5 Best Brands To Get Dresses Like House Of CB (For Cheap!)

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Are you looking for the best dresses like House Of CB that won’t cost an arm and a leg? If so, these brands like House Of CB are your best bet!

House of CB is my favourite store to go to for night out outfit inspiration.

And I say inspiration because let’s face it – some of their dresses are outrageously priced considering the fact that we will probably end up wearing them only a couple of times.

This is why I wanted to make a list of  websites that offer dresses like house of CB for a fraction of the price!

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the London based store, but if not, here’s a little introduction: The house of CB sells gorgeous dresses with a bad-ass vibe that perfectly mimics the iconic Kardashian look.

You can say what you want about the Kardashians, but I for one am a big fan of their style.

Usually they are all very well dressed in classy, expensive-looking attire.

And I say usually, because we all know Kim is a fan questionable outfits that reveal a little bit too much every now and then too.


5 Brands For Dresses Like House of CB


5 Best Websites To Get Bandage Dresses Like House Of CB: If you’re looking for a bandage dress outfit, a bodycon bandage dress or elegant bodycon dresses for an affordable price, check out these websites before purchasing from an expensive retailer! | Bandage Dress Bodycon #bandagesdess #houseofcb #bodycondress


Shop the dress via House Of CB 


All in all, the House of CB has become so popular that A-listers like Gigi Hadid, Hailey Baldwin and Jennifer Lopez have been spotted wearing them!

Considering this fact, the brand is actually rather cheap – you could steal a celebrity’s exact look for only a couple hundred bucks.

However, today I’m sharing with you 5 affordable websites that make dresses like House of CB so that you can save some coin!


1. Revolve


Brands like House of CB


  1.Here / 2. Here / 3. Here


Check Out The All Revolve’s Dresses HERE 


2. Pretty Little Thing


affordable bandage dresses bodycon / bodycon dress outfit ideas


Check Out The Latest Prices on Dresses Like House Of CB HERE


3. Boohoo



Check Out The Latest Prices on Boohoo’s Dresses HERE


4. Missguided


Brands like House of CB / bodycon dress outfit ideas


Check Out The Latest Prices on Missguided’s Dresses like House of CB HERE


5. Bebe


 Brands and dresses like House of CB


Check Out The Latest Prices on Bebe’s Dresses Like House Of CB HERE


Out of all these sites, Amazon has by far the widest selection of dresses like House Of CB.

The dresses that they offer are usually from Chinese manufacturers who produce a lot of products and sell them to different companies, even some other companies listed here in this post!

These companies don’t have a private factory and buy their produce from China via a process called private labelling, which literally means that you buy a generic products and slap your own label on it.

For example, you can see how this dress from In The Style is very similar to this one sold on Amazon, and also it’s exactly the same dress that’s sold on Rosegal!

So, if you’ve fallen in love with a dress that you can’t access for whatever reason (e.g. if you’re an American and see a dress in the UK that you like but the shipping is too expensive), my recommendation would be to write a few keywords about the dress in Amazon’s search and see what pops up!

Sometimes you’d be amazed at how many identical things you can find.

My personal favourite brand for dresses like House of CB are In The Style and Missguided.

As I live in the UK, they are very accessible for me, and they have very affordable prices too.

I recently received a dress from Sarah Ashcroft’s In The Style collection and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality.

I have also received some other items from them and I can really recommend them.

For such a new company (I think they launched last year?) they have done incredibly well, and definitely stand out from other shady online clothing companies, who’s quality is often sub par.

Missguided on the other hand is one of my favourite clothing stores ever, which is why I had to list them.

Their collection of dresses like House of CB isn’t extensive, but they do have new going out dresses popping up all the time.

They have also launched an incredible premium collection of dresses which really mimic the silhouette of both Balmain dresses and House of CB dresses, however the prices of this collection are often even more expensive than the House of CB!

What did you think of my list? Have you ever bought from the House of CB before? Let me know!


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