Hermès Constance Sizes: All The Details You Need To Know

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The Hermès Constance is the third bag in the Holy Trinity, but there are several different editions available. We have listed the Hermès Constance sizes to help you work out which one is best for you!

The Hermès Constance bag has an elegant and minimalist aesthetic and will add a sophisticated touch to any outfit – making it a must-have in any luxury bag collection. Just like the Hermès Birkin and Kelly bags, there are different versions of the Hermès Constance bag available from the French fashion house.

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This Hermès Constance Sizes article will take a look at the sizes available, plus the types of leather and hardware you can choose from so you can easily pick the right one that fits not only your personal style but your lifestyle too!

We have also included examples of the sizes at the bottom of the page so you can see the Constance bags that are out there.

Hermès Constance sizes

The Hermès Constance is available in 4 different sizes, although there are three more sizes that have now been discontinued that may still be available on the secondary market. The smallest size is the micro, also known as the 14 since it measures 14cm across, then you move to the Constance Mini, or the 18, which measures 18cm across – this 18 is the most popular Constance bag since it is the perfect size for everyday wear.

The next size up is the 24, which is another very popular option if you want more space for your weekend or work essentials. The largest size available is the Constance Elan, which is 25cm across and has a more rectangular shape, but this size of the bag is one of the more uncommon options.

The discontinued options include the Constance Cartable, which measured 29cm across, plus there were a 23 and 25 – this 25 had a more square shape as opposed to the rectangular 25 that is still available.

If you are looking to add one to your collection, we would recommend the 18 or the 24, as these will be best for day-to-day or evening wear, each with plenty of room for all your must-have items.

Hermès Constance History

The Hermès Constance was added to the collection in 1959, when the artistic director of the brand at the time, Jean-Louis Dumas, commissioned the in-house designer Catherine Chaillet to create a new bag.

Chaillet wanted to create a simple and modern bag that would never go out of style – which she achieved with the sleek lines and refined look of the Constance bag. The bag has a structured, clean silhouette, with a long leather strap and an H-shaped clasp on the front, making it one of the few bags in the Hermès collection with any sort of obvious brand logo.

Catherine Chaillet was pregnant when she designed the bag and named her new handbag after her baby daughter, Constance since the bag was released on the same day her daughter was born.

This elegant shoulder bag remains an ever-popular Hermès bag in their collection, with a timeless design and practical interior, including a double gusset or multiple interior pockets, making it easy to stay organized.

Different types of leather and hardware

There are not only different sizes available, but different types of leather too. This Hermès bag is most commonly made from Epsom leather, which has a grained finish which makes the bag more hardwearing. You will also find that the Constance bag is made from Evercolour leather, Chevre Mysore leather, Box leather, and Tadelakt leather.

There are also bags available in Doblis suede which has a plush finish, and exotic skins, including alligator, ostrich, and lizard. Each of these different types of leather has a different finish and level of durability, for example, the box leather is more delicate and prone to scratches, while the Epsom leather is much more durable.

We have an article on the different types of Hermès leather if you are looking for more information and the pros and cons of each type.

The iconic H clasp that sits on the front of each Constance bag is available in gold-plated, palladium-plated, and rose gold-plated. Although may find some H clasps with a colored enamel center and the palladium plating around the edge for more of a tonal look.

Hermès Constance Bags you need in your wardrobe!

Here are a few different examples of the Hermès Constance bag, in a range of different sizes, leathers, and colors so there is something to suit everyone!

1. Constance 18
Dark brown Hermès Epsom Mini Constance 18
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Brown and ivory Hermès Varanus Salvator Lizard Mini Constance 18
Browse Hermès Constance 18 Bags on The RealReal

Our first Hermès Constance is the Mini Constance, crafted from grained Epsom leather and finished with gleaming gold hardware.

The dark, rich chocolate-colored leather is complimented by the gold hardware, while the exterior is finished with a looped strap to wear on the shoulder or across the body. The interior is lined with swift leather and fitted with two pockets – just perfect!

If you are looking for something completely eye-catching, you need this lizard Mini Constance 18. This is just one example of a Constance bag crafted from an exotic material, but there are ostrich and alligator leather available too.

The Varanus Salvator Lizard skin has a brown and white patterned finish and it is embellished with a gold-plated H lock. This would make the perfect evening bag to add a luxe finish to your outfit.

2. Constance 24
Black Hermès Box Constance 24
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Pink Hermès Evercolor Constance 24
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The box leather may be one of the more delicate types of leather offered by Hermès, but is it just too gorgeous to resist! This is the Hermès Box Constance 24, with rose-gold plated hardware – a stunning alternative to the classic gold.

The adjustable shoulder strap can be worn at full length across the body or doubled up to form a short shoulder strap – so versatile. The interior is perfectly practical too, with three interior pockets.

Add a pop of bright color to your look with this Hermès Evercolor Constance 24! This beautiful pink bag is made from Evercolor leather and features a palladium-plated H-shaped clasp.

This clasp allows easy access to the roomy interior, lined with leather and fitted with two wall pockets, making it easy to keep all your essential items well organized. This Constance 24 is a great investment piece that you can use for years and years.

3. Constance 14 and Wallet To Go
Pink Hermès Epsom Micro Constance 14
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Tan Hermès Epsom Constance Long Wallet To Go
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The Hermès Micro Constance 14 may be small but it is so cute! This mini bag has all the same features as the larger Constance bags but is shrunken down to a miniature size.

The bag is made from vibrant pink textured Epsom leather and finished with a palladium-plated H clasp. The strap can be worn on the shoulder or across the body, while the compact interior is leather-lined and can fit your keys, card case, and lipstick!

Although this is not technically a Constance bag, it is part of the Hermès Constance line and can be worn as an evening bag too. This is the Hermès Constance Long Wallet To Go in tan Epsom leather with palladium hardware.

This compact wallet to go is still large enough to fit all your dinner-out must-have items, including card slots for credit cards, patch pockets, and a zipper pocket for your phone – just perfect! The delicate leather strap is actually detachable so you can wear this as a shoulder bag or carry it as a clutch.

We hope you found this Hermès Constance sizes article helpful!

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