These 12 Colors Make Burgundy Look So Chic

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Burgundy is one of the top colours this season but how do you style it? We have created this list of what colors to wear with burgundy to make it easy to include this fashionable color in your outfits!

For the fall and winter months, burgundy has always been a favorite color, bringing a subtle touch of color, richness, and depth to any outfit – but this year, burgundy is one of the top trending colors. If you are looking to add burgundy to your outfit but are wondering how to style this color, then you are in the right place!

This list includes 12 great colors to wear with burgundy to help you create gorgeous and super stylish outfits. So just keep reading to find lots of fashion inspiration and outfit ideas that you can really make your own and recreate at home this fall and winter season.

The Best Colors To Wear With Burgundy

1. Grey

Let’s begin with grey, which is an excellent, versatile color that works really well with burgundy. Here, you can see that most of the outfit is grey, then the burgundy top and hat have been used to add a little color to this tonal look. This is easy to recreate at home, with just one or two burgundy pieces then keep the rest of the outfit grey.

2. Black

Of course, we had to include black, which pairs perfectly with burgundy to create stunning winter outfits. There are so many different ways you can style burgundy and black – you could stick to burgundy clothes with black accessories for a striking look, or go for a black look with a touch of burgundy for a more minimalist aesthetic.

3. Cream & White

Add a little light to dark winter days by styling burgundy with white and cream! This is a favorite for influencers to create effortlessly chic and elegant looks since the burgundy really pops against the neutral outfit.

4. Navy Blue

Navy and burgundy is one of our favorite color combinations, and a great option if you want something different from the usual neutral shades. The warmth of the burgundy looks stunning with the chic navy tone to create a polished and refined look that is perfect for the fall and winter months.  

5. Beige

Beige is another fantastic option that looks incredible with burgundy, adding a little more color to a neutral, minimalist look. Here, burgundy is just added to the accessories, which is a great way to introduce burgundy to your outfit. Or you could go for a more statement look with a burgundy coat over a beige outfit.

6. Gold

Gold and burgundy work really well for the festive season to create gorgeous outfits for any Christmas parties you may have this year. Gold adds a little more glamour to a classic burgundy look, then you can accessorize with gold jewelry to perfectly finish off your outfit.  

7. Olive & Emerald Green

Earthy tones are always a great option during the fall and winter seasons, which is why burgundy and green work so well together. Olive and emerald green are a little darker and richer in tone and therefore work best with burgundy. Play around with green and burgundy clothing and accessories to create a chic and stylish look.

8. Brown

Take inspiration from the fall colors around you by pairing burgundy with brown tones – so stunning! We love how influencers are using burgundy as the main color and then adding touches of brown in the sweater and accessories for an elegant and sleek look that is easy to recreate at home.

9. Pink

Play around with tones and shades but pair burgundy with pink! Burgundy works best with light pink shades, as you can see in the gorgeous outfit above. You could add pink accessories to your all-burgundy outfit or pair a pink sweater with burgundy pants or skirts for a cozy and stylish winter look.

10. Red

Go for a tonal look by styling burgundy with red! Red also happens to be one of the top colors for this season, making it a great color to go for if you want to look right on trend. You can really play around with burgundy and red, pairing them in any way you like, making this color combination super easy to recreate at home.

11. Burnt Orange

Another rich tone that looks incredible with burgundy is burnt orange. Just like the outfit above, why not opt for a burnt orange dress then add burgundy accessories and finish with a touch of color to create a polished outfit that is ideal for the fall and winter months.

12. Denim

Denim is super versatile, which is why it works so well with burgundy. All you need to do is pull out your favorite denim jeans or skirt and style them with any burgundy pieces you have in your wardrobe. This influencer has added white and tan tones to perfectly finish off the look.  

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