How To Authenticate A Gucci Bag, Belt And Other Items

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If you’ve just bought yourself a stunning new Gucci product on the resale market, you’re going to want to make sure it’s 100% authentic – so we’ve got all you need to know on how to authenticate Gucci.

Gucci is one of the most popular luxury brands at the moment – and it’s clear to see why. They always deliver on stylish silhouettes, timeless design, and top-quality materials to guarantee a luxurious feel as well as durability.

Over time Gucci has grown into a world-renowned Italian fashion house that offers men’s and womenswear, accessories, luxury handbags, shoes, and beauty products.

Under the leadership of creative director Alessandro Michele, Gucci has become a favorite brand of many customers and celebrities all over the world – so why wouldn’t you want a piece of this brand for yourself?

If you have just recently bought yourself a new Gucci bag, shoes, or pair of sunglasses, we’ve got all the information you need to know to work out if it is real or fake.

How to authenticate Gucci

While we’ve done our best to describe the most important details that you need to check when you authenticate your Gucci bag, belt or shoes in writing, we recognize that sometimes, a video can be invaluable. So, to make the process as easy as possible for you, we’ve also embedded a helpful comparison video from Chloe Clooney.

YouTube video
1. QR Code

One of the first things you should check when authenticating your Gucci piece, and perhaps the best way to see if you have a real Gucci product, is to check the QR code. This feature is currently available on Gucci handbags, so if you have other Gucci luxury items, you may want to continue reading and use some of the other methods.

Since 2016, Gucci has started adding QR codes to the black label on the inside of the bag to prevent replica bags. To check to see if you have an authentic Gucci bag, you need to scan the QR code with the camera on your phone and a link to a web page should pop up.

Click on this and the details of your genuine Gucci bag will appear on your screen. If this QR code is not on the interior tag on your new Gucci bag, this is one of the red flags that this is a fake Gucci bag.

Another way to authenticate your Gucci bag is built into their bags via phone scanning technology. All you need to do is place your phone on the back of your handbag and a notification should pop up on your screen – if you click on this, it will tell you that this is a real Gucci bag and give details about the style, materials, and care for this item.

Obviously, these features are new to Gucci handbags, so if you have bought a vintage Gucci bag, don’t expect a QR Code or your phone to scan the bag.

2. Material

One of the first things to do when you authenticate any new Gucci product is to check the material. Gucci always uses the best quality materials, so your product should feel luxurious and expensive to the touch. For leather products, it should have a natural real leather smell, rather than smelling of chemicals or plastic.

The texture should be smooth but not rubbery – a rubbery feel suggests that this may be a fake bag or wallet. Real leather on authentic Gucci handbags may have some natural imperfections, so if the leather looks too perfect it may be fake and the products may be counterfeit.

For items such as sunglasses that are not leather, feel the weight and strength of the material – it is at all flimsy or feels lightweight then the sunglasses may be fake.

3. Stitching

Always pay close attention to the stitching on your Gucci products to make sure you have an authentic Gucci handbag, wallet, or item of clothing.

Stitching should be neat and even, there would be no fraying or broken threads on a genuine Gucci bag or wallet. The threads should also be the same color as the material so the item has a sleek finish.

4. Monogram

Many Gucci products will have the Gucci monogram; it could be on the outside of your real Gucci handbag or on the inside of your new Gucci sneakers. The first thing you need to do is take a close look at the spacing and consistency of this GG monogram.

Small beige Gucci Dionysus bag
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The monogram will have the left G facing forward while the right G is backwards and upside down. This should be the same all over the handbag or pair of shoes, with the crisp and clear formation of the capital letters and no missing parts of the monogram.

If your Gucci monogram is not completely perfect, you may have a fake Gucci handbag or pair of shoes.

5. Hardware

Looking closely at Gucci hardware will give you a good idea as to whether this is an original product from Gucci or not. Lots of Gucci goods have the hardware, so be sure to check any belt buckles, buttons, or embellishments on coats and hardware on bags, wallets, and shoes. Gucci’s high-quality hardware will be gold or silver-plated and should have a gleaming shine.

Any peeling or flaking on the hardware or a rough or uneven texture suggests that this hardware is not authentically Gucci, and therefore the item may be fake. This is a particularly good method to see if you have a real or fake Gucci belt.

6. Serial Number

Inside many Gucci products, you will find a serial number on a serial number tag. Often this is a leather tag with the Gucci name and trademark symbol pressed into one side and the unique serial number on the other side, embossed with a heat stamp.

The serial number will be between 10-13 numbers split over two rows and will feature no upper- or lowercase letters – this is a sign of a fake Gucci product.

On vintage Gucci bags, however, often there will only be one row of fewer than 10 numbers, or sometime there may be no number at all. In the 1960s and 70s, the Gucci brand was inconsistent with putting model numbers on their bags, so if your handbag is from this era, there may be no model or style number at all.

7. Gucci Logo
Rhyton Gucci logo sneakers
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All Gucci products will have the Gucci logo printed on them somewhere – this may be a leather tab on the inside of a coat or bag, or just printed onto the inside of a belt.

On closer inspection of the logo, there are a few details you should note. The Gucci logo should be in uppercase letters, with the G and two CC in a round font, almost like incomplete circles. It’s worth looking at the Gucci logo closely to make sure your Gucci items are the real deal.

8. Dust bag or box

Most Gucci items will come in a distinct dust bag or box, sometimes an item has both. For example, you will find a Gucci bag comes in a dust bag while Gucci shoes will be presented in a dust bag inside of a Gucci box.

You will find that dust bags are made of high-quality fabric and come in a light honeycomb color, a dark brown or white color, all are printed with the Gucci logo or the GG logo. Again look at the GG logo or Gucci name to make sure there is crisp printing and the correct font.

As for the boxes, if you have a fairly recent item, you may have received your Gucci purchase in the new, more sustainable green packing that was introduced in November 2020 (featured above).

Otherwise, you may get your item in either a black and white box (these were introduced around 2016) or a brown box. For the black and white box, the whole box should be black with a white top and a black frame surrounding this top with the Gucci label featuring black on the top.

However, it’s worth noting that if you are buying a product from a luxury resale site, you may not get a box or a dust bag – this will be specified in the seller’s notes.

Gucci items also often come with a Controllato card – this is a card that verifies the authenticity of your Gucci product. The card will be high quality, and the printing will be neat and clear – there will be no smudging in the text as this is a sign of a counterfeit Gucci product.

Top Gucci Products

Lastly, if you haven’t had enough of Gucci products after authenticating your own, take a look at some of our favorite Gucci items that we think you would also love!

1. shoes
Black Gucci Jordaan loafers
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Gucci has a wide array of stunning shoes for shoppers to pick from so there is bound to be something that would suit your style.

The Jordaan leather loafers are iconic Gucci products – the classic and timeless design is beloved by customers worldwide. The smooth black leather features the instantly recognizable gold Gucci horsebit hardware that features throughout their collection of accessories, bags, and shoes.

These loafers can be dressed up on an evening out instead of a pair of heels or worn casually at the weekend for a minimalist look. The Jordaan loafers are a favorite of celebrities – men and women alike – so why not add these sophisticated shoes to your collection?

2. handbags
Black Denim GG monogram Gucci Dionysus bag
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Beige Gucci Horsebit bag
Get this on Gucci

Gucci is perhaps best known for their incredible collection of bags – which includes the Jackie, the Horsebit, and the Marmont, here are just two that may take your fancy.

The Gucci Dionysus is gorgeously structured and has beautiful hardware to create a totally irresistible handbag. This edition is made from a denim jacquard GG monogram fabric, but the bag is also available in a whole range of different colored leathers – all of which feature the tiger head clasp which makes the bag quintessentially Gucci.

The tiger head hardware sits glittering on the front of the bag and is a reference to the Greek god Dionysus, who the bag is named after. Not only does the bag look amazing, but it is also completely practical with an adjustable chain strap.

As already seen on the Jordaan loafers, this adorable little Gucci bag also features the Horsebit hardware as a reference to equestrian style. The two differing straps that come with this bag mean you have two different looks you can go for – either a simple minimalist design with the tonal beige leather strap or a recognizably Gucci aesthetic with the red and green web strap.

The mini size is the ideal compact bag for all your day-to-day essentials, while the bag is also available in 7 different color variations for you to choose from.

3. wallets
Pink Gucci GG Marmont wallet
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If you love Gucci handbags but are looking for something a little more affordable – a Gucci wallet or card case is a great option.

The fan-favorite bag, the GG Marmont has been made into a stunning wallet, available for just $510. The supple leather features the famous chevron quilting and is embellished with a gold GG logo hardware.

The zip around the wallet opens up to reveal card slots and a central compartment for your bills or receipts. The outside of the wallet also has a couple of card slots so you can easily grab the cards you need.

4. sunglasses
Black Gucci cat-eye sunglasses
Get these on Gucci

Gucci has a wide range of timeless classic styles of sunglasses as well as some frames that are at the cutting edge of the latest trends.

These black cat-eye sunglasses are super sophisticated and elegant and will look incredible with a whole range of outfits for years to come. The frames are reminiscent of the 1950s and have been modernized with gold accents and the Gucci logo.

The frames are finished off with dark grey lenses for a sleek finish. For the ultimate luxurious finishing touch, all Gucci sunglasses come with a velvet pouch with a satin lining to keep your new stunning sunglasses safe.

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