15 Refreshing Ways To Wear White Shorts This Summer

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Summer is just around the corner, and what better way to kickstart it than to start wearing your summer staples. If you’re looking for new and cool ways to wear your white shorts, this post is for you!

When it comes to summer fashion, one must-have item that simply never goes out of style is a pair of white shorts. 

While white is not the most practical color to wear, it makes up for this in other ways. Not only is it an elegant color that draws attention, but it also helps you keep cool under the blazing summer sun. Plus, there’s just something about white that’s refreshing and calming to the eyes!

If you have a pair of white shorts and you’re tired of constantly pairing them with the same camis and tank top, we’re here to help you and explore a few new ways that you can style your favorite summer staple.

How To Wear White Shorts

1. All White

White blazer with gold buttons
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Our first recommendation is an all-white outfit. You can pair your white shorts with a white shirt, a white blouse, a white tank top – any top that’s a matching shade of white will complement your shorts well.

Complete this casual look with some neutral-colored sandals if you’re going to the beach, or perhaps some white sneakers or mules if you’re planning to do a lot of walking.

Just be careful where you sit and what you eat, as it’s difficult to keep an all-white outfit spot-free all day! If you’re worried about spilling food or drink on yourself, we definitely recommend getting a Tide Pen – these on-the-go stain removers work lie magic, and they’re so affordable, too!

2. Floral Tops

Feminine floral top
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A floral top matched with a white bottom is perfect for spring and summertime. Regardless of whether it’s a polo shirt, a tee, a sleeveless top, or a blouse, you can never go wrong with this pairing. 

Accessorize with a cute sling bag, sunglasses, or a summer hat and you’ll be picture ready for spring or summer. 

3. black Shirts

There’s nothing that we love more than a perfectly executed neutral outfit. Black and white are one of those color combinations that look amazing almost always and are thus easy to recreate.

Go for a simple black tee or a statement piece depending on where you plan to go that day.

4. Striped Tops

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If your wardrobe consists of classic, timeless pieces, a good and foolproof way of wearing white shorts is with a striped top. It instantly gives off a classy vibe, and it’s easy to accessorize.  We recommend opting for neutral sandals or boat shoes, and topping off the look with a fabulous designer beach bag.

Whether you’re in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or even 60’s and older, this is an ultimate pairing that never goes out of style. If you don’t have a nautical print shirt in your closet yet, it’s time that you get one!

5. Tie-dye Shirts

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Another fun and colorful style idea is to wear a tie dye shirt with some white shorts. Yes, you can DIY a tie-dye top if you have the time and patience, but we recommend purchasing a ready-made one to save you the work.

While you can get a tie-dye shirt in any color imaginable, we love pastel-toned tees like lilacs and light greens the most.

6. Crop Tops

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Have you been working out recently? Now is the time to flaunt those abs! Get your favorite cropped top and pair it with a shite short for that cute summer look.

Just a quick fashion tip, it’s better to pick a cropped top that’s a neutral shade, like white, nude or black, or a light pastel in order to keep the whole vibe fresh. You can opt for a sleeveless, short sleeve, or along sleeve top. The choice is up to you!

7. Polkadots

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You can never go wrong with classic polka dots! Just like the nautical print, polkas are never out of fashion. A white or black polkadot top goes really well with white bottoms – whether you’re wearing shorts or pants.

This combination gives off such a classy and retro vibe that will remain forever stylish. To compliment the look, throw in a pair of sunglasses to look effortlessly chic.

8. Bohemian Tops

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Flowy, breathable bohemian tops are especially great to pair with white shorts in the summer to give off a relaxed, beachy vibe. This pairing is also great for any summer music festival, albeit you have to be careful not to spill any drinks on yourself!

For that ultimate boho look, get yourself some boho accessories or a wide fedora hat. If you’re contemplating going for kind of a look, think of celebrity Vanessa Hudgens. Her boho style is simply impeccable!

9. Lace Tops

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If you’re looking for a chic going-out outfit, have a look at pairing your white shorts with different types lace tops. We’re partial to lace tops with long sleeves, but any kind of white lace top will pair nicely with a smart pair of white shorts, provided that they have the same hue (i.e. ivory on ivory, etc.).

In case you’re going on a date or going to meet friends for dinner, throw on a white blazer over your outfit to exude ultimate class. To complete the look, pair this look with nude pumps if you want to feel more comfortable, white mules or flat sandals also work well. 

10. Colorful Tops

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Another great way is to choose a vibrant or colorful top that serves as your pop of color. Summer and springtime is the best season to play with a lot of colors so go ahead and have fun!

As white is a neutral color, any bright color will pair nicely with it. Choose one that complements your skin tone, or go for a trendy color that demands attention. This year, bright green and lavender are particularly popular!

11. Classic Button-Down Shirts

Button-down shirts are a fashion staple that every woman should have in their closet by now. They go with so many different outfits, and perfectly pair with white shorts to create a classy outfit.

While button-down shirts can often be viewed as only belonging to your workwear wardrobe, this isn’t strictly true. You can combine them with a pair of relaxed shorts for a beach-appropriate outfit, too! Just make sure to choose a shirt that has a loose fit – otherwise, the outfit won’t have the same cool-girl vibe as in the examples above.

12. knit tank Tops

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We’ve been seeing a lot of these fashionable knit tops popping up on our Instagram feeds, so why not go ahead and try the trend, too? A cute neutral knit top will look really cute and pretty if you pair it with some high waisted white shorts. Plus, it’s so comfy!

To add more playfulness to the look, you can try accessorizing with colorful hair pins, necklaces, sunglasses, or a statement belt.

13. Chambray Shirts

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Chambray shirts and tops are another casual outfit idea that goes well with white shorts. You can tuck your shirt in with a belt or leave it untucked; it all depends on your personal preference. 

If you’re going for that effortless summer chic vibe, pair this look with some espadrilles and you’re good to go!

14. Kimonos

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Kimonos are very versatile and you’ll see a lot of different prints and variations online. While you can wear them for any occasion during the spring and summertime, we love them for relaxed resort holidays the most – they make for the perfect coverups.

You can wear a kimono as a cover-up paired together with a top and white shorts for a whole beach babe vibe. Another interesting style idea is to pair it with some cowboy boots or a straw hat for a cool and interesting festival look during the summer season.

15. Beige & Camel Shirts

What to wear with white shorts: beige tops
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Last but definitely not least, we have the classic beige and white combination – we absolutely love this look!

White shorts pair beautifully with all colors, but camel and beige definitely have our hearts. This neutral tone perfectly complements a tan, and pairs well with most things you already have in your wardrobe.

To style, we recommend opting for a nude pair of sandals, and completing the look with either a white or a nude designer bag. To elevate the look, you can swap your flats for heels, and throw on a blazer – such an elegant look!

Must-Have Accessories to Pair With White Shorts

To complete your whole style aesthetics, here are additional accessories that you can incorporate to complement your look. 

1. Retro Sunglasses
Black heart sunglasses
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White retro sunglasses
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Retro sunglasses are a classic staple to have in your wardrobe. Whether you’re into more of a cat-eye or an oversized one, all of these styles work well.

2. Nude sandals
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Nude Jeffrey Cambell statement sandals with gold detail
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Get these on Nordstrom

A nude pair of sandals is always handy and goes well with any kind of outfit. If you’re getting one, you should invest in high-quality and durable sandals that are comfortable to your feet. 

3. White sneakers
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White and gold Golden Goose Super Star sneakers with glitter
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Get these on Nordstrom

Similar to nude sandals, having a reliable pair of white sneakers is also a must in your closet. You can wear it with practically anything, regardless of whether it is dry or wet season. If you’re looking for a pair of comfortable sneaks, maybe you’d like any of the three we posted above.

4. Eye-Catching Bags
Bottega Veneta green mini Jodie bag
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Sage green YSL shoulder bag
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Cult Gaia rattan clutch
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Shoulder bags and mini top handle bags are very popular this summer, and if you still don’t have one, this is your sign to go get one!

Alternatively, opt for a classy clutch for date night looks, such as the trendy rattan bag from Cult Gaia featured above.

So, there you have it! We hope that we were able to give you several outfit ideas on what to wear with white shorts. For more fashion inspirations and ideas, you can see more from our posts below.

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