Does Moncler Go On Sale? Yes, But You Need To Know This Before You Buy

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Moncler is the place to go when you are looking for winter weather clothing, but does Moncler go on sale? Here’s everything you need to know.

Moncler is a top luxury brand best known for coats and jackets to keep you warm and dry during cold weather, rain, and snow. The brand was founded in 1952 in France, beginning with down jackets but has since expanded into ready-to-wear and haute couture outerwear, as well as knitwear, leather goods, footwear, and fragrances.

In 1968, Moncler became the official supplier of winter gear for the French downhill skiing team at the Grenoble Winter Olympics, and ever since Moncler has been the brand you want to wear on your skiing holidays. Their puffer coats and jackets are world-renowned and an absolute must if you are looking for a new winter coat that will really stand the test of time.

If you’re heading to the slopes soon or you just need a really warm coat to get you through those cold winter months, Moncler is a great brand to go for, but their pieces can be pretty pricey. So, you may be wondering whether Moncler goes on sale. This article is here to answer that question so you can get the best deal on your next purchase from Moncler.

Does Moncler Go on sale?

Technically, Moncler does go on sale, but the discounts may not always affect the pieces you want. Moncler is a very popular and successful fashion brand, so they do not offer discounts or hold sales on their own website or in the Moncler stores as they know customers will buy Moncler pieces no matter what.

The prestigious history of the brand and the technical expertise in its jackets means that Moncler does not even hold Black Friday sales or discount prices on Labour Day, just like fellow winter weather brand, Canada Goose.

However, third-party retailers and Moncler outlet stores may offer sales and discounts on specific Moncler pieces. Moncler is available from many different department stores, including Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and Saks Fifth Avenue and it is in these stores that you may see Moncler at a lower price.

Websites such as SSENSE and FarFetch can sometimes also have Moncler clothes and accessories on sale. The end of seasons sales at the end of the summer and around Christmas time may be the best time to find Moncler sales, as some department stores and third-party retailers will be selling the previous season’s pieces at a lower price.

What will be in the sale?

Often, any discounts or sales on Moncler products at third-party sellers have to be verified by the brand so you will usually only find a select range of pieces in a Moncler sale. The Moncler coats and jackets are often not included in any sales as these pieces are incredibly popular and retailers know customers will pay full price for such high-quality products.

However, if you are lucky, you may find coats and jackets from the past season in these limited sales. The sales are most likely to include accessories and seasonal clothing, such as layering tops and leggings, shorts, and dresses.

It’s worth checking department store websites at the end of the season as you can find some really great deals that you may not need for this year, but will most definitely wear next year.

Resale sites

You can often find Moncler pieces for a lower, more affordable price from eBay or Vestiaire Collective all year round. This is a great idea if you are looking for thick puffer coats or jackets that rarely go on sale you don’t want to have to pay the full price.

Although there is a small risk of fake Moncler goods on these sites, if you verify with the seller that the piece you are being sold is authentic, you can get really great deals on these resale sites.

Best-selling Moncler pieces

No matter what winter gear you are looking for, you are bound to find just what you are looking for from Moncler. We have brought together a few pieces from the brand that we think you will love and will fit right into your winter wardrobe.

1. Coats
Navy Moncler Marus Water Resistant Down Puffer Coat
Get this on Nordstrom
Black Moncler Marrion Long Parka w/ Faux Fur
Get this on Neiman Marcus

There are lots of longer coats available from Moncler that are guaranteed to keep you warm and dry – just like this Marus Water Resistant Down Puffer Coat.

This cozy coat has a lacquered nylon finish for a glam, durable, and water resistant finish, and has a down filling, and mid-thigh length that ensures you stay warm. The chevron quilting gives a perfect fit and flattering look so this coat doesn’t look too bulky. The puffer hood will keep you dry on any wet day.

The duvet style coats are so fashionable at the moment, and this Moncler Marrion Long Parka with Faux Fur has the perfect look. The long sleeves and knee-length fit will protect you from the wind, while the down filling will ensure you stay lovely and warm.

The stand collar and hood, with the faux fur ruff, keep your head and neck warm and dry. The Moncler coat is also fitted with side slip pockets to keep your gloves and phone within easy reach.

2. Jackets
Black Moncler Bles Water Resistant Lightweight Down Puffer Jacket
Get this on Nordstrom
Cream Moncler Guichard Shearling-Lined Puffer Jacket
Get this on Neiman Marcus

The shorter jackets are perfect for those transitional months around spring and fall, or you could even layer under smarter wool coats for an extra cozy finish. We love this Moncler Bles Water Resistant Lightweight Down Puffer Jacket with a hip-length hemline, lightweight, slim fit, and super practical look.

The coat is made from polyamide which means it is water resistant if you happen to get caught in the rain, while the zipper pockets and snap pocket on the sleeves will always come in handy.

The super soft faux fur shealing lining makes this Moncler Guichard Shearling-Lined Puffer Jacket completely irresistible. This chic and stylish puffer jacket is filled with down to keep you warm and has a hooded collar for extra coziness.

The hip length ensures this jacket is ideal for milder weather, while the side zipper pockets mean you can keep your essentials like your keys and phone safe and secure. This classic, timeless coat is available for just $2,970 and the high quality of Moncler jackets guarantees it will stand the test of time.

3. Shoes
Black Moncler Cheryne Lug Sole Bootie
Get these on Nordstrom
Black Moncler Ginette Logo Waterproof Rain Boot
Get these on Nordstrom

These Moncler Cheryne Lug Sole Booties combine stylish design with practicality to create a pair of must-have boots for your winter collection. The water-resistant synthetic and leather up ensure a comfy fit while the speed hooks mean you can quickly get these boots on and off.

The thick rubber lug sole and 3-inch heel guarantee traction and give you that little extra height for an elevated look. These practical boots can be worn in any weather with a wide range of outfits for a stunning look.

If you are looking for a pair of chic and fashionable rain boots, these Ginette Logo Waterproof Rain Boot from Moncler are just perfect for you!

The glossy black upper is waterproof so you can wear these boots in the rain and snow without worrying about your feet getting wet, while the soft jersey lining inside the boot means your feet are warm and comfortable at all times. The lugged sole provides traction so there is no fear of slipping over, while the pull on style means you can slip on these boots quickly and easily.

4. Accessories
White Moncler Wool Rib Beanie with Faux Fur Pompom
Get this on Nordstrom
Black Moncler Black Wool Scarf
Get this on SSENSE

In the range of Moncler products, there are also lots of winter accessories to keep you warm in any weather – like this beanie and scarf! The Moncler Wool Rib Beanie is the perfect classic and sophisticated winter accessory that everyone needs in their wardrobe.

The beanie has a ribbed design and is knitted from 100% wool to keep your head warm, and then perfectly finished with a faux fur pompom – so cute! This stylish beanie is also available in turquoise, pink, beige, green, and black, as well as this white shade so you can find the perfect option to suit your style.

This Moncler scarf will perfectly suit any style with its simple, minimalist design that will look eternally chic and elegant. This wool twill scarf has a soft and plush feel to protect your neck from the wind during the colder months, while the fringing on the ends of the scarf is a flawless finishing touch!

For a tonal look, a black Moncler label is sewn onto one end of the scarf. This scarf also comes in white so you get to find the right option to suit your winter coat. This timeless scarf also has a price tag of just $355.

We hope you found this article answering the question, does Moncler go on sale, helpful! For more luxury fashion content, check out the links below.

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