Is Moschino A Luxury Brand? Everything You Need To Know

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The Italian fashion house, Moschino, is known for its bold designs and vibrant colors, but is Moschino a luxury brand? Find out everything you need to know here!

Moschino is a top Italian brand that offers a wide range of men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, leather goods, and perfumes with a striking style. The Moschino fashion shows have always been somewhat of a statement with unusual settings, playful props, and fun styling and hairstyles – you really need to check out these catwalk shows for yourself.

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Despite these incredible collections, the question of whether Moschino is a luxury brand still stands. Some see Moschino as a luxury brand because of its playful designs, high-quality materials, and popular fashion shows. However, others do not consider Moschino to be a luxury brand because of the surreal, trompe l’oeil clothing that often pokes fun at the fashion industry.

This article is here to answer the question, is Moschino a luxury brand? We are going to take a look at the history of the brand, the quality of the Moschino products, and some of the best-selling pieces from the brand before coming to a conclusion on whether Moschino is a luxury brand. Keep reading to find out!

is Moschino a luxury brand?

the history of Moschino

Italian fashion brand, Moschino, was founded in 1983 by Italian fashion designer Franco Moschino in Milan. From the outset, Franco Moschino’s designs were eccentric and eclectic, with bright prints and innovative silhouettes.

Moschino’s collections quickly became known for his criticisms of the fashion industry, which garnered press, and the social awareness campaigns that were displayed through adverts and catwalk shows.

Moschino’s campaigns spoke out on issues that were at the forefront in the 1990s, including AIDS, drugs, violence, and animal cruelty; plus, Franco Moschino brought attention to the impact fashion production has on the environment.

Moschino shows were like theatre, and you never knew what was going to come out onto the catwalk. Bold slogans decorated t-shirts, trompe l’oeil effects were emblazoned on dresses, and vibrant colors were used in all collections. At one show, Moschino left tomatoes and flowers next to the chairs of the fashion editors so they could voice their opinion on the collection.

In 1994, Rossella Jardini became the brand’s creative director – she was a friend and collaborator of Franco Moschino and so continued the striking aesthetic of the high fashion brand. During the time, Moschino created looks for some of the biggest musical artists on tour, including Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and Madonna.

After almost 20 years, Jardini stepped down, and American designer Jeremy Scott took over as creative director and brought more attention to the label with his over-the-top shows and collections. With Scott at the helm, Moschino has collaborated with Barbie and played with the iconic logo of Mcdonald’s to create designs that were a hit in the fashion press and all over social media.

After almost 40 years of Moschino, the Italian brand continues to push the expectations of fashion and create stand-out collections that are unlike anything else seen in the fashion world.

Moschino has its own main line, which is shown at Milan fashion week and is known for ready-to-wear clothing and leather accessories, while two diffusion lines offer pieces at more affordable prices. Boutique Moschino and Love Moschino offer bold, striking designs at a more affordable price.

the quality of Moschino

To answer the question of whether Moschino is a luxury brand, we need to take a look at the quality of Moschino. To do this, we are going to delve into the price range, materials, and craftsmanship of Moschino products.

1. Price range

Let’s begin with the price range; if you are looking at clothing, Moschino dresses range between $695 and $6,845, tops are available for between $630 and $1,750, while trousers are sold for between $635 and $1,595. These prices are pretty average for a luxury brand’s clothing.

For accessories, shoes are available for between $255 and $1,820, while handbags are on offer for between $360 and $3,205 – these prices are often a little lower than well-established luxury brands such as Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Louis Vuitton, but are more in line with the price of accessories from fellow Italian brand, Versace.

2. Materials

Looking at the materials can tell you a lot about the quality of a brand. The clothing from Moschino is made from very good quality materials, including cotton, Nappa leather, merino wool, and silk; however, synthetic materials like viscose, polyester, and acetate are also used.

The wool and silk really show the luxury status of the Moschino label, while synthetic materials such as viscose and polyester are less glamorous, but they are actually very commonly used for luxury occasionwear across many premium brands.

All Moschino bags are made from real leather, this can either be Nappa leather, goatskin or calfskin so you know these designer bags are going to have a luxurious look and feel.

3. Craftsmanship

Like many other luxury brands, Moschino primarily produces its luxury goods in Europe. Most Moschino products, including items from Love Moschino and Boutique Moschino, are made in Italy, Portugal, Greece, and Spain. There are also a few pieces that are made in China.

Overall, the craftsmanship of Moschino is high-quality, and you know that items from this high-end brand will stand the test of time.

Best-selling Moschino products

There are so many incredible Moschino items, and each collection has a distinctly different aesthetic so it is worth checking their site each season to see the new pieces that are added! We have picked some classic, best-selling Moschino products that you need in your life and you should definitely add to your basket.

1. T-shirts
Affordable luxury Black Moschino Oversize Mirror Bear Print Cotton Graphic Tee
Get this on Nordstrom

Moschino is known for its stunning graphic t-shirts, just like this Moschino Oversize Mirror Bear Print Cotton Graphic Tee.

This is the perfect item to pair with your favorite jeans for that effortlessly luxury look. This t-shirt features the Moschino brand name in stark white lettering and the image of a bear reflected in an ornate gold mirror – the Moschino bear has become a motif for the Italian luxury fashion house and is synonymous with the brand.

The oversized silhouette gives a relaxed vibe, with a longer hem and short sleeves that finish just above the elbow – so effortlessly cool!

2. Dresses
Luxury Black Moschino Lace-Up Sheath Dress
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A little black dress is a wardrobe staple, and this Moschino Lace-Up Sheath Dress is the perfect addition you really need in your wardrobe.

The 90s-inspired dress has a minimalist aesthetic that makes the dress eternally timeless, while the subtle lace-up detailing adds a touch of glam that Moschino is known for. The dress has a square neckline and wide shoulder straps, with a hemline that finishes at the knee.

The best part of the dress is the corset-like lace-up panels that sit at the waist and ensure a figure-hugging silhouette. This dress will quickly become a go-to piece for any formal occasion or special event.

3. handbags
Black Moschino Logo Belt Leather Shoulder Bag
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Moschino offers lots of brightly colored bags with playful designs, but if you are looking for something a little more timeless, then this Moschino Logo Belt Leather Shoulder Bag is the perfect option for you.

This curved shoulder bag is crafted from supple black leather and decorated with a gleaming gold Moschino logo down the center. The top handle and removable, adjustable shoulder strap mean there are multiple styling options with this handbag.

The top zipper also allows easy access to the roomy interior fitted with a handy zip pocket, so you can keep your daily essentials organized.

4. Sunglasses
Black Moschino Cat-Eye Studded Optical Frames
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We love the retro vibes of these Moschino Cat-Eye Studded Optical Frames.

The cat-eye silhouette of these sunglasses has a vintage aesthetic that is so stylish at the moment, while the small silver studs add a touch more glamour and sparkle to the frames.

The black lenses have 100% UVA and UVB protection so you know these sunglasses are going to be exactly what you need to protect your eyes in the summer months. The black frames are super versatile so you can wear these sunglasses with so many different outfits for a chic and sophisticated look.


Moschino is an incredible, valuable luxury brand that produces some of the most striking collections that are shown at statement fashion shows – they really are a must-see moment, which helps this brand remain at the forefront of luxury fashion.

Taking into account the prices, materials, and craftsmanship of this brand, we can confidently say that Moschino is a luxury brand. The exquisite designs and fantastic materials ensure that Moschino is a luxury fashion brand that you really need in your life.

However, the diffusion lines Love Moschino and Boutique Moschino are a little more affordable and so they can be considered affordable luxury brands as opposed to true luxury. If you are looking for a bold, colorful, or quirky handbag or dress, then Moschino is a great top-level luxury brand to go for, as there aren’t many other luxury brands that produce such striking clothing.

We hope you found this article answering the question, is Moschino a luxury brand, helpful! For more luxury fashion content, check out the links below.

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