versace and Versus diffusion lines under the main Versace brand.

Versace quickly found worldwide fame as the brand became known for their rock n’ roll style, dressing Elton John and Michael Jackson, and royals too, with Princess Diana and Princess Caroline of Monaco wearing Versace designs. Versace’s popularity in the 1980s meant many famous supermodels of the era, including Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista were seen dressed in Versace’s revolutionary designs on the catwalk.

Gianni Versace’s siblings took over the brand after his assassination in 1997, with Donatella taking on the role of artistic director and his older brother Santo becoming the company’s CEO.

With Donatella in charge of the designs of Versace, she continued her brother’s legacy of vibrant colors, bold prints, and baroque inspiration to create stunning collections each season. Versace designs are also a red carpet favorite among celebrities, with the most famous example being the green dress worn by Jennifer Lopez at the Grammy Awards in 2000.

Versace continues to create striking ready-to-wear collections, gorgeous designs under the Versace Jeans Couture line, haute couture pieces under the Atelier Versace label, as well as stunning bags, accessories, and incredible home furnishings. The House of Versace continues to be one of the most popular brands among fashion lovers because of its daring designs.

The Quality of Versace

To answer the question is Versace a luxury brand, we need to consider the quality of Versace’s luxury goods. This will include looking at the price range, materials, and craftsmanship.

1. Price range

Let’s begin with the price range as this is a good way of determining the luxurious nature of Versace. If we look at the clothing from Versace, dresses are available for between $1,275 and $13,175, tops range from $600 to $2,025, while trousers are on offer for between $625 and $1,950.

For accessories, bags from Versace can be as affordable as $675 or as expensive as $3,750, depending on the material and size, shoes range between $450 and $2225, while smaller leather goods such as wallets are available for between $275 and $1,495.

The bags are a little lower in price, but the clothing is similar to that of other luxury brands, such as Louis Vuitton or Gucci.

2. Materials

If we look at the materials of Versace clothing and accessories, this can show the quality of the brand. The clothing uses a wide range of fabrics, including silk, wool, cotton, polyamide, cashmere, latex, and viscose to achieve a high-quality look and feel.

The bags from Versace are very high quality, with most being crafted from lambskin, calfskin, smooth leather, and Nappa leather, as well as some canvas and straw options if you are looking for an alternative to leather.

3. Craftsmanship

As an Italian brand, Versace pride itself on the fact that most of its clothing and accessories are made in Italy, but there are also some pieces made in France, Germany, and Spain.

Having their Versace products made in Europe that can guarantee a high standard of craftsmanship and check to ensure the finished of all items is top quality. Most other European luxury brands also produce their clothing and accessories in Europe.

Best Selling Versace Products

There are so many incredible Versace pieces that you need in your life, but have narrowed it down to a couple of best-selling items to help you choose which item you need in your wardrobe!

1. Womenswear
Black and white Versace Oversized Barocco Print Belted Minidress
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Black and navy Versace Jacquard-knit midi skirt
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Versace clothing is just exquisite, whether you are looking for an eye-catching dress for a special occasion, or some stunning athleisure wear to run errands in then you are bound to find something you love from Versace.

This beautiful Versace Oversized Barocco Print Belted Minidress features the iconic Versace Barocco print which has become synonymous with this Italian luxury fashion company.

The dress is a mini length with three-quarter length sleeves and a round scoop neckline, all perfectly finished with a delicate black belt that features the gold head of Medusa Versace logo. The fit and flare silhouette are super flattering and the white-on-black print gives a bold finish to ensure you always look effortlessly glamorous in this dress.

Another famous Versace print in the La Greca pattern – this print first appeared in the Fall Winter 1988 collection and was seen as a symbol of unity and infinity. The La Greca print has really stood the test of time and is often seen decorating many pieces from the most recent Versace collection.

This midi skirt is just one example of how the La Greca print is used, woven into the super soft jacquard knit fabric of this midi skirt. The skirt has a form-fitting silhouette with a high waistline and midi length that sits just below the knee. The black on navy color combination is super versatile too!

2. Handbags
Luxury White Versace Greca Goddess Medium Leather Shoulder Bag
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Luxury Pink Versace La Medusa Small Chain Tote Bag
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We love the luxe, glamorous look of this Versace Greca Goddess Leather Shoulder Bag! The bag is crafted from smooth leather and is available in white and black – so you can pick the option that best suits your personal style. Both colors feature gleaming gold hardware, with the Greca monogram decorating the front flap of the bag and forming the detachable shoulder strap.

This bag also comes with a removable leather shoulder strap too to give endless styling options. The flap top closure opens to reveal a compact interior fitted with a slip pocket, the perfect size for your dinner out essentials.

The chunky hardware and tonal finish on this Versace La Medusa Small Chain Tote Bag guarantees a super chic look. This tote bag has a sleek silhouette with clean lines, all crafted from finely-grained leather for a luxurious look and feel.

The front of the bag is decorated with a chunky chain and Medusa head Versace logo in the same shade as the leather – so sophisticated! The two rolled leather top handles and detachable shoulder strap ensure versatility, while the open top and interior zipper pocket are the ideal sizes for all your everyday essentials.

3. Shoes
Luxury Black Versace Medusa Platform Sandals
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Luxury White Versace Leather Low-Top Classic Sneakers
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Versace is known for their striking platform shoes, just like these Versace Medusa Platform Sandals! These incredible heels are available in black, yellow, blue, and pink, all crafted from smooth satin that subtly shimmers under the light.

The sandals feature a double-stacked 2.5-inch platform and 6-inch heel to really elevate your look and guarantee you stand out in the crowd! The delicate satin ankle strap has also been decorated with crystal embellishments and a gold Versace logo charm hanging from the buckle. Get your hands on these stunning sandals for just $1,575.

If you are looking for something a little more casual, then these Versace Leather Low-Top Classic Sneakers are perfect for you. A pair of white sneakers is a must-have in any wardrobe, and we love the elegant design of these Versace sneakers.

The upper is made from supple leather for a super comfortable feel, while the rubber sole adds a little extra cushioning. The all-white exterior is punctuated by the glittering gold Versace brand name on the side of the sneaker, and the Greca print that has been embossed on the midsole adds a little extra Versace glamour to these sneakers.

4. Sunglasses
Black Versace 56mm Square Sunglasses
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Black Versace Tribute 51mm Cat Eye Sunglasses
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There is a real mixture of classic timeless frames, and stylish modern frames available from Versace so you are bound to find a pair of sunglasses you love no matter what your style is. The bold look of these Versace 56mm Square Sunglasses makes them completely irresistible, with the chunky black acetate frames in a striking geometric shape.

The arms of the glasses are eye-catching too, as they have been decorated with the gold Versace Medusa logo – just gorgeous! These sunglasses are also available in tortoiseshell and white so you can find the pair that flawlessly suits your style.

 A cat-eye frame is so effortlessly chic, and these Versace Tribute 51mm Cat Eye Sunglasses are the perfect example. These sunglasses have an elegant, retro aesthetic which is just so stylish!

The black acetate frames have a glossy finish and feature black 100% UV protection lenses, while the arms are again embellished with the gold Versace logo to add a little extra touch of glamour to the glasses. These timeless sunglasses have that vintage chic look that will never go out of style. Get your hands on these stunning frames for just $327.


After taking a look at the quality of Versace and delving into the details of a few pieces from the clothing, bags, and accessories collections, it is clear to see that Versace is a luxury brand. Their incredible clothing line and high fashion haute couture collection illustrate how Versace should be considered a luxury brand.

The price range is quite high, especially among the men’s and women’s clothing, the materials are luxurious and the craftsmanship is exquisite displaying how Versace can sit alongside the likes of Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Valentino among the ranks of luxury brands.

If you are after a glamorous dress, a striking pair of heels, or a sophisticated handbag, then Versace is the right luxury brand for you!

We hope you found this article answering the question, is Versace a luxury brand, helpful! For more luxury fashion content, check out the links below.

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