Gucci Vs Dior: Which Luxury Label Is Right For You?

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Gucci and Dior are two of the world’s most luxurious fashion brands, so we are going to compare Gucci vs Dior to help you work out which one is best for you!

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Both Gucci and Dior are world-renowned luxury brands, with incredible ready-to-wear collections, gorgeous accessories, and beautiful leather goods, including a wide range of totally irresistible handbags. Gucci and Dior are also beloved by celebrities and fashion editors alike, releasing outstanding collections at Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week, respectively.

Since these two brands have so many amazing luxury goods on offer, it can be hard to decide which fashion house is right for you! That’s where this Gucci v Dior article is going to come in handy!

We are taking a closer look at these two fashion brands, delving into the history of each brand, the important differences between the two labels, and looking at some of the best-selling pieces from each fashion house, before coming to a conclusion on Gucci vs Dior. By the end of this article, you should be able to see which brand is right for you and which stunning piece you want to add to your own wardrobe!

Gucci vs Dior

The History of Gucci

Guccio Gucci founded the house of Gucci as a leather luggage company in 1921, after working in hotels in London and learning the preferences of the hotel’s wealthy visitors. Gucci headed back to his hometown of Florence to launch his brand, only starting with a small workshop, but soon the brand grew and Gucci’s children and wife worked for the company with Aldo Gucci eventually taking over his father’s company.

After becoming popular throughout Italy in the 20s and 30s, World War Two hit and Gucci had to adapt. Due to the shortage of leather during World War Two, Gucci began to create its handbags out of canvas that were emblazoned with the GG symbol and red and green bands – both of which are now elements that are synonymous with Gucci products and clothing.

In the 50s, the handbags in the Gucci collection began to gain popularity across Europe and the GG monogram, in particular, was a success with celebrities in America and Royalty in Europe.

After the infamous Gucci family feud in the 1960s and 70s, the brand was reinvigorated by Tom Ford in 1994 when he became the creative director. In 2015, Alessandro Michele took on the role of creative director, and Gucci became known for its opulent, bold, geek-chic aesthetic. Now, Michele is no longer the creative director, Gucci is headed in a new direction. The brand has also grown enormously to become one of the top luxury brands, offering a ready-to-wear collection, handbags, accessories, perfumes, and a beauty collection.

The History of Dior

Christian Dior founded his eponymous French fashion house in 1946 and showed his first collection in 1947. This very first collection from Dior was a hit, with the cut and silhouettes shown subverting convention and creating a new silhouette that would come to define the 1950s.

The lines from the Spring Summer 1947 show were named Corolle and Huit, but after Carmel Snow, editor in chief of Harper’s Bazaar commented “it’s such a new look!”, the collection quickly became known as the New Look. The New Look silhouette was characterized by full skirts and a narrow waist – after some initial opposition, women loved that Dior’s designs bought back femininity after the Second World War.

Christian Dior continued to create incredible collections which were worn by the biggest Hollywood actresses and European royalty until he suffered a heart attack in 1957 and a 21-year-old Yves Saint Laurent was promoted to creative director. His debut collection for the house in 1958 was beloved but his later collections did not appeal to Dior’s rich customers, and so Marc Bohan took over the role of creative director and proved popular with Dior customers.

In 1989, Gianfranco Ferré became creative director, before British designer John Galliano was introduced as the latest creative director in 1997, bringing a new, fresh lease of life to the fashion house, creating highly memorable collections and spectacular fashion shoes.

After Galliano came Raf Simons, who referred back to Christian Dior’s original, elegant, and chic style before Maria Grazia Churi was announced as the new creative director in 2016, and the first woman creative director at the house of Dior.

Differences between Gucci Vs Dior

To help you work out which brand is best for you, we are going to analyze some of the key differences between Gucci and Dior, including the price range of the clothing and accessories on offer, the craftsmanship, resale value, and the brand aesthetics – so let’s dive right into it!

1. Price range

To gain a better idea of which brand best suits your budget, let’s begin with the price range of each brand. Gucci handbags range between $790 and $7,700, although there are some bags crafted from exotic skins available for $36,000, the shoes from Gucci are available for between $360 and $4,900, while outerwear retail for between $1,250 and $9,000 and dresses can be anywhere between $980 to $8,900.

If you are looking at Dior, their bags retail for between $2,300 and $8,600, shoes range between $730 and $2,450, outerwear is available for $1850 and then anywhere up to $8,800, while the price of dresses from Dior is between $1,350 and $6,500. Dior also offers an haute couture range of clothing, which is often custom-made and therefore much more expensive than these ready-to-wear luxury items.

As you can see, the price ranges are actually pretty similar, but Gucci pieces often start at a lower price, so if you are on a tighter budget, you may want to head to Gucci over Dior.

2. Craftsmanship

You may also want to consider the craftsmanship of these luxury fashion houses before adding items to your shopping basket. The Italian brand Gucci takes great pride in the fact that all of its ready-to-wear clothing, shoes, and bags are made by highly trained craftsmen in Prato, Italy, just outside of Florence, where the brand was founded. This means all Gucci items are made to the same very high standard.

Dior pieces have a similarly high level of craftsmanship, with the majority of pieces made in Europe, clothes and perfumes made in France, while leather goods, bags, and shoes are crafted in Italy and Spain. The quality of these world-renowned brands is excellent so you know the craftsmanship will be amazing and each piece will really stand the test of time.

3. Resale Value

Both Gucci and Dior are beloved brands, which means the resale value of their pieces is often quite high. The classic designer bags from both brands are very good at retaining their value, meaning if you ever sell a Gucci or Dior bag in the future, you can get a very good price on resale sites such as Vestiaire Collective and Fashionphile.

Dior handbags usually retain their value a little better, just because there are more iconic bags available from Dior – for example, a new Mini Lady Dior Bag retails for $5,300, while on resale sites, this same bag is available for between $2,500 and $4,000.

Whereas a new Gucci Diana bag is available for $4,300, while on resale sites, these bags range between $2,500 and $3,500. This shows how Dior bags will often have a high resale value than Gucci bags.

4. Brand Aesthetic

When trying to decide whether Gucci or Dior is best for you, you really need to think about the brand aesthetic of each of these fashion houses and which one best matches your personal style.

Christian Dior has a more sleek and sophisticated style, known for elegant silhouettes, clean lines, sumptuous materials, and intricate patterns. Dior leather goods and shoes are often timeless in their style, ensuring an effortlessly chic look for years to come, while the colors are a little more neutral and embellishments are paired-back for a minimalist style.

Gucci, on the other hand, has a bolder, more striking brand aesthetic. Gucci clothing and accessories are often a little more trend-led, with eye-catching silhouettes, vibrant colors, and sparkling embellishments. Under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele, Gucci pieces were popular among fashion lovers because of their fun and playful style, and fashionable aesthetics that were often seen on celebrities on the red carpet.

You will also find more luxury items decorated with the Gucci logo or brand name, fitting with the logomania trend. There are of course so classic, timeless pieces available from Gucci, with a more elegant look, but this is not what Gucci is best known for.  

Best-selling Items from Gucci Vs Dior

There are so many incredible luxury products available from both Gucci and Dior, making it difficult to decide between the two fashion houses. This is why we have compared some of the top handbags and shoes from these luxury brands so you can see which one best suits your personal style!

1. Shoulder Bags
White Gucci Jackie 1961 small shoulder bag
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Black Dior Saddle Bag With Strap
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The Gucci Jackie 1961 bag is a best-seller for the Italian fashion house, with a chic and sophisticated look that is perfect for both day and night looks. The Jackie shoulder bag was named after Jackie Kennedy, after this was a personal favorite handbag of the First Lady.

Crafted from high-quality, glossy leather, the Jackie bag is embellished with a gleaming gold piston closure on the front for a minimalist finish, while the leather shoulder strap can be adjusted to fit any wearer. Inside, you will find a handy zipper pocket to help you stay organized.

The Dior Saddle bag is an iconic handbag that has been a key part of the Christian Dior bag collection since it was first launched in 2000. The shoulder bag has a pretty unique, curved silhouette, which makes it instantly recognizable as a saddle bag.

The shoulder strap is attached via gold CD hardware, adding a luxe finish to this handbag, while a D charm decorated the front flap. For practicality, this Dior shoulder bag comes with an additional, removable crossbody strap and an interior zip pocket.

2. Tote Bags
Brown Gucci Diana medium tote bag
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Beige and navy Dior Medium Book Tote
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The stunning Gucci Diana Tote Bag is another beloved bag named after its famous wearer, this time it is Princess Diana who was often seen carrying this beautiful tote. The Diana bag has a structured silhouette, crafted from tan leather and embellished with a gold GG logo – but the most eye-catching element of this bag is the bamboo top handles.

There is also a detachable red and green webbing shoulder strap that adds an element of practicality so there are multiple ways to style this tote. The spacious interior holds two zip compartments and an open pocket, making it easy to store all your work essentials.

The famous Dior Book Tote is a super popular tote that you have probably seen all over your Instagram feed. This fantastic tote is practical, with a roomy interior and comfortable rolled top handles, and a striking exterior, made from Dior Oblique canvas.

The Christian Dior brand name is woven through the center of the tote, while you can even personalize this bag with your own name on the opposite side – making this tote a perfect gift for someone extra special in your life.

3. Top Handle Bags
Pink Gucci Blondie top-handle bag
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Pink Dior Mini Lady Dior Bag
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We love the new addition to the Gucci handbag collection, the Blondie top-handle bag! This versatile handbag, introduced to the brand by Alessandro Michele, takes inspiration from previous Gucci pieces in the archive to create a contemporary bag with a vintage touch.

The supple leather bag has a curved silhouette and is fitted with a leather top handle and a chain shoulder strap, featuring Gucci logo links. The front flap is embellished with the interlocking G logo, which then opens up to an organized interior, with a zip pocket and 2 open pockets – so practical!

The Lady Dior is perhaps the most iconic handbag in the Dior collection, a favorite with customers since it was first introduced in 1994. This was another bag that was seen on the arm of Princess Diana and quickly became popular all over the world.

The top handle bag has a structured, square silhouette, crafted from lambskin leather that has been quilted in the Cannage pattern, finished with bold top handles and a gold Dior charm. The bag also comes with a detachable chain shoulder strap so you can style the Lady Dior across the body too – or pick up one of the Dior embroidered straps to really make this bag your own.

4. Slingback Heels
Black Gucci Women's mid-heel slingback with Horsebit
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Black and white Dior J’Adior Slingbacks Pumps
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There are so many other gorgeous pieces on offer from Gucci and Dior, but we just wanted to highlight the stunning heels available from these luxury labels. With lots of heels to choose from, we have picked a couple of stylish and timeless slingbacks that are a must in your shoe collection.

The Gucci mid-heel slingbacks with Horsebit have a striking look, with the glossy black patent leather and eye-catching gold horsebit hardware decorating the front of the shoe. You will see this horsebit hardware embellishing many Gucci accessories, referencing the equestrian history of the brand. The block heel sits at 3 inches high, while the slingback is adjustable via the dainty buckle.

We love the classic and sophisticated look of these Dior J’Adior Slingbacks Pumps! There are many different variations of the J’Adior Slingbacks Pumps available, including different heel heights and materials, but we love the simple and chic look of these black and white pumps.

The pointed toe is crafted from black technical fabric, with a ribbed texture, while the slingback strap is a white cotton ribbon printed with J’Adior for a quintessentially Christian Dior look. The 10cm comma heel will add the perfect elevation to your glamorous outfit. These effortlessly stunning heels are available for just $990.


Both Gucci and Dior have so many irresistible pieces on offer that it is difficult to narrow down our wish list! There are significant similarities between the luxury brands but there are also notable differences that will help to work out which brand is right for you.

If you are on a slightly smaller budget and love a bold, striking style, then Gucci is the right brand for you – there are lots of glamorous clothes and bags available that deserve a place in your wardrobe!

If you have a little more money to spend and want a more classic and sophisticated look, then Dior is the perfect brand for you. Dior bags, in particular, have a timelessly stylish look, while their clothes and shoes guarantee an elegant, high-fashion finish.

We hope you found this article comparing Gucci Vs Dior helpful! For more luxury fashion content, check out the links below.

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